U.S. Terror Alert: Weapons Stolen From Massachusetts Army Base and Hundreds of Security Badges Stolen From Atlanta Airport

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I’ll bet these weapons will turn up in the hands of some terrorist Obama just imported

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Massachusetts Army Base 1

by, FNC

The FBI was assisting authorities in Massachusetts in searching for weapons that were stolen from an Army Reserve training and recruitment facility this weekend.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker confirmed the burglary at a State House press conference Sunday afternoon. State officials have ordered security stepped up at sites around the state after Friday’s terror attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people and injured more than 250 others.

It was not immediately clear how many or what type of weapons were taken. FBI spokeswoman Kristin Setera said the agency had no indication that the missing weapons were connected to terrorism.

Video courtesy of: FNC and US News

“We have entered those weapons into NCIC, a national database, and alerted our federal, state and local law enforcement partners,” Setera said. “We are collaborating with Massachusetts State Police, Worcester Police and others to locate and recover these weapons immediately.”

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Syrians crossing into Texas from Mexico

We now not only have Obama using our tax dollars to import terrorist laden immigrants from Syria, but they are streaming in side by side with Illegals from South America from Mexico


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UNHCR has almost 20,000 Syrians picked out for us, lists our resettlement commitment as “open-ended”

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America, unless you want to see the population of our country making an abrupt shift towards Middle Eastern Muslims……I’d suggest you get on the phone with your Congressional representatives. And once you have done that, get on Twitter and call them out by name……….each and every one of them, and call for them to STOP this insanity!!! You and I both know that muslims hate America and the values it’s founded on. We both also know they do not assimilate to a new culture, instead they’ll whine and complain and stay in court until they have sued the Liberty right out of America!!! They have strangled many cultures out of existence all together, and only left the violent Sharia Law where there was once Justice and Peace. Throughout history, over and over again we have witnessed it. Are YOU going to allow the destruction of America by foreign powers invading the US under the guise of “refugees”??? Don’t do it!!! You owe your children better!!! Their own neighbors won’t take them!!! And we are going to allow them to be shipped into the United States at taxpayer’s expense??? Insanity. Please do your part, and start making some noise about this. Make EVERY sitting Congressman hear your voice, and make them STOP this madness before it’s too late, and they are here!!!

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UNHCR logoThanks to reader Sheila for sending this UN High Commissioner for Refugees “pledge” list (dated the 7th of October) for Syrian refugees.  Note that the UNHCR has chosen 19,646 Syrians for us and has listed our commitment as “open-ended.”

So why isn’t the Obama Administration’s pledge of 10,000 listed here?  Why “open-ended?”

I urge you to also visit an earlier pledge list (from December 2014) by clicking here.

Who is running the show? As of December 2014 they already had over 9,000 selected for us!

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Germany investigating terror suspects in refugee flow (surprise!)

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The peaceful takeover of Europe continues. The Hijrah is in full swing, and terrorists are mixed in the masses. It’s a full scale invasion, without resistance!!!

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Invasion of Europe news….

westernbalkansroute On October 25th, Angela Merkel (left) and UNHCR Guterres (right) spoke about plans to welcome the migrants to Europe. On October 29th, in Washington DC, Guterres brought an audience to laughter explaining in humorous detail why terrorists wouldn’t bother to slog with the masses to infiltrate Europe. He said they would just buy a plane ticket and fly in (and what! be able to get through airport security screening). Of course they are in the flow of humanity. See my report from Washington. Photo: http://theworldweekly.com/newswire/reader/european-countries-agree-100000-more-spaces-in-refugee-centres/5379/

From The Telegraph:

Germany is examining 10 cases of refugees accused of being a member of a terror organisation or taking part in war crimes abroad in an admission by the country’s police chief that will raise fears of terrorists among migrants.

Holger Muench, head of the BKA federal police, said that the influx of refugees posed a domestic security…

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India: Muslim Gov Admin blocked Hindus from their own ceremonies in Bengal village since 2012

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muslims changing countries to suit them

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India, the most tolerant country to diversity of religions in the world along with America and Europe, is facing problems to be allowed to celebrate their own religious ceremonies due to Muslims.

Thanks to reader Devabrata for bringing it to our attention.

This is also ‘secular’ India: Hindus not allowed to hold Durga Puja in Bengal village

Thursday, October 29, 2015 – 12:18
Zee Media Bureau

This is also ‘secular’ India: Hindus not allowed to hold Durga Puja in Bengal village.

Kolkata: It will be hard to imagine but it’s a fact that there’s a village in West Bengal where Hindus are not allowed to organise Durga Puja festivities!

This is also 'secular' India: Hindus not allowed to hold Durga Puja in Bengal village
Durga Puja: Why are Hindus being neglected in West Bengal?

As per reports, Hindus in Nalhati village of Birbhum district have not been able to celebrate Durga Puja since 2012. It is not that the Hindus there…

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