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By Milt ThomasTuesday, 16 June 2020 09:40 AMCurrent | Bio | Archive

So … if you’re White and are the proud parent of a Black Lives Matter placard or bumper sticker, or any derivative thereof, there’s a more appropriate decal missing from your car’s rear window — “Punked By My Black Brothers.”

If America is a racist country, can someone tell me why is it that the majority of African immigrants become successful, in short order?

Over the years, being curious about how Africans regard Black Americans, I have spent lots of time having that conversation with a number of Africans, and they have all disclosed the same, surprising response.

On balance, African immigrants have disdain and contempt for American Blacks and vehemently discouraged any inferred likeness … nor any empathy or sympathy for American Blacks. They believe that American Blacks are a “mongrel” breed that is lazy and in constant pursuit of entitlements that are not theirs to have. And chief among their objections has been the appropriated “African-American” moniker.

Does anyone find it odd that few … very few Blacks of my generation (66) and older have little-to-nothing to say of racism, leaving the majority of race-centric grievances to come from those too young to have experienced the grief about which they habitually complain?

These young and malevolent malcontents know nothing … absolutely nothing … of racism. Their plight simply is what I call, “victimhood entitlement.” They have been coddled for so long that they have evolved … or devolved … to demand a “right to be victims,” even though their chief victimizers stare back at them from their bathroom mirrors.  

Yes, I agree. There is, in fact, something “systemic” about America, nowadays, but it has zilch to do with racism. Instead, it is Black America’s enslavement by denying themselves the binding of children to fathers and establishing the much warranted social parity and foundation upon which a meaningfully successful life can be built.

And sitting at their elbow, as Grand Pretorians, are guilt-ridden, Liberal White America, sanctioning, securing, and also demanding the notion of unrelenting victimhood for these grieving malcontents. Liberal White America have lain themselves prostrated in sacrificial homage to a cause about which they know no more than it obliges them with emotional release.

Instead of realizing the ruse on which they have been taken, Liberal White America has willingly come to its knees, puckered up, and are now fattened from the long suckling of the guilt teat. Through their participation in marches and riots, they have canonized their self-loathing and bestowed exotic royalty upon Blacks by the over-use of “African-American” as a new distinction and recognition of Authentic Blackness — a jewel of denial.

And the inherent danger in this behavior should not be ignored, for victimhood entrenchment is self-selective and, worse, self-fulfilling, meaning “…so long as ye both shall live.”

What Liberal White America is missing is that there is no real solidarity among Blacks … none, at all, as evidenced by the horrific incidents of Black-on-Black violence and murders. This guise of “togetherness” is a ruse, a notorious Snipe Hunt designed to “punk” Whites and gain their participation in their everpresent threat of mob violence, which, to date, has worked without any signs of abatement.  

As those of us keen on the absence of raw racism look across the landscape to observe Whites joining in the incendiary protests, teetering on violence, we know that such White participation amounts to one of the most egregious displays of racism possible, which simply says that, without the involvement of Whites, the Black throngs simply are too marginalized, too racially insignificant to matter and, so, are undeserving of any serious consideration. Therefore, it is up to them, the Whites, to weigh in and bring warranted might to the fight.

Isn’t it time for Liberal White America … and their woke comrades … to take a different sort of knee? Let alone the Black rioters, the Black majority predictably ignorantly vote against their own interest, when they queue up behind Democrats who have never gained them anything. As such, they bear striking resemblance to what Russian demigod, Vladimir Lenin, referred to as “the Useful Idiots.”

If these Blacks are Useful Idiots, who and what does that make Liberal Whites who, by those idiots, are punked? Huh?!!

Perhaps, this creates the need for those Liberal Whites to take a break and slip into something comfortable … like a coma?

Mind Over Chatter…Inspiring Logic.

Milt Thomas grew up on a South-Georgia farm, graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism, and received his MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. After a career as an executive with Cox Broadcasting, WSB-TV, Home Depot, and The Coca Cola Company, he is working to launch a new tech startup to rival social media and elevate the internet’s entire quality experience. He has written and self-published his first book, “Black, Dumb and Barefoot…And Knocked Up By the Democrats.” Milt makes his home in the Atlanta Metro. Read Milt Thomas’ Reports — More Here.

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It’s sure refreshing to see an HONEST article for a change!

Everything changed after Trayvon Martin n BLM

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman February 26, 2012. The media instantly went into race baiting mode to incite violence. They even reported to the public that Zimmerman was white, even though he was actually a Hispanic male.

I knew what they were doing at the time, which was to sew division between blacks and whites. I don’t know if you realize this or not, but after Trayvon Martin was shot in 2012 Black Lives Matter was created. That’s right, BLM originated as a supposed “protest movement” after the killing.

Anyway, I was watching a video this morning that made me realize something that I had overlooked before. I highly recommend that you watch the video too, it contains some information that will surprise you so I’m including it here. Click the image below to watch the video.

Here’s the time line folks.

1.) Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a HISPANIC man, George Zimmerman. The media reports that Martin was killed by a “White” man.

2.) Black Lives Matter (BLM) was founded just after Martin’s death.

3.) It came out that the media was LYING and that Zimmerman was actually Hispanic. If you recall they reported he was a very “white looking Hispanic man” in an attempt to sew division.

4.) In 2012-13 the “uniform crime report” (or whatever report he found) listed the victims/perpetrator by RACE, including “Hispanics” (Like George Zimmerman)

5.) After the media could not pin Trayvon Martin’s death on a white person in 2012 like they wanted to, someone thought they’d be slick and they combined Hispanics with Whites on the crime tables! That’s right folks, you no longer have a “Hispanic” category on the index!

After not being able to say a “white guy” killed Trayvon Martin the media and buffoons that track this data apparently decided to combine whites and Hispanics so they can blame white folks for EVERY CRIME COMMITTED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS from South of the border!

Let’s see…….. Trayvon is killed by a Hispanic man (Legally I might add) and media tries to incite violence against whites by reporting Zimmerman was white, don’t work and BLM gets formed.

Then the very next year the Hispanic column disappears from these indexes because THEY DISHONESTLY SLIPPED IT INTO THE WHITE COLUMN!!! So now when they report crime statistics committed by race white people are being held responsible for all Hispanic crimes too!!!

I really don’t see what race has to do with anything, but if you are going to break it down into race don’t you think that Hispanics deserve THEIR OWN COLUMN???n You know, like they’ve ALWAYS HAD pre-2012.

The media takes this false information and hits white people over the head with it!!! And I NOW KNOW what the catalyst was for this BAD IDEA!!!

Will YOU please ask your state representatives & the news media why it is these numbers are being skewed??? Because there is only 1 reason to skewer these numbers and it’s to promote division and HATE!

I want to also recommend the following video by “Black Pilled” because right now is a time to be HONEST and not a time for PC bullspit!!!

The Twilight Zone

Conservative Thinker

Abolish Police? Let’s try this first!


Americans have become revenue-cattle for America’s growing Police Force

We MUST abolish POLICE UNIONS and Qualified Immunity!

EVERY BAD COP hides behind both of these

Secondly, police MUST stop “Broken Window Policing” and treating citizens as “revenue-cattle”

Policing for Profit is DESTROYING the relationship between communities and law enforcement across the country

Thirdly……. WE MUST be enforce the law EQUALLY ON EVERY CITIZEN! And what I mean by that is Police, Politicians, and Wealthy Elites       (The Ruling Class) MUST be held accountable under the law THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE!


I’m a Police Accountability Activist and I see it all the time

For instance, Hillary Clinton & the Clinton Foundation owes the #IRS $400,000,000 and she has not been arrested

She didn’t get arrested for destroying the phones with hammers and wiping the server ALL had been subpoenaed by the FBI

If you or I did that we’d have our assets seized and sold at auction and we’d be put in federal prison FOREVER

You CANNOT enforce these insanely harsh laws on regular citizens and then completely IGNORE THEM when the ruling class violates them

That is the epitome of #Injustice. Bill Clinton perjured himself in federal court (it don’t matter what it was about) he perjured himself and WENT UNPUNISHED I’d have got 10 years in prison!

On what planet is that fair? Police violate people’s rights and sometimes beat, kick, even KILL citizens (sometimes completely innocent citizens) and go unpunished


The Police “Investigate themselves” and find “no wrongdoing”. EVERY POLICEMAN & EVERY JUDGE should be REQUIRED to serve 30 days in jail BEFORE they are allowed to send other people there!

If you watched “60 days in” on A&E you’d see that 3 police officers volunteered to participate in the show where they went to jail for 60 days.


Because they could not justify to themselves sending people to that hellhole for stupid things like marijuana and traffic tickets after seeing the violence and mistreatment in America’s jails!

We MUST END POLICING FOR PROFIT! And we should ELIMINATE all police EXCEPT Sheriffs, who are ELECTED!

City Police answer ONLY to the Mayor! So citizens CANNOT fire them if they treat their community badly! We should have Sheriffs only.



We can reform police or keep fighting the fires

This would be an amazing start! This would change the face of policing and bring communities and police TOGETHER instead of dividing them.

In North Dakota rioters TRIED to burn their town to the ground! But the local Sheriff knew the community and treated them with respect!

So when Police needed help with these violent thugs the ENTIRE COMMUNITY armed itself and stood shoulder to shoulder with the Sheriff’s Department!

Not one person was injured, and not one fire was lit! Even though the town had bus loads of the same rioters that burned down half the country!


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A Nation of True Believers |AIER

After the Great War, the Great Depression, and the Holocaust, many thinkers tried to figure out what was wrong with the world. I’ve discussed some of their work in earlier posts, especially “The Idiocracy Experiment,” but have been saving The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements for when the uprisings, which I predicted in the middle of March, began. It’s not clear these widespread agitations will coalesce into broader rebellion or civil war but in any event, The True Believer is worth considering.

This little book, first published in 1951, made a big splash by taking an interdisciplinary look at the root causes of fascism and communism. Its author, Eric Hoffer (1898-1983), was a longshoreman and autodidact. Between unloading and loading ships and frequenting brothels, he eventually managed to write enough books to teach at Berkeley, albeit “only” as an adjunct.

Hoffer realized that the “abject poor” are too busy scraping by to cause much trouble for anyone. “Frustrated” people who thought they were going to have better lives are the ones who join rebellions and mass movements. The abject poor expect nothing and hence are not disappointed when that is what they receive. The frustrated had, or at least expected to have, a little something and when they lose it, or realize that they are not going to get it, they are susceptible to whatever ideology they happen to bump into.

That, Hoffer believed, explained the otherwise inexplicable phenomenon of Fascists becoming Communists and vice versa. “When people are ripe for a mass movement,” he argued, “they are usually ripe for any effective movement, and not solely for one with a particular doctrine or program. In pre-Hitlerian Germany it was often a tossup whether a restless youth would join the Communists or the Nazis.”

Mass movements, Hoffer noted, “do not usually rise until the prevailing order has been discredited. The discrediting is not an automatic result of the blunders and abuses of those in power, but the deliberate work of men of words with a grievance.” Articulate people with grievances abound today and they enjoy platforms as never before and many eager listeners.

Frustrated people suffuse America, making it ripe for mass movements, even ones based on incoherent or exploded ideologies like radical environmentalism, socialism, or, if I may coin a phrase, Lockdownism, the largely irrational belief that COVID-19 necessitated shutting down most of the economy.

Most importantly, many African-Americans expected big improvements stemming from improved access to the polls, the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, and better employment opportunities. Some looked forward to reparations for slavery or at least to a reduction in the ferocity of its heinous offspring, the carceral state.

But then the novel coronavirus hit and many African-Americans frustrated by the economic lockdowns, which either cost them their jobs or small businesses or, perhaps worse, saw them cajoled into assuming presumably large health risks to do “essential” jobs that paid no more than when they were considered just lowly service jobs. Then came data showing that they were dying disproportionately from COVID-19. The George Floyd video was the final straw.

Lots of other Americans are also frustrated. Their putative leaders have infantilized them through decades of paternalistic laws that try to micromanage their lives. It is beginning to dawn on them that election results are unlikely to change anything under our duopolistic, or revolving monopolistic, political system.

Leaders tell young Americans that they must graduate from university to enjoy “the good life” but many students accumulate more debt than valuable skills. Worse, many learn to hate themselves due to their gender, skin color, and/or religious beliefs and are inculcated with falsehoods about the crucial role of markets in our society.

Public schools and many universities, public and private, brainwash young people to believe that “democracy” means “voting,” as long as the vote is for a Republican or, better yet, a Democrat. Votes cast for others are simply “thrown away.” The fact that voting to change the outcome of an election is essentially irrational is not discussed. Celebrities tell people to “vote or die” and many of them do vote but, of course, never receive satisfaction, even when their Frick defeats the evil Frack. Or is Frick the evil one?

Either way, somebody wins and somebody loses and most people (those who don’t vote and those whose side loses, which combined almost always constitute a majority) remain frustrated as years turn into decades. Some turn to drugs and overdose, or kill themselves outright, or eventually succumb to diabetes or suffer other “deaths of despair.”

Others turn their desperation outward, seeking meaning in an otherwise frustrated life by telling other people how to behave. “A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding,” Hoffer warned. “When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

That intrinsic paternalism is one reason why classical liberalism does not lend itself well to mass movements. Another issue, Hoffer explained, is that “freedom aggravates at least as much as it alleviates frustration. Freedom of choice places the whole blame of failure on the shoulders of the individual.” The True Believer can believe in just about anything except him or herself.

“Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God,” Hoffer explained, “but never without belief in a devil. Usually the strength of a mass movement is proportionate to the vividness and tangibility of its devil.” He was speaking metaphorically of course and meant there must exist some credibly dangerous foe to combat, members of a despised race, religion, or political party perhaps. Americans today see more devils than one can count, from antifa to the KKK, One Percenters to the Deep State, and POTUS to the Speaker of the House.

The uprisings can be viewed as a search for the right devil, the one that will unite the most people with the most power because, as Hoffer explains, “common hatred unites the most heterogeneous elements. To share a common hatred, with an enemy even, is to infect him with a feeling of kinship, and thus sap his powers of resistance.”

But hope remains. The silent majority may well come to see the protestors as the devil to defeat and adopt sensible reforms, like the wholesale adoption of South Dakota’s constitution and laws. I kid you not. In 2015, I explained the way that South Dakota’s government and culture combined to ensure a thriving entrepreneurial political economy in Little Business on the Prairie.

Not even South Dakotans believed me then but anyone who has been paying attention will see that the state did not lock down, its economy is doing as well as it can given the negative externalities caused by the lockdown of its trading partners, its record on COVID-19 is solid, and as on Sunday night, as May turned into June, it easily repulsed an attempt to burn down its biggest city, Sioux Falls.

Don’t get me wrong, South Dakota has problems, but they pale in comparison to those in most other states. No state income taxes, Constitutional carry, high marks on economic freedom, and high scores on standardized national exams, achieved without creating a bunch of baby commies, should look pretty good to lots of Americans right about now. And precedents for copying the constitutions, statutes, and case law of other states abounds. Delaware, for example, copied New Jersey’s corporate law in toto to win the great charter mongering war in the early twentieth century.

In short, we may not be able to bring about libertarian paradise right now, but an approximation of it is achievable, if the media would only pay attention to “the land of infinite variety.” Right now, youngsters are playing tee ball and other forms of baseball in South Dakota, where people on radio stations remind listeners of their “personal responsibility” without getting fired and if they are razzed for it, it is for stating the obvious.

Robert E. Wright


Robert E. Wright is the (co)author or (co)editor of over two dozen major books, book series, and edited collections, including AIER’s Financial Exclusion (2019). Robert has taught business, economics, and policy courses at Augustana University, NYU’s Stern School of Business, Temple University, the University of Virginia, and elsewhere since taking his Ph.D. in History from SUNY Buffalo in 1997.



American Institute for Economic Research

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If you still have a Facebook account, delete it and stop using Facebook | The Hated One

Screenshot_105Mark Zuckerberg and his merry band of scumbags are stealing more from you than you know! I know a lot of people say “I don’t have anything to hide” but you’d be amazed at the information they steal from you. And let’s not even mention their business practices of selling that data, all while Censoring your Free Speech on their platform. Facebook deactivated my account for posting information about the coronavirus that did not fit their narrative, and I have never been so happy!

I want to share a video with you today that I REALLY SUGGEST YOU WATCH!!!

This video is on YouTube and is authored by The Hated One. I’ll tell you this, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will surely be hating the “Hated One” for exposing this information to you!!! I’m really hoping to see Facebook go the way of MySpace. Their censorship of truthful posts and manipulation of people’s accounts for their benefit without giving consideration to their users makes me sick!

Here’s the Video!!!



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America at War

I named this blog “America at War” when the Obama Administration was at war with our founding principles. Now America is truly at war with anti-American groups


Rioter declare War!

I’m actually a Police Accountability Activist. So you will find few people more sympathetic to the cause of holding police accountable for their actions and stopping police brutality & misconduct against US citizens.

Police across this nation have been hiding behind Police Unions and Qualified Immunity for far too long. Both allow Bad Cops to go unpunished when they have truly broken the law, brutalized people, and violated citizen rights.

This is NOT a “Protest” this is an attack by enemies of America

Democrats have been sewing the seeds of this insurrection literally for years. George Soros, Democrats, and media champion “Black Lives Matter” as some sort of legitimate organization which fights police brutality. Nothing can be further from the truth. Those same people even refuse to condemn the violent actions of the terrorist group “Antifa” when they brutally attack people around the country. Trump has finally declared Antifa a terrorist organization. But is Black Lives matter any better?

Antifa is nothing more than a Communist group of radicals hoping to destroy America as we know it. Their goal is the total collapse of American government, PERIOD.

They are not fighting “Fascism” they ARE the Fascist! Black lives Matter began in 2013 with this claim:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.

The problem I have with the above claim is simple, BLM promotes violence, they encourage Racism, and “systematic racism” simply does not exist in America except for the systematic racism against white people that has recently started.Screenshot_24

I am against police brutality and misconduct towards ANY person! I have been an active activist against it for over 2 years now. These are REAL ISSUES in every police department across America. These issues are not black issues, they are American issues! Police brutality happens to people of ALL colors. To stop police brutality against ALL people has been my mission for the past several years. So when BLM makes the claim that this is a “black issue” I find it to be a Racist claim because they are choosing to ignore all victims of police brutality EXCEPT blacks. This organization is funded by George Soros and radical socialist democrats who want to destroy this country. They claim to be a peaceful group but since 2013 I don’t believe they have had a rally that did not end in violence and property damage. So their claim is a bald faced lie. PERIOD!

There is nothing that I’d like more than to join forces with ANY GROUP that fights police misconduct and brutality, and endorses police being held accountable for their actions. But that group cannot live in fairy tale that claims this has anything to do with racism! I’m not even going to claim there are no racist police because there may be, I suppose. But I’ve NEVER seen it, and I’ve literally watched THOUSANDS  of legitimate police misconduct videos obtained from body cameras or cell phone video. 

The same thing that allowed these riots to get out of hand is what has led to a rise in police misconduct. That is lack of accountability! Police officers are very rarely held accountable for crimes against the public because they are protected by Qualified Immunity and defended by Police Unions. Both should be abolished.

The riots and looting we have witnessed over the past few days is a direct result of police not arresting people for violence and property damage! Generally under the direction of their democrat bosses in the Mayor’s Office and/or Governor’s Office. These people are NOT protesting the death of George Floyd! They are agents of chaos funded by enemies of the United States, many from inside our own government! I personally believe that their goal is to implement martial law on the streets of America. I speak ill of Democrats but Republicans are no better. I mean they talk a good game but when it comes down to actually doing something it never happens! 


They are two wings of the same bird. Republicans held BOTH HOUSES of Congress and passed nothing that Democrats would have not passed themselves! Party does not really matter, their loyalties lie with corporations and people like George Soros who wants to destroy this country. With that being said at least Republicans don’t spew nonsense about socialism the way Democrats do. But their ACTIONS are relatively the same. It’s all a show to keep America divided and keep them in power. THAT is all they care about. 

Americans are angry over their rights being violated during the “PLANdemic” and they needed a diversion. So politicians feeling the heat, along with the corporate controlled media incited these riots using those they have been indoctrinating for YEARS. 

President Trump has performed pretty well up until now despite surrounding himself with deep state scumbags, to my surprise. Unfortunately he has begun listening to these jackals before making policy decisions. I may be wrong, but I believe Trump genuinely loves this country and the American way of life, demonstrating that at heart, he is no politician! I was not originally a supporter, but have grown to respect him.


This is where Trump MUST prove his mettle. As an American who fights police misconduct and violence on a daily basis I have to tell you that I was disappointed with the lack of action by Police during these riots! It reflects badly on Trump and ALL government, which is exactly what these groups wanted! These groups were NOT protesters, they were terrorists! And they should have brought under control by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If that means shooting them down in the streets then I’m okay with that. I advocate against “unnecessary violence” by police, not for giving up! Their job is to keep Law and Order and they failed miserably at it!


These are soldiers of chaos fighting against America and her founding principles

While I’m against police brutality when it’s unnecessary, there comes a time to lock and load and go to work! What message did we send to the WORLD over the past week? That you can pretend to protest and take over police stations, beat people to death in the streets, and to be unchallenged while doing it? Because that is EXACTLY the message I saw sent. Police needed to make arrest, and if they needed the Marine Corps standing behind them to make those arrest then so be it! They KILL people attacking police every day of the week but these people get a pass? WTF???

These are petulant children who have lacked an authority in their lives. With the exception of their radical college professors, and the radical racists at CNN &  MSNBC. When they attacked the White House without consequence I KNEW this was a plan to institute martial law. I no longer have faith in my government! And what is sad is THAT is exactly what these terrorists are fighting for! I believe that the Chinese have bought every politician in America. We know they’ve bought most of the college professors in this country! We have proof of it, they have been charged with Treason. 


This is how you defend your business!


When I advocate for Police Accountability I’m NOT saying to “Give up”! There comes a time to stand your ground folks! The past several days have been that time! These agents of chaos will KILL YOU! The way to stop that is to KILL THEM FIRST! I hate to advocate for putting the military in American streets, since that is probably what the Tyrant scumbags in our government want, but there comes a time to show who runs this show! And that is NOT criminal thugs, rioters, and looters! I believe that Trump stopped short when he declared Antifa a “Terrorsts organization” because BLM has PROVEN that they are a terrorist group as well! They have not had one rally where violence and property damage did not result since 2013.


Typical Black Lives Matter Rally from what I have seen

So for Pete’s sake Trump, get control over the country, your cabinet, and EVERY government Agency in this country and STOP letting them lead you by the nose, in the direction they want you to go! Your instincts are pretty good from what I’ve seen. So go with them! We MUST have law and order to maintain our Liberty! 

Black Lives Matter is funded by radicals and enemies of America like George Soros. They ARE a racist group, no matter what they tell you. Their NAME is racist!

I will support ANY non-racist group that advocates for Police Accountability and reform. Because there are BAD COPS hiding behind the Thin Blue Line, Police Unions, and Qualified Immunity! I see videos which PROVE IT every day! Just like these rioters, police need to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE and arrested when they do wrong. That would show them bad behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! That in and of itself would prevent 95% of Police Brutality and Misconduct, I guarantee it.

It’s no different than the criminals we see in the streets of America. Once they KNOW they’ll be arrested and held accountable for their crimes, 95% of them will stop! If police arrested these criminals on day ONE we would not have seen days 2,3,4, and 5 etc….

Discipline enforces good behavior. Lack of Discipline encourages BAD BEHAVIOR. PERIOD! That goes for Cops, Kids, and Criminals folks! God Bless You ALL, stay safe and defend yourself, your family, and your property. DEMAND Police are held accountable and also DEMAND that violent criminals and thugs are held accountable too! That is the balancing act that Freedom REQUIRES!

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