Victimology: Ahmed the clockmeister and the struggle to invent a case of ‘Islamophobia’

It was mistaken for a bomb “because it looks exactly like a fu**ing bomb!!!” The first words of Bill Maher’s I’ve ever agreed with!!!

The Muslim Issue

Muslims are constant provokateurs and exploiters of the legal system. They should not be given residency in the West.

Ahmed the clockmeister struggled with his bomb-imitation clock to get a reaction from his school SIX TIMES so he could run to his father with an opportunity for an “Islamophobia” claim, calling in the press. The father is a serial Islamophobe accuser while the clockmeisters sister was once suspended from school after threatening to blow it up…

Obama immediately invited him into the White House to reward Ahmed and his father for the set-up, with the whole nation’s left wingers and ‘minorities’ behind them.

A lot has been revealed in the past week about Ahmed Mohammad, the Texas student who was arrested for having a clock, looking exactly like a bomb, he allegedly built and which was indeed eventually mistaken for a bomb. We now know that the famous picture of…

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