Obama’s narcissism a danger to America, and the world – BizPac Review

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via Obama's narcissism a danger to America, and the world – BizPac Review.


This Hoax Affects Everyone – YouTube

Something for EVERYONE to think about!!! I believe that this election was fraudulent from start to finish!!! I’m not sure HOW they did it, but they did it! Between the dead voters, the districts where EVERY single citizen voted for Obama
etc……Where would we start?

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via This Hoax Affects Everyone – YouTube.

We are only 16 TRILLION dollars in debt…….Why not give 6 billion to nations that hate us???

Creeping Sharia

Happy Thanksgiving! Obama has been Funding $1 Billion in Infrastructure Projects…in Hamas-run Gaza – ignored by the media and tax frauds like Grover Norquist. And now with his tax the rich scheme settling in, the ummah will continue to benefit for four more years at a minimum. As reader Frank notes, “Congress is complicit.”

Excerpts from Daniel Greenfeld’s piece Obama to Spend 6 Billion Dollars for Muslim Green Energy.

Now this U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Partnership for a Sustainable Energy Future is not supposed to be limited to just Muslims, but considering that it’s been announced with the leaders of two Muslim governments, one of them that of his favorite country, Indonesia, this looks like another expensive bout of Muslim pandering.

Recognizing that energy and the environment are among the most pressing issues confronting our region, President Obama, in partnership with Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei and President…

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