Americans must understand we have crossed the threshold to complete Tyranny!

I want you to understand that by tolerating this treatment of other Americans, you are condoning that treatment of YOURSELF! Because as you ignore this treatment of your fellow Americans, they will ignore the same treatment OF YOU by government the day that time comes.

America has turned into Communist China and it’s time for The People to let these Tyrant scum know who is the REAL BOSS in America! THE PEOPLE! All ofg these people should be in jail themselves!

It’s time to demand that each state pass legislation prohibiting Federal Agents from operating on their soil, and each state needs to rally their National Guard Troops in preparation to make arrests of these Tyrants!

I’m NOT playing here! We have Laws and we have a Constitution and it WILL BE RESPECTED or the bullets will fly! Americans are approaching their threshold for violence! And once we reach it, government is in serious trouble!

🚨 GOP REPS LOCKED OUT of Federal Prison Where Jan. 6 Prisoners Being Held 7-29-21


As a police accountability activist I see all kinds of police interactions that should end in the officer’s prosecution! THIS is NOT one of them!

A whining felon! I have ZERO ISSUE with this cop’s actions! This guy DESERVED what he got! Being BLACK does NOT entitle you to special privileges! Sorry Mr. Whiny Felon!

They want to mistreat the general population and call them law-breakers and Insurrectionists WHILE THEY CLAIM THAT BLACK FELONS are “victims” of Police when they are arrested!

These people should be in PRISON…. ALL OF THEM!
From George Soros down, Leftists belong BEHIND BARS!

I’m talking about Media, Congress, Tech and every BLM and Antifa scumbag!



Police are NEVER held accountable for their actions! They can LIE in an official statement, don’t get charged. They can ASSAULT A JUVENILE, Don’t get charged. The fact that the PROSECUTORS in this country flatly REFUSE to charge Police Officers with crimes they commit is troubling to say the least!

This FAILURE by Prosecutors to do their job is an incentive for police to continue ignoring the law, acting in an abusive manner, lying on official documents, and arresting people who have done nothing wrong!

I don’t want to see Police charged when they do their job! I want to see LIARS and CRIMINALS with a badge PROSECUTED just like anyone else would be! There is NO INCENTIVE for police to act lawfully!

Because every cop in America KNOWS they can be as abusive as they want, be guilty of misconduct all they want, even kill innocent people all they want…. And they’ll never be held accountable! It is outrageous and a staggering abuse of power! PROSECUTORS who fail to charge cops like this one should be PROSECUTED THEMSELVES!

Taxpayers end up paying the never ending, justified lawsuits that arise out of incidents just like this one! In New York City alone between 2017 and 2019 the City (Taxpayers) Paid out almost 1/2 BILLION DOLLARS in lawsuits just like this one, resulting from police not being held accountable, so they feel themselves “Above the Law” which for all intentional purposes THEY ARE!

Qualified Immunity for Police, Judges, and Politicians MUST be abolished! A frivolous lawsuit cannot be filed against police anyway, lawsuits must be approved by a judge who looks to make sure the lawsuit is valid before it can move forward! There is no need to put these government employees ABOVE THE LAW!

I am REQUIRED to purchase a 1 million dollar general liability insurance policy to install replacement windows. Police should be required by law to carry at least a 1 million dollar general liability policy to be eligible to work in law enforcement!

This would hold them accountable because they would be responsible (their insurance) for these lawsuits instead of innocent taxpayers! The insurance company would raise the rates on abusive officers! At some point they would even cancel a bad cop’s policy if he has too many lawsuits filed against him! This would remedy the problem by leaving that officer unable to work in law enforcement anywhere in the country!

Right now if they get fired for misconduct or abuse they just move to the next county over!

And we must have CITIZEN OVERSIGHT of every PD in the country! Period! These abuses continue getting worse, continue costing taxpayers money, and continue earning HATE towards the Police Department!


Every American should have multiple lawsuits pending against government right now! The abuses continue day after day, and state governments must take action to defend their citizens against the Tyranny of the federal government!

Police need to be standing with THE PEOPLE! They need to stop the abuses, be accountable, and refuse tyrannical, illegal orders! They each need to READ THE CONSTITUTION they are sworn to protect and defend and start actually DOING THAT! Police unfortunately, view things in an “Us versus them” mentality!

The People are “THEM” in that equation, and government is the “Us.” This needs to rethought. They had best stand with the people, else they are standing opposed…. Which won’t end well!

Connecticut has fallen to Communists!

In my opinion every American should be following Trevor Loudon! He is likely the foremost authority on Communists and Communism today!

This video is From Epic TV, and if you don’t have it you should! You can get a 3 or 4 month trial subscription for a dollar! And you are bypassing Censorship! Another couple of great options are GAB.TV & Odysee & BrandNewTube.

Trevor Loudon outlines the influence that the pro-Beijing Communist Party USA has in Connecticut. Almost every prominent politician in the state has a working relationship with the Communist Party USA—yet Connecticut voters have virtually no knowledge of these relationships.

Counterpunch is an Epoch Times show available on FacebookGab, and YouTube.

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How a Tiny Communist Party Took Over the Politics of a Whole American State

In case you can’t access EpicTV here’s a link on YouTube

Please subscribe to Trevor Loudon! He will keep you up to speed on Communist activity, and we’ve got a lot of that these days! And PLEASE SHARE! Write your State Representatives and include a reference to this video! Demand answers and demand investigations!

How a tiny communist party took over the politics of a whole American state (YouTube)

The Communist Control Act of 1954

When you write your Representatives ask every one of them “What about the Communist Control Act of 1954? Why has it not been used to stop the invasion of Communists and their ideology? Why are these people not in prison?”

S. 3706 (83rd): An Act to outlaw the Communist Party, to prohibit members of Communist organizations from serving in certain representative capacities, and for other purposes

Follow the Link above to see the text of the Communist Control Act, or you can download it here.

In Communist controlled America your cell phone is used to spy on you, track you, and inform on you!

I suggest getting RID of it! Get a land line!

Can you imagine how many legislators, lawmakers, reporters, CEO’s of corporations etc…. have “Smart Televisions” and/or Alexa’s? You know they all have cell phones! We are under attack from Communists within the USA, and at the same time a private company from Israel is selling the Pegasus program to anyone with the cash to buy it.

Pegasus, which can take full control over your cell phone, turn on your mic and camera at will, record conversations, access passwords, and can access anything on your device including things which are encrypted by end to end encryption, is for sale to anyone with some cash!

It gives individuals the power of State Intelligence Agencies! Which BTW….. are also a problem! At least with the intelligence agencies, you can hope there’s some some oversight, which there’s not, but still. Private individuals can spy on every aspect of your life!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was married and made love to my wife I had a reasonable expectation of privacy! So unless the kids opened the door (which was locked) I believed my privacy was intact! Well partner, that is not the case now! You could theoretically have a dozen or more people conducting surveillance on you!

Next week you’ll receive a blackmail letter demanding some outrageous payment or they’ll publish the video from last Tuesdays “Freak-fest” with the little woman! Do you understand how dangerous this is?

This spyware can be used to blackmail anyone! Politicians, the President, #SCOTUS, your local Police, etc….

It’s a real problem! There is only one way to be assured it’s fixed, and that is to rid yourself of these devices, all of them! Get rid of Alexa, get rid of the Ring Doorbells, get rid of your cell phone, and have your car’s computer disabled! ALL of these things are literally a threat to the United States, and even more of a threat to humanity itself!

Live Q&A: Pegasus Spy Scandal Deepens, Durham Report Could Be Public

In case you don’t have EpicTV (Which you should!) We must move away from YouTube, Fascistbook, and Twatter! Get rid of Google too!

Live Q&A: Pegasus Spy Scandal Deepens; Durham Report Could be Public (YouTube)

Twenty years ago few people had cell phones, now people act as if they cannot function without it!

Trust me, you can live your life without a cell phone! I’m going to go one further, you can live your life much happier and better without a cell phone! Cell phones have become instruments of brainwashing for the masses! People’s attention spans have been in steady decline ever since the cell phone became popular!

Kids today will sit at the dinner table and instead of speaking to their family members sitting at the table with them, they will instead stay glued to the device, in the most disrespectful display of selfishness one will seldom see!

It is so disrespectful to ignore those sitting with you, so you can stay glued to your device that I’d take the damn phone and smash it if one of my children did it to me! My Father would not have tolerated this level of disrespect, and neither will I!

Are YOU strong enough to stop carrying a known spy device in your pocket? A device which may be recording your messages, conversations, video recording when you have sex with your wife (or not your wife)

Every electronic device in your home has formed a “network” that combined with emerging technology, won’t even require an internet connection to send reports on you to their masters at big tech! These devices will literally bounce information from neighbor to neighbor to neighbor until it finds a device connected to the internet!

These devices are building a network which will not require any kind of connection, your neighbor’s devices will be scanning YOUR DEVICES for information, it collects your information, and bounces it through device after device until an internet connection is found! Now THAT IS 1984 sh*t!

Are you strong enough to stop it? Or will you become a happy, distracted, slave, who keeps their head buried in a device that is programming your behavior as it steals every bit of privacy you thought you had? I have lived without a cell phone, and since I’m broke pretty often, I live without one now sometimes too!

But I’m thinking getting a land line is the way to go! I don’t need anything on that cell phone so badly that I’ll sacrifice my privacy, my safety, my mind, and put myself in a position to have my every move spied on in an attempt to make me appear “guilty” of something!

You know… Like the People who attended Trump’s Rally on January 6th, and cell phone location information was shared about them with the FBI, who then asked banks to disclose those people’s purchase history, which the bank did!

Those people’s banks actually violated their customer’s confidentiality in an attempt to have them arrested for not committing any kind of crime! Banks are another institution we must abandon.

Cell phone addiction – Short Movie

Get Over Phone Addiction in 4 Simple Steps (Practical Solution)

Cell phone addiction can cause chronic pain and neurological symptoms

At the end of the day it’s up to YOU! You can choose to enable government, tech, and media to turn America into a communist prison camp which your children and grandchildren will suffer under, or you can get busy stopping it. There is no in-between!

Communism is already in America and it’s using Fascist tactics and tech to control and destroy lives!

Perhaps it’s time for you to get in the game! Be a part of the solution and stop being a part of the problem!

The Left likes to BULLY Conservatives, but we never dream of bullying them when we are in control!

THAT MUST CHANGE RIGHT NOW! When conservatives take power back in 2022 CEO’s need to bully every liberal in the workplace and at schools!

Both of the following videos discuss it. You must understand that when Liberals are treated the way they treat us, they WON’T like it! But fortunately for them, they never have to endure the same type of treatment we do! This has to change, the “Order of Retaliation” must be given and applied!

Treat these scumbags with the exact same type of unfairness, one-sided, shameless discrimination they treat YOU with! It’s the only way anything will change! We’ll start firing people for getting abortions, discriminating against all who disagree with our views! Fire them, kick them out of schools! Arrest and harass them!

The Order of Retaliation” MUST BE GIVEN! A taste of their own Medicine!

The Reality of Forced COVID-19 Vaccines

Your local PROSECUTOR is arguably the most important elected position in government!

The Left and the Right should agree on one thing, and that one thing is “Equal Justice Under the Law”

ANYONE who knows me, knows that I’m no Leftist.
I believe in Justice being served on Criminals 110%

I support Law Enforcement (When they deserve support)
But I am also a Police Accountability Activist!

I believe that Police are nothing more than Americans who took a job in Law Enforcement, and as Americans, the same laws which I must follow POLICE MUST ALSO FOLLOW!

If police would arrest me for something, a police officer should also be arrested for committing the same act!

There is no arguing the fairness of my stance!
Everyone in America should be treated EQUALLY under the law! Period! End of Story.

Unfortunately that is not the system we have in place!
You or I may be sent to prison for 20 years, but a cop does the same thing and he’s never even prosecuted! Never arrested! Most times never even get “Talked to” about it!

This is wholly unacceptable!
And while I disagree with BLM and Antifa that Police are “Racists” because most police are NOT RACISTS, they treat everyone pretty much the same!

What police do though, is often illegal! They violate the rights of citizens, destroy property, abuse people and violate their rights, destroy private property, act abusively, file false charges, and the list goes on and on!

But do you know why they do it? I DO!
Police behave badly, recklessly, kill the innocent, violate people’s rights, conduct illegal operations etc… BECAUSE THEY CAN!


One tier for you and I (We are punished swiftly and HARSHLY!)
One Tier for Police, Judges, Politicians, and the Wealthy Elite
(Never held accountable, never prosecuted, NEVER sent to prison)

So when you wonder why police abuse their power, just ask yourself what price they pay for doing so! The answer is NONE! They pay no price whatsoever when they break the Law! Unless activists put them on CNN, and as a rule, those police did nothing wrong, it’s just an accusation of “Racism” in policing which don’t exist!

You or I would go to prison for LIFE in many cases, it’s just another day in the life of Police, Judges, and Politicians….. They’ll go home and eat a steak, because they are never held accountable!

PROSECUTORS are the answer! The single most important elected position in your local election is the PROSECUTOR!

You want a reasonable, even-handed prosecutor who does not dream of locking everyone in the country up! These prosecutors, Just like Police, SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW TO SERVE 30 DAYS IN JAIL BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO SEND OTHERS THERE!

Which generally results in a completely and TOTALLY destroying people’s lives!

People lose their cars because they are in jail and cannot make payments. They lose their homes. These people lose their children if no family can take care of them. They lose their photo albums of a lifetime of events.

Unless they are lucky and have a family to take care of their stuff.


Traffic Tickets send people to jail all the time! Do you believe it right to make a man lose his job, his home, his children, and everything he’s accumulated over a lifetime of hard work because he was speeding? How about a bad inspection sticker? A Registration violation?

PROSECUTORS need to be of the utmost honor, have the utmost understanding and empathy!


Now I’m not saying to harass police who are just doing their jobs!
I am speaking about prosecuting police who are RECKLESS and ENDANGER THE PUBLIC!

I’m talking about cops like the one who chased the motorcycle at 120 mph down a country road, passing on double yellow lines and endangering EVERY PERSON ON THE ROAD and every child in every home he passed by, to catch a “Speeder” like the one in the video below.

I mean am I crazy to expect and demand that Police not be a danger to the public? Am I a lunatic because I think police should be upholding the laws of this country instead of being “Road Pirates” who only seek to generate revenue?

Am I crazy to demand that police be held accountable for their actions and to expect police be good stewards of the authority they are given, and exercise that authority keeping public safety in mind? Am I crazy to get angry over seeing police endanger hundreds of people to catch a speeder, who is less a danger than the police following him?

Rick at “Good Luck America” is a retired Police Training Officer, I watch his videos a lot, and generally I agree with him on just about everything, and even he is outraged by the behavior of police today in America!

Having a badge does not grant you privileges to create law or to ignore law! It only entitles you to enforce the law!

And it only does that once you have “Probable Cause.” Police Officers have no right whatsoever to demand ID, frisk people, search people or their vehicles, demand papers etc….. unless they have valid probable cause!

Meaning that they have to be able to articulate and justify their suspicion that you have broken the law in some way, to justify even interacting with you! Police have no authority whatsoever unless you have violated the law!

Police no longer adhere to these principles. They think that they can do whatever they please! And unfortunately, lack of accountability for police, and a lack of prosecutors who are willing to prosecute these bad cops, have allowed them to get away with it, and go unpunished! Your rights have suffered because of it!

SC Trooper Dewayne Bunch Endangers 100’s Innocent People For A Speeding Ticket – Earning the Hate

THE PROSECUTOR is the number one, all hands on deck, most important government position in your local elections! These are the people who MUST BE HONORABLE!

And those prosecutors must have no problem prosecuting the police when they have done wrong!
“Equal Justice Under the Law” for EVERYONE! NOT just for non-government personnel!

And worse yet, scumbags like George Soros has realized the power of the Prosecutor! That is why he has funded hundreds of prosecutor’s election campaigns! He is responsible for putting Kim Foxx

Fed up with Kim Foxx’s office, alderman wants city to take some matters into its own hands

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Ald. Anthony Napolitano wants to take some crimes normally prosecuted by the state’s attorney’s office and divert them to city hearing officers.By Fran Spielman  Jul 20, 2021, 1:54pm CDT

Ald. Anthony Napolitano thinks Cook County prosecutors are going easy on some crimes, so he wants the city to handle certain cases.
 Sun-Times file

Former Chicago police-officer-turned-alderman Anthony Napolitano has long accused State’s Attorney Kim Foxx of being soft on crime and functioning “more like a defense attorney” than a prosecutor of violent crime.

Now, Napolitano (41st) is so fed up with, as he puts it, the “lawlessness” on Chicago streets, he’s taking matters into his own hands.

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Napolitano plans to introduce what he calls the “Chicago Criminal Accountability Ordinance.”

It would take a series of crimes normally prosecuted by the state’s attorney’s office and divert them to city hearing officers who process administrative notices of violation.

The crimes range from “looting and mob actions,” vandalism, possession of etching materials, paint and other markers used for graffiti to unlawful possession of a firearm and firearms ammunition and offenses committed in “public transportation safety zones” or near schools, parks and playgrounds.

City hearing officers would be empowered to impose fines up to $30,000 for those offenses; all money would be earmarked for Chicago’s skyrocketing pension obligations. Violators could also be forced to serve up to six months in Cook County Jail.

Napolitano has served the city as both a police officer and a firefighter. His far Northwest Side ward is home to scores of Chicago Police officers who are constantly sending him videos and photos of the “lawlessness” on Chicago streets.

“Destroying property. Looting stores. … It’s happening every weekend. The wildings downtown right now where you have a mob of about 30 kids standing around beating people up on the corners, taking phones and purses in broad daylight,” Napolitano said.

“Every week, there’s another police vehicle or fire vehicle or city vehicle being destroyed by wildings. … We’ve got four-wheelers and motorcycles on sidewalks on Michigan Avenue riding around. If you drive down the Kennedy Expressway, the entire city is covered in graffiti. I’ve never seen anything this bad before. … We’re a lawless city right now.”

Napolitano said the cops he represents are so demoralized by the “revolving door” at the state’s attorney’s office, they’re saying, “Why lock anybody up? They’re out on the street the next day or in a couple of hours.”

“If our state’s attorney is not going to stand up and be the defender of the people because she’s a defense attorney, we’re gonna take matters into our own hands. It’s not gonna go in front of her, where she just tosses everything, puts people on ankle monitors and puts everybody back on the street,” Napolitano said.

Foxx reacted angrily to the oft-repeated suggestion that she is soft on crime. So much so that she accused Napolitano of the fanning the flames of racial tension in Chicago.

“Phrases like ‘wilding’ are dog whistles that perpetuate racist attitudes and behavior in our criminal justice system. To be honest, I am not surprised by his language or motivation — as this is the same elected official who protested alongside the FOP and QAnon at my office nearly two years ago,” Foxx said in a prepared statement.

“My office has worked hard to establish trust and legitimacy with our Black and Brown communities. Right now, I will continue to use our resources to tackle violent crime and prioritize the safety of every Cook County resident.”

The Foxx statement continued: “As State’s Attorney I am focused on violent crime. Meanwhile, the alderman is focusing on low-level offenses. If the alderman was truly serious about addressing crime, he would follow the data from our most recent study. None of the policies he is recommending support this data.”

Accompanying Foxx’s statement was a fact sheet asserting that Foxx has “secured over 2,700 more convictions related to violent felony offenses than her predecessor,” Anita Alvarez, did “in the last three years of her tenure.”

“These violent and most serious offenses include cases of gun violence, homicide, sex crimes, aggravated battery, violence against police officers, robbery, domestic battery and kidnapping,” the fact sheets states.

“These cases represent 28 percent of the cases prosecuted by the Cook County State’s attorney’s office. The conviction rate on these cases has increased by 81 to 83 percent under the Foxx administration.”

It’s not the first time that Foxx has been accused of going too easy on criminals wreaking havoc on Chicago streets.

Last summer, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown accused Cook County prosecutors of being soft on looters who were arrested after the death of George Floyd in late May and early June, setting the stage for a second round of destruction in early August.

Foxx accused the mayor and Brown of “over-simplifying” the issue, adding, “The notion that people believe that they are somehow empowered because people were not prosecuted is simply not true.”

Source: Chicago Sun Times

Let’s not forget, Kim Foxx is the State’s Attorney who allowed Jussie Smollet to perpetrate a Hate-Hoax on America and go unpunished!

JUDGES are another elected official that MUST HAVE INTEGRITY! Most Judges today appear CORRUPT and/or TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY!

We see it every day! Leftist judges legislating from the bench, or acting as proponents to this view or that view, when their ONLY JOB is to interpret LAW, and to assure Americans that ALL LAWS ARE CONSTITUTIONAL! Few do that!

But many are activists! Many are Corrupt! And many need to be impeached!

Judge rejects release of Kim Foxx probe in Jussie Smollett case

By Gabrielle Fonrouge

August 28, 2020 | 12:46pmEnlarge Image

Jussie Smollett

Jussie SmollettAP



Former ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett appears in court

Charlie Kirk compares Meghan Markle sit-down to Jussie Smollett case

Jussie Smollett to make directorial debut amid hoax charges

Jussie Smollett seeks to have Chicago court dismiss charges against him

The special prosecutor tasked with re-investigating the Jussie Smollett case implored a judge Friday to release his entire investigation into Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx — but the request was denied.

Dan Webb, who brought new charges against Smollett in February, just wrapped up his investigation into Foxx’s handling of the case but could only release a summary of his findings because the full report includes grand jury testimony, which must remain private unless a judge orders its release.

On Friday morning, Webb urged Judge Michal Toomin, the justice who tasked the private attorney with the second investigation, to release the entire report, arguing it’s necessary to bring full transparency to the decision making behind the case.

In Toomin’s original appointment of Webb, the judge tasked him with restoring the public’s faith in the criminal justice system and Webb said he can’t complete that duty without releasing the full report.

Following a heated courtroom exchange, Toomin ultimately denied Webb’s bid after hearing arguments from the State Attorney’s counsel who said they should have the opportunity to review the report before it’s released, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Foxx’s team argued in a Thursday filing they should be allowed to review the full report before it’s released to the public so they can correct any factual errors, but failed to explain what those purported errors were, the outlet reported. Webb argued Friday the request is atypical and report sharing is something prosecutors simply don’t do.

In Webb’s summary released last week, it was revealed Foxx texted with Smollett’s sister after the prosecutor became aware the actor was under investigation for faking a hate crime against himself. Webb called the blunder, among a slew of others, a substantial abuse of power and discretion.

It was also revealed that Foxx’s two top underlings, Risa Lanier and Joseph Magats — the duo who ostensibly took over the investigation after Foxx’s fumbled “recusal” — had “significantly and meaningfully divergent” accounts on why charges against Smollett were dropped.

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx
Cook County State’s Attorney Kim FoxxAP

They also had different stories on who negotiated the terms, whether Smollett was offered the opportunity to participate in a deferred prosecution program and whether the terms of the release were modeled after previous DPPs.

Webb’s full report was expected to have further details on those conflicting accounts so the public could once and for all understand why the charges were dropped even though new evidence didn’t emerge between the indictment and the dismissal.

Foxx has been under scrutiny ever since her office dropped 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report against Smollett with little explanation last March.

The actor told police he was the victim of a vicious racist and homophobic hate crime but they later determined he allegedly made the story up to get a pay bump on the set of “Empire.”

Foxx came under fire for the decision and for texting with Smollett’s family members. She was accused of giving the actor preferential treatment, later leading to her improper “recusal” from the case.

While Webb did find Foxx guilty of abuse and ethical violations, he did not find evidence indicating the discussions with Smollett’s sister “influenced or impacted” how the initial case was resolved.FILED UNDERJUSSIE SMOLLETT8/28/20

Click the link below and read on the National Review website

The Revolution Is Winning

By ANDREW C. MCCARTHY July 18, 2020 6:30 AM

Radicals from the 1960s and 1970s now hold powerful positions in government and academia

Radicals from the 1960s and 1970s now hold powerful positions in government and academia

This is what the revolution looks like.

Weather Underground terrorists, who made no secret of being anti-AmeriKKKan “small-c” communists, are having more success than they could have dreamed of in the 1960s.

They are dominating the language. You know that whole “white privilege” nostrum that we’re paying universities $60K per year to drum into our children’s brains? It is derived from their lamentation of “white skin privilege.” In their ideology, the revolution to overthrow the capitalist, racist, imperialist system summoned them — lily white radicals — to abandon their privilege and embrace the armed struggle.

Among their most influential thinkers was Bill Ayers. He got a windfall from the government’s failure to prosecute him for the bombings he carried out and the mass murders he planned but was insufficiently competent to execute. It was a second career as a “Distinguished Professor of Education” at the University of Illinois. As Sol Stern relates in a 2006 City Journal essay that should be required reading today, this entailed designing curricula used by today’s hard-Left academics, based on what Ayers saw as a moral imperative to convert schools into social-justice indoctrination labs.

It worked.

Of course, in the days before they brought the revolution into the classroom, they pursued it on urban streets, prioritizing war on cops. To the avant-garde, the police are the pointy end of the oppressive government spear, enforcing its laws and imposing the racist society’s caste system. For the revolution to succeed, the police have to be discredited, defunded, and defanged. For the Weather Underground, that meant branching into such radical offshoots as the May 19 Communist Organization and conspiring with black separatists.

NOW WATCH: ‘Nikole Hannah-Jones Declines UNC Position after Receiving Tenure’00:00 of 01:10Volume 0% 

So it was that such Weather confederates as Susan Rosenberg, Kathy Boudin, and David Gilbert, among others, teamed with the Black Liberation Army to carry out the infamous 1981 robbery of a Brinks armored truck at the Nanuet Mall near Nyack, N.Y. At the time, Rosenberg was already a suspect in the 1979 New Jersey jailbreak of Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, a Black Liberation Army leader who had been convicted of murdering New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster. Chesimard fled the country and was given asylum by Fidel Castro’s Communist regime in Cuba, where she has lived ever since.

In robbing the Brinks truck, the terrorists shot at the security guards, murdering one of them, Peter Paige. In a firefight with Nyack police while trying to escape, they killed Sergeant Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown — the latter a Korean War veteran who had joined the force in 1966, the first African American to serve in Nyack’s police department. Rosenberg went on the lam, finally captured three years later in possession of over 700 pounds of explosives she and her fellow radicals were planning to use in additional mayhem. A federal judge in New Jersey sentenced her to 58 years’ imprisonment.

Boudin and Gilbert had left their 14-month-old son, Chesa, with a sitter in order to participate in the Brinks heist. But unlike Rosenberg, they were captured right after the bloody shootouts. Boudin was sentenced to a minimum 20 years’ imprisonment (with a maximum life sentence), and Gilbert to 75 years’ imprisonment.


Cuomo Still Faces a DOJ Investigation — but the Real Action Is the State AG’s Probe

Whitmer-Kidnap Case Enters ‘Entrapment’ Phase

Pelosi’s Capitol-Riot-Probe Power Play Saves Republicans from Themselves

With his parents in custody, young Chesa Boudin was raised by their confederates, Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Like Ayers, Dohrn was a Weather Underground leader who became an academic after eluding significant prosecution for their bombings and mass-murder conspiracies — though she did do a short stint of jail time for contempt after defying a grand-jury subpoena to testify about Rosenberg.

In addition to his American academic work, Ayers became a supporter of the late Communist dictator Hugo Chávez’s education programs in Venezuela. There, in a 2006 speech with the strongman looking on, Ayers proclaimed, “Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large. La educación es revolución!” Later, Chesa Boudin would follow in Ayers’s footsteps, working as a translator and think-tank researcher for Chávez’s regime.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Ayers and Dohrn seamlessly became prominent in Democratic Party politics. At their Hyde Park home in 1995, they held a coming-out party for an ambitious political unknown, a community organizer named Barack Obama. Two years later, the future president breathlessly endorsed Ayers’s polemic, A Kind and Just Parent?, as a “searing and timely account.” The book is an indictment of the U.S. criminal-justice system, which Ayers likens to South Africa under apartheid. As Stanley Kurtz has recounted, Ayers helped pave Obama’s way into the radical Left’s extensive fundraising networks; the two collaborated as board members of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, doling out more than $100 million to community organizers and education “reformers.”

Susan Rosenberg’s terrorism sentence was commuted by President Bill Clinton in 2001, part of the scandalous array of clemency grants on his last day in office. (I was then a senior federal prosecutor and had just spent months successfully arguing against her release.) Instantly, she was offered teaching positions at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and, later, Hamilton College, though protests by parents and alumni forced the first to be short-lived and the second declined.

Not to worry, though. By 2020, she was recruited to become vice-chair of the Board of Directors at Thousand Currents, after years as an “activist” in the thriving fields of criminal-justice “reform” and prisoners’ rights. (In the media-Democrat complex and on the campus, former terrorists who’ve found new ways to march the revolution through our institutions are transmogrified into “social-justice activists”). Like the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Thousand Currents is a grant-making foundation of the radical Left, similarly tapped into its fundraising networks — such groups as the W. K. Kellogg Foundation (a deep-pocketed non-profit that promotes racial causes and also supports the Tides Foundation and George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, among other heavyweight donor organizations) and the NoVo Foundation (funded and controlled by the Buffett family).

Currently, Thousand Currents’ signal project is Black Lives Matter.

The principal organizational framework for BLM is the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, run by three women: Opal Tometti, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors — the last of whom, in a 2015 interview, observed, “Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

Since George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police in late May, BLM has been flooded with donations. Its operations are opaque, however, and it has not qualified for non-profit status. To navigate around this inconvenience, the BLM Global Network Foundation is sponsored by Thousand Currents, which has non-profit status — meaning donors can make tax-deductible contributions to Thousand Currents, which, in turn, supports BLM. The arrangement appears to trace back to 2016, when the Kellogg Foundation provided Thousand Currents with $900,000 for “building the infrastructure and capacity of the national #BlackLivesMatter to support and strengthen their local chapters’ organizing capacity.”

Like Rosenberg, Kathy Boudin has landed on her feet. David Gilbert remains in custody serving his murder sentences (though, as his Wikipedia bio indicates, he has achieved the coveted “activist” status), but Boudin was granted parole in 2003. I know you’ll be stunned to learn that Columbia University quickly rolled out the red carpet for her to pursue a doctorate at Teachers College. She is now not only an adjunct professor at Columbia’s School of Social Work, but also a co-founder and co-director of its, yes, “Center for Justice.”

Meanwhile, Chesa Boudin, the son of Boudin and Gilbert raised by Ayers and Dohrn, is a rising political star. Just 39, he has authored the memoir Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America, studied at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, gotten a law degree from Yale, completed a stint in a big-city public defender’s office, and, just last year, been elected that city’s chief prosecutor —  district attorney for San Francisco.

Boudin’s candidacy was backed by the Left’s financial network, BLM, and such luminaries as Communist icon Angela Davis and Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), the avowed socialist, who appears to be the most influential supporter of the Joe Biden presidential campaign. At the victory party the night of Boudin’s election, ecstatic supporters chanted “F*** POA!” (i.e., the Police Officers Association). He had run on a platform of ending what he sees as undue law-enforcement focus on people of color, thwarting federal action against “undocumented” immigrants, and prioritizing investigations of — not by — the police.

He’s making good on these promises. For example, he has stopped bringing charges that include a sentencing enhancement California’s legislature enacted to curb gang violence, fretting that it is disproportionately applied to people of color.

Just a few weeks ago, moreover, he announced a new initiative: The district attorney’s office will no longer charge cases that rely on information from police officers said to have engaged in misconduct — including excessive force or racial bias. Of course, while police must on occasion use superior force in order to subdue criminals, we’ve seen in recent months that any law-enforcement use of force is now liable to be condemned as excessive. And racial bias, even in the absence of proof of conscious discrimination, is claimed to be “unconscious”; it is derived from statistical voodoo that scrutinizes the race and ethnicity of suspects in police encounters while studiously ignoring the offensive behavior that may have prompted police action. Boudin explained that his office has established a “Trial Integrity Unit,” which is compiling a list of cops as to whom there have been misconduct claims. The list is to be updated regularly.

That is, it is an ongoing, open-ended investigation of the police department, for the benefit of criminals.

The goals of the revolution have never changed. It has simply airbrushed its terrorist leaders into prominent public scholars and “activists” with a passion for “change” and “justice.” The revolution has lots of money, organization, control of the schools, support from one of the nation’s two major political parties, and the media megaphone. That is why the revolution is winning. The 1960s never ended, they just paved the way for today.

Source: National Review

My point is very simple America! If we continue allowing tactical defeats we are finished! We will fall into civil war and mass death is what we’ll see!

We must take control of the important sectors of the US Government! We must eliminate bureaucracy from within government! We must challenge and defeat every incumbent politician! And we must take back our criminal justice system and courts from the radicals!

Or else we need to get busy explaining to our grandchildren how we allowed FREEDOM ITSELF to be destroyed on our watch! We can tell them of the “good old days” before America became one more Communist hellhole of death and destruction! Explain how we allowed an election to be stolen right in front of our eyes while we did nothing!

Explain to them the COWARDS we have become! The PATHETIC COWARDS that allowed Freedom to be taken from ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations, which will be slaves or victims of genocide!

If freedom dies now, it will never return! Technology is such that a revolution would be impossible for future generations!

Our most precious right of all has been under attack by Media and Tech, with the aid of government, for over 5 years now! And it MUST stop!

I’m going to leave you with this clip that I took from Michael Moreno on YouTube. He’s a very wise young man for his age! Americans should heed his warnings!

Michael Moreno, They Came

“Wire Tapping” required a warrant, but your cell phone provides much more personal information with no need for a warrant!

Barrack Obama made sure that EVERY AMERICAN could get a cell phone! This was NOT an act of kindness, it was an act of control and it enabled the monitoring of every individual in the United States!

The first thing you must consider when discussing the mass handout of cell phones is the fact that it gives government the ability to track, spy on, and document every action you take on the internet!

Secondly, US Intelligence Agencies have had the ability to activate your cell phone’s microphone and cameras since at least 2010! Watch the movie “Snowden” which discusses this topic.

Edward Snowden was demonized and charged with a crime because he blew the whistle on corruption within the US Government and it’s Intelligence Agencies! He done his JOB and the tyrants within government went after him for it!

The US Government is violating the Constitution and US Law, which BTW they are sworn to uphold, and they went after Edward Snowden because he did the right thing and exposed them for it!

Anyway, my point is that despite this program appearing to do nothing more than give poor people phones, what it actually does is provide people with devices used by government to manipulate them, and spy on their activities!

It was a necessary step for Obama and his minions to move our country towards Communism. The “Obama Phone” gave government eyes and ears in almost every home in America! Not to mention, it started a lot of people using social media who had never used it before, and government could use that social media information as well!

When you combine the Obama Phones with people who pay for cell phones, you have eavesdropping & tracking equipment in nearly every pocket, and in nearly every home across the country,

Obama Phone

Obama failed to mention that US Intelligence Agencies had been using phones and social media to start revolutions in countries around the world!

There is a lot of information in this video created by Millie Weaver, who has always been one of my favorite truth tellers! Just after the Corrupt “powers that be” had Millie ARRESTED on the very day this video was set to be released, InfoWars (Alex Jones) Fired her! I still listen to InfoWars sometimes, but I’d really like an explanation!

You KNOW that Millie was over the target, that’s why the corrupt scumbags she was exposing had her arrested! At the end of the day I consider myself a good judge of character. And I must tell you… I trust Millie way more than I trust Alex Jones! I think he showed his allegiance by firing Millie Weaver. Since this happened she has all but disappeared from view! Silenced by corrupt politicians, who was helped by Alex Jones! Just my opinion mind you.

Shadow Gate 2.0 – Full Movie

They also failed to mention that they wanted you to have this phone so the government could Track and Control you through manipulating you emotionally!

Most of the manipulation you see happening on big tech is actually a military grade WEAPON! There is however, a portion of this manipulation that happens as a result of algorithms.

Don’t be fooled though, you really need to listen to what Millennial Millie said in the previous video! There are Military Grade Weapon technologies developed by using TAXPAYER MONEY, but then the military claims to have “Sold them to private parties”

Kinda sounds like BS to me! I believe that is just a story, and the US Military likely maintains control over them, with a few of their selected friends. And they are mass testing their mind control software right now!

For instance, how do you suppose they activated huge groups of people to burn down half of America??? Well, they streamed NON-STOP POLICE VIOLENCE to those people for YEARS!

And while Police are NOT Racists, they really do need some SERIOUS REFORMS! Police MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

They killed two birds with a single stone here! They activated the masses in BLM & Antifa violence and destruction, but at the same time they TRICKED YOU INTO CALLING FOR MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT!

We don’t need more Law Enforcement!!! We need Law Enforcement that does it’s job! Politicians TOLD POLICE TO ALLOW THE VIOLENCE! So what good would more of them do??? When Politicians could just tell TWICE AS MANY COPS to do nothing as people burn down our cities???

Don’t EVER call for more police! We have entirely too many now! When 9 police show up to write a traffic ticket….. you likely have WAY TOO MANY COPS!

Tim Pool Explains How Big Tech Algorithms Drove The Left INSANE

I am trying to penetrate your mind with the FACT that cell phones, BlueTooth devices, Ring doorbells, Alexa etc. are ALL COORDINATED TRACKING & CONTROL devices for Government & Tech & Communists

Get rid of them! 20 years ago we did not need to carry a device that tracked and controlled us! We simply did not need it. Now suddenly everyone acts as if they cannot live without these devices!

You can live without a cell phone! My phone is often inactive, because I haven’t paid the bill. Did you know that I have a Mapping app which works on an inactive cell phone? It is called “Osmand” and it works without phone service OR WI-FI! Better yet, buy a key-map!

Your devices are actually giving the US Government and every other government on the planet, detailed information about everything you do! Have you had sex with your wife (or worse yet, NOT your wife) with your cell phone nearby?

If so, Using Pegasus they can activate your microphone and your camera! Instant Blackmail material! And you wonder why US Legislatures have done nothing about this? They have likely been compromised by their cell phones or Smart Devices, either in their offices or at home!

Electronics have become a blackmailer’s dream! PLEASE get yourself a land line and a beeper! GET RID OF THE TRACKING DEVICES IN YOUR HOME AND OFFICE!!!

Pegasus: The ultimate spyware for iOS and Android

What is Pegasus spyware and how does it hack phones?

It is time that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the CRIMINAL Antifa & BLM Groups need to be sent to Martha’s Vineyard and exclusive neighborhoods and attack the Elites! Then maybe they’ll get it!

These Elite scumbags, around the world, in every country need a taste of the medicine they are shoving down everyone’s throats! Let some BLM and AntifaTards loose IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS! Let THEM wake up being Raped or Murdered, or watching their children being slaughtered, raped, murdered, sexually abused!

We as citizens should be down at the Border handing out leaflets containing directions to Nancy Pelosi’s House! To Mitch McConnell’s place! Put “Go find jobs and get free housing at” and have directions to EVERY EXCLUSIVE NEIGHBORHOOD IN AMERICA!

And the same thing should happen in other countries! It is time for THE PEOPLE to steer the VIOLENCE and the MAYHEM to EXCLUSIVE, RICH, LIBERAL AREAS! Vermont, Maine, New York…… over run THEIR HOMES!!!

TEAR DOWN THEIR FENCES!!! Burn their homes to the ground! Jeff Bezos and Zuckerbuck, and @Jack ALL NEED SOME “IMMIGRANTS” to show up at their home! Send every RAPIST, MURDERER, MEMBERS OF MS-13 to THEIR HOUSES!

The time for being “Nice and docile” is OVER! They want violence??? Well give them VIOLENCE AT THEIR HOME!!!

Send all of these people straight to their neighborhood’s!

Fox Hosts Tear Into Hypocritical, Arrogant Limousine Liberals at CNN

Don’t kid yourself, FemNazis ARE a part of the Marxist attack on America and has been going for decades!



Tell a vaccination Nazi to GET F*CKED today!

Huge Spoof Parody on Big Pharma With A-CDC (AC/DC)

Huge Spoof Parody on Big Pharma With A-CDC (AC/DC)

I’m going to take it a step further, I believe that the Covid-19 VACCINE is a bio-weapon!

Government officials are playing games with the death numbers, and they have been since the start of this whole Plandemic! Their next step is to begin calling “DEATHS CAUSED BY THE VACCINE” covid19 Deaths!

I believe that this entire play was designed to get you take the vaccine, which is NOT a vaccine at all, and that vaccine will KILL YOU! It is the #GenocideJab!

It’s the answer that radical climate alarmists have been looking for to “Reduce World Population to 500,000,000!

That is correct, the Luciferians (who are way more abundant than you’d think) want to reduce the World’s population to 500 MILLION! Go look at the “Georgia Guide Stones” which Luciferians erected as a new “10 Commandments” for their EVIL followers! The “Age of Reason” they refer to is an age without Christ or Religion, it’s Hell on Earth!


It really is a battle of Good vs Evil!

Vaccines are one thing, mRNA is quite another!

Follow @TimTruth on Odysee for some ACTUAL VACCINE DATA!

Stanley Plotkin’s Disgusting Vaccine Admissions | MSM’s Darling: “Godfather of Vaccines”

279 Companies Supporting Violent Antifa & Black Lives Matter

Reality Check

Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead


Comment: The rate at which many Americans are taking a knee, apologizing for their beliefs, and our companies caving into tyranny is hair-raising.  Should this dynamic continue unabated, it will actuate  the death of our nation as we have known it.


By Ashley Rae Goldenberg

June 3, 2020

Hi! This is a list of all of the “woke” companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, “woke” companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals.

Please consider using this list to guide in what businesses you wish to support. Please also consider using this list the next time someone makes the argument that we are living in a white supremacist country with institutionalized racism. If…

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Why Are They Hiding The Pegasus Scandal?

Ep. 1566 Why Are They Hiding The Pegasus Scandal? – The Dan Bongino Show

I wanted to include the JAMA Study which told us what we already knew, that face coverings increase the CO2 in breathed air in children and adults to dangerous levels. But some Communists have apparently challenged it and it was retracted! Dan is still citing it unaware of this!

I made the comment splayed across the photo below. I actually do not know why exactly that they retracted the article. My understanding is that their methods were “Challenged” probably by Fauci or someone else tied to their funding!

Dan Bongino has been beating them over the head with this report for some time now, and I’m sure that is exactly why the “Methods” were attacked. And of course they submitted, just like good little Communists!

But regardless if these cowards will stand behind their work or not, I’m not an idiot and I don’t need them to tell me that CO2 levels rise in those wearing masks because it’s COMMON SENSE! Censorship is started to really piss me off!

Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children

TrialSite News agrees with me, it’s likely propaganda by the censors!

JAMA Pediatrics Editors Retract Children’s Mask Study

Ever wonder what type of idiot promotes Critical Race Theory and pushes the “Fear narrative” about covid19? Meet Far-left American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten, a real Communist!

Why in the world would ANYONE allow this psychopath to teach their children or to be involved in education in any way, shape, or form? Below is an excerpt from the article.

“Disgusting. Millions of Floridians are going to die for Ron DeSantis’ ignorance and he’s choosing to profit from it,” Weingarten claimed. “He doesn’t care about Floridians; he cares about furthering his own cruel agenda.”

DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw blasted Weingarten in a statement to The Daily Wire, saying, “Is Randi Weingarten’s ridiculous claim that selling a koozie will lead to ‘millions’ of Floridians dying an example of Critical Math Theory?”

Randi Weingarten Melts Down Over DeSantis Campaign Gear: ‘Millions Of Floridians Are Going To Die’

You gotta be REALLY DUMB to be challenging DeSantis in Florida!

Despite the fact that I’m against incumbents, ALL OF THEM, DeSantis is about as strong as one can be!

And you are going to challenge with baseless claims, lies, propaganda, and nonsense, while promoting heavy handed government? LOL

CNN Actually DEFENDS Ron Desantis?! Absolutely SMASHES His Election Opponent, lol…

DOES BIDEN HATE AMERICA? Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep135

If the United Nations shows it’s face in America it will be an “act of war” and those blue helmets will become targets! The illegitimate Biden Administration seeks to completely destroy America and America’s sovereignty! Under no circumstances will America allow the Corrupt Dictators who make up the UN to sit in judgement of this country!

California Court Turns On Blue Democrats – They Just Used The Constitution To Strike Down Restriction On Freedom Of Speech

You may want to make a note of Homeland Security people saying that Republicans are “Terrorists!”

Democrats have become unhinged Communists pushing a Marxist agenda of brainwashing children while demonizing Republicans! These insane deniers of FACT and TRUTH just continue spouting LIES as they plug their ears and refuse to even acknowledge FACTS!

They will continue down this road until they are stopped OR until they call in UN Troops and try to kill the population of the US or stick us in a Gulag somewhere! Their rhetoric is a uni-dimensional lie and incitement of violence against the only people in America standing up for their God Given, Natural Rights which are outlined in the Constitution!

EVERY FEDERAL AGENCY needs to be PROHIBITED from operating in every state of the union because they are quite simply too corrupt and too divorced from reality to exists! These people are laying down the justification for killing all conservatives right now! They were on television after the January 6th set-up operation at the capitol telling people we should all be put into re-education camps!

This is the Nazis 2.0!

Fight For Freedom Or Live Hell On Earth

Communism has come to America! A Message for Patriots EVERYWHERE

A Message for Patriots EVERYWHERE

A Message for Patriots EVERYWHERE

I’m going to make a radical suggestion to you for your own good! GET RID OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES! Cell phones, ring doorbells, Alexa, Smart TVs, and all other devices that communicate with bluetooth or the internet! Smart TVs have cameras in them BTW

These devices are being used to spy on your private life, conversations, friends, family, and even your bedroom escapades! Pegasus allows Government actors to take control of your phone and extract anything they want including photos, messages, call logs, apps on your phone, and even encrypted messages on supposedly “secure end to end encryption apps”!

If you wonder how the CCP and the Chinese Government have apparently taken over every politician in America, law enforcement, Federal Agencies, and even the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, you may want to consider the amount of blackmail material one could compile through the electronic surveillance of every electronic device on the planet with an internet connection!

Smart TV’s are in almost every legislator’s office in the country! As are an abundance of cell phones. People have installed ring doorbells and Alexa type devices in their homes, which have cameras and microphones in them!

The “Smart Doorbell” devices like Ring are monitoring who comes and goes from your home! When combined with facial recognition software those monitoring you will know everyone you speak to, what was said, and by whom. All of this data is being collected, monitored, and then used as a weapon against you!

These people can activate your microphone AND your cameras on your cell phone, which BTW now even have Infrared (IR) cameras on them so they can record your actions in the dark too!

So you not only have to worry about corrupt US Intel Agencies, The FBI and DOJ monitoring your every move, action, comment, and who you have contact with….. But anyone with the money to purchase the Spyware Virus can also monitor you! If they want you dead all they gotta do is track you through your GPS until you go somewhere quiet enough to “Do the Deed.”

They are watching and listening as you make love to your wife, or worse yet, when you are having an affair, when you use the toilet, change clothes, etc… These people are sick and they are Totalitarian Communists! How much intellectual property can they steal from your company?

How much data about your activities, conversations, social media activity, personal photos and contacts do you think they’d need to entrap you in some kind of fabricated “Crime?”

The Afghanistan Terrorists knew about cell phone tracking and electronic device monitoring techniques used by the US and others so what did they do to protect themselves? They did not use these devices!

This allowed them to become invisible to their better armed and more advanced enemies! And I’m telling you now that this is the tact we must take now! Anything electronic opens you up to being framed for crimes, conspiracy theories, and blackmail!

And let’s not forget that the newer devices are coming out with technology that can be used to monitor you even when you don’t have an internet connection! The advances in Bluetooth technology have allowed manufacturers of these phones to “build an internet” without an internet connection!

Even if you don’t have one of these devices in your home it will not prevent your neighbors devices from monitoring your devices! The way it works is they use low frequency signals to scan for any devices around them, collect their data and location information, and then the low frequency signal can be bounced from one device to another until a device is reached which has either a wi-fi connection or has an internet connection to transmit the data!

So theoretically you could be 50 miles from the closest wi-fi or internet connected device and this technology will collect data on ALL DEVICES and bounce it from one device to another, without you knowing, until it reaches a device with an internet connection. Then it uploads the collected data!

Protect yourself and your family by getting rid of these devices! You are only one or two steps away from being the guy in 1984 being forced to “present himself for inspection” to the Television in his living room!

Pegasus: the spyware technology that threatens democracy – video

Ep. 1565 What is Pegasus? – The Dan Bongino Show

Your cell phone, Ring, Alexa, Google Hub devices do NOT belong to you! You thought it was YOUR device but it’s actually working for it’s Master, Big Tech!

I highly recommend that you subscribe to Rob Braxman Tech on Odysee!

Big Tech Botnets – The Fearsome New Technology

MARICOPA TRAIL Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep134

VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government

The video is about half way down the page. I just ran across this article, and have not yet verified it, check it out.

New VAERS alternative reporting site! If you have an adverse reaction REPORT IT TO VAERS and then report it HERE! This site will NOT be censored!

The actual Database site is at

I was never political until Barrack Obama began his attack against America in 2008!

I still recall Americans thinking Obama was “stupid” because of his policy decisions. They were looking from the viewpoint of Obama making policy decisions that would help America.

Barrack Obama started the narrative of “White Supremacy” in America with the help of Eric Holder and the media!

But you see, Obama was NOT trying to help America, he was trying to DESTROY AMERICA, and looking through that lens you can see he was anything but stupid, he was brilliant!

The very first Black, anti-American President, with a “communist dream of his Father.”

I’ve always known that Barrack Obama was not what he said he was! I knew something was fishy about a guy who was a Muslim, but claimed he was not. Something fishy about a guy with a falsified birth certificate and no school records.

Something fishy about a guy who pals around with an anti-American Terrorist, his buddy and mentor, Bill Ayers.

Obama and Bill Ayers: Together from the Beginning

Barrack Obama is a hateful little man who was abandoned by his communist father. But his communist mother bathed him in the ideology of his father despite the fact that he dropped her like a bad habit, and was never a father to Barry.

I believe that Dinesh D’Souza is spot on about Barrack Obama, the man responsible for sending him to prison for the sin of criticizing and exposing the most Evil man to ever hold the office of the President of the United States.

In this special episode, Dinesh reveals who is really running the country: not Joe Biden but rather–you guessed it–Barack Obama.  Obama virtually admitted recently that this was his aspiration.  Drawing on clips from his first blockbuster movie, Dinesh reveals the essence of Obama’s philosophy and shows how it developed, how it severely damaged America during Obama’s two terms, and how it’s back with a vengeance under the banner of Biden and Harris. Finally, Dinesh shows what is necessary for America is rescue itself from the ongoing destructive legacy of America’s first anti-American president.

OBAMA’S THIRD TERM Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 133

Big Tech has been colluding with Government for years. Government gave Big Tech section 230 protections which they have used not only to silence dissenting voices critical of government, but they have used it to maintain a monopoly over the industry!

Government issues them orders on who to silence, and tech silences them! If they fail to silence those the Democrats want silenced, then government can yank their 230 protections. The following video is from before the admission from the White House that this is exactly what is happening.

So you have the Federal Government violating the First Amendment! EVERY AMERICAN who has been silenced by tech needs to file a civil rights lawsuit against tech AND the Federal Government!

The Big Tech – Government Collusion

The STOLEN 2020 Election put Barrack Obama, the anti-American President, back in control. It required an organized crime wave across the country, but they did it. Then they admitted it in Time Magazine and the New York Times! Obama never left Washington DC and he controls Joe!

So through the most massive case of voter suppression in history, the Democrats in a very organized conspiracy to steal an election from a duly elected Donald Trump, they intimidated Republican poll watchers, covered windows with cardboard to prevent them from actually watching, and then they just shut down long enough to get poll watchers to go home, and then they started the count again, only now they broke out the illegal mail in votes!

There should be indictments across this country! Every act of counting a single illegal ballot robbed one American of their vote! This is a crime, and Republicans in Congress don’t care! Most did not even contest the certification of the election despite the fact that thousands had testified to witnessing voter fraud and outright vote tampering!

America must understand that the Republicans now in office must ALL GO AWAY! These people are NOT Representing their voters! They all TALK a good game, but they let down their constituents every time when it counts! They are actually on the same side with Democrats and Globalists who want to destroy this country!

They are nothing more than controlled opposition plants. Ineffective, weak, liars, who do nothing but TALK! They vote like Democrats, they make sure that Democrats win every battle all the time! In 2022 EVERY ONE MUST BE REPLACED!

Every American needs to take the time to watch Shelby Steele’s Documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?” where he shows how Obama started the entire narrative of “White Supremacy in America”

Your children deserve to know the truth, as do you! If you have not seen “What killed Michael Brown?” which was written by an actual civil rights activist and produced by his son, then you really need to go watch it now!

It’s the best couple of bucks you’ll ever spend, and it will demonstrate to you how exactly Obama started the LIE of White Supremacy in America! I’m 52 years old and have lived in the US for the entirety of those 52 years, and I’ve never even met a “White Supremacist” but according to the media they are EVERYWHERE! The Big Lie sold to America.

Please take the time to watch this video! And if you purchase the DVD please share it with your friends after watching it! The documentary shows how Obama started this narrative and has been using it to tear America apart ever since!

What Killed Michael Brown?

There is also some good material listed here about “What Killed Michael Brown?” if you care to check it out. I highly recommend that everyone watch the documentary and follow Shelby Steele and his truthful works!

The Switchel Philosopher

Barrack Obama corrupted and weaponized federal agencies against Americans during his 2 terms as President, and suddenly we are seeing that same Obama weaponization of the federal government again under Obama’s puppet government, the illegitimate Biden Administration! Think this is a coincidence? It’s NOT!

I would be willing to wager some money that Barrack Obama orchestrated the entire theft of the 2020 Election using bureaucrats loyal to him and corrupt Democrat Election Officials, with a bit of help from the Chinese Government!

Barrack Hussein Obama is a TRAITOR to this country! He’s likely not even a citizen, his birth certificate was faked. But in any case he represented himself as an American and he should be tried for Treason for his attempts at destroying this once great country! He is trying to complete the job he started using Biden as a puppet after organizing the theft of the 2020 Election! This is just my opinion, but it’s based on a whole lot of FACTS!

The Arizona state Senate heard preliminary results from election auditors at a hearing on Thursday. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.

Ariz. state Senate hears preliminary audit report

Senior military officers sign letter expressing concern over the direction of the U.S.

With over 74,000 Mail in Ballots being counted in the Arizona Election with absolutely no records of those ballots even being mailed out, the subversion of American Voters continues!

Every illegal ballot subverts a legal ballot! There were MILLIONS of illegal ballots in 2020!

Democrats cry about the audits and admit their guilt at every turn!

Ariz. state senator responds to audit hearing

The entire world KNOWS that the 2020 Election was rigged and stolen by Democrats and the Chinese! We have all seen the videos of the workers pulling out the phony ballots from under the tables just after they lied to Republican Poll Watchers, and told them the count would be stopped for the night.

We have all seen the THOUSANDS of sworn affidavits stating under penalty of perjury that they witnessed first hand voter fraud, vote switching, scanning of the same ballots multiple times, and even post office workers who hauled pre-filled ballots in from other states! There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever the 2020 election was stolen!

Election officials and Attorney Generals, Governors, and even poll workers need to be arrested and sent to prison over this attack on our Republic! Yet to hear Republicans in Congress tell it, everything is just fine! They have failed to secure our elections and they have failed to speak out about the dangers of the non-vaccine “Covid19 Vaccine” and they have failed to speak out about the political prisoners being held in DC for “Touring the Capital” on January 6th.

Not a word out of the all talk Republicans! This is why in 2022 we MUST replace every incumbent politician in this country! Then our newly elected American Patriots need to go to work dismantling the giant bureaucracy, and dismantling the monstrosity that government has become!

They need to ABOLISH the FBI and DOJ and the NSA and basically every federal agency! If the agency is important then it can be rebuilt starting fresh! There should be NOT ONE HOLDOVER! They all must go! Just like the corrupt politicians! And Americans had best organize a plan top deal with the totalitarian, constitution violating Biden Administration too!

If we continue allowing them to violate the rights of Americans there will be nobody left to fight as they turn America into a communist hellhole! YOU should be challenging an incumbent State/Local Politician in your area! Every American MUST get in this battle! It is a battle between Good and Evil!

There’s PROOF of Voter Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia!

An investigation in Fulton County, Georgia seems to confirm the existence of “provable fraud.” Only a deeper dive will reveal whether it was sufficiently large to exceed Joe Biden’s meager 12,000 margin in the state.

White House Goes All In on Its Attack on the First Amendment

Peter Doocy Utterly ANNIHILATES Jen Psaki for Pushing Government Censorship on Facebook

If anyone is disseminating “Misinformation” it is the Biden administration and Tech Platforms! That is just provable FACT! Facebook censored doctors who told us HCQ was an effective treatment for covid19, and then
Democrats even went so far as to ban the drug itself, preventing DOCTORS from saving the lives of their patients!

In my opinion this was criminal behavior! The entire reason for them doing this was to extend the state of emergency so that they could continue keeping businesses and schools closed, despite the fact that effective treatment WERE AVAILABLE! This was another in a long list of crimes committed by Democrats! It is time for Justice!

Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over “Freedom Phone”

Democrats in the white house are not confirmed to be flagging content and working with big tech to censor Americans in violations of the first amendment.

While conservatives have long made the argument, democrats and establishment media claim its not true. Now they revel in it

But one man Erik Finman has a solution, the freedom phone.

Almost instantly a smear campaign emerged which tries to make the phone seem bad but without actually arguing anything of substance.

Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over “Freedom Phone”

An old story discussing how Barrack Obama did everything within his power to destroy America! And in my opinion he’s still at it!

Why Does President Obama Continue To Embrace Evil?

The answer of course, is that Obama is Evil, he’s a communist and all communists are Evil! But Obama is so far gone he may actually worship Lucifer himself!

I’d like for all of you to take the time to watch the following video if you have not already seen it!

I have a bullsh*t-o-meter second to none, and I believe the man, I believe every word he says in this video! I suppose I could be wrong, but since what he is saying was also told to me in the Bible I kinda view it as a confirmation more than anything! For hundreds of years humans have spoken about people “Making Deals with the Devil” and signing away the rights to their own soul for wealth or fame or whatever.

Do you believe all of that is just people’s overactive imaginations? I don’t! This video is 5:17:11 long so it may take a while to watch, but I believe it’s something you should take the time to see! The world we live in is the world ruled by Lucifer. He is the deceiver.

And right now the deception is grand and widespread! This deception is the work of Lucifer and his minions. For over 2000 years Lucifer has dreamed of a “New World Order” and we are on the verge of just that, a one world communist government with Lucifer sitting on the throne!

The wild and reckless lies prove their desperation. This is it, the final great battle between Good and Evil!

And knowing the TRUTH is half of the battle! Read your Bible and live by The Word of God! Fight the lies of the deceivers with TRUTH and be unashamed. Evil cannot triumph in the end, but it can surely muck up the works and cause pain and misery for millions!

Perhaps we are actually living in the end times! After all…. They ARE trying to force you to take the “Mark of the Beast” right now! A vaccine which is NOT a vaccine, which contains chemicals named after Satan in it, and it is being forced on the population of the planet! Perhaps this is what was foretold.

I don’t have the answers but what I do know is that Evil is real and it’s all around us, and it has gotten strong and reckless and all of us need to arm ourselves with knowledge, TRUTH, and The Word of God!

Check out the video and see what you think.

X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion

Since this is the “Sunday Edition” I feel it necessary to include a video from TiborasaurusRex on YourScrewed!

Total Homogenization of Intellect 2021 ~ Rex Reviews

Similarities of medical abuse in 1930’s Germany with current covid-19 policies

Mesa Arizona Police, A Culture Of Brutality, Rights Violations, With No End In Sight

When POLICE start acting like Michigan vote counters and put “cardboard over the windows” so the “poll watchers” cannot see…..


Transparency MUST be demanded! This is your tax dollars at work!
These cops remind me of school yard bullies, and just as childish


Police are Government! and government MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

Mesa Arizona Police, A Culture Of Brutality, Rights Violations, With No End In Sight

Mesa Arizona Police, A Culture Of Brutality, Rights Violations, With No End In Sight

In my opinion Police Accountability Activists are HEROES and every American should treat them as such! These guys risk their lives and often go to jail to defend YOUR RIGHTS! Police are out of control in this country, but particularly in Arizona! While I’ve seen no evidence of police being “Racist” what I have seen is police who believe themselves to be “Above the Law” and they believe themselves to be Above ACCOUNTABILITY also!

Police are rarely held accountable in the United States! Police often violate the rights of citizens, break the law, harass and illegally detain people who have not committed a crime etc…

This is a problem. When the police get caught doing these things they are allowed to “Investigate themselves” and naturally, ALWAYS FIND “No Wrongdoing.” Police who really get into trouble get 3 days paid vacation, and if they really made the department look bad they may even get fired. But the very next week they’ll be working in the next county over! The really abusive cops are called “Gypsies” because they’ve been fired and moved so many times!

There is a very simple way to end this corruption, but it makes too much sense so you know they’ll never do it!

1.) ABOLISH QUALIFIED IMMUNITY for Police, Judges, and Politicians. Which would allow citizens they have harmed physically or financially to sue them. You know, just like YOU are liable for your actions, at work or not.

2.) REQUIRE BY LAW ACTIVATED BODY CAMERAS BE WORN THROUGHOUT THE SHIFT. These body cameras should not only record every minute of every day these officers are on duty, but they should LIVE STREAM THE IMAGES TO THE INTERNET AND TO LOCAL CITIZEN OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES & TO POLICE HEADQUARTERS!

3.) REQUIRE BY LAW citizen oversight committees for every PD in the country! With the power to call investigations and to have their own investigators! Have volunteers keep an eye on police with maybe one or two paid positions.

4.) REQUIRE BY LAW that every police officer in the country must purchase their own “Liability Insurance” to cover them in cases of misconduct, abuse, wrongful death etc… and protect TAXPAYERS from being forced to pay off the avalanche of lawsuits cities pay out every year! I install replacement windows and I’m required to purchase a 1 million dollar general liability policy to do my job, police have a lot more liability than I do!

This would help to weed out bad cops. When abusive officers get sued successfully, proving them guilty of misconduct or abuse their own insurance would pay the lawsuit, unlike now, innocent taxpayers are forced to pay it. This would cause their rates to rise, giving them an incentive’to behave better! If they continue being abusive their insurance would eventually be cancelled, leaving them unable to work in law enforcement anywhere in the country! Which is exactly what we need! Right now “The Thin Blue Line” hides all of their bad conduct and criminal behavior!

5.) Hire prosecutors who will actually prosecute police when they break the law! Most police are never held accountable even for serious cases of misconduct and abuse! If they really mess up bad and have 20 years hanging over their heads Police are allowed to trade their ability to work as a police officer for a “Get out of jail free card.”

This is absolutely true! Sexual Assaults, violence against people etc… Almost never result in incarceration for police, whereas I’d get 40 years in prison for the same thing! Police get to “Quit their job” instead of doing 20 years in prison!

Next time someone gets a 20 year sentence I want the same deal! “Your honor, I’m willing to quit my job in return for no prison” I’m sure EVERY CRIMINAL in the country would make that trade! But police are the only ones ever offered that deal!

A two-tiered justice system is not justice! Until Police, Judges, and Politicians are held accountable under the law in the EXACT SAME MANNER AS EVERYONE ELSE we don’t have “Justice” we have the “Above the Law” and the “Not Above the Law” and that is NOT justice!

Whenever I think Arizona I have to think Johnny Wheatcroft who was assaulted by Glendale PD!

Not only did this Glendale, Arizona Police officer sexually and physically assault Johnny Wheatcroft and then file unsubstantiated charges against him and his wife, but they never even had probable cause to interact with the couple! The entire Glendale, Arizona PD investigated this case and claimed that the “Officer did nothing wrong.”

So many unlawful and illegal acts in such a short period of time! First the Police assault the man, they then wrongfully arrest him and he spent the next 3 months in jail until the DA in the case reviewed the body camera and let him out of jail! I’m proud of the DA for doing the right thing, and letting Wheatcroft go, but then they dropped the ball by NOT filing charges against the officer!

When you allow police to behave like this and to break the law and violate the rights of citizens it naturally leads to a distrust of police and the justice system! This cop deserves his teeth to be kicked in and should be in prison right now! But he’s not! And that is a problem folks! It’s a problem that nobody in the Glendale PD had a problem with the officers actions too, a really big problem! What if this was your mother or father riding the lightning for no reason?

With Police like these, who needs criminals?

RAW VIDEO: Man tased 11 times by Glendale police officers during traffic stop

Investigator testifies police lied and had no probable cause to even approach the couple!

Experts: Glendale officer who tased man 11 times could not have seen alleged turn signal violation

There’s a serious problem when police are allowed to violate the law, abuse innocent citizens, and go unpunished after being shown to sexually and physically assault an innocent man in front of his children! I give this guy the scumbag of the decade award, hands down!

There are bad cops in every state, but Arizona by far has the most egregious cases of abuse with no consequences whatsoever! It is truly pathetic to allow officers such as this to keep their badge!

The First Amendment is ABSOLUTE! “Misinformation” is protected by it just like Racist Remarks are! Government puts out the misinformation and then pretends YOU must be silenced for their actions! Think HCQ

And it is time to break up the Tech Nazis and ABOLISH their section 230 Protections which allow them to go unpunished!

We all know that the Democrats stole the 2020 Election, it’s a fact at this point! So THEY have subverted the democratic process! But to hear them talk about it, you asking questions and pointing out the fraud is the subversion of democracy! They turn reality on it’s head! Trump and “Russia Collusion” was a HOAX, but the Democrats actually were conspiring with the Russians!

Whatever the Democrats accuse you of, they are GUILTY OF! It’s admission by accusation! Look back through history! ANYTIME Democrats accuse you of something, they are guilty of doing it themselves! Right now they are accusing YOU of “misinformation” so they say YOU must be censored.

But in reality it was the Media and Democrats spreading misinformation! They claimed the “Lab-Leak” was misinformation, it’s now the most reasonable theory they have. Hydroxychloroquine was touted as dangerous and ineffective and anyone mentioning it was censored and deplatformed. And as usual, it was then proven safe and effective.

In that one example it can be shown that censorship is responsible for the deaths of Americans. Censorship on the behalf of Government and the CDC. It was NOT you and I causing people to die, it was censorship of free speech! It was censorship of qualified doctors. Politicians even went so far as to ban doctors from saving lives using HCQ!

How many Americans DIED as a result of this ban and the censorship that accompanied it? It is time for the censorship to stop! The Illegitimate Biden White House has admitted to flagging “Misinformation” on Facebook. Remember, what they call misinformation is THE TRUTH! As they LIE, anything that contradicts their lies is what they call misinformation!

The Democrats have went full on totalitarian and Communist! They are pushing for complete and total control, violence against those who disagree with them. They have an army of Federal Agencies which have went Communist with them! The State governments of America MUST pass legislation which prohibits federal agents from operating on their state’s soil! They must do this to protect their citizens from political persecution!

Ep. 1564 A Dangerous New Attack On Your Liberties – The Dan Bongino Show

Every black teen should watch this | Larry Elder

Until America addresses the REAL PROBLEMS and stops telling Black Americans that “They are Oppressed, victims of the evil White Man” we will NEVER fix the problems! THIS is the “Democrat Plantation”

STOP putting young Black Americans into an inescapable box of self-pity and despair! There is nothing more EVIL than doing this to a young person! It is brainwashing them into failure before they get started in life!

Every black teen should watch this | Larry Elder

The result of the “Victim Mentality” can be seen across America through young people with no self control or respect for the law, respect for other people or property! Burn, Loot, and Murder because I’m hopeless!

I can act how I want, be a racist towards other people, be violent, be a criminal, be disrespectful as I demand respect etc… ALL BECAUSE I’M A VICTIM and the left has allowed me to break the law based on skin color alone!

It is truly PATHETIC! This behavior is the result of the Left excusing illegal behavior and racist conduct and it will result in the total collapse of society!

Sorry folks, but Black people got to follow the law too! And your success depends on YOU! It is NOT my fault that you made the decisions which put you where you are! And while Police are in serious need of serious REFORMS, I believe the idiot in this video got exactly what she asked for and DESERVED!

Black Walmart Shopper Punched In Face After Handcuffed – Media NOT Reporting She Tried To Bite Cop

Shelby Steele’s Documentary “What killed Michael Brown” should be required material in schools!

Freedom From Victimization Panel – What Killed Michael Brown?