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Censorship Kills

Barry BrownsteinBarry Brownstein – June 30, 2021

Censorship Kills

Whenever I write an essay critical of expert opinion on Covid, I immediately receive indignant replies. Some assume I must be a bleach-drinking supporter of President Trump. Others label me a dangerous libertarian since, in their view, I challenge the “best” source of expert opinion.

Among my critics are well-meaning people who see no alternative but to follow the policy prescriptions of their favored experts. They do not see they are on the path of illiberal, anti-science, authoritarian thinking that is endangering the well-being of so many people today.

Karl Popper helps us understand why an “authoritarian attitude to the problem of human knowledge” hinders scientific progress. His essay “On the So-Called Sources of Knowledge” appears in his collection In Search of a Better World.  

Popper explains, “The question of the sources of our knowledge, like so many authoritarian questions, is a question about origin. It asks for the origin of our knowledge, in the belief that knowledge may be legitimate itself by its pedigree.”

Popper explains how the mistaken belief that knowledge has a pedigree leads us to seek the “‘best’ or the ‘wisest’” to be our political rulers. We make the mistake of assuming there are ultimate authorities best suited to rule because of the knowledge they possess. Popper explains that there are no such ultimate authorities, and “uncertainty clings to all assertions.”

Popper argues that instead of focusing on who should rule, our focus should be on “How can we organize our political institutions so that bad or incompetent rulers can do the minimum amount of damage?”

Since “ideal and infallible source of the knowledge” is as impossible as “ideal and infallible rulers,” Popper proposed a better question: “Is there a way of detecting and eliminating error?”

Dr. Fauci claims that to criticize him is to criticize science. Popper would challenge this authoritarian assertion since “pure, untainted and certain sources do not exist.”  

To detect error, Popper advises a mindset of inquiry that criticizes “the theories and conjectures of others.” Importantly, Popper suggests training ourselves to criticize “our own theories and speculative attempts to solve problems.”

Of course, human beings don’t do very well criticizing themselves. Popper says that in a free society that will not be an issue because “there will be others who will do it for us.”

What happens when we don’t criticize our theories? What happens when others are prohibited from criticizing our theories? Without critical inquiry, errors compound since “there are no ultimate sources of knowledge.”

Humility to acknowledge our ignorance motivates inquiry. Popper writes, 

“The more we learn about the world, and the deeper our learning, the more conscious, clear and well-defined will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance. The main source of our ignorance lies in the fact that our knowledge can only be finite, while our ignorance must be necessarily infinite.” 

Authentic scientific inquiry is impossible when criticism is prohibited.

Covid Censorship

Evolutionary biologist Brett Weinstein is a modern-day Popper. Weinstein first came to prominence in 2017 when he was a professor at Evergreen State College in Washington State. A progressive supporter of Bernie Sanders, Weinstein became an early victim of the cancel culture when he refused to support a campus event requiring white people to stay off-campus. Evergreen State’s college president, George Bridges, declined to protect Weinstein and his wife Heather Heying, then a biology professor at Evergreen, from a campus mob. 

Run out of Evergreen State, Weinstein and Heying now produce the YouTube podcast DarkHorse and depend, in part, on advertising revenue for their livelihood. As the audience of DarkHorse has grown they have become independent media stars.

Today, Big Tech is after Weinstein and Heying. Prominent free-speech advocate Matt Taibbi writes, “Weinstein is on the verge of becoming one of the more prominent casualties to a censorship movement that it’s hard not to see as part of a wider Evergreening of America.” 

Why are Weinstein and Heying so dangerous to the orthodoxy? Throughout the Covid crisis, they have considered alternative views. They were among the first to consider the hypothesis that the virus was manufactured. They have considered Ivermectin treatments. Now they are considering the evidence that Covid vaccines are more dangerous than political authorities, the media, and their anointed experts are portraying. Importantly, they have not hesitated to question the integrity of officials such as Dr. Facui.  

Consider Weinstein’s Popperian assertion that “a movement opposes science when it doesn’t want assertions tested, challenges arithmetic when its claims don’t add up, ridicules ‘merit’ when it wants to triumph by other means, seeks to censor when it fears discussion.” 

Weinstein adds, “Those who coddle such demands sow the seeds of our undoing.” Censorship means risking our economies and our lives. 

To reject scientific inquiry, Weinstein argues, “is effectively an invitation to a dark age, which means an age where progress comes to a halt… We must at all costs prevent this shift in our mindset.”

Recently YouTube removed a DarkHorse podcast panel discussion featuring Dr. Robert Malone. The podcast is now viewable at Odysee, which runs on LBRY, a blockchain file-sharing decentralized platform.  

Malone is the creator of the mRNA technology used in Covid vaccines. Malone warns that the spike proteins may be responsible for various unpredictable side effects, including blood clots and myocarditis. The latter being especially prevalent in children and young adults for whom the risk from Covid is very low. Exhibiting Popperian humility, the panelists allowed their conjectures might not be entirely accurate. Malone and Weinstein have earned this right, not to be obeyed, but to present their ideas without censorship. 

If there is evidence that the spike protein mechanism was not fully understood, to believe in science would mean that you examine the warnings of eminent physicians and scientists. 

One doesn’t have to deny the benefits of the vaccine—and Weinstein does argue the vaccine has saved lives—to realize that the costs and benefits of any medical intervention can only be assessed accurately with uncensored information. Appearing on Tucker Carlson, Malone said of the vaccines’ risks: “We don’t have the information we need to make a reasonable decision.” Malone put it this way:

“One of my concerns is the government is not being transparent with us. I’m of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines. This is a fundamental right having to do with clinical research ethics.”

Dr. Joseph Ladapo and Dr. Harvey Risch are medical professors at UCLA and Yale. They too are concerned that vaccine side effects are not being fully explored. Evidence points to risks of “low platelets (thrombocytopenia); noninfectious myocarditis, or heart inflammation, especially for those under 30; deep-vein thrombosis; and death.” This failure to examine risk is being fueled by a strategy of ridiculing those who question the Covid orthodoxy. They write, 

One remarkable aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been how often unpopular scientific ideas, from the lab-leak theory to the efficacy of masks, were initially dismissed, even ridiculed, only to resurface later in mainstream thinking. Differences of opinion have sometimes been rooted in disagreement over the underlying science. But the more common motivation has been political.

Another reversal in thinking may be imminent. Some scientists have raised concerns that the safety risks of Covid-19 vaccines have been underestimated. But the politics of vaccination has relegated their concerns to the outskirts of scientific thinking—for now.

Ladapo and Risch warn that “political partisanship and science” don’t mix:

Public-health authorities are making a mistake and risking the public’s trust by not being forthcoming about the possibility of harm from certain vaccine side effects. There will be lasting consequences from mingling political partisanship and science during the management of a public-health crisis.

The results of such partisanship have been deadly even for groups of people supposedly receiving the most benefit from vaccines. Lapado and Risch point to the rare honesty of a report issued by the Norwegian Medicines Agency having “reviewed case files for the first 100 reported deaths of nursing-home residents who received the Pfizer vaccine.” The vaccine’s impact was not salutatory: “The agency concluded that the vaccine ‘likely’ contributed to the deaths of 10 of these residents through side effects such as fever and diarrhea, and ‘possibly’ contributed to the deaths of an additional 26.”

The CDC has acknowledged the reality of vaccine-induced myocarditis. The acknowledgment has come with a statement that the CDC believes the vaccine’s benefits exceed the costs. The FDA has issued a myocarditis warning label.

For some the CDC is the gold standard for medical guidance; for others, their guidance is dangerously flawed. Dr. Vinay Prasad, professor of epidemiology at the University of California wrote about the latest CDC guidance, “The current CDC guidelines are so poor they would recommend a 15-year old boy who recovered from documented covid19 and who got pericarditis from dose 1 go on to get dose 2.” He adds, “Can we pause a minute to contemplate how staggeringly negligent that is?” Dr. Prasad is clear, “Covid vaccines for children should not get emergency use authorization.” 

Faced with censorship in the marketplace of ideas, and faced with cronyism driving public policy, how can a parent weigh the costs and benefits of the vaccine for their child?

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford write, “The idea that everyone must be vaccinated against COVID-19 is as misguided as the anti-vax idea that no one should. The former is more dangerous for public health.”

Kulldorff and Bhattacharya are particularly concerned about “intense [vaccination] pressure on young adults and children. They write: “Under such uncertainty [about side effects from vaccines], vaccine mandates are unethical. University presidents or business leaders should not mandate a medical intervention that could have dire consequences for the health of even a few of the people in their charge.”

Kulldorff’s and Bhattacharya’s conclusion are like those of Lapado and Risch:

Universities used to be bastions of enlightenment. Now many of them ignore basic benefit-risk analyses, a staple of the toolbox of scientists; they deny immunity from natural infection; they abandon the global international perspective for narrow nationalism; and they replace trust with coercion and authoritarianism. Mandating the COVID-19 vaccine thus threatens not only public health but also the future of science.

Weinstein, Heying, Lapado, Risch, Malone, Prasad and many more disagree with a blanket endorsement for Covid vaccinations. 

In the absence of vaccine mandates issued by colleges and schools, those who disagree with the CDC would be free to do so. The CDC/FDA position is akin to issuing a warning label on cigarettes and then mandating smoking. 

Dr. Francis Christian is a clinical professor of general surgery at the University of Saskatchewan. A self-described “very pro-vaccine physician,” he was fired for issuing a statement urging parents to exercise “informed consent” about Covid vaccines. Christian writes:

The person by whom the drug, vaccine, treatment or intervention is administered must always make the patient fully aware of the risks of the medical intervention, the benefits of the intervention and if any alternatives exist to the intervention. This should apply particularly to a new vaccine that has never before been tried in humans.

He adds, “I have not met a single vaccinated child or parent who has been adequately informed and who then understands the risks of this vaccine or its benefits.”

Dr. Christian points to alternatives. From the outset of this pandemic, Fauci, Bill Gates, and others told us that life could not get back to normal until we achieved herd immunity via vaccinations. For the FDA to issue an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Covid vaccines, there must be “no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.” 

Manufacturers of Covid vaccines are indemnified from liability, and the government has made sure they are also protected against competition. It seems to be a law of cronyism that crony greed is maximal and concern for others is minimal.

Consider Ivermectin, a generic drug with a long history of safety. Weinstein and others argue Ivermectin is not only an effective treatment but a potential prophylactic against Covid. Weinstein, Heying, and their guests have advocated for further study of IvermectinMatt Taibbi recently documented how the consideration and use of Ivermectin has become a political issue. 

Big Tech routinely censors reports of vaccine harm and alternatives to vaccines. Censorship is the product of an illiberal, anti-science, authoritarian mindset. Censorship kills because decision-making is distorted. 

Consider the knowledge of the disinfecting properties of soap and water. In a world where that knowledge was censored in favor of antibiotic treatment for all wounds, people would die needlessly, and antibiotics would be overused. 

Our Responsibility

Popper interprets Kant’s principle of autonomy as the “realization that we must never accept the command of an authority, however exalted, as the basis of ethics. For whenever we are faced with the command of an authority, it is always up to us to judge, critically, whether it is morally permissible to obey.” 

Popper allows, “The authority may have the power to enforce its commands, and we may be powerless to resist.” 

Today we are not yet powerless to resist the censors. We can acknowledge our ignorance and engage in inquiry. We can still seek out and find alternative views and consider disconcerting evidence. We can resist the urge to self-censor and instead share what we are observing and learning. We can reject authority as the basis for our personal ethics. Popper writes, “If it is physically possible for us to choose our conduct then we cannot escape the ultimate responsibility.” 

Lex Fridman is a research scientist at MIT and the host of a popular podcast. Recently he had Weinstein on his show to talk about censorship. Fridman said this: “Science is the striving of the human mind to understand and solve the problems of the world, but as an institution, it is susceptible to flaws of human nature, to fear, to greed, power, and ego.” To reduce uncertainty about the best solutions to Covid, Fridman argues, “No voices should have been silenced, no ideas left off the table. Open data, open science, open scientific communication, and debate is the way, not censorship.”

Censors claim the moral high road; they assure us they are coercing others for our own good. Fridman dismantles their authoritarian hubris: “There are a lot of ideas out there that are bad, wrong, dangerous. But the moment we have the hubris to say we know which ideas those are is the moment we lose our ability to find the truth, to find solutions.” The conversation he had with Weinstein is larger than Weinstein’s ideas. Fridman warns that at stake is “the very freedom to talk, to think, to share ideas.” Fridman believes, “This freedom is our only hope.”

Censorship distorts decision-making and destroys hope. For some, Covid is a matter of life or death. Censorship challenges our ability to make responsible health choices for ourselves and those in our care.

In 1644 John Milton wrote, “He who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.” Today, acknowledge the destructive consequences of censorship. Speak out now or we risk allowing Big Tech’s algorithms and community guidelines to continue to destroy reason, hinder science, and undermine hope for humanity.

Barry Brownstein is professor emeritus of economics and leadership at the University of Baltimore.

He is senior contributor at Intellectual Takeout and the author of The Inner-Work of Leadership.Get notified of new articles from Barry Brownstein and AIER.

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We Pretend to Work and You Pretend to Pay Us

Joakim BookJoakim Book – June 29, 2021

Sometimes I dream about revolution. One of those sweeping, all-consuming, ideological changes that brush away the corrupt old and bring in the undefiled new. Anything but this mad chaos, please! 

Thankfully, I’m not in a position to unleash those changes – and more importantly, I’ve studied enough history to know that revolutions rarely progress as smoothly and beneficially as their proponents intend. The outcomes, in their iconic French or Russian versions, may very well be worse than the terror that preceded them. The devil we know is better than the devil we don’t. 

But my revolutionary case still has some merit. The rulers of 2020-2021 are hopelessly detached from the masses. The politicization of everything has torn American society in two, to the point that most Democrats wouldn’t consider dating a Trump voter; the religiosity of Covid has taken on a fervor not seen since the last wave of End Times madness grasped the coddled American mind. Not even the smartest people and most eloquent commentators know how to heal the social, economic, political, religious divides. Splitting the country into smaller units with extensive foot voting seems all but inevitable. 

After the renewed extreme lockdowns in New South Wales because of positive Covid tests sneaking through Australia’s iron wall, Gigi Foster at UNSW wrote that it “is a political game.” Correct, ma’am. 

“What is going on here is not the fight of our lives against a fearsome pestilence. It is politicians willingly sacrificing their people’s welfare, hoping the people see their actions as a sufficient offering. It’s the modern analogue of killing virgins in the hope of getting a good harvest.”

Step by step, House of Cards is turning from fiction to documentary: a corrupt fight for power, no matter the costs; flip-flop on the viability of the virus coming from a lab according to what is politically expedient; do several one-eighties on whether masks are useful or not; Epstein and McAfee unexpectedly “died” in custody. Cherry-picked examples? Sure, but at some point, the mountain of our time’s cherries becomes large enough to build a monument of failed political power. 

The Silent Revolution

Happily, there’s a silent revolution going on. The moral power of the Covid madness is losing its grounds: invisible enemies are after all hard to sustain, awkward for the vast majority of people to keep in the forefront of their minds. 

Last week I traveled internationally, fearing an oppressive regime of brainwashed ideologues forcing masks, vaccination demands, and tests every step of the way. Instead, I was greeted with a world much more sane than that presented on television, social media, and government websites. On the packed airport transit, officially requiring mask-wearing at all times, half the passengers didn’t bother. Inside the airport, the staff routinely wore theirs around their necks – until they had to interact with a distressed traveler at which point they reluctantly – and symbolically – pulled it up. 

The flight itself was even more informative. “Mask up, and keep your distance,” said the official instructions, which the pilot and stewardess added to their usual tirade of routinely ignored announcements. Unless you’re eating or drinking, you must keep your mask on at all times. As a prepared rule-breaker, I kept a large stack of snacks and drinks available, fully intending to not wear my mask a single minute during flight. What’s the crew supposed to do, throw me off the flight midair?

To my revived faith in humanity, I wasn’t the only one with this plan. Indeed, the accessories were wholly superfluous. The girl across the aisle snored loudly with the mask around her neck. The lady in front had her nose exposed during the entire trip, opting for breathing over imagined epidemiologic protection. The couple behind me snuggled happily, no masks in sight. The crew, so keen on insisting that seats must be upright during landing and takeoff and objecting to this or that tiny wrongdoing in the cabin, didn’t mind the mask infractions even the slightest. 

On arrival at my destination, I feared a rigorous inquisition of tests and certificates, but all I faced were polite questions by indifferent, though garbled, officials. Short white lies about vaccination records and the route to international freedom was ensured. Nobody cares anymore, regardless of which rules and restrictions were handed down by our Almighty Leaders. 

I’m reminded of a joke from the Soviet Union: the bosses pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work. The epidemically mad leaders of today pretend to rule us, and we pretend to follow their rules. Living under an oppressive intellectual and ideological regime that everyone knows is nonsense, you play by the rules only to avoid the worst of punishments. You wear your mask half-heartedly, not because you believe in its magic powers, but because you can’t bother with the potential troubles of not carrying one. You pay your taxes, not because you agree with their use or the violence backing their collection but to avoid the mafia-style repercussions that otherwise would follow. 

When rules don’t make sense, it’s the populace’s obligation to repudiate them, cut corners wherever possible, and create their little space of freedom wherever they can.

In our little silent revolution, people routinely flout curfews and quarantines and mandates – and contrary to the talking heads in the media, this is a good thing. It leaves people with a little more everyday freedom than it officially seems. Just like black markets and contraband manuscripts made life behind the Iron Curtain a little bit better than it formally seemed, a lot of people ignore our Iron Curtain-style laws and rules, all of which lets us maintain some degree of freedom.

This silent revolution is a rebellious thirst for the most basic of anarchist ideas. In Michael Malice’s version: you do not speak for me. Just leave us alone; if you don’t, we’ll collectively ignore you into oblivion. 

Foster summarizes the result of new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research: lockdowns don’t prevent (Coronavirus) deaths, a result that hasn’t reached the halls of power yet, but is clearly present in large sways of the public.  

“Even in my own analysis of last August, I guess there would be some sort of benefit from lockdowns, in the form of COVID lives saved. It now seems I was wrong: lockdowns are basically pure cost.”

Maybe we don’t need a highly organized, top-down revolution of government buildings and institutions in the shape that we historically recognize. Maybe a silent revolution is already on its way: collectively and individually we simply ignore the rules and ignore the rulers. 

You, truly, do not speak for me.

Source: AIER

Government in America is RUINING our country, on purpose, with malice. And the whole world sees it!

Phony “Racism” in America has been the narrative ever since we were DUMB ENOUGH to vote Barrack Obama into office! NOBODY objects to his color, either of them! Obama is HALF WHITE / HALF BLACK. But his color is not his problem! His false claims of “Racism” and his communist attack on America IS THE PROBLEM! What we are seeing with the “Racism Narrative” in media was started under Barrack Obama, now he runs Joe!

Everyone needs to go watch and share Shelby Steele’s documentary “What killed Michael Brown” and that 1 hour documentary will show you the start of the “White Supremacy” claims in America!

Everyone should be aware that those calling themselves “Anti-Racists” ARE RACISTS!

The people calling themselves “Anti-Fascists” ARE FASCISTS!

Corporate America is funding these hate filled projects designed to tear America apart at the seams by dividing our citizens by color, race, sexual preference, political leaning etc…. It’s all the same, they are peddling HATRED.

But more accurately, they are peddling RACISM! Every person in America talking about “Equity” and “Social Justice” and “Critical Race Theory” are actually peddling RACISM, plain and simple, old fashioned RACISM! They have changed the names, but the result is RACISM! These people advocate for anti-white RACISM and NOT any kind of “Equality” at all. “Equity” is NOT “Equality!”

“Equity” means that they want everyone to end up at the same place! And since they cannot bring people out of poverty through DESTRUCTION…… They plan to bring the middle class DOWN to poverty levels so that they can be “Equal.” It’s a sick and twisted, EVIL PLAN designed to destroy humanity. Those advocating for this insanity should be in PRISON! At the very least they MUST be removed from positions of power!

m o d e r n i t y 6

m o d e r n i t y 6

Ep. 1553 The Tucker Carlson Spying Story Gets Weirder – The Dan Bongino Show

The Government no longer respects your rights, at all. The Government has gone full blown totalitarian and criminals. The Biden Administration is illegitimate and every American KNOWS THIS!

Every American needs to be writing their state legislatures every day demanding that their state passes legislation that PROHIBITS Federal Authorities from operating on their state’s soil! This is something that MUST HAPPEN to protect US Citizens from the CRIMINALS withing the FBI and DOJ!

Federal Authorities have violated their oaths of office and multiple federal laws, but they are NOT being held accountable and that is totally unacceptable! YOUR STATE must protect you by prohibiting Federal Law Enforcement from operating in their state!

7 Famous Psychology Experiments

YOU should be familiar with these famous experiments and their results!
Evil People take advantage of YOU using psychological principles!

So it’s important that YOU KNOW about this stuff!
Human Behaviors have been WEAPONIZED against the humans of the WORLD by EVIL PEOPLE!

These concepts are used against humanity EVERY DAY through the corrupt, propaganda spewing media, and now they are attempting to trample your God-Given human rights and medical ethics by trying to condition you to accept a vaccine (which is NOT a vaccine) which is killing people!

You must understand that Covid19 itself is NOT AS DANGEROUS as the Vaccine which was developed supposedly to fight the virus! Personally, I believe the “Vaccine” to be an agent created by EVIL people to KILL PEOPLE! Eugenics!

You can disagree if you like, but ALL PARTIES INVOLVED like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci are Eugenics supporters!

Thanks to everyone for staying in the fight! There is no heroes coming to save us!

We must do it ourselves!

7 Famous Psychology Experiments

October 16, 2018

Picture of a piece of art used for psychological experiments

Many famous experiments studying human behavior have impacted our fundamental understanding of psychology. Though some could not be repeated today due to breaches in ethical boundaries, that does not diminish the significance of their findings. Some of these important findings include a greater awareness of depression and its symptoms, how people learn behaviors through the process of association and how individuals conform to a group.

Below, we take a look at seven famous psychological experiments that greatly influenced the field of psychology and our understanding of human behavior.

The Little Albert Experiment, 1920

A John’s Hopkins University professor, Dr. John B. Watson, and a graduate student wanted to test a learning process called classical conditioning. CLASSICAL CONDITIONING involves learning involuntary or automatic behaviors by association, and Dr. Watson thought it formed the bedrock of human psychology.

A nine-month-old toddler, dubbed “Albert B,” was volunteered for DR. WATSON AND ROSALIE RAYNER‘s experiment. Albert played with white furry objects, and at first, the toddler displayed joy and affection. Over time, as he played with the objects, Dr. Watson would make a loud noise behind the child’s head to frighten him. After numerous trials, Albert was conditioned to be afraid when he saw white furry objects.

The study proved that humans could be conditioned to enjoy or fear something, which many psychologists believe could explain why people have irrational fears and how they may have developed early in life.

Stanford Prison Experiment, 1971

Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo wanted to learn how individuals conformed to societal roles. He wondered, for example, whether the tense relationship between prison guards and inmates in jails had more to do with the personalities of each or the environment.

During Zimbardo’s EXPERIMENT, 24 male college students were assigned to be either a prisoner or a guard. The prisoners were held in a makeshift prison inside the basement of Stanford’s psychology department. They went through a standard booking process designed to take away their individuality and make them feel anonymous. Guards were given eight-hour shifts and tasked to treat the prisoners just like they would in real life.

Zimbardo found rather quickly that both the guards and prisoners fully adapted to their roles; in fact, he had to shut down the experiment after six days because it became too dangerous. Zimbardo even admitted he began thinking of himself as a police superintendent rather than a psychologist. The study confirmed that people will conform to the social roles they’re expected to play, especially overly stereotyped ones such as prison guards.

“We realized how ordinary people could be readily transformed from the good Dr. Jekyll to the evil Mr. Hyde,” Zimbardo wrote.

The Asch Conformity Study, 1951

Solomon Asch, a Polish-American social psychologist, was determined to see whether an individual would conform to a group’s decision, even if the individual knew it was incorrect. CONFORMITY is defined by the American Psychological Association as the adjustment of a person’s opinions or thoughts so that they fall closer in line with those of other people or the normative standards of a social group or situation.

In his EXPERIMENT, Asch selected 50 male college students to participate in a “vision test.” Individuals would have to determine which line on a card was longer. However, the individuals at the center of the experiment did not know that the other people taking the test were actors following scripts, and at times selected the wrong answer on purpose. Asch found that, on average over 12 trials, nearly one-third of the naive participants conformed with the incorrect majority, and only 25 percent never conformed to the incorrect majority. In the control group that featured only the participants and no actors, less than one percent of participants ever chose the wrong answer.

Asch’s experiment showed that people will conform to groups to fit in (normative influence) because of the belief that the group was better informed than the individual. This explains why some people change behaviors or beliefs when in a new group or social setting, even when it goes against past behaviors or beliefs.

The Bobo Doll Experiment, 1961, 1963

Stanford University professor Albert Bandura wanted to put the SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY into action. SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY suggests that people can acquire new behaviors “through direct experience or by observing the behavior of others.” Using a BOBO DOLL, which is a blow-up toy in the shape of a life-size bowling pin, Bandura and his team tested whether children witnessing acts of aggression would copy them.

Bandura and two colleagues selected 36 boys and 36 girls between the ages of 3 and 6 from the Stanford University nursery and split them into three groups of 24. One group watched adults behaving aggressively toward the Bobo doll. In some cases, the adult subjects hit the doll with a hammer or threw it in the air. Another group was shown an adult playing with the Bobo doll in a non-aggressive manner, and the last group was not shown a model at all, just the Bobo doll.

After each session, children were taken to a room with toys and studied to see how their play patterns changed. In a room with aggressive toys (a mallet, dart guns, and a Bobo doll) and non-aggressive toys (a tea set, crayons, and plastic farm animals), Bandura and his colleagues observed that children who watched the aggressive adults were more likely to imitate the aggressive responses.

Unexpectedly, Bandura found that female children acted more physically aggressive after watching a male subject and more verbally aggressive after watching a female subject. The results of the study highlight how children learn behaviors from observing others.

The Learned Helplessness Experiment, 1965

Martin Seligman wanted to research a different angle related to Dr. Watson’s study of classical conditioning. In studying conditioning with dogs, Seligman made an ASTUTE OBSERVATION: the subjects, which had already been conditioned to expect a light electric shock if they heard a bell, would sometimes give up after another negative outcome, rather than searching for the positive outcome.

Under normal circumstances, animals will always try to get away from negative outcomes. When Seligman tested his experiment on animals who hadn’t been previously conditioned, the animals attempted to find a positive outcome. Oppositely, the dogs who had been already conditioned to expect a negative response assumed there would be another negative response waiting for them, even in a different situation.

The conditioned dogs’ behavior became known as learned helplessness, the idea that some subjects won’t try to get out of a negative situation because past experiences have forced them to believe they are helpless. The study’s findings shed light on depression and its symptoms in humans.

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The Milgram Experiment, 1963

In the wake of the horrific atrocities carried out by Nazi Germany during World War II, Stanley Milgram wanted to test the levels of obedience to authority. The Yale University professor wanted to study if people would obey commands, even when it conflicted with the person’s conscience.

Participants of the condensed STUDY, 40 males between the ages of 20 and 50, were split into learners and teachers. Though it seemed random, actors were always chosen as the learners, and unsuspecting participants were always the teachers. A learner was strapped to a chair with electrodes in one room while the experimenter äóñ another actor äóñ and a teacher went into another.

The teacher and learner went over a list of word pairs that the learner was told to memorize. When the learner incorrectly paired a set of words together, the teacher would shock the learner. The teacher believed the shocks ranged from mild all the way to life-threatening. In reality, the learner, who intentionally made mistakes, was not being shocked.

As the voltage of the shocks increased and the teachers became aware of the believed pain caused by them, some refused to continue the experiment. After prodding by the experimenter, 65 percent resumed. From the study, Milgram devised the AGENCY THEORY, which suggests that people allow others to direct their actions because they believe the authority figure is qualified and will accept responsibility for the outcomes. Milgram’s findings help explain how people can make decisions against their own conscience, such as when participating in a war or genocide.

The Halo Effect Experiment, 1977

University of Michigan professors RICHARD NISBETT AND TIMOTHY WILSON were interested in following up a study from 50 years earlier on a concept known as the HALO EFFECT. In the 1920s, American psychologist EDWARD THORNDIKE researched a phenomenon in the U.S. military that showed cognitive bias. This is an error in how we think that affects how we perceive people and make judgements and decisions based on those perceptions.

In 1977, Nisbett and Wilson tested the halo effect using 118 college students (62 males, 56 females). Students were divided into two groups and were asked to evaluate a male Belgian teacher who spoke English with a heavy accent. Participants were shown one of two videotaped interviews with the teacher on a television monitor. The first interview showed the teacher interacting cordially with students, and the second interview showed the teacher behaving inhospitably. The subjects were then asked to rate the teacher’s physical appearance, mannerisms, and accent on an eight-point scale from appealing to irritating.

Nisbett and Wilson found that on physical appearance alone, 70 percent of the subjects rated the teacher as appealing when he was being respectful and irritating when he was cold. When the teacher was rude, 80 percent of the subjects rated his accent as irritating, as compared to nearly 50 percent when he was being kind.

The updated study on the halo effect shows that cognitive bias isn’t exclusive to a military environment. Cognitive bias can get in the way of making the correct decision, whether it’s during a job interview or deciding whether to buy a product that’s been endorsed by a celebrity we admire.

How Experiments Have Impacted Psychology Today

Contemporary psychologists have built on the findings of these studies to better understand human behaviors, mental illnesses, and the link between the mind and body. For their contributions to psychology, Watson, Bandura, Nisbett and Zimbardo were all awarded GOLD MEDALS FOR LIFE ACHIEVEMENT from the American Psychological Foundation. Become part of the next generation of influential psychologists with King University’s ONLINE BACHELOR’S IN PSYCHOLOGY. Take advantage of King University’s flexible online schedule and complete the major coursework of your degree in as little as 16 months. Plus, as a psychology major, King University will prepare you for graduate school with original research on student projects as you pursue your goal of being a psychologist.

Source: King University Online

The Little Albert Experiment | Watson & Rayner (1920)

From Major Psychology on YouTube

This is a breakdown of the famous ‘Little Albert’ Psychology Experiment by John Watson and Rosalie Rayner using Classical Conditioning to instill a new fear in a mentally stable child, explaining the methods and all of the ethical issues associated with it. The famous unethical experiment was questioned for many years, and would not happen today due to breaking ethical guidelines It takes me a while to make these videos so if you would like to support the best way you can do this is to give it a like and share with your friends.


0:00 Classical Conditioning Introduction

1:53 The Little Albert Experiment

3:37 Why we fear loud noises

4:25 Creating a New Fear

5:34 Ethics

8:48 Why the study is important More psychological analysis, studies and experiments to come Thank you for your attention

Source: Major Psychology on YouTube

Stanford Prison Experiment, 1971

Normal people can become monsters given the right situation. That’s the standard narrative of the Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most famous psychological experiments of all time. But what if the cause of its participants’ cruel behavior wasn’t what we’ve always been told?



Release date

Dec 19, 2018

Running time




The Stanford Prison Experiment

Source: VSauce on YouTube

Asch Conformity Experiment

Manipulating people using peer pressure!

Source: EQIVideos on YouTube

The Bobo Doll Experiment, 1961, 1963

In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about how we learn by observation… and how that can mean beating the tar out of an inanimate clown named Bobo. —

The Bobo Beatdown: Crash Course Psychology #12

Source: Crash Course on YouTube

The Learned Helplessness Experiment, 1965

The HORRID Pain of Learned Helplessness

Source: Practical Psychology on YouTube

The Milgram Experiment, 1963

Milgrim Experiment

Source: Brian Burak on YouTube

The Halo Effect Experiment, 1977

The Halo Effect

Source: HeroicImaginationTV on YouTube

No matter how smart you believe yourself to be, you must realize that your brain has a “Default setting” which people use to manipulate you!

The Communist Purge Has Begun | Live From The Lair

How Much Can We Alter Human Nature? Can Someone Be Trans-Racial?

How Much Can We Alter Human Nature? Can Someone Be Trans-Racial?


This is a video that every human being on planet Earth should see! The headline video is below, I just want to mention some things first!

I have pointed out that what we are seeing is medical Tyranny and that it’s based on misinformation and LIES! The CDC and WHO are criminal organizations who are manipulating MEDICAL DATA and DEATH CERTIFICATES!

The entire reason we had a HOAX / FAKE PlanDemic to begin with is due to the manipulation of death certificate data! The CDC put out “guidance” to the cowardly physicians of the world which told them to “Perform Civid19 testing on ALL DEAD BODIES” even if the dead body we are speaking of died of cancer, gunshot, or heart failure”

Mind you the “Test” they recommended using is a PCR! The inventor of PCR Kari Mullis told us that “It’s a MISUSE of PCR to claim the results are MEANINGFUL!” It’s on video! PLEASE GO WATCH IT if you have not already! You can find info on what I’m talking about here:


If you want to hear Kari Mullis say this himself then watch this short video that I uploaded to Rumble to preserve it, protect it from the Nazi style censorship we are seeing across the world!

To claim that PCR results are Meaningful is a MISUSE of the technology. Kerry Mullis

So doctors and hospitals are using a wildly inaccurate and MEANINGLESS “Test” to test corpses of people who died of cancer, heart disease, gunshots, traffic accidents etc… for covid19!

If the very meaningless and fallible PCR “test” claims that these deceased persons have covid19 their “cause of death” on their Death Certificate is changed from “Died of Cancer” to “Died of Covid19” despite the fact that covid19 had absolutely nothing to do with their death! A BullSpit PCR “test” result is overturning FACTS!

FACT: This man died of a gunshot to the head! They perform a meaningless PCR, it indicates “positive for covid19” and despite the FACT the man has no head, the cause of death on the death certificate is changed from “gunshot wound” to covid19 despite that being a complete and total LIE!

Senator Scott Jensen Under Investigation For Telling The Truth Over Covid 19 Death Certificates

If you don’t believe me, you should believe a practicing physician with over 40 years experience, doctor of the year in Michigan, and a United States Senator! Follow the link above and watch his video discussing it! It’s a conspiracy to end all conspiracies! It is NOT a “Conspiracy Theory” because this has been PROVEN, so it’s FACT! NOT a “Conspiracy Theory” like the media would have you believe!

Here’s another story telling of data manipulation, it’s from April 2020. But we are still fighting the EXACT SAME DATA MANIPULATION TODAY!

The video links in the story are no good, because the Nazi emulating censors at YouTube have taken the videos down that discuss anything TRUTHFUL! These people are costing people their lives by peddling fake news and through censorship of important, factual, proven information even when it is posted by licensed physicians!

Lies & Data Manipulation: NYC Adds 3,700 Who Never Tested Positive To COVID-19 Death Toll



What is happening NOW is much scarier! FACT: The “Vaccine” which is NOT a vaccine is killing people! So now they are hiding that the vaccine killed these people, and they are instead claiming that “A new Delta Variant is to blame for these deaths” a complete LIE!

All Covid-19 vaccines are essentially USELESS against new mutant “Delta Variant”

YOU must realize that they are manipulating data in a massive campaign of GENOCIDE! These people are sick and EVIL and want to reduce the world’s population “By any means Necessary!”

It is NOT your imagination……. it is EXACTLY what they are doing, right out in the open, and so far have gone 100% unpunished for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

Most Mask Wearers will be Dead or Demented in Ten Years

Doctor Vernon Coleman speaks out against the liars of the media, and the cowards in the medical field who have not said anything!

International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains that mask wearing is a massive experiment and enormously dangerous, and why he believes his predictions about mask wearing are better than the Government’s. He also explains the rules about mask wearing, and points out that no one can ask you why you aren’t wearing a mask any more than they can ask if you are wearing clean underwear. Dr Coleman’s free book ‘Proof that masks do more harm than good’ is available on https://www.vernoncoleman.org

Most Mask Wearers will be Dead or Demented in Ten Years

Most Mask Wearers will be Dead or Demented in Ten Years

mRNA vaccine inventor speaks out on ‘Tucker’ after YouTube deletes video of him discussing risks

‘The government is not being transparent with us about what those risks are,’ said Dr. Robert Malone

The Government has violated all 10 principles of the Nuremberg Code concerning the EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine which is NOT A VACCINE at all.. It is “Gene Therapy”

These are CRIMES being committed by government!

It’s time to ARREST GOVERNMENT and hold the Nuremberg Trials 2.0


CBS 62 Insider GOES PUBLIC Exposing Network’s Forced Vaccination Rhetoric and Bias

Critical Race Theory is NOT welcome in America!

A PERFECT STORM Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 118

You are the Tip of the Spear! So ACT LIKE IT!

YOU are the Tip of the Spear!

If the US Military continues teaching CRT then good soldiers will quit. Is THAT what they want so they can attack Americans with a group of Woke-Tardian soldiers?

I hate to sound as if I’m joking, because I’m NOT!

This is book about “Racism” according to it’s author. Well, excuse me, it’s a book on “anti-Racism” according to the author Henry Rogers, AKA “Ibram X. Kendi” who changed his name to peddle open racism in America, and like all other “anti-this and anti-that groups” they are NOT “ANTI” they ARE JUST “Racists!”

Antifa claims to be “Anti-Fascist” as they promote and exercise Fascism and endorse Fascistic acts! Okay, but this guy who has become the Left’s “god of CRT” is a MORON! I’m Not talking about just a little slow, or maybe not too sharp, NO……. This dude is a blatant MORON, an imbecile, a maroon, a snake oil salesman who is full of feces!

Watch the MORON Dr. “Ibram X. Kendi” (AKA Henry Rogers) The OPEN RACIST, WHO ADMITS HATING WHITE PEOPLE IN HIS OWN BOOK, attempt to “Define” the term “Racism.” What was that rule about using a word to define that word? You know like defining <A monkey> “is a monkey like creature who acts like a monkey and does monkey stuff”

You cannot use a word in the definition of the word there “DOCTOR!” This guy is a pathetic MORON! But the entire left worships at his dumb-ass feet! Blind to the FACT that the man don’t even know what Racism is! You can jump ahead to 6:15 if you just want to hear the definition! or type “t=370” at the end of this link.

6.18.2021 Tucker Carlson Tonight

It’s important to understand that if the military can force all the normal people to quit by requiring insane CRT Training then nobody will remain but Radicals!

I say this is the most dangerous thing America has ever faced! If these radical scumbags can get a majority in our military how long will it be before they are going house to house in America to “Get the imaginary Racists” that their sick and twisted minds have invented after years of CNN & MSNBC Propaganda??? SCARY!

Ibram X. Kendi is really Henry Rogers, a radical professor from the University of Florida, and he cannot even DEFINE the term “Racism” much less teach us all about it! How can you teach about something you cannot define? This moron and his book are everywhere!

The Dumbest man on campus has written a Racist book of hate, based on “Racism” a term which he cannot even define! Remember folks, bad reviews, down votes, nuke the product line of him and anyone who promotes his filth! It’s time to ACT LIKE THE PROGRESSIVES and FIGHT!

Here is one DUMB SOB! The man has written a dozen books on “Racism” yet he cannot define the term!

Do like Dinesh D’Souza said! Fight these people the way they fight YOU! Watch the next video and learn how!

Guys and Gals… IT’S OUR TURN! Listen to me today and YOU CAN CHANGE THE CORPORATE WORLD OF MARXIST CRAP FOREVER! You have to adopt the tactics used by leftists and you’ll destroy corporate scum!

Cancel these companies distributors, badmouth people who sell their products! Lead demonstrations at stores selling their stuff! Write the corporate scumbags FIRST and tell them why you are about to do what you do! But then DO IT TIRELESSLY! Take THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WITH YOU!

We really need to organize “action groups” to focus on advertisers and marketers AND ESPECIALLY THE CORPORATIONS THEY MARKET FOR! Get your kids involved! The most effective means is to go where their products are sold and give awful reviews!

Say you bought the product and it sucks, delivery was slow, customer service was non-existent! Learn to MASTER THE CANCEL CULTURE THEY HAVE WEAPONIZED AGAINST YOU!


And watch Dinesh D’Souza speak about when Costco cancelled his book! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED when his fans did EXACTLY what I’m telling you to do!!! They brought his book back, gave him his own display and made a special place for his new movies!!! it’s below!


How Do We Cancel Cancel Culture?

How Do We Cancel Cancel Culture? FIGHT BACK AMERICA! Here’s how!

Below is just one of several thousand articles saying this Racist is America’s best and only hope!

By no means is this drivel supported here! I’m just pointing it out! This is from the “Millenial Grind” grinding on the brains of children!

I just cut and pasted the nonsenser for you to see, if you want to read it you should go there for sure! It’s a PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN LIKE MANKIND HAS NEVER SEEN!

The brainwashed masses just love this idiots book it would appear! But I’ll bet you that is another lie just like covid19 was made possible by using MEANINGLESS PCR tests to make it appear like a pandemic, when in fact there was NONE!

30 Quotes from How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

In How to Be an Antiracist, Kendi takes readers through a widening circle of antiracist ideas—from the most basic concepts to visionary possibilities—that will help readers see all forms of racism clearly, understand their poisonous consequences, and work to oppose them in our systems and in ourselves.

Kendi weaves an electrifying combination of ethics, history, law, and science with his own personal story of awakening to antiracism.

This is an essential work for anyone who wants to go beyond the awareness of racism to the next step: contributing to the formation of a just and equitable society.

Keep scrolling to read 30 Powerful Quotes from How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.

Get The BookHow to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi available now on Amazon.

Related Article: 10 Best Books On Anti-Racism

30 Quotes from How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

Quote from How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

The opposite of racist isn’t “not racist”. It is “anti-racist”.

What’s the difference? One endorses either the idea of a racial hierarchy as a racist, or racial equality as an anti-racist.

One either believes problems are rooted in groups of people, as a racist or locates the roots of problems in power and policies, as an anti-racist.

One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an anti-racist. There is no in-between safe space of “not racist”.

What’s the problem with being “not racist”? It is a claim that signifies neutrality: “I am not a racist, but neither am I aggressively against racism.”

There is no neutrality in the racism struggle. The opposite of “racist” isn’t “not racist.” It is “antiracist”.

The claim of “not racist” neutrality is a mask for racism.

The good news is that racist and antiracist are not fixed identities. We can be a racist one minute and an antiracist the next. What we say about race, what we do about race, in each moment, determines what — not who — we are.

Black people are apparently responsible for calming the fears of violent cops in the way women are supposedly responsible for calming the sexual desires of male rapists.

Racist ideas love believers, not thinkers.

Racist ideas love believers, not thinkers.

Americans have long been trained to see the deficiencies of people rather than policy.

Like fighting an addiction, being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination.

Denial is the heartbeat of racism, beating across ideologies, races, and nations. 

We were unarmed, but we knew that blackness armed us, even though we had no guns.

Assimilationist ideas are racist ideas. Assimilationists can position any racial group as the superior standard that another racial group should be measuring themselves against, the benchmark they should be trying to reach.

The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it—and then dismantle it.

“Institutional racism” and “structural racism” and “systemic racism” are redundant. Racism itself is institutional, structural, and systemic.

To be antiracist is to think nothing is behaviorally wrong or right- inferior or superior- with any of the racial groups.

To be antiracist is to deracialize behavior, to remove the tattooed stereotype from every racialized body.

Behavior is something humans do, not races do.

Behavior is something humans do, not races do.

The idea that Black languages outside Africa are broken is as culturally racist as the idea that languages inside Europe are fixed.

No one becomes racist or antiracist. We can only strive to be one or the other.

What if we realized the best way to ensure an effective educational system is not by standardizing our curricula and tests but by standardizing the opportunities available to all students?

To be antiracist is to view national and transnational ethnic groups as equal in all their differences.

To be antiracist is to challenge the racist policies that plague racialized ethnic groups across the world.

To be antiracist is to view the inequities between all racialized ethnic groups as a problem of policy.

Culture defines a group tradition that a particular racial group might share but that is not shared among all individuals in that racial group or among all racial groups.

Every policy in every institution in every community in every nation is producing or sustaining either racial inequity or equity between racial groups.

Every single person actually has the power to protest racist and antiracist policies, to advance them, or, in some small way, to stall them.

Individual behaviors can shape the success of individuals. But policies determine the success of groups. And it is racist power that creates the policies that cause racial inequities.

Individual behaviors can shape the success of individuals. But policies determine the success of groups. And it is racist power that creates the policies that cause racial inequities.

Which quote from How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi is your favorite?

It amazes me that a man who cannot define the term “Racist” can write 20 Racist books on the subject!

Henry Rogers AKA “Ibram X. Kendi” the phony race baiting guru of STUPID also did a TED Talk!

Folks, there is nowhere on Earth the people pushing this radical, racist, ignorant theory based in Marxism called CRT should feel safe!

People like this scumbag should have every person selling their material inundated with negative comments, complaints, letters to corporate scumbags, letter to stores and bookstores etc…. But most importantly the negative comments on the pages selling this filth!

Claim you bought it and it sucks, the quality was poor, the theory wrong, and it took months to get it!!!

If you see grocers selling the book LOAD A BASKET FULL OF GROCERIES and pretend to notice the “offensive” & “Racist” book, tell the manager you will no longer shop at a place that sells this TRASH!

Create a group of “Action Warriors” to go after corporate scum the way the left has gone after YOU and Conservatives in general! You should be wortking the product pages of these people! Work the physical buildings too!

The US Military has forced members to attend training sessions authored by Racist twits like this!

Admiral Mike Gilday has put this piece of toilet paper on the military’s recommended Reading list!


Petition to Remove Admiral Michael Gilday as Chief of Naval Operations

Petition to Remove Admiral Michael Gilday as Chief of Naval Operations

Petition to Remove Admiral Michael Gilday as Chief of Naval Operations

Tue Jun 22, 2021 

Our military is under attack by “anti-racism” activists whose message is that white America is racist.

“Critical Race Theory” is the academic discipline that is used to justify the attack. Critical Race Theory is a hateful Marxist fiction that maintains America is evil because the majority of its citizens are white, and that its Constitution is evil because it was written by white people. The agents of this dogma, including those lecturing at the Naval War College, teach that white people – from the Founding Fathers to the 200 million white people in the country today – are oppressors, who are an internal enemy,

Critical Race Theory began by destroying the moral integrity of colleges and corporations. Now its target is the U.S. Navy.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday has told the third of a million naval personnel that they should be reading and learning from Ibram X. Kendi, a mediocre, fact-challenged university professor who has become the go-to “anti-racism” expert for America’s woke elites.

In a congressional hearing, Admiral Gilday was asked by Representative Jim Banks to denounce Kendi’s view that white people are criminals – that they created the AIDS virus to kill black people. The Admiral refused to do so, dismissing it as a “cherry picked” quote about which he had no other opinion.

By adding Ibram X. Kendi’s book – How To Be An Anti-Racist – to the Navy’s Professional Reading Program, Gilday put the weight of the U.S. Navy behind Kendi’s hatred of white America and all white people as the allegedly racist oppressors of blacks.

That’s why I hope you’ll join me, and demand the Removal of Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday.

Kendi defines anti-racism as opposition to America’s “systemic racism.” Systemic racism was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If it were an actual problem there would be a tsunami of lawsuits and a tsunami of judgments awarding millions of dollars in penalties to the victims. There are no such tsunamis because systemic racism is a myth manufactured by leftists to disarm their critics and force their retreat. In Kendi’s dogma, the only way not to be a racist is to agree with him that racism is in America’s DNA, and white people are racists because they are white.In Kendi’s own words: “There is no such thing as a not-racist idea, only racist ideas and antiracist ideas.” Either you agree with Kendi’s leftwing politics, or you’re a racist.Gilday was not only endorsing Kendi’s racism, but also his politically partisan agenda, which claims ridiculously that dissent from the left is racist even when it comes to global warming.“Do-nothing climate policy is racist policy,” Kendi argues, “since the predominantly non-White global south is being victimized by climate change more than the Whiter global north.”But the world’s greatest polluters are China, India, and Pakistan . – countries that are not white, and that refuse to implement the Paris Climate Accords.Gilday’s support for Kendi is part of his effort to divide and weaken the Navy by imposing Critical Race Theory and radical Identity Politics on the men and women who defend us. Last year Gilday promoted “conversations” that endorsed Black Lives Matter’s view that all whites are racists and encouraged recruits and naval officers to believe that, like America, the navy is systemically racist – no evidence required. According to Gilday-Kendi, life for black people is miserable in America, and white people have to be “transformed” by atoning for their white skin privilege . “White Skin Privilege is, in fact, a term invented by the Weather Underground: a notorious terrorist group which bombed the Pentagon in the 1970s.An official Navy video introduced by Gilday featured a black aviation tech complaining that, “being African-American in America is not fun;” a black lieutenant commander who claimed that he had experienced “systemic racism” and “implicit bias”, and a white female musician confessing her “privilege as a white person” and attacking America over unfounded claims of “systemic racism”The video of Navy personnel putting down America, blaming their problems on systemic racism, and reciting Marxist talking points was the centerpiece of what Gilday called vital “conversations” about racism. Usually, a conversation has more than one side. But not in today’s U.S. Navy which has become a Critical Race Theory echo chamber.While the theme of Gilday’s racial crusade is, “One Team, One Navy”, its real message is that there are two navies and two Americas: white and non-white. The goal of the admiral’s new “diversity and inclusion” mandate is for the victimized non-white Navy to defeat the oppressive and racist white Navy. Or as one crew member in the video declares, “Tomorrow’s Navy will finally stand on the right side of history when we realize that black lives matter.” Considering that the latest ethnic genocide, involving millions of Uighur Muslims, is taking place in a non-white nation, China, today, it would be interesting to know what “the right side of history” is, or whether history has a side.An official video sponsored by Gilday, broadcasts the anti-American claim that the 245-year-old Navy has been on the wrong side of history, that John Paul Jones, who fought the British, Stephen Decatur, who fought Islamic pirates, and the men who fought on the USS Kearsarge to end slavery during the Civil War, were all on the “wrong side” of history until Gilday and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came along to set them straight.Please add your name to this petition right away, and demand the Senate remove Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday.
Under Gilday’s leadership, minority members of the Navy are being told that it’s okay to question whether they should be serving their country. They’re being encouraged to view all of their interactions with white personnel as racist because all white people are inherently racist. Including their commanding officers and their comrades in arms.Communist China could not be damaging the Navy’s readiness any more than Gilday is with his divisive accusations about the racism of the majority of his troops.In the two years since Gilday took over as Chief of Naval Operations, morale is down, and instead of preparing them to fight America’s enemies, he has set off a civil war within his own ranks. China doesn’t need to fire a single shot if Gilday is successful in destroying our military’s cohesion, morale and will to defend the country.Biden is slashing the Navy’s shipbuilding budget even as the People’s Republic of China is building more ships than the U.S. Navy. The United States is losing the command of the seas. While Biden is undermining the physical infrastructure of the Navy, Gilday is waging a relentless war against the moral infrastructure of the service men and women under his command.Gilday and other military leaders are replacing military readiness with military radicalism. Admiral Bill Moran, Gilday’s predecessor and President Trump’s choice, had a reputation for standing up for his people. America First was his guide. Gilday has focused instead on political wokeness and demonizing those who resist his new order.Gilday – a vice admiral – was unqualified for his promotion to Chief of Naval Operations in the first place. He got his job through a political coup.His predecessor, Admiral Moran was forced out over a fake scandal generated by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Gilday, a vice admiral, should not have been in line to be Chief of Naval Operations, but Democrat politicians and bureaucrats were determined to purge as many of President Trump’s appointments as they could. Their goal was to undermine his America First policies. They were so successful that no one qualified to be Chief of Naval Operations actually wanted it.As Chief, Gilday quickly showed why the same people who persecuted Moran left him alone. The men and women of the Navy can rely on Gilday to promote Black Lives Matter agendas, but they can’t count on him to watch their backs.Using race as the measure of all things, Gilday unleashed a political indoctrination campaign as the Black Lives Matter riots got underway. Video confessions of white privilege and condemnations of America are the heart and soul of that campaign. He initiated the Task Force One Navy whose report called for reinventing the Navy to fight “racism, sexism, ableism and other structural and interpersonal biases” – perfect Marxist slang for their war on America.White members of the Navy are being told to check their white privilege, to believe that they didn’t earn their ranks, but were awarded them because of systemic racism, and that the more they achieve, the guiltier they are of getting ahead at the expense of disadvantaged minorities.Officers are being told to stop thinking about ability and merit – racist categories – and to focus on meeting racial and gender quotas when it comes to mentoring and promotions. They’re being warned that their judgement is racially biased and that any decision they make will be racist. There is talk of using computer programs to achieve racial quotas for personnel and of subjecting officers to “implicit bias” training which is based on the hateful idea that whites are racists by virtue of their skin color.These are the same poisonous attitudes that destroyed American achievement on college campuses so that China’s educational system now outperforms our own, and racist mediocrities like Ibram X. Kendi become intellectual celebrities. Gilday and his allies are hard at work trying to reward activism over ability, and sow doubt about the merits of any sailor who is white.The Chief of Naval Operations is dividing the men and women of the Navy by skin color and turning them against each other. When you are a 19-year-old deciding whether to risk your young life for your country how does being told by your military commanders that America is a 400-year-old cesspool of white racist oppression help you to make the decision to fulfill your oath to defend that country and its Constitution?Gilday is undermining military readiness in the face of a possible naval conflict with enemies of the United States, especially the increasingly aggressive regime in Communist China.Gilday’s indoctrination program is already a threat to national security and must be terminated before it’s too late. And the best way to do that is for him to resign or be forced to step down.Our national security is at stake. Sign this petition and take a stand against Gilday’s destruction of the U.S. Navy.Sign this petition and take a stand against Gilday’s destruction of the U.S. Navy.

David Horowitz

Source FrontPageMag

It’s time to unleash Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” on the Left, the way they have effectively used them on us! The left uses these rules to bring forth an evil NWO with Lucifer on the throne!

While we DON’T want to push Satanic ideology the way the left does, their tactics outlined below are very powerful and very successful! Especially Number 4! Hold THEM to their own standards!

The new strategy against the LEFT! See how THEY like it!

Here’s a GREAT GUY to start using these tactics against! This should be EVERYWHERE!

Ep. 1548 The China Spy Story Erupts. Where Is He? – The Dan Bongino Show

Ep. 1548 The China Spy Story Erupts. Where Is He? – The Dan Bongino Show

Federal Law Enforcement ARE the Terrorists they claim to be fighting against!

I have been talking about this for YEARS! The FBI has recently been exposed by someone with a much larger audience than mine, but the FBI is not the only problem! Un-elected Bureaucrats at the #ATF have been creating “rules” which are the equivalent of legislation, used to go arrest people and violate their Second Amendment Rights! Their Natural Right to self defense! Their God-Given Right to self defense!

Today Government’s game is to make people ineligible to own a firearm for any reason they can think of!

The ATF like to create illegal rules that are in violation of the Second Amendment, and then use those illegal rules to prosecute innocent American gun owners! So the ATF is a PROBLEM!

Then you have the Department of Justice itself, which is as corrupt as the day is long! Bill Barr did absolutely nothing to uphold the law, but when we needed him to investigate the 2020 Election which was clearly stolen through an organized, well funded, international conspiracy he did what? He went on television and claimed he “had seen no evidence of voter fraud.” Personally I believe that statement to be a blatant lie!

Just because the DOJ & FBI never investigated voter fraud does not mean it did not exist! I wonder why the DOJ and FBI never investigated BLM and Antifa who burned down half of the country? Real crime and REAL CRIMINALS!

Instead they chose to lead a nationwide manhunt for school bus drivers and ex-military men and women who went to DC to make their voices heard! They wanted and expected (And DESERVED) for their representatives to hear their voices, they were calling for a full forensic audit of the 2020 election.

They deserved to be heard, and instead were shut down by another well funded, well organized conspiracy to make them look bad organized by people within government! Traitors to this country!

ALL OF FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT should be put on trial for Sedition and Treason. These agencies are 100% Corrupt and 100% CRIMINAL at this point! Look at WACO, LOOK AT RUBY RIDGE! Oklahoma City would have NEVER HAPPENED had these criminals been held accountable! While I don’t agree with McVeigh’s methods, I agree 100% with the issues he was trying to bring to light!

Government corruption and government coercion and government violence are the real crimes in this country! The People do not commit crimes that even approach those of government! It is time to look very seriously at ABOLISHING these corrupt institutions! The leadership MUST BE PROSECUTED HARSHLY!

What about the FBI scumbag who altered documents in the Trump fiasco? He didn’t even get jail time! The man ALTERED DOCUMENTS TO MAKE AN INNOCENT MAN APPEAR GUILTY TO JUSTIFY INVESTIGATING HIM! They destroyed the man’s life and his career based on a LIE! And the scumbag FBI Agent didn’t even go to jail! WTF?

Kevin Clinesmith worked for the FBI. As someone working for LAW ENFORCEMENT, he was trusted by the People who gave him the authority to uphold the law in their names! When a person charged with upholding the law instead violates the law, they should be given the HARSHEST SENTENCE AVAILABLE TIMES 2!

When “the watchers” break the law it’s 10 times as serious as when others do it because they are “operating under the color of law” and they are in a position to ruin people’s lives! Clinesmith helped to ruin lives! He belongs under the jail!

You can read a little about that here: Former Top FBI Lawyer Charged With Allegedly Altering Document Used in Spy Operation Against Trump Campaign My point is that Federal Law Enforcement is ALL CORRUPT and are ALL locking up innocent Americans to promote a radical, anti-American Agenda! The CIA is corrupt too BTW!

The FBI is America’s Greatest Domestic Terrorist Threat Today

It makes no sense to talk of FBI procedures and what the manual says when the FBI doesn’t follow those procedures. Here I make my case that the FBI itself, not some white supremacist group, is the greatest domestic terrorist threat in the country today.

Dinesh is a logical guy and I like him. But having said that he is also part of the Republican Establishment to a degree! In 2022 we MUST replace every Incumbent politician in this country down to the county level!

There is not a single politician within government that deserves to stay in office! Most should be prosecuted! Almost ALL have violated their oaths of office! On both sides! Republicans are no better than democrats! They TALK a good game but ALWAYS fail you because they never meant what they told you to begin with!

Republicans are nothing more than “controlled opposition” to make you believe that someone may be on your side! In fact they are worse than Democrats! Because they LIE to you!

At least we know a democrat is a communist! Republicans will pretend they are going to fight for you, but they don’t! The #GOP raised over 50 million dollars using the platform of the stolen 2020 Election! Then on January 6th, they acted like a staged FBI performance somehow allows them to just drop the whole thing!

How many Republicans have come out to EXPOSE the PCR testing of people and DEAD BODIES being used to claim “Covid19” as the cause of death on death certificates??? Most of these people died of Cancer or Heart Disease, but because of CDC and WHO guidance medical personnel are testing the DEAD BODIES of people who they know died of alternative causes, but because the PCR is an inaccurate and useless diagnostic tool, and claims these folks were “positive” for covid19 they’ll alter the death certificate to create a “statistical illusion.” But Republicans fail to mention it

How many Republicans have spoken out about the political prisoners being held in DC since January 6th? How many? These are human rights violations happening RIGHT NOW IN AMERICA! The Republicans are doing their usual NOTHING about it! In 2022 Voters need to make “No Incumbent Survives!” their motto!

No Incumbent Survives 2022 Primary Elections!

PLEASE make this YOUR MOTTO AS WELL! That means no incumbent School Board Member! No Mayors! No Governors! (Kristi Noem & MTG to be the only exceptions) Judges, city councils, health departments, prosecutors and district attorneys must ALL BE REPLACED! No Incumbent should Survive the 2022 Primary! Make it Happen!

Parents TORCH CRT, School Board Tries to Silence Then, Then Parents ERUPT in Boos

This is 3 months old but it goes to my point!

The two Revolver Articles below contain a wealth of information! PLEASE GO READ THEM ON REVOLVER’S WEBSITE! I cut and pasted them here but want to make sure you get the full story!

Below this story (which you can follow the link to read on Revolver News) You’ll find Revolver’s collection of Top Investigative stories on January 6th and FBI/DOJ corruption!

FBI Deploys Creepy “Sentiment Analysis” Tools To Screen National Guard For Pro-Trump Sympathies

FBI Deploys Creepy “Sentiment Analysis” Tools To Screen National Guard For Pro-Trump Sympathies

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A recent Revolver News investigative piece coined the term “Counter-American Intelligence” to describe the systematic counter-intelligence operation to cleanse the entire national security state of any thought-criminal MAGA employees who may not agree with the Globalist American Empire’s agenda.

READ MORE: Dark New Dem Bill Uses “Counter American Intelligence” To Wage War on MAGA

Like clockwork, fresh off the heels of a bill that would deny security clearances to so-called “conspiracy theorists” (read: Trump supporters), Senator Duckworth suggested that the DOD monitor the social media habits of its employees for “extremist views.”

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) on Monday suggested that the Pentagon find a way to examine the social media habits of incoming and existing service members who show tendencies toward extremist views.

“It’s not a new thing, but I will tell you that I have seen over the last probably two decades this growing radicalization of a portion within the military. And I think part of it too comes with social media consumption,” Duckworth, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, said at The Hill’s Future of Defense Summit. [The Hill]

A bit of research reveals that would-be commissar Duckworth herself has no clue just how Orwellian the Globalist American Empire’s surveillance state has become. Indeed, for quite some time the FBI has had access to creepy “sentiment analysis” tools that it is likely using in its revolutionary post 1/6 effort to cleanse the defense sector of any MAGA sympathies.

In particular, the FBI uses the powerful “Babel Street” social media panopticon software. Such network surveillance tools allow citizens’ affiliations with online narratives or subcultures to be quickly assessed and databased at scale:

Along with bragging about the high-profile clients they have like the FBI, the military’s Special Operations Command, and the Australian Attorney General’s Office, they include a list of the exact capabilities, explaining the depth and efficacy of Babel Street’s software.

Babel X has access to over 25 social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and to Twitter’s firehose… Babel X can also surveil millions of URL’s including the deep web. The software can instantly translate over 200 languages, and can set up geo-fences around areas of special interest, and has highly customizable filtering options including for hashtags, emojis, handles, names, and keywords. Users can also filter for numerical sequences like credit card or social security numbers.

Babel Street’s filtering options are extremely precise, and allow for the user to screen for dates, times, data type, language, and—interestingly enough—sentiment. Their website includes a short paragraph on this sentiment aspect which claims that they “possess the most sophisticated sentiment analysis tool on the market. Derived from collaboration with top university linguistic programs, Babel Street boasts the ability to evaluate sentiment in 19 languages—far exceeding the capacity of any other competitor. [VICE]

2:18 / 9:42


Source: Vice News

Did you ever amplify a dissident hashtag like #StopTheSteal? Have you ever added cognitive contraband like Pepe Hot Sauce to your Amazon wish list?

That’s how easy it would be to end up in an FBI “lead generator.”

And now, if Senator Duckworth and her allies in the Pentagon, Big Tech, FBI/CIA/DOJ and media get their way, your career in the military will be over before it begins.

The years old Vice story about FBI’s use of sentiment analysis software illuminates unanswered questions regarding the Agency’s methods in subjecting 25,000 National Guard troops to “ideological extremism” tests:

Twelve National Guard troops have been removed from duties related to the inauguration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., two of them for possible links to right-wing extremist movements, Defense Department officials said on Tuesday.

The two made inappropriate comments or sent inappropriate texts, officials said. Another group of 10 were flagged for reasons unrelated to recent events in the Capitol.

Officials declined to provide any details about the vetting that detected the Guard members, who are from different states.

The acting defense secretary, Christopher C. Miller, said on Sunday that the F.B.I. was assisting the U.S. military in vetting more than 25,000 National Guard troops being deployed to assist in protecting the Capitol and areas in central Washington for potential security concerns.

An Army spokesperson declined to provide any information on the two National Guard troops or the vetting procedures, citing operational security, and referred all questions to the U.S. Secret Service. [NYT]

In fact, sentiment analysis software like Babel Street likely represents only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resources the FBI and security state has at its disposal. Readers may recall an earlier Revolver report on disgraced Obama General Stanley McChrystal’s involvement in a software company that deploys technology originally designed to combat ISIS against Trump supporters:

So, in General McChrystal we have a former General in Afghanistan involved in a firm deploying information warfare tools designed to fight ISIS against Trump supporters. In Jared Cohen, former Hillary State Department official turned Google’s “director of regime change,” we have a man deploying military grade AI censorship tools to police internet conversation, with politically predicable biases.

These two troubling cases must be understood within the context of the undeniable corruption of large swaths of America’s national security bureaucracy–from the CIA, to the FBI, to the DOJ, to other top military brass. Over the past four years we have seen how each institution has been corrupted and repurposed–not to advance American national security interests, but to suppress expressions of populism and nationalism domestically. Ironically, while the national security establishment likes to accuse its adversaries of using weapons “against their own people,” increasingly corrupt elements of the national security state are doing just that—repurposing our vast security apparatus to suppress political expression and activity at home.

Perhaps the most disturbing example of this is the recent claim by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security that “white supremacy” is the biggest national security threat. True white supremacy is virtually non-existent in the United States, and any efforts to “combat” white supremacy simply amount to code-language intended to justify the use of the security apparatus to intimidate and silence conservatives, populists, and nationalists. [Revolver]

In case you think the ISIS/MAGA comparison is far-fetched even for our utterly corrupt ruling class, consider the following of many possible examples:

Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, said in an interview on Sunday that he sees similarities to the violent rhetoric ISIS used with that the Republicans are using in wake of the 2020 election.

Figliuzzi explained that political polarization has turned the division into existentialist threats.

“What do terrorism experts tell us, Alex?” he continued. “When people think there is an existential threat to their being, what they believe, when they believe is that the other side is not just wrong, it is evil or from the devil — as Doug Collins in Georgia implied with Rev. Raphael Warnock who’s running for Senate. For the audacity of what? Being a pro-choice pastor? And Doug Collins said that is a lie from the pit of hell? When we hear rhetoric like this, it should wake all of us up.” [Raw Story]

ISIS-MAGA conflation has absolutely saturated the FBI’s senior-most ranks, and the entire intelligence apparatus and security state is prepared to act accordingly.

The traditional discipline of American counter-intelligence has thus morphed into what we have coined as  Counter-American Intelligence.

Traditional counter-intelligence techniques, strategies, and mindsets are being re-purposed domestically, in order to cleanse the entire U.S. national security apparatus, including the DOD, of latent political sympathies — presumably as a precondition to rid the entire nation of said sympathies.

Today, the top target of this Counter-American Intelligence operation is President Trump’s MAGA movement.

If you thought the War on Terror was costly, disastrous, and unethical, wait until you get a load of the sequel — starring you and 74 million others like you as unwitting “domestic terrorists.”

Strap in. It’s only going to get crazier.

Source: Revolver News

Revolver’s Jan 6th Reporting Changed the Game: Read Our Top Investigative Stories Here

Revolver’s Jan 6th Reporting Changed the Game: Read Our Top Investigative Stories Here

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On January 6th, the regime media, and even much of the Republican Party, immediately declared the Capitol riots an “armed insurrection,” an assault on democracy, and the worst day for the republic since Pearl Harbor or even the Civil War.

For months, Revolver has been doing the investigative work that America’s hundreds of other news outlets are too corrupt or too cowardly to perform themselves. We have watched the tape, read the indictments, dissected the news reports, and punctured the narratives.

By now, the sum total of Revolver’s work is long enough to fill a short book. So here, we have collected all of our 1/6 reporting into a single spot, with short summaries for ease of reference.

MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

Where it all began. In the days after the Capitol incursion, deceased Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick became the Little Saint Hugh of anti-Trumpism. Outlets from The New York Times to the USA Today pushed the narrative that justified the largest criminal manhunt in U.S. history: That Sicknick was bludgeoned to death by a mob of violent Trump supporters.


The famous “fire extinguisher” myth was debunked quickly, yet for weeks on end no further details came out. Why, Revolver asked, did authorities seem so hesitant to release any autopsy of Sicknick? Why was the press reporting Sicknick’s death before his family even knew about it, and in fact, before Sicknick was even actually dead? Why did “Sicknick was killed by a MAGA mob” gradually become “Sicknick died after physically engaging a MAGA mob”? With this first piece, Revolver began the process of blowing 1/6 wide open.

Capitol Mystery: Who’s Blocking the Evidence?

After Revolver’s first report, the Times updated its primary article on Sicknick’s death to note that “new information has emerged” that “questions the initial cause” of Sicknick’s death, an elaborate way of admitting they had initially presented outright fabrications as gospel truth. But in an effort to head off too many questions, outlets like Media Matters and TPM warned that Revolver was part of a brewing “Sicknick truth” movement. While the regime media fought hard to embed a particular narrative in the public’s mind, Revolver noticed the peculiar slowness with which serious criminal evidence was being introduced to the public. Very soon, it would become clear why the FBI wasn’t releasing much evidence: Because what they had was embarrassingly weak.

Capitol Mystery: New Evidence Likely Clears MAGA of “Murder” Charge

Three weeks after Revolver‘s initial report, the first big breakthrough came. Newly-leaked information revealed that any effort to turn Sicknick’s death into a murder charge was doomed. The “fire extinguisher bludgeoning” was reduced to a non-lethal attack with a non-lethal weapon resulting in non-lethal charges against the perpetrator. The press strongly implied that this non-lethal weapon was bear spray, but as Revolver pointed out, no actual evidence confirmed that implication. Future developments would once again prove Revolver correct.

FBI’s Ridiculous “Capitol Siege Pipe Bomb” Video Is An All-Out Assault on Common Sense

Having exposed the sham of the Sicknick blood libel, Revolver moved on to another flimsy pillar of the establishment’s “armed insurrection” narrative of 1/6. Since no guns were actually confiscated at the scene of the incursion, and the only shot fired was by an unnamed officer into the neck of (unarmed) Ashli Babbitt, the claim that 1/6 constituted an armed revolt relied heavily on the claim that insurgents planned in advance to place pipe bombs around the Capitol.

Once again, it fell to Revolver to ask the key questions: With the FBI having so much access to cell phone data, how could they not use that phone data to find the pipe bomb suspect? How could the suspect leave no DNA evidence at all while building their bomb? With so many surveillance cameras around the Capitol, why could the FBI only produce barely two minutes of footage for the public? And most importantly of all, why did the FBI withhold the full versions of the tapes it did release to the public? The FBI’s behavior made no sense if it wanted to catch a criminal suspect… but it made a lot of sense if their primary goal was milking 1/6 to fuel a long-term anti-MAGA narrative.

January 6 Narrative Collapse: Assault Charges Spell Problems for DOJ, FBI in Officer Sicknick Case

In mid-March, federal authorities charged Julian Khater and George Tanios with assaulting a police officer after Khater allegedly used bear spray on Officer Sicknick. All kinds of outlets, even “conservative” ones, presented this as providing more clarity about the “assault” on the Capitol on 1/6. But as Revolver explained, the truth was the opposite. The charges against Khater and Tanios were so weak that they actually disproved the notion of any serious attack on Officer Sicknick. Not only that, but the federal indictment declined to show any video, or even still frames, of Officer Sicknick being sprayed. The very plausible interpretation: The FBI couldn’t even back up its own flimsy “assault” case, but was bringing it anyway to prop up the greater narrative of a murderous assault on a Capitol Police officer. And in the process, it was ruthlessly threatening two men with up to 60 years in prison, more than the typical murderer gets, for a “crime” that would plausibly be a misdemeanor if it took place on the streets of Portland.

So-Called “Assault Video” Creates Big Problems for Prosecutors in Sicknick Capitol Riot Death Case

In the wake of Revolver’s criticisms, the video the FBI was so eager to conceal finally leaked. And it was, naturally, exactly as bad for the prosecution as Revolver suggested. Using digital forensics, Revolver was able to debunk the New York Times’s claim that the video showed Julian Khater using bear spray on Officer Sicknick. In, fact the video shows no spray coming out at allNot only that, but the FBI may plausibly have mixed up Khater, who was standing a long distance away from Sicknick, with a completely different man in the crowd wearing a similar hat.

Every fact in the video confirmed what Revolver had previously argued: That the FBI was grossly inflating a weak case in an effort to intimidate and terrify the MAGA movement, and bolster the shaky narrative of a January 6 “insurrection.”

One Month Later CNN Finally Admits What Revolver Reported All Along: No Bear Spray Stream in NYT Sicknick Video

Twenty-seven days after Revolver delivered the truth, the regime media and the Department of Justice had to admit defeat. After the long-awaited autopsy confirmed that Officer Sicknick died of natural causes, and there was no evidence he inhaled any chemicals, the DOJ was also forced to abandon its bear spray theory completely.

Supposedly, this left them only with the claim that Sicknick was pepper-sprayed, but Revolver quickly pointed out the the DOJ’s major problem: There was no evidence at all presented of Julian Khater, or anybody else, ever using pepper spray on Sicknick.

January 6th Commission is Coming … Here’s How MAGA Can Use it To Beat Dems at Their Own Game

Contra the above title, a January 6 commission isn’t confirmed yet, but Democrats are still working to pass it out of the House. Here, Revolver laid out the strategy Republicans should pursue if such a commission is created. Many Republicans have talked about refocusing any investigation on the BLM/antifa riots of 2020. Revolver believes this would be a mistake, though, as it would implicitly accept the regime narrative of 1/6. Instead, Republicans should use a January 6 commission to bring a laser-like focus to every unexplained detail of that day.

Force the FBI, DOJ, and every other relevant agency to tell the truth about any informants and agents they had in the crowd. Find out why Officer Sicknick’s autopsy took months to complete. Demand to know why security was so lax, almost deliberately so. Learn the full story of the FBI’s half-baked pipe bomb investigation, and get access to all the video footage that has been withheld from the public so far. Junk the regime’s precious narrative and demand the truth.

Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge

This is the biggest piece of them all and the capstone of the series. Here, Revolver explored the details of the many indictments brought since 1/6, and the number of unnamed sources and co-conspirators who appear to play a critical role in the events of 1/6 and the indictments that came after. Revolver’s findings indicate that Republicans should immediately demand to know how many informants and undercover agents were present on January 6, and how many infiltrators there were within the three groups — the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, and the Oathkeepers — that have been identified as planning and executing a supposed “insurrection” at the Capitol.

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Source: Revolver News

Thanks for reading! Stay on top of Revolver News and watch the corrupt FBI and the DOJ! But most of all watch the claims of covid19 which are all based on PCR testing! Kary Mullis told us “It’s a misuse of PCR to claim the results are MEANINGFUL” which is exactly what they are claiming now!

Was Jan. 6 The Result Of An Intelligence Set Up?

Technology created for wartime ALWAYS ends up getting used against YOU! Your rights are disappearing and won’t ever return

Government has become an “Arm of the Corporations”


A LOT of really big stories are breaking! But were they designed to make you forget the data manipulation which has made Covid19 a giant killer? (Of the FLU, Heart Disease etc.)

I have noticed that everyone is breaking new news stories about Fauci, China. and about the 2020 Election.

But whhat would you say if I propose these stories are to divert attention from the REAL STORY?

That “Covid19 Deaths” are nothing more than the manipulation of data! People did die, just NOT of Covid19! We’ve WITNESSED IT!

Every supposed “Covid19 Death” is dependent on “PCR Testing” of either hospital patients or deceased persons. The government came out and told us “Death Certificates indicating covid19 as the cause of death do NOT necessarily mean that Covid-19 was actually responsible for the death or the “Cause of Death” it only indicates the person had Covid-19 when they died!

Wait…. Hold em up a minute. So you are telling me people who got shot and killed or ran over by a truck and killed can be listed as a “Covid-19 Death”? YES, that’s EXACTLY what I’m telling you! I want you to closely examine what follows!

First, let me reiterate that “PCR Testing” is how they determined who had covid-19! The Inventor of the PCR Kerri Mullis has told us on video that “Claiming that PCR Results are meaningful is a MISUSE of the technology.” and he said that “Using PCR you can find anything in anybody.” Check it out for yourself!

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test

Dr. Birx: Unlike Some Countries, “If Someone Dies With COVID-19 We Are Counting That As A COVID-19 Death”

At Tuesday’s White House coronavirus press conference, task force member Dr. Deborah Birx said that while some countries are reporting coronavirus fatality numbers differently, in the U.S. you are counted as a victim of the pandemic if you die while testing positive for the virus, even if something else causes your death.

DR. DEBORAH BIRX: So, I think in this country we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality. And I think the reporting here has been pretty straightforward over the last five to six weeks. Prior to that when there wasn’t testing in January and February that’s a very different situation and unknown.

There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now we are still recording it and we will I mean the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to market as COVID-19 infection the intent is right now that those if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.

From RealClear Politics

So gunshot victims, heart attacks, cancer patients, the terminally ill, people in hospice, and even people who died of natural causes are being labeled “Covid-19 Deaths” based on a PCR result which is meaningless!

You heard me correctly! The inventor of the PCR told you himself that the results are meaningless for diagnostics and that “You can find anything in anybody!” So postmortem PCR “tests” are and have been widely performed! The government has even admitted that 90% of these are “False Positives” but I’m not so sure the other 10% are not false positives too! Matter of fact, until scientists can isolate the virus, I don’t believe it exists at all!

The PCR is the “Gold Standard” for testing for covid-19? But Kary Mullis just told us the results of a PCR are “Meaningless” and that you can find “Anything in Anybody” did he not? Hmmm something is fishy here!

Collection and Submission of Postmortem Specimens from Deceased Persons with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 (From the CDC / Print Information Page)

One really needs to examine the Web Archive and gather this information because the CDC has been changing, updating, and manipulating the guidance for a year and a half now!

I have some plumbing to do and don’t have the time to finish the story this minute, but do you see where I’m heading here? We are all supposed to accept that Fauci is a crook, and the “lab theory” was correct, and now the FBI is being corrupt AGAIN……. But “Covid19” has NOT killed millions! Millions may have died, just not of covid19! When you must depend on guesses, and fallible CDC guidance to fill out birth certificates (which they’ve NEVER done before) it’s clear to see!

The PCR “Tests” with AT LEAST A 90% FALSE POSITIVE RATE……. The people who have died have died because during this mess they could not get into the EMPTY HOSPITALS!

And now, they have scammed people into taking a “Vaccine” which is NOT A VACCINE and it’s killing people! They plan to hide the VAERS NUMBERS which has already started, and those dying of an unneeded vaccine WILL BE CALLED “COVID19 DEATHS” TOO! While they attempt to force people to take it!

We are witnessing GENOCIDE by people long known to be eugenicists! Look at this picture and I gotta go, check back though!


PCR Testing Scam – 2nd Wave Hysteria DEBUNKED!!

Remember the CDC said 37 or 38 cycles!

Why and How Doctors have Betrayed Patients

Doctor Vernon Coleman has been fighting for TRUTH for over 50 years! Naturally Cancel Culture has labeled him a “Conspiracy Theorist” for challenging the Groupthink Hivemind!

Find More at VernonColeman.com AND the new site at VernonColeman.org

To be continued!

Thanks to Andrea Widburg at American Thinker for this story!

That high-level Chinese defector’s ’embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community’

June 19, 2021

By Andrea Widburg

We already knew that a man with a high-level position in the Chinese Communist Party had defected to America.  We also knew that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) refused to let the other intelligence agencies in on the secret because it was immediately apparent that our government is riddled with Chinese spies, agents, true believers, and people on the payroll.  Now, though, we know who the spy is and the broad outlines of the information he provided — and it’s a lot worse than you thought.

As before, Jennifer Van Laar — who I believe first reported about the defector’s existence — has the most comprehensive information.  For the deep dive, go to RedState; for the short(ish) summary, stick with me.

The defector’s name is Dong Jingwei, and he’s the vice minister of state security.  He knows where all the bodies are buried, both in China and, I’m sorry to say, in America.  According to Spy Talk, Dong “was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018.”

Spy Talk also reports that China demanded Dong’s return, but Blinken said no.  Interestingly, the weak, woke Blinken said “no” not as a matter of principle.  Instead, he took a stand only because the DIA hadn’t told the administration about Dong’s existence.  That tells you about how little the DIA trusts the Biden administration.

According to Spy Talk, Dong’s presence in the U.S. is a rumor.  However, Van Laar seems very sure of her sources, who told her China possesses “embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the ‘terabytes of data’ he’s provided to the DIA.”

Van Laar also shares information from a Washington Free Beacon report claiming that, when China realized that Trump was about to close travel from China, it sent hundreds of “students” back in January, much earlier than their planned return dates, to monitor events in America.  These students (spies), summarizes Van Laar, “were charged with reporting back on public policy changes, economic response and damage, impacts on the healthcare system (equipment/hospital bed shortages, etc), supply chain impacts (including how long it took things like semiconductors from China to reach the United States), civil unrest, and more.”

And here, straight from Van Laar herself, is other information Dong brought with him that should have you simultaneously furiously angry and really terrified:

  • Early pathogenic studies of what we know as COVID.
  • China’s models about what COVID would do to the U.S. and the world (which makes it sound as if COVID was a bioweapon, not an accident).
  • Financial records about which organizations and governments funded COVID “and other biological warfare” research.
  • The identity of U.S. citizens who gave intel to China.
  • The names of Chinese spies working or attending universities in America.
  • Financial records showing American businesspeople and officials who took money from China.  (Note: At least as to the businesspeople, these may have been legitimate transactions.  I don’t know how they can have been for the officials.)
  • U.S. government officials who met (knowingly or not) with Chinese and Russian spies.
  • Details about the Chinese government getting into the CIA communications system, which led the Chinese to kill dozens of CIA assets in China.
  • Hunter Biden’s hard drive, which meant that the Chinese knew all about his porn and drug problems, his acting as a conduit for money to Joe, and his and Joe’s corrupt financial dealings generally.
  • News that at least a third of Chinese students on American campuses (who pay full retail, so they drive out American students) are Communist Party assets or the children of high-level communist officials in America under false names.

There’s every reason to believe that all this information is true.  Says Van Laar, “DIA has high confidence in the veracity of Dong’s claims.”  In a sane, just world, our government would act upon this information immediately.  China would become a pariah nation, with immediate steps taken to shut down all possible trade with China; Chinese students would be returned to China; corrupt officials and politicians (regardless of party) would be fired and, if appropriate, indicted; and our intelligence agencies would be cleaned up or, if too corrupt, disbanded.

The mainstream media, however, are currently keeping a tight lid on this story, and it’s doubtful that the Biden administration will act — especially considering how compromised both Biden and his son are.  We’ll have to wait for the 2022 election for things to happen.  If Republicans gain the majority in Congress, there should be some very interesting hearings.  And if DeSantis becomes president in 2024, the indictments had better start rolling out.

Image: China’s 70th-anniversary parade.  YouTube screen grab.

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Source: American Thinker

Stay Focused! Pin this note to your FOREHEAD!

This is just a post it I made for you to PRINT and stick somewhere so their avalanche of stuff that “WAS A CONSPIRACY THEORY but is now proven” Does NOT distract you from the REAL STORY!

These people are EXPERTS IN #Propaganda! We do need to fight the left on all fronts, but we MUST keep our eye on the REAL BALL! We need to fight censorship and the manufacture of viruses, we must get CRT out of schools!

But most importantly of all we MUST REMEMBER that the PCR is NOT a “Test” it’s a process which blows up a little of something and makes a lot of it! And the PCR was used to label people, many of which likely died of NATURAL CAUSES or other serious illnesses as “Covid19 Deaths” and it’s ALL A LIE based on PCR MISUSE!

We are catching Fauci and the FBI and Congress LYING But it’s a DISTRACTION!

Kerry Mullis, inventor of the PCR test

Everyone is so excited about today’s events we are forgetting the REAL SCAM which was falsely diagnosing every dead person as a “Covid19 Death” and using the PCR to confirm it!

They labeled people who died of gunshots Covid19 deaths! The government and corporations are using these phony numbers to push for FORCING PEOPLE TO TAKE A “VACCINE which is NOT a vaccine at all! It’s gene therapy!

Soon… The people taking those vaccines will start DYING! Guess what they’ll say killed them! COVID19!

Bet your last and and only dollar on THAT! They have already started hiding vaccine death data! They sre trying to manufacture a pandemic out of thin air! Nobody to this day can PROVE that covid19 even actually exists! It has not been isolated, never been seen under a microscope, NOTHING!

It’s a complete and total scam where they are saying people who die died of covid19! When in fact they just died! When I noticed that NOBODY on either side was talking about this I KNEW!

Dinesh D’Souza ain’t talking about it. Bongino not talking about it! They are talking about everything BUT THIS! The entire thing is a scam! See how now the “Lab Leak” is okay to talk about??? They need for you to believe this FAKE PANDEMIC actually happened……. But it was a hoax designed to start vaccinations which in turn started killing people!

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy so to speak!!

Click the picture below which says only 6% of the “Fear Porn Death Numbers were actually covid19! I say those were fake too!

They are planning to call the vaccine deaths “Covid19 deaths” so they can stick more people and cause more death! Give it some thought! If 94% were FAKE wouldn’t it be something if the other 6% were TOO?

How long has the FBI been in the terror biz?

Write every State Official in your state and DEMAND that they Prohibit Federal Law Enforcement and ANY “National Security Apparatus Personnel” from operating in your state! The Federal Government has gone rogue and it’s TIME to exercise states right to reel them in! I’d even suggest that the state discontinue collecting Federal Income Taxes!

If they refuse or have violated their oaths of office already, begin a movement to have them removed for oath violations or for failing to protect their citizens! It’s time to get to work!

The story is below my comments here

I hurriedly wrote Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton yesterday. My grammar could use some work but I made my point! YOU should do the same! Here’s what I wrote:

If I should disappear next week…….. you’ll know why!
I just wrote Greg Abbott and about to write the DOJ

The Attorney General of the United States Merrick B. Garland has made statements claiming that “White Supremacy is the most serious threat facing America today” which is wholly and blatantly inaccurate, and in my opinion a bald faced lie! This statement embarrasses this country on the world stage and will lead to the misallocation of Federal resources.

The DHS, FBI, and the entire Department of Justice have harassed and wrongfully prosecuted Americans who have committed no crimes, as they have failed to act against real threats to our country such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and out of control members of Congress inciting violence from their bully pulpits.

At this point the Federal Government has become complicit in every crime these groups commit due to the fact they are not prosecuting these people for documented criminal activity! We have members of Congress that are guilty of sedition and inciting violence as they bail actual criminals out of jail.

As they reinforce a harmful and untrue anti-white, racist narrative that is not based in any form of reality whatsoever!

Your own untrue statement about GAB being an “anti-Semitic platform” as you pretend to support Free Speech is also troubling to me.

Social Media corporations are getting section 230 protections as they promote these same false narratives through censorship, deplatforming of anyone speaking TRUTH, and disparaging innocent men, women, and children by tagging their truthful posts as misinformation or a conspiracy theory. These same platform are now reporting those individuals that they censor on their platforms to Federal Authorities, despite the fact these people have violated no laws or said anything whatsoever that could be considered an “incitement of violence.”

The Federal Government has gotten way out of control. State governments have as well, including Texas! The state and local governments all around this country have closed businesses, violated the natural rights of their citizens, enacted illegal and unconstitutional “mask mandates”, endorsed fictitious narratives and have closed schools all based on THEORIES! Bad theories at that.

Covid19 has not even been shown to exist! The “PCR” that is being used to “Test for Covid-19” is WORTHLESS as a diagnostic tool! The inventor of the process Kerry Mullis explained that the PCR has no diagnostic usefulness whatsoever! In this video he explains that “Claiming that a PCR result is meaningful is a misuse of the test!” View the video for yourself here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slybzpUgEZo

There is something very wrong taking place in this country and I don’t like it, nobody likes it it seems but those in government who seek more power.

I would ask that you address these serious issues. Police are enforcing unconstitutional “mandates” and rules imposed on them by unelected bureaucrats and people with a financial interest in vaccines. The supposed “Vaccine” created for covid19 is NOT a Vaccine at all, it is plainly stated on the patent it is a “Gene Therapy” and NOT a vaccine. Yet every corporate entity in the country is illegally trying to force people to take it.

Colleges are demanding students take this “vaccine” which is not needed because “Covid19” is nothing more than a re-branded flu! There is no proof it even exist. And even if it does it has a 99.5% survival rate for any age group! Why then are we advocating for a vaccine which is not a vaccine at all, to supposedly “prevent” covid19 even after it has been shown to NOT PREVENT COVID19???

People who have gotten both shots have died of covid19! This entire Plandemic has been a scam from the very start and I believe it’s time for someone to go on record stating just that!

The American Taxpayer is rightfully angry with the tyrannical government in the United States which has developed over the past year. The taxpayer have every right to eject ALL POLITICIANS at this point for violations of their oaths of office! The entire scam of Covid19 is being used to usher in an evil and tyrannical government and EVERYONE SEES IT!

If you care at all about your constituents you will put an end to this coercion to get a dangerous injection in Texas for a “virus” which likely does not exist. Why were hospitals paid to make covid19 diagnosis’? Was this just another aspect of this medical tyranny conspiracy that has been committed by governments around the world?

I feel as if I’m watching the new Hitler trying to come to power. And I don’t like it! I would like to see you address these issues. Thank You
Sincerely and Respectfully,

COPY IT IF YOU WISH!!! Just add your name!!!

Including LOCAL POLICE & Fire Department!

Write Judges, City Council members, newspapers and local tv news stations!





Exclusive: Jack Cashill notes reported involvement by feds in Capitol fracas is nothing new

By Jack Cashill
Published June 16, 2021 at 7:34pm

How long has the FBI been in the terror biz?

In light of the revelations by Revolver about the likely infiltration by the FBI of the groups involved in the events of Jan. 6 as well as the FBI’s confirmed infiltration in the ludicrous plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, it might pay to revisit the 2016 plot to bomb a Kansan mosque and apartment complex.

In the way of background, in February 2015 CNN reported on an intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security.

The report argued that the domestic terror threat from “sovereign citizen groups” was “equal to – and in some cases greater than – the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS.”

Later that same year, without FBI assistance, a pair of Islamic terrorists killed or seriously injured 36 people in an attack on a San Bernardino Christmas party.

Six months after that attack, in June 2016, another Islamic terrorist shot more than 100 people, killing 49 of them, at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

TRENDING: Biden gets confused, struggles to speak for 28 seconds straight

As the 2016 election approached, one suspects that certain elements within DHS hoped to shift media attention back to the real threat, what CNN called “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.” The media had not yet rediscovered the “white supremacist” label. That would come in time.

Over the spring and summer of 2016, a splinter group from the Three Percenters – one of the groups involved in the events of Jan. 6 – began to contemplate a “plan” to deal with the Somalis imported to western Kansas to work in the packing plants.

A surprisingly fair December 2017 article in New York Magazine by Jessica Pressler details how the plan progressed from something that was mostly barroom BS to a bomb plot for which three men were sentenced in a federal court to prison terms of up to 30 years.

“These defendants planned to ruthlessly bomb an apartment complex and kill innocent people, simply because of who they are and how they worship,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray upon their sentencing in January 2019.

“Today, together with our law enforcement partners, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting all people in our communities from those who seek to terrorize and do harm.”

In her conversations with one of the men convicted, a predictably troubled soul named Patrick Stein, Pressler sheds some useful light on how the events played out in Kansas and how they may well have played out on Jan. 6.

In the conventional retelling of the story, the hero was one of the plotters, a fellow named Dan Day.

In an Associated Press story, tellingly headlined, “Trial begins for alleged bomb plotters who wanted more Trump voters on jury,” the reader is told, “Dan Day knew the plan would go forward and innocent people would die.”

Here the AP paraphrases prosecutor Risa Berkower who claimed that Day “struggled with what to do, prayed about what to do. And then he contacted the FBI, and later agreed to wear a wire.”

Reportedly, it was not until a hearing at the federal courthouse in Wichita that the conspirators realized it was Dan Day who set them up.

“He’s the one who fed us all the information, showed us how bad they were, doing this and that and the other,” Stein told Pressler. “He was working for the feds the entire time. It was all a setup.”

Writes Pressler, “This time, Stein’s paranoid fantasy had turned out to be at least partially true.” Day, she reports, was in fact a paid informant for the FBI. He apparently had been reporting on Stein since Stein introduced him to the other soon-to-be conspirators at a gun show in February 2016.

According to Stein, it was Day who told the group he saw ISIS recruitment fliers in a local public library and who directed their attention to an apartment complex in Garden City where Somalis live. Day lived in Garden City.

It was Day who pushed for action before Election Day 2016.

“I can’t let what could happen a year from now, or six months ago, dictate what we f—ing do now,” Day allegedly told Stein in August 2016. “I mean, you just can’t.”

It was Day who introduced the group to a supposed major arms dealer, a man Day knew to be an undercover FBI agent whose guns had been shipped to Kansas from Quantico, Virginia.

This same FBI undercover agent offered to build an ammonium nitrate bomb of the sort Timothy McVeigh used in Oklahoma City if the conspirators provided the ammonium nitrate.

On their own, writes Pressler, the three conspirators “mostly succeeded in burning the hair off [a conspirator’s] finger” when trying to build a bomb.

The plot ended prematurely when a girlfriend of one of the conspirators called the local police to report her beau’s weapons stash.

Upon learning this, the feds promptly arranged the delivery of ammonium-nitrate to the conspirators and arrested the conspirators promptly after the hand off.

In reading this account, one is reminded of McVeigh’s own amateurish attempts at bomb building in Arizona before arriving in Oklahoma City with a massive ammonium-nitrate bomb allegedly of his own making.

One has to wonder, too, if his accomplice, John Doe No. 2, was allowed to disappear.

Just how long, one wonders, has this stuff been going on?

Jack Cashill’s new book, “Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency,” is widely available. See also www.cashill.com.

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Source: WND

Tucker Carlson Exposes FBI Ops Organizing Jan. 6th False Flag

US Government Announces It’s Coming For Whitey