Google’s Censorship EXPOSED!

Every Conservative on the planet KNOWS that Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have been censoring Conservative speech for some time now.

I have personally been censored many times by these Tech scumbags. But what is worse is when Conservatives like Crowder get censored or take fake copyright strikes on YouTube or the other platforms when they are PAYING to advertise on these platforms!!!

To me that is THEFT! Plain and simple. They take your advertising dollars and then censor your content, or delay it being viewed until it is no longer relavent.

Google believes it should be the arbiter of the information Americans have access to. Google and these other platforms like hiding behind terms like “Hate Speech”.

They are slandering Conservatives by saying they are promoting “Hate Speech” when in fact they simply don’t like their politics. I despise a LIAR!!! And they are liars ALL!!!

I want to see these monopolies broken up for the common good. I also want to see Justice served here. These companies should be FORCED to refund advertising dollars spent by people being censored on their platforms.

They should also lose the protections given to them by the government which protects them from liability claims. They are given these protections because they are a “platform” and not a publisher.

Since they choose to “edit” the content on their platforms by silencing Conservatives, calling them “Racists” and making false claims in order to remove or censor their content…. They should lose this protection and be treated like any other publisher and be liable for what is on their platform!!!

PLEASE write your State Representative today!!! And also write to Congress please.


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