No more Facebook???

I have heard folks grumbling about #Facebook censoring their posts and blocking #Conservative materials.

There has even been talk of a move to MeWe.

But is it all just talk???

It’s a really simple process folks!!!

Once you’ve had Facebook up to your ears then just delete your account!!!

Just click on “Settings” and then go down to “Manage account” at the bottom and click “Deactivate my account”.


I’ve actually done it before. Facebook does not even really delete your account.

If you change your mind (When I done it at least) then just use your login to re-activate your account!!!

Have YOU had enough of the selective censorship on Facebook???

Or will you continue to just “Suck on it”???

I’ve never checked out MeWe for myself yet so I cannot tell you if it’s the greatest new thing or not.

What I CAN tell you is that Facebook is going to continue to promote their agenda!!!

And they don’t believe you when you say you are leaving.

So WHAT are YOU going to do about it???

Time will tell.


I had not logged into Facebook for 3 months and I logged in the other day.

They welcomed me back by banning my posts for the next 24 hours because of one of my post (written long ago) “offended” some clown.

They are making my decision very difficult!!!