Sunday July 26th — #StopIranRally(ies) in Los Angeles, San Diego and Winnipeg, Canada

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Below are the locations of Sundays rallies:

Los Angeles:
July 26, 2015, 2:00-4:00 pm at the Federal Building (Veteran and Wilshire).
For more information, please click HERE. Please join the Facebook event HERE.
San Diego:
July 26, 2015, 2:00-4:00 pm at Balboa Park (Park Boulevard and President’s Way Lawn).
For more information, please click HERE. Please join the Facebook event HERE.
Winnipeg, Canada:
July 30, 2015, 5:300 pm in front of the Maitoba Legislative Building
For more information, please contact Louisa at
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Ted Cruz is the Conservative choice for America. If you vote for anyone else, you may as well register as a democrat!!!

TedCruz-35This is Ted Cruz’s office. I like this picture because it tells a story of what Ted cares about. You can see that on the right there is a painting of Ronald Reagan. And behind Ted, for every visitor that he has to see, is the “Come and Take It” Cannon which represents his strong stand on the 2nd amendment. Ted Cruz is a true Conservative, and he votes like one!!! Everyone has jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon just because he gets it on immigration. Donald Trump is OK to watch on television, but can you see him as President of the United States??? Really??? He’s somewhat of a loose cannon, and besides that, he’s no Conservative!!! Trump has a good stance on a couple of hot issues.ted_cruz_for_president_2016_sweatshirt But people, Trump is not a Conservative!!! He said that he would like to have Oprah to run as his Vice President!!! Oprah is the one who gave Obama his start, her blessing sent him to the White House. Is that what you want??? Another Obama??? Well I certainly don’t!!!         I hope it sinks in. Because America will lose if we elect anyone other than Ted Cruz. Trump is a great entertainer, but he is no President. Besides that, his views are not Conservative. And his views may change tomorrow!!! The media is already at it, trying to influence this race by putting Cruz at the bottom of the pack, when in reality he is leading the pack. The New York Times does not want you to see that his book is the #3 seller in America. Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative. He fights for religious freedom every day. Do you think Donald Trump will fight for your religious freedoms??? Ted Cruz is a statesman, he can handle the tough interviews without getting shaken, and without spouting something that will get him, and/or the country into trouble. Do you think Donald Trump can do that??? He has proven over and over that he cannot. Ted Cruz has not leveled even one personal attack against anyone. Not ONE!!! I challenge you to find an instance where Ted Cruz attacked a political opponent personally. He does not do it, because Ted Cruz has class, and Christian values. Do you think Donald Trump can say that??? He’s attacking every member of the GOP running for President right now, the party he is supposed to represent. The problem we face more than any other is that the GOP establishment don’t want Cruz to be their candidate, because he won’t go along with their “business as usual” BS. Cruz stands up against them, and won’t back down, and they don’t like that. They want someone who they can control and manipulate into doing their bidding. Ted Cruz has it right when he calls them the “Washington Cartel”. Because that is what they are. They are an elite group of people making laws for the American people, that they themselves will not obey. Take Obamacare for example. They shoved that disaster down the throats of Americans as they protested it!!! But does Congress have Obamacare??? No they don’t. Then the Supreme Court illegally re-wrote the legislation to make it a “tax”, when Obama said it was “Not a tax”, so that they could rule it Constitutional. Does the Supreme Court have Obamacare??? No they don’t! You see, here in America every man was created equal, and is to be treated equal under the law. But now that the “Cartel” has taken over, they are above you!!! You are a mere peasant, and must follow the laws they have written, while they clearly do not. They are all exempt from Obamacare, and their closest buddies………..they are exempt too!!! I can hear the cracking of the whips now, cracking across the backs of Americans, as we struggle to carry the burdens our masters in Washington have imposed on us. While they sit under a nearby shade tree, sipping tea, and watching their purses get fat with the sweat of our labor, laughing about those fools that voted them into office, and watch helplessly as they dictate to us what we will do, as they do what they wish. A vivid picture no??? And even though they aren’t using whips (yet), that pretty much sums it up!!! We are slaves to the “Washington Cartel”. They own you. You WILL give them your hard earned money, and they WILL spend it as they please, give some to their friends, give some to the countries of the world that want us all dead, and then they’ll pocket the rest. And you know what you’ll do about it??? Nothing!!! Nothing but whine and cry on facebook, as our once great country crumbles around you. You may as well give up slave, because both Republicans and Democrats are your masters, they are both in the “Cartel”. The only way to save this country is to put someone in office who will fight them, fight them all. But how will you do that, when we all know the GOP will fight tooth and nail to keep non-cartel members out??? Well you could start by organizing some folks, putting together a big rally in every city in America for Ted Cruz. You could send Ted $50 or $20 or even $10. Each and every one of you could write to your representatives in office and inform them that it’s gonna be Ted Cruz as the GOP nominee. And after you do that I’d suggest going to Church this Sunday, and informing the pastor that the congregation needs to have a serious political talk, because if you don’t the Church won’t be there in 4 more years. You could explain to some of the 40 million Christians who will not vote in this election that we NEED them at the polls voting for Ted Cruz to protect not only religious liberty, but liberty in general!!! You could remind them that because of a few judicial activist sitting on the Supreme Court their whole way of life is about to change. That marriage is just the beginning, and that decision has opened the way for attacks against Churches on many fronts. Firstly by trying to make religious leaders marry gays, even though it is against their beliefs. And if they refuse??? Well they’ll take their tax-exempt status of course!!! The IRS will be crawling all over your local place of worship, and if the Church cannot afford to pay these new taxes, then they will seize it, and sell it to the highest bidder………….which will naturally be your local atheist group, which will use it as headquarters in it’s battle against God. And you better believe the lawsuits will be pouring in from angry gays because of pastors who refuse to marry them in his Church.320610_130692447037638_100002906502539_162572_1705803016_n

 They fined a couple who owns a bakery $135,000.00 who refused to bake a gay wedding cake, what do you think they are going to do to a preacher who refuses to perform the ceremony??? Ted Cruz has fought for religious liberty his whole career, and he has vowed to NEVER stop fighting for the rights of Christians!!! So you had better go to Church this Sunday and let those Christians know who it is that’s looking out for them, and let them know that the Church is under attack on all fronts, and if something is not done, I truly believe they will lay it to waste just as they did the rebel flag, even though it may take a few more days to do it. Or they could sit there and do nothing, not show up to vote again, and see how that works for them. I’m telling you that if enough people are mobilized to spread the word, and enough people who don’t usually vote will show up and vote, meaning Christians, then we can turn this country around, and take it back from the “Cartel” in Washington!!! But if America does “more of the same”, and nominates a weak conservative candidate or Donald Trump…………..then Hillary will win this election. And things in America will drastically change for the worse. You only THINK it’s bad now!!! Wait until you see what Hillary is capable of with her pen…………Obama has been a cake-walk brothers and sisters!!!  This is a time in history which is as important as when George Washington crossed the Delaware, and the stakes are the same. Either we succeed in restoring America now, or America will crumble into the history books as another failed political ideology, even though it was, at one time, the greatest idea the World has ever seen. I don’t think we’ll get another chance. It’s all or nothing, right now, right here!!! God Bless you and yours, and keep some powder dry.

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And So It Begins! Montana Man Files For License to Marry TWO Women

Check out my friends at A Time For Choosing
A Montana man files for his second marriage license

A Time For Choosing

Collier and Wives

Nathan Collier [center] and his wife Victoria [left] along with wife to be Christine [right] are moving to legalize their plural marriage based on the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage

By Gary P Jackson

A couple of days ago I wrote Congratulations Polygamists, Pederasts, Oedipalists, et al.: Your Case is Made, the Precedent is Set! Call the Wedding Planner! where I predicted we’d soon see any number of deviations from traditional marriage, now that the Supreme Court has declared marriage a “right.”

I included a Politico opinion piece that made a pretty solid case for plural marriage [polygamy] based on the arguments used to convince the Court to grant the new “right” for gays to marry.

This from the Associated Press, via The Blaze:

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana man has applied for a marriage license so he can legally wed his…

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