Creeping Sharia

via CAIR-Michigan Goes After the U.S. Constitution

There they go again. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has just put out an Action Alert that takes direct aim at the Constitution of the United States.

At issue is the Michigan state legislature’s House Bill No. 4769, which looks likely to pass in coming days. Quite simply, that bill states that no foreign law may take precedence over American law or Michigan state law in a Michigan court room.

The key provision of the bill is Section 2, which says:

 “A court, arbitrator, administrative agency, or other adjudicative, mediation, or enforcement authority shall not enforce a foreign law if doing so would violate a right guaranteed by the constitution of this state or of the United States.”

That’s it. Seems pretty straightforward and entirely in keeping with Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, which states:

“This Constitution and the…

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Creeping Sharia

via Texas teaching ‘Allah is the Almighty God’.

In the 70 percent of Texas public schools where a private curriculum has been installed, students are learning the “fact” that “Allah is the Almighty God,” charge critics of a new online curriculum that already is facing condemnation for its secrecy and restrictions on oversight.

The program, called CSCOPE, is a private venture operating under the umbrella of the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative, whose incorporation documents state its independence from the State Board of Education of the Texas Education Agency.

The critics say the studies border on proselytizing.

In one scenario, students are asked to study the tenets of Islam, and critics say the materials provided exceed impartial review of another faith, extending into requirements of conversion and moral imperatives.

A computer presentation utilized as part of a study of Islam includes information on how to convert, as well…

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Creeping Sharia

via ACLU’s Muted Response To Film Censorship Tied To Muslims On Its Board –

Americans might as well be living under Islamic blasphemy laws, yet the nation’s champion of free speech — the ACLU — is AWOL. That’s because it’s now largely run by Muslims.

The ACLU usually stands up strong for First Amendment rights. Not in the case of the Muhammad movie.

The ACLU’s executive director failed to release an official statement condemning the outrageous efforts of the White House to deep-six the film, including pressuring YouTube to remove its trailer from the Web.

Amnesty International, in contrast, asserted that any Muslim hurt over the film “should not be used as a justification to curtail core freedoms or justify potential government repression.”

Not until The Daily Caller contacted the ACLU did it speak out, and only meekly so. It said it was “concerned” about the White House…

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PUMABydesign001's Blog

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the draft of a proposed new Army manual declares discussions by U. S. troops with Afghanians on such delicate subjects as women’s rights, equality, homosexuality, pedophilia, Islam, other religions, and the Taliban and its misdeeds off limits.

Censorship of Radical Islam

The manual entitled, “Insider Threats – Afghanistan: Observations, Insights, and Lessons” also emphasizes that such discussions are responsible for the deaths of Americans (and other NATO) troops by Afghani troops who also happened to belong to the Taliban and hates Americans.  (The latter part of the sentence, my emphasis.)  H/t Blackfive.

…Many of the confrontations occur because of [coalition] ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms, resulting in a violent reaction from the [Afghan security force] member,’ according to the draft handbook prepared by Army researchers.

The 75-page manual, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, is part of a…

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Creeping Sharia

Atlas Shrugs provides an update on the California Episcopal church aiding and abetting Islamists.

via MPAC Convention Report: Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church – Atlas Shrugs.

We had operatives at the event. Here is their first report.

Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church

As the Muslim Public Affairs Council settled into their convention home at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, there was hardly a whimper from the Rector Ed Bacon.  And that whimper wasn’t over the Muslims praying their anti-Christian and anti-Jewish prayers three times in the facility. (see this )  Rather, it was over the nationwide-outrage over All Saints’ partnering with the American Muslims’ political arm, giving them free use of their campus.  Rev. Bacon lamented, “Christians can be very hateful.”  One-third of the convention’s agenda was devoted to a pity party analyzing what the opposition to the conference location meant, moderated by…

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Shut and and sing MORONS!!! Men with guns give idiots such as yourself the right to free speech. Stick to your mediocre music, and don’t try to think too much………….you may hurt yourself!!! I hate to say it folks, but personally, I believe this is an orchestrated effort by the gun-grabbers to get legislation passed!!! I COULD be wrong…………….but I don’t think I am!!! Guns are our ONLY defense against a tyrannical government, not to mention our only reliable means of self defense against an attacker……………GOD gave us the right to defend ourselves, and I for one, refuse to let the government legislate my rights away.