America and God stand with you Israel

Every American President has stood with Israel, they are America’s closest and dearest ally in the world today. With that being said, Obama the anti-Semite muslim is now in office. He helps Israel’s enemies while hurting our ally Israel. Think about that. He helps our enemies while hurting our allies!!! I for one have seen enough. I believe the time for talk is over. It is time for America and Americans to take action against this man before his destruction of America is complete. Before he came to office, I was not a political person at all!!! But I love my country, and I want to defend the Constitution which defends our country. This President only seeks to side step the Constitution. He is a Constitutional Scholar folks. He studied the Constitution so he could find ways around the protection it provides for America. He wishes only to destroy America, nothing more, and nothing less. If you love this country I strongly suggest that you act TODAY to defend it. You need to go to  RIGHT NOW!!! And sign the petitions they have going, ALL of them!!! Then you should write to your representatives in Congress DAILY until they do something about this!!! You can locate them here : Please go to bat for our friends in Israel. Please go to bat for America. Please stop doing nothing, and start doing something every day to protect our country from this attack.


Public School will be Data Tracking Parental Conversations with Young Children

So now they want to data-mine our children!!!

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lena-accountability-560x328 Would you volunteer to have a private organization (under public school contract) track your parental conversation with your child aged 0-5?

Missouri Education Watchdog, By Gretchen Logue

Parental conversations with children, with the permission of the parents, will be recorded and analyzed by a private company under a contract with the Huntsville City School District. From Geek Palaver:

During the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education meeting last night, the board, without asking a single question, approved Dr. Wardynski’s recommendation for a 24 month contract with the LENA Foundation for $93,500.

For a two-year contract, this one is actually rather small, but it will have far-reaching implications. Basically what the LENA Foundation does is collect data on the amount of time parents spend speaking to their children in order to help reduce the language gap that typically exists between children born into poverty and those born into homes…

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Governor of Texas Greg Abbot filed an Amicus Brief against Obama’s Executive action on immigration.

Governor Greg Abbott has filed an amicus brief in opposition to the Obama administration’s Emergency Motion for Stay Pending Appeal in the case to halt President Obama’s executive amnesty. The Governors of Louisiana, New Jersey and South Dakota joined Governor Abbott in filing an amicus curiae or friend of the court brief.

I like Greg Abbot. I liked him as the atty. general of Texas, and I like him for Governor of my home state of Texas. Greg filed this brief against the Obama Administration for its Executive Amnesty order. Which is basically an executive fiat. The Dictator in Chief has said 22 times that he did not have the power to issue such an executive order, then he did it. It’s time this guy is brought to account for the things he and his administration have done!!! I want to see criminal charges brought against the whole lot of them!!! And I mean ALL of them. Eric Holder is in charge of the most corrupt Justice Department in this countries history, dismissing charges against their friends and allies, while leaning on political opposition. It’s criminal, there is no other way to put it. Here is another American that was attacked by this administration for her political beliefs.

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Gun Grabbers Incorporated

Any and everything the Obama administration and their cronies do is designed to do one thing, pure and simple. Weaken the rights of Americans like you and me, while expanding on the power of the government. Getting your guns (or ammo) will assure them of one thing. When they make their big move, grabbing powers that everyone will raise a stink about, you can’t object too strenuously, because they’ll have taken your weapons ahead of time. Remember folks, Hitler passed National Healthcare in Germany in 1935. History repeats itself and that is a fact. And that, boys and girls, is why the founders of our great nation created the 2nd amendment. Enjoy this article by P J Media

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