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I want to encourage you to go right now and sign up at CSPOA.org

Did you know your Sheriff has the Constitutional Authority to deputize his citizens?

He is the only actually “Constitutional” Peace Officer there is. He is an elected official who has the constitutional authority to deputize citizens and he has Arrest Powers. Did you know that violating your OATH of Office is a CRIME? It surely is. So give that a little bit of thought as you see George Soros operatives violating their oaths and committing sedition around our great country! The real law enforcement officer of America is your county Sheriff! And the majority of them are honest and patriotic! They are also elected, so when you and your community ask them to join CSPOA I’m sure they’ll respectfully honor your request! Your Sheriff is the one guy who can form a LAWFUL militia of the citizenry! And that’s important

The COVID Vaccine War – This Is Not A Drill

We Need Mass Civil Disobedience RIGHT NOW

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Bungling: Where Did the Errors Begin? | Guest: Spencer Coursen | Ep 336

The very same demonic families are responsible for today’s Tyranny as in Hitler’s day! PURE EVIL


You are NOT considered “vaccinated” until 2 weeks after they stick the needle in your arm, why is that? To exclude all those who drop DEAD?

Bet your ass that’s what it is! There are tens of thousands of people who have died BECAUSE they took a vaccine, but because they play these tricks with numbers you’ll never know it! When they exclude these people because it’s not been 2 weeks yet, it makes all of those who dropped dead purely BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE get reported as “NOT vaccine related! I wouldn’t exactly call that truthful, would you?



I don’t care where you are in the world, you are likely living under a blanket of Tyranny. I want to share with you a survivor of the Gulag, and his only regret

Let his words serve you well, because it’s happening again

You can click the link below to read his book on archive.org OR the FULL PDF version can be downloaded below the photo. It’s a book the entire world needs to read. You don’t yet know true evil, but you are about to, unless you stop it.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The Gulag Archipelago

From The Gateway Pundit

Psaki: “I Don’t Think We Can Guarantee” Americans Who Want to Get Out Will Get Out of Afghanistan After August 31 (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila
Published August 27, 2021 at 3:09pm

Psaki: “I Don’t Think We Can Guarantee” Americans Who Want to Get Out Will Get Out of Afghanistan After August 31 (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday admitted Joe Biden is going leave Americans behind after the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

A reporter asked Psaki what the process will be to extricate Americans, green card holders or Afghan allies after the August 31 deadline.

“Does the US right now have a vision of a process that they will use to get people out after August 31” the reporter asked.

Psaki responded: “I don’t think we can guarantee” Americans who want to get out will get out of Afghanistan.

TRENDING: Operation ‘Pineapple Express’ – Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies During Secret Missions Conducted BEHIND BIDEN’S BACK

Psaki also said the Biden regime will be ‘coordinating with the Taliban’ to evacuate American citizens stranded in Afghanistan after August 31.

So far relying on the Taliban to ‘secure Kabul airport’ has led to a suicide bombing that resulted in the death of 13 US servicemen and 15 more critically injured.

What happened to ‘no American left behind’?


EVACUATIONS: Psaki Says, ‘I Don’t Think We Can Guarantee’ Evacuation Of All Americans Who Want To Leave Afghanistan After August 31st. pic.twitter.com/rdZc1D67Hc

— Forbes (@Forbes) August 27, 2021

From the Gateway Pundit

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The Biden Effect: Taliban Announces Citizens Must Turn Over Guns, All Women are Required to Have Male Chaperone to Leave the House for Extended Periods

New Yorkers Fight Unprecedented Vaccine Mandates In NYC! Large Union Protest at City Hall: Video and Photos

Democrat New Orleans Mayor Says There Isn’t Enough Time to Evacuate the City Before Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall (VIDEO)

“Wellcamp: The Best Way To Keep You Safe” – Australian Health Officials Produce Creepy Dystopian Propaganda For New ‘Mandatory Quarantine Camps’ (Video)

Official Complaint Filed with UN Human Rights Committee Over Mistreatment of Jan. 6 Prisoners

AMAZING MOMENT: Republican NYC Mayoral Candidate Embraces Homeless Man Who Interrupted His Press Conference

LOCK HIM UP: Biden Regime Now Aiding and Abetting Our Worst Enemies

EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. Intelligence Report on the Origin of COVID-19 Looks “Preordained” and “Mirrors Many of the the Talking Points of the CCP”

Chicago Mother: Judge Took Away My Parental Rights For Not Getting COVID Vaccine

Can Employers Require Employees to be Vaccinated?

No individual is required to have a vaccine, as they have the choice whether or not to be vaccinated, but there can be consequences for employees who refuse a vaccine on non-medical or non-religious grounds depending on state regulations

This was written by a lawyer in Australia but it matters not, countries around the world are blatantly violating the Rule of Law

The Curious Case of the Unlawful Public Health Orders

Marine Commander RISKS IT ALL To Hold Biden Admin Accountable

Marine Commander RISKS IT ALL To Hold Biden Admin Accountable


Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the cop who killed Ashli Babbitt has gone public. He was interviewed by NBC. And after seeing him, and listening to his side, I am even more sure than I was before that her killing was unjustified. She was murdered. Also, President Biden literally falls apart on camera while responding to the terrorist killing of 13 American servicemen. And the Supreme Court shuts down Biden’s unconstitutional eviction moratorium. Plus, the media is lying about COVID in Florida, again. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll deal with the new non-binary remix of “It’s Raining Men.” 

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The Ashli Babbitt Shooting Looks Even Worse Now That The Cop Has Spoken Out | Ep. 785

Where is the video footage to support his BS Claims?

A scumbag loser who has been disciplined for leaving his loaded weapon in a bathroom unattended claims that the unarmed Ashli Babbitt “was a threat.” He also claims he gave multiple verbal warnings, but this is also a lie, I watched the videos. But wouldn’t it be nice if the government released ALL OF THE VIDEO! They are Corrupt LIARS and this is the ONLY reason they won’t release the video! It completely exposes their LIES!

GLOBAL BOMBSHELL: Japanese Govt. Confirms COVID Vaccines Contaminated with Metal

August 28, 2021

The rich, mostly White people leading Verizon are oh, so woke

Do we want him vaccinating the world for coronavirus?

The Moscow Approach to Taking Down America: Historical Stories

Counter Punch with Trevor Loudon

For all things Communist, Trevor Loudon is one of the best informed, honest, people available that you can follow!

Trevor Loudon relates a series of stories from a New Zealand security agent who infiltrated a secret communist training school in Moscow in the 1980s. He provides insights into Moscow’s approach to taking down America.

Counterpunch is an Epoch Times show available on FacebookGab, and YouTube.

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The Moscow Approach to Taking Down America: Historical Stories

After seeing over the blatant Murder of tens of thousands elderly New Yorkers, with no charges filed against him for doing so…… Cuomo skulks away to enjoy the riches he has stolen from Taxpayers

I’m sure the Communists who control him also kicked in for a “golden parachute” retirement program.

Or they’ll just murder him like he did to those old people!

The one thing that your average Communist seems to always overlook is how no matter how important they claim you are, once that you have performed the function they need you for you are expendable.

Why keep “Useful Idiots” around? They have helped you to topple a system of government already!

You see… There’s only one “Fearless Leader” and if you are not him then you are expendable! You have shown that you are CAPABLE of being a threat to “The Party” therefore they retire you…

It’s all fun and games until the hit squad shows up!

Cuomo Resigns! Freedom Toons

Arnold the Nazi demonstrates “The Apple never falls far from the Tree”

“Since when did hospitals turn into jails?”

A doctor from Florida reported on his recent experience in the hospital.  Dr. Stephen Guffanti was entered into Sarasota Memorial Hospital in early August.  During his stay, he was roomed with another individual who had COVID.  The other individual required antibiotics for pneumonia he contracted but the hospital refused to order him the badly needed drugs.

The doctor offered to represent the 50-year-old patient but the hospital continued to not address the man’s pneumonia.  When the doctor offered to help the man, the hospital put the doctor in restraints until they decided how to deal with him.

This unbelievable story appears to be an effort by those in power to COVID-Kill the middle-aged man by not providing to him the anti-biotics needed to kill pneumonia.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Doctor in Sarasota Hospital Witnesses a 50-Year-Old Man Being ‘COVID Killed’ by Hospital Personnel – Doctor Restrained When He Advocates for Patient (VIDEO)

Hero Ted Cruz Blocks Democrat Party’s Attempt to Takeover and Ruin America’s Elections

Before we get to the Communist scumbag and criminal Eric Holder, who helped Obama to start the narrative of “White Supremacy” in an America where it didn’t exist

I want to encourage EVERYONE to rent / stream / buy “What Killed Michael Brown” a documentary by a real civil rights leader, Mr. Shelby Steele! He did an excellent job with his son Eli on this documentary!

I lived through Obama, The radical Obama Regime is what forced me into politics! Obama is a Communist and a first rate scumbag of the highest order! I don’t like his WHITE HALF any more than I like his Black Half!

My best friend is black, but for 8 years I was forced to hear about how anyone who disagreed with Obama’s Unconstitutional policies and objectives to destroy America was a “Racist” because apparently you cannot disagree with black folks or you become a “Racist!

It was all part of a well orchestrated plan created by Evil men to destroy this country! Barry and Eric Holder spent a massive amount of time and energy to promote the narrative that America is a racist country, and then he actually PAID THE MEDIA in his “Stimulus Bill” to spew his narrative from then on!

Did you know that while Obama was in office that the Traitor filled 112th Congress also signed into law the Traitorous “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act” which repealed the earlier “Smith-Mundt Act” which made it illegal to disseminate Propaganda to the American people?

That is correct, HR 5736 or The “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act” actually repealed the earlier bill which made it illegal for government Agencies to disseminate Propaganda to the American People (Their bosses)

HR 5736 ALLOWED GOVERNMENT to lie and deceive the American People using Propaganda through basically any form of communications! Including television, radio, social media etc…. Basically anywhere people communicate, they can lie to you since the passage of this Traitorous Act in 2012, and it was slipped into the NDAA in 2013 so it could get unlimited funding!

So if you’ve ever wondered why media went straight to hell about 2010… Now you know!

And as a side note, have you noticed that since Propaganda and LIES are now legal from government employees more mass shootings have occurred since Barrack Hussein Obama became President than in all of history before that time? Pretty coincidental no?

Dirtbag Eric Holder: Citizens Need to Be in the Streets Getting Arrested to Preserve the Democrat Party’s Right to Steal Elections

HR 5736 The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act

Until this Act is repealed the American People cannot believe anything their own government tells them! So repealing this act should be JOB #1!

Without repealing this Act you can NEVER AGAIN believe your government or anything they say!

It has to be Job #1 right behind the STOLEN 2020 Election and the Audits!

The Domestic Censorship Infrastructure of the Corrupt US Government & Big Tech

I recorded this video on FrankSpeech.com during Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium and uploaded it to Rumble because it’s important stuff!

Dr. Shiva (Inventor of email) details the corruption of Government and Big Tech, who have teamed up in a Fascist relationship from hell, to censor Americans and silence our Free Speech!

We have allowed this to continue for over 5 years now. It is destroying our country and allowing Criminals to literally get away with Murder!

These corrupt individuals have lied to you and lied to all of America, and silenced ANYONE who attempts to expose them!

If YOU are not being silenced yet, it’s only because they are too busy attacking Trump supporters! But let there be NO DOUBT YOUR TIME WILL SOON COME!

As soon as they have trampled our rights and put us all in prison……. Do you REALLY believe that you are not next?


We must unite as Americans! Democrat or Republican or Independent does not matter! We are ALL Americans, and we are ALL losing our country right before our eyes!

You’ll wake up one day soon to discover that China now runs America.
China don’t care much about your rights or your freedoms.

China WILL KILL YOU to harvest your organs!

We are dealing with pure Evil! You MUST see it, and you must fight it! #Every American needs to get to work in their State! Freedom has already been lost, we must begin taking it back!

We have corrupt politicians in America who have combined forces with the Chinese and others to destroy America and destroy you!

It is WW3 RIGHT NOW! And we are the soldiers!

The Domestic Censorship Infrastructure of the Corrupt US Government & Big Tech

The Domestic Censorship Infrastructure of the Corrupt US Government & Big Tech

Communism has come to America! A Message for Patriots EVERYWHERE

A Message for Patriots EVERYWHERE

A Message for Patriots EVERYWHERE

I’m going to make a radical suggestion to you for your own good! GET RID OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES! Cell phones, ring doorbells, Alexa, Smart TVs, and all other devices that communicate with bluetooth or the internet! Smart TVs have cameras in them BTW

These devices are being used to spy on your private life, conversations, friends, family, and even your bedroom escapades! Pegasus allows Government actors to take control of your phone and extract anything they want including photos, messages, call logs, apps on your phone, and even encrypted messages on supposedly “secure end to end encryption apps”!

If you wonder how the CCP and the Chinese Government have apparently taken over every politician in America, law enforcement, Federal Agencies, and even the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, you may want to consider the amount of blackmail material one could compile through the electronic surveillance of every electronic device on the planet with an internet connection!

Smart TV’s are in almost every legislator’s office in the country! As are an abundance of cell phones. People have installed ring doorbells and Alexa type devices in their homes, which have cameras and microphones in them!

The “Smart Doorbell” devices like Ring are monitoring who comes and goes from your home! When combined with facial recognition software those monitoring you will know everyone you speak to, what was said, and by whom. All of this data is being collected, monitored, and then used as a weapon against you!

These people can activate your microphone AND your cameras on your cell phone, which BTW now even have Infrared (IR) cameras on them so they can record your actions in the dark too!

So you not only have to worry about corrupt US Intel Agencies, The FBI and DOJ monitoring your every move, action, comment, and who you have contact with….. But anyone with the money to purchase the Spyware Virus can also monitor you! If they want you dead all they gotta do is track you through your GPS until you go somewhere quiet enough to “Do the Deed.”

They are watching and listening as you make love to your wife, or worse yet, when you are having an affair, when you use the toilet, change clothes, etc… These people are sick and they are Totalitarian Communists! How much intellectual property can they steal from your company?

How much data about your activities, conversations, social media activity, personal photos and contacts do you think they’d need to entrap you in some kind of fabricated “Crime?”

The Afghanistan Terrorists knew about cell phone tracking and electronic device monitoring techniques used by the US and others so what did they do to protect themselves? They did not use these devices!

This allowed them to become invisible to their better armed and more advanced enemies! And I’m telling you now that this is the tact we must take now! Anything electronic opens you up to being framed for crimes, conspiracy theories, and blackmail!

And let’s not forget that the newer devices are coming out with technology that can be used to monitor you even when you don’t have an internet connection! The advances in Bluetooth technology have allowed manufacturers of these phones to “build an internet” without an internet connection!

Even if you don’t have one of these devices in your home it will not prevent your neighbors devices from monitoring your devices! The way it works is they use low frequency signals to scan for any devices around them, collect their data and location information, and then the low frequency signal can be bounced from one device to another until a device is reached which has either a wi-fi connection or has an internet connection to transmit the data!

So theoretically you could be 50 miles from the closest wi-fi or internet connected device and this technology will collect data on ALL DEVICES and bounce it from one device to another, without you knowing, until it reaches a device with an internet connection. Then it uploads the collected data!

Protect yourself and your family by getting rid of these devices! You are only one or two steps away from being the guy in 1984 being forced to “present himself for inspection” to the Television in his living room!

Pegasus: the spyware technology that threatens democracy – video

Ep. 1565 What is Pegasus? – The Dan Bongino Show

Your cell phone, Ring, Alexa, Google Hub devices do NOT belong to you! You thought it was YOUR device but it’s actually working for it’s Master, Big Tech!

I highly recommend that you subscribe to Rob Braxman Tech on Odysee!

Big Tech Botnets – The Fearsome New Technology

MARICOPA TRAIL Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep134

VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government

The video is about half way down the page. I just ran across this article, and have not yet verified it, check it out.

New VAERS alternative reporting site! If you have an adverse reaction REPORT IT TO VAERS and then report it HERE! This site will NOT be censored!

The actual Database site is at VaxPain.us

UPDATED – How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing? – Dr. Vernon Coleman

Doctor Coleman has been writing about Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals for over 50 years! PLEASE SHARE! Visit VernonColeman.org for more downloadable PDF books and other health information!

UPDATED – How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?

5TH JUNE 2021

Please share this very important article with everyone you know. Also, please help save lives and send this article to hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, care homes, schools, newspapers, journalists, etc. 

No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill.

But although I haven’t seen the mainstream media mention most of these deaths, people have already died or been injured after being given the vaccine:

SHOCKING – The latest covid vaccine deaths and injuries from VAERS

openvaers.com covid data (it is estimated that only 1% of vaccine adverse events is reported)

Note: The following paragraph has now been added to the UK’s Pfizer analysis data print, “A report of a suspected ADR to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by the vaccine…” In my view, this is yet another attempt to draw attention away from the very real problems associated with the vaccines. We note that when patients die 60 days after a positive covid test, they are added to the covid death figures but if someone were to die 60 minutes after a covid vaccine, then it is just a coincidence.

PFIZER (UK data) – Some of the Injuries include: strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, sepsis, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, blindness, deafness, shingles, alopecia and covid-19. (Please help save lives and send the link for the Pfizer data analysis print to schools and local newspapers)

UK Yellow Card reports. This sophisticated and easy to use database on ukcolumn.org analyses the UK Government’s Yellow Card data of deaths and adverse reactions associated with the covid-19 jabs.

Note: The following paragraph has now been added to the UK’s AstraZeneca analysis data print, “A report of a suspected ADR to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by the vaccine…” In my view, this is yet another attempt to draw attention away from the very real problems associated with the vaccines. We note that when patients die 60 days after a positive covid test, they are added to the covid death figures but if someone were to die 60 minutes after a covid vaccine, then it is just a coincidence.

ASTRAZENECA (UK data) – Some of the many injuries include: blindness, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, sepsis, paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, deafness, shingles, alopecia and covid-19. (Please help save lives and send the link for the AstraZeneca analysis data print to schools and local newspapers)

European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports:

UK Yellow Card reports. This sophisticated and easy to use database on ukcolumn.org analyses the UK Government’s Yellow Card data of deaths and adverse reactions associated with the covid-19 jabs.

Important note:
There have been reports in the press that the AstraZeneca vaccine is causing blood clots. This is true but so do ALL of the experimental vaccines being given allegedly to prevent covid-19. There have been many deaths, with more than 1,000 in the UK alone, and a vast number of adverse events. It is important to remember that these experimental vaccines which are being given to healthy people do not prevent covid-19 or stop it being passed on, and the risk of a young, healthy adult dying of covid-19 is extremely small.

  1. Yet another teenager hospitalised with heart inflammation after covid vaccine (video – brighteon.com)
  2. Woman with permanent injuries following Johnson & Johnson experimental vaccine stuck with one million dollars in medical bills (video – bitchute.com)
  3. Twelve died last week after covid vaccination, four suffered miscarriages (article -www.thestandard.com.hk)
  4. 7 U.S. Teens Developed Heart Inflammation After Second Pfizer Vaccine, New Study Shows (article – childrenshealthdefense.org)
  5. Compilation of injuries and deaths after the covid vaccine (video – bitchute.com)
  6. 920 women have reported the loss of their unborn baby after having the covid vaccine. (article – dailyexpose.co.uk)
  7. 40+ Doctors Tell UK Drug Regulators: Vaccinating Kids for COVID is ‘Irresponsible, Unethical and Unnecessary
  8. Covid vaccine victims – Telegram
  9. Brother had to take covid shot for job now in hospital (video – brandnewtube.com)
  10. More Deaths Reported After J&J, AstraZeneca Vaccines, Plus Researchers Link AstraZeneca to Strokes in Young Adults (article – childrenshealthdefense.org)
  11. BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw died aged 44 after suffering blood clots following covid AstraZeneca jab, her family reveal (article)
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  26. Dr Richard P. Bartlett of Texas – says more patients from injection events than covid (video – bitchute.com)
  27. Eric Clapton feared he would ‘never play again’ after ‘disastrous’ time with vaccine (article – latimes.com)
  28. NHS GP receptionist: Shocking reality of covid jabs (audio)
  29. Man had 6ft of intestine removed after blood clot developed from taking the covid jab (video)
  30. Warning! If you are injured by this injection you are on your own (video)
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  35. Bombshell: Connecticut Govt. secretly tells health care workers covid vaccines are deadly (video)
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  37. 5-month-old baby among dead after mother breast-fed following second Pfizer shot (video)
  38. Brazil suspends AstraZeneca use in pregnant women, 23 weeks pregnant mother dies (video)
  39. Healthy teenager hospitalised with brain blood clots after the 1st Pfizer vaccine (video)
  40. Paramedic whistleblower: ‘I am watching vaccines killing people’
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  44. Stamford man vows to battle back after losing his leg weeks after receiving AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccination
  45. 180 deaths after covid-19 jabs till March 31, 75% within 3 days
  46. “Never has a vaccine injured so many” (The Israeli people’s committee report of adverse events related to the corona vaccine)
  47. Utah man developed blood clots from the covid vaccine (video)
  48. 16-year-old girl dead following two doses of the experimental Pfizer covid injections
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  85. 34-year-old mother of two dies 10 days after AstraZeneca jab
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  98. Georgian nurse dies of allergic reaction after receiving AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine, Tbilisi to continue rollout of British jab
  99. Jeanie M. Evans 68, of Effingham, Kansas died unexpectedly on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at the Stormont-Vail Hospital from a reaction to the covid vaccine
  100. The covid blog
  101. Woman dies from brain haemorrhage in Japan after having Pfizer jab
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  104. Teacher dies hours after getting AstraZeneca jab in Italy – Manslaughter Investigation Launched
  105. Boxing Champion Marvin Hagler Dead At Age 66
  106. Woman suffering from Bell’s Palsy after covid jab (short video)
  107. 39-year-old woman dies after 4 days after second Moderna vaccine, autopsy ordered
  108. 34 cases of spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines
  109. 9 European nations suspend experimental AstraZeneca covid vaccines due to fatal blood clots
  110. Whistleblower reveals many pregnancy complications following experimental covid injections leaving a trail of devastated mothers
  111. Whistleblower: 25% of residents in German nursing home died after Pfizer vaccine
  112. 45-year-old man dies after getting second dose of covid-19 vaccine
  113. Number of injuries to CDC after covid vaccines climbs by nearly 4,000 in one week
  114. The second dose killed my dad and many others. Latest reports coming in (video)
  115. Man in Greece died 8 minutes after vaccination against covid-19
  116. A 60-year-old woman dies hours after taking second covid-19 vaccine
  117. 67-year-old dies days after second dose of covid vaccine
  118. CA woman gets covid vaccine then suddenly dies of something else
  119. 59-year-old health worker dies hours after covid vaccine
  120. One-third of all deaths reported to CDC after covid vaccines occurred within 48 hours of vaccination
  121. Volume 1: Social media posts about covid-19 vaccine deaths and severe injuries (video)
  122. 22 elderly with dementia dead in 1 week after the experimental mRNA covid injection in the Netherlands
  123. Covid vaccine side effect – tremors, my life is upside down – Angela Lynn Story (video)
  124. Covid-19 vaccine effects on my army husband’s heart (video)
  125. Nurse develops Bell’s Palsy after receiving covid jab (video)
  126. 28-year-old mother from Winconsin is brain dead after the second dose of the covid injection
  127. 58-year-old woman dies hours after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine
  128. 46 nursing home residents in Spain die within one month of getting covid vaccine
  129. Video of woman injured by covid vaccine
  130. 36-year-old doctor dies after second dose of covid vaccine
  131. German nursing home whistleblower says elderly are dying after covid vaccine
  132. ‘They’re dropping like flies’ – Courageous nursing home CNA speaks out.
  133. Short video showing that many people in Israel are dying after the covid jab
  134. Man drops dead in New York 25 minutes after receiving vaccine
  135. FDA and CDC officials are investigating 36 cases – including one death – of immune thrombocytopenia
  136. Gibraltar: January ends with 71 dead in one month (vaccination rollout began on the 10th January 2021)
  137. Miscarriages and stillbirth shortly after being given the covid vaccine
  138. 19-year-old hospitalised with heart inflammation after covid vaccine
  139. 39-year-old nurse aide dies within 48 hours of receiving the covid jab
  140. Seniors dying of covid vaccine labelled as natural causes
  141. Californian dies hours after receiving covid vaccine as investigation into the cause of death gets underway.
  142. Covid infects 35 vaccinated staff and residents at care home
  143. Vaccine injury video deleted from facebook (Warning: disturbing video)
  144. X-ray technician dies two days after getting the second dose of the covid vaccine
  145. 22 residents dead in three weeks in Basingstoke nursing home – ‘It is understood the outbreak started as residents began to have their coronavirus vaccines…’
  146. 41-year-old Portuguese mother of two who worked in paediatrics died at a hospital in Porto just two days after being vaccinated against covid-19
  147. Norway is investigating the deaths of two nursing home residents who died after being vaccinated against covid-19
  148. Chinese health experts call to suspend the use of mRNA-based covid-19 vaccines following the deaths of 23 elderly people in Norway.
  149. In Florida, U.S., a doctor died after suffering a stroke after receiving a covid-19 vaccination.
  150. 32-year-old medical doctor suffered seizures and was paralysed after receiving the covid-19 vaccine.
  151. A 46-year-old healthcare worker dies 24 hours after receiving the covid-19 vaccine but government says death is not related to the jab
  152. German specialists are looking into the deaths of 10 people who died after being vaccinated against covid-19
  153. Norway warns frail patients over 80 of vaccine risks after deaths
  154. Norway investigates 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after vaccination
  155. Doctors in California call for urgent halt of moderna vaccines after many fall sick
  156. Two people in India die after receiving the covid jab
  157. Coronavirus vaccine put on hold as volunteer suffers serious adverse reaction
  158. California pause some covid vaccinations after reactions
  159. Baseball legend dies of ‘undisclosed cause’ 18 days after receiving covid vaccine
  160. Woman injured by vaccine (Warning: disturbing video)
  161. Mother seriously injured by covid vaccine (Warning disturbing video).

Those are just some of the possible deaths and injuries that have followed vaccination.

I have no doubt that the authorities will claim that these deaths were coincidental.

And let us remember if a patient dies within 28 days of being tested positive for coronavirus (and the test doesn’t mean that the patient even has the disease since most tests are false positives) then the death will be listed as a covid-19 death and the patient will be said to have died ‘with’ covid-19. So by the same token, it is perfectly reasonable to say that if a patient dies or falls ill within 28 days of being vaccinated then the death or illness was related to the covid-19 vaccine.

Will the mainstream media ever start recording these deaths or illnesses? Or are journalists going to continue to promote the official government line – and to deny, distort or suppress the truth?

How many people have to die before the media wakes up?

Deaths Shortly After Covid Jab – Yet Another Coincidence

  1. A leading health officer has warned Aussies not to jump to conclusions following the deaths of two men after they received the covid jab
  2. A 46-year-old man died a day after taking the covid vaccine – “No relation with corona vaccine”
  3. A Northern California man died several hours after the covid vaccine – “My first inclination is that it’s probably not related to the vaccine”
  4. 236 Brits died after covid jabs – but vaccines “didn’t play a role”
  5. Woman dies from brain haemorrhage in Japan days after vaccine – “link uncertain”
  6. 63-year-old man dies 2 days after covid-19 vaccination – “it’s too early to tell whether the jab was related to his death”
  7. 56-year-old woman dies days after covid vaccine – “no link established so far”
  8. Virginia woman dies shortly after receiving coronavirus vaccine – “no link has been found”
  9. 88-year-old dies hours after covid vaccination in second such incident – “in both cases, medical professionals do not believe the deaths were connected to the vaccines”

Other Important Covid Vaccine Information

  1. Canadian doctor removed from hospital duty after speaking out about covid vaccine side effects (article – vaccineimpact.com)
  2. UK Column news 10th May (excellent video containing some very important vaccine information)
  3. The novel coronavirus spike protein plays additional key role in illness
  4. Halt covid vaccine, prominent scientist tells CDC
  5. What is going on in India? (video)
  6. Facebook deletes 120,000 member group where people posted stories of adverse covid vaccine reactions
  7. Covid-19 injected people becoming a threat to public health and safety
  8. Winconsin Catholic priest defies authorities and warns his flock on the dangers of the covid injections
  9. NHS whistleblower exposes vaccine policy (hugely important video, please share widely)
  10. Sudden adult death syndrome – or how to cover up vax deaths (short video)
  11. Johnson & Johnson vaccine halted (The Highwire with Del Bigtree – video)
  12. We put a code inside the vaccines (short video)
  13. Tanzanian president who was sceptical of western vaccines dead after missing for two weeks
  14. Norwegian Doctor AstraZeneca’s Covid Vaccine Triggers Blood Clots
  15. Before Covid, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA
  16. Bill Gates: Vaccines Are ‘Phenomenal’ Profit Makers
  17. Coronavirus vaccine deaths aren’t covered by life insurance because jabs are “experimental medical intervention”
  18. Pfizer demands nations put up collateral to cover vaccine injury lawsuits
  19. Investigation: MPs and SAGE heavily invested in vaccine industry
  20. What covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca contains
  21. Covid-19 vaccine trials to include participants as young as 6 months
  22. Experienced care home manager deeply concerned about the effects of covid-19 and vaccinations, on both staff and the elderly, within care facilities across the country (video)
  23. How those who die following covid jabs are treated in the media
  24. Belgian regulators advise against giving AstraZeneca to over 55s
  25. Germany says Oxford/AstraZeneca should not be given to over 65s
  26. Flu almost wiped out and at lowest level in 130 years
  27. Switzerland delays approval of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccines due to ‘insufficient data’
  28. Covid-19 vaccine side effects world map
  29. Pathogenic priming in older adults yet another concern with covid-19 vaccines
  30. Top coronavirus official warns that second dose of covid vaccine tends to cause even worse side effects than first dose
  31. CDC: Anaphylaxis rate with covid vax 10 times greater than for flu shots
  32. Warning: mixing coronavirus vaccines
  33. UK draws up plans to mix coronavirus vaccines
  34. Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel
  35. 12,400 people in Israel tested positive for coronavirus after being injected with the Pfizer vaccine
  36. Australian vaccine abandoned over false HIV positive results

Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Vaccine Side Effects

The pro-vaxxers like to tell you that vaccines are perfectly safe and perfectly effective. Even when they wouldn’t be considered safe enough to use as oven cleaner, the fanatics enthuse about them. Young people and those who know little about medicine or science, talk about vaccines with reverence because they’ve been indoctrinated into believing the pro-vaccine lies.

And the pro-vaxxers are lying, of course.

Vaccines cause a lot of illness and quite a few deaths and they don’t always do what they’re supposed to do. Governments around the world have paid out many billions of dollars to patients who have been made ill by vaccines – or to the relatives of patients who were killed by a vaccine.

There are, for example, grave doubts about what the covid-19 vaccine actually does. Since the vaccine is a new type of vaccine and is being given before the usual tests and observations have been completed no one knows what will happen to the people who have the stuff injected into an arm.

What side effects will there be? How many will die?

Well, I don’t know and nor does anyone else.

What if a woman is pregnant when she has the vaccine or gets pregnant after being given the vaccine? The vaccine isn’t supposed to be given to pregnant women but not all pregnancies are planned.

Will the vaccine interfere with essential life-saving drugs? Many elderly patients already take a number of prescribed drugs. Will the vaccine interfere with them? No one knows. The covid-19 vaccine is the biggest experiment in history. And, unlike a proper clinical trial, it is largely unregulated. As with all vaccines most of the problems which develop will never be reported or recognised.

It is estimated that in the U.S., only 1 in 100 vaccine side effects is reported.

The best we have is a working list of possible adverse event outcomes which the FDA has published in the US. (Here is the link to the draft working list)

Since I believe everyone is entitled to know what side effects there could be with a heavily promoted vaccine, I’m going to read you the official list of possible side effects. This is, remember, not my list but a draft list compiled by the FDA – the Food and Drug Administration in the US.

  • Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • Transverse myelitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Myelitis
  • Encephalomyelitis
  • Meningoencephalitis
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalopathy
  • Convulsions
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Narcolepsy
  • Cataplexy
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Myocarditis
  • Pericarditis
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Death
  • Pregnancy, Birth outcomes
  • Other acute demyelinating diseases
  • Non anaphylactic allergy reactions
  • Thromocytopenia
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation
  • Venous thromboembolism
  • Arthritis
  • Arthralgia
  • Joint pain
  • Kawasaki disease
  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
  • Vaccine enhanced disease

You aren’t necessarily going to get all of those or even any of them if you have the vaccine. But those are the possible side effects that the FDA has listed. They’re all unpleasant, most of them very serious and you can’t get more serious than death.

And if you are mad enough to have the vaccine then you and your doctor should keep a look out for the symptoms of all the diseases on the FDA’s list.

Your government won’t tell you about these dangers – they don’t believe in fully informed consent as far as vaccines are concerned.

Indeed, most governments are now doing everything they can to ensure that all criticisms of vaccines are banned. Depending on where you live it is, or soon will be, illegal even to mention that vaccines might not always work or might make you ill.

Finally, if your government really cared about you they would conduct a very simple, cheap trial.

They would keep a note of all the health problems affecting 20,000 patients who had the vaccine and compare that list with a list of all the health problems affecting 20,000 patients who didn’t have the vaccine in the same period. They make the comparisons every 3, 6 and 12 months.

Of course, they’d have to find some honest doctors to oversee the trial because it would be very easy to fiddle.

But it would give some very interesting results so I doubt if they’ll be doing it.

Please share this article with everyone you know.

Vernon Coleman’s book, Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: here’s the proof is available on Amazon as an ebook and a paperback.

Source: Doctor Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman’s track record of spotting health dangers is second to none. Since the 1970s, when his first two ground breaking books (The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors) were published, Dr Coleman has been gaining friends among patients and enemies among doctors and drug companies.

In The Medicine Men (1975), Vernon Coleman drew attention to the dangerously close relationship between the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. In Paper Doctors (1977) he argued that most medical research is done for the benefit of researchers (and drug companies) and that the money would be better spent on using the information we already have and encouraging the public to avoid known health hazards.

Vernon Coleman, a Sunday Times bestselling author, is one of the few medically qualified authors writing on medical matters without bias and without any professional or commercial commitments or allegiances. 

His honesty has made him many enemies among the medical establishment and the establishment’s commercial alliances. His predictions, forecasts and warnings have often been made years (and, in many cases, decades) before anyone else has unearthed and understood the evidence or had the courage to speak out. In addition, in many of his medical books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles he has drawn attention to the dangers of using specific over the counter and prescription drugs.

There are hundreds of other articles on health, politics and animal issues on www.vernoncoleman.org

Doctor Vernon Coleman has been writing about medication & vaccine safety longer than most Americans have been alive! Over 50 years experience as a doctor and a medical issues writer

His new website vernoncoleman.org is up and running, as well as his old site vernoncoleman.com

Visit often and please share his work!!!

What we see playing out in America is a well orchestrated power grab. It is the Hegelian Dialectic in action!

What we see playing out in America is a well orchestrated power grab. It is the Hegelian Dialectic in action!

What I mean by that is simple. Before the lunacy of 2020 really began most of what I did on social media was to shine a light on Police Misconduct and Abuse, because despite the fact that Police are NOT “racists” as BLM would have you believe, Police ARE often abusive and guilty of misconduct! They oftentimes break the law themselves!

Thanks to “Qualified Immunity” and Police being allowed to “Investigate themselves” police officers have grown accustomed to not being held accountable……. EVER! Unless you happened to kill George Floyd anyway. And if we are being honest here, that police officer did not kill George Floyd! Floyd killed himself by ingesting a packet of fentanyl to avoid being arrested for the drugs. Then Floyd died, at his own hand. The cop is guilty only of being dumb and keeping his knee on the guy’s neck!

I even know why the cop did it! George Floyd was already handcuffed and in the police car! Floyd had been saying for several minutes that he cannot breathe, this is before he was even put into the car! The police officer, Derrick Chauvin, actually believed the man when he said that he could not breathe.

Chauvin made the mistake of letting Floyd out of the car until the ambulance arrived, but in the back of his mind he was fearful Floyd had conned him and he was going to jump up and run away, so he kept his knee on his neck.

Police Reforms are badly needed in this country, and that is a fact! But we don’t want to get rid of police!

Simple steps we can take to end Police Misconduct and Abuse

1.) ABOLISH QUALIFIED IMMUNITY for Police, Judges, and Politicians! Why should these people not be held accountable for their actions? I install windows for a living, I have to carry a one million dollar general liability policy to do this! If I destroy someone’s property or harm another person in any way I can be sued personally as well!

WHY should police, judges, and politicians, who have the potential to harm more people than I ever could, be protected against being sued? Providing they were “only doing their job” a judge would not allow a lawsuit to move forward. But in cases where the individual is shown to have broken the law or violated someone’s rights the lawsuit could move forward and the individual would be held accountable!

2.) Require by law that every police officer a.) wear an activated body camera during their entire shift. b.) each officer purchases his/her own “liability insurance” policy to protect taxpayers from the avalanche of lawsuits for police misconduct and abuse.

An activated body camera that streams live to internet servers. The police get a copy, but another copy goes to CITIZEN OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES which we must put over every police department in the country! If police act unlawfully, instead of waiting for police to “investigate themselves” and then tell us they found “No wrongdoing.” The citizen oversight committee would watch the videos and refer violations to a PROSECUTOR who will treat police EQUALLY under the law.

The liability insurance would force police to act lawfully and stay within policy, because if they failed to do this and got sued and found guilty, their insurance rate would rise and if they continue getting complaints and lawsuits their insurance would be dropped, leaving them unable to work in law enforcement permanently!

A citizen oversight committee should have more power than the chief of police! Citizen Oversight should give raises to good officers and should give out police promotions, and they could fire the bad cops. This would end the “Blue wall of Silence” where good officers are abused at the hands of corrupt lawbreaking officers! Instead, officers could be rewarded for turning in bad, corrupt officers, instead of it being the death of their career! (As it is now)

Believe it or not, the steps above would totally reform police and encourage honest, law abiding officers. “Bad Cops” are encouraged to break the law and violate people’s rights in our current system because they know they won’t be held accountable, so why not break the law?

We all want law and order. I’m guilty of it as well! But writing more laws and hiring more officers is simply not needed and it’s an authoritarian trap designed to create a totalitarian society!

We already have too many police! We could reduce our police force by 75% and we’d still have plenty of cops! Police should not be supervised by politicians! The politicians told police to “Stand Down” and that is why the country was on fire! NOT because we need more police! The drug war was a colossal FLOP! We should NOT be arresting people who have harmed NOBODY, but arguably themselves!

Unless a person has harmed another person financially or physically they should NOT BE ARRESTED! The drug war was the slippery slope that has allowed government to grow, police departments to grow and become militarized! DON’T squawk for more police! That is what they want you to do! Call for Police to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE, and for politicians to be held accountable! Judges to be held accountable!

Naomi Wolf has historically been a democrat Icon, a feminist and a writer. She has learned first hand that speaking TRUTH gets you deplatformed!

Naomi Wolf Talks about being Big Tech Banned 3-1-21

A totalitarian America has begun! It is time to stop Tyranny and Authoritarianism in America!

I don’t agree with everything this man says, but he has got their tactics down cold! I am for capitalism and free markets and not for Socialism, Communism, Marxism……. And despite his opinion, I don’t think anything good coimes out of any of these ideologies!

The Takeover has Already Begun – A Secret Video Reveals All by @RICHARD GRANNON

Co-published with permission from @RICHARD GRANNON at https://youtu.be/hhCaZLLhls4 About the video: “Marxist Communism won’t look like how it did before. It’s more than coincidence that what we see now is straight out of a Communist Handbook in 1966. Original Video Here: https://youtu.be/Z3LTrqv3sFE -Richard Grannon”

We certainly do not have “good government”

HALF of the “bread we earn” goes to feed the MONSTER GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME!!

It is time for Americans to SLASH GOVERNMENT on EVERY LEVEL! State and Local Governments must be trimmed by 75%!!! The Corrupt FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to be cut by 95%!


We MUST call an Article 5 Convention of States NOW and put a 8 year limit on ALL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES! This should apply to police, bureaucrats, health departments etc…….. NO PERSON SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN ANY POSITION IN GOVERNMENT FOR LONGER THAN 8 YEARS!

Even city workers should be FIRED after 8 years!!! Allowing government jobs to be “Careers” is what has led to a giant bureaucracy which will not even follow the orders of their boss!!! IF THAT BOSS IS POLITICALLY OPPOSITE THEIR IDEOLOGY!!! We MUST END IT NOW!!! Freedom NOT Government!

2021: The Year Our “Conspiracy Theories” Became True




2021: The Year Our “Conspiracy Theories” Became True

 June 4, 2021 No Commentshttps://platform.twitter.com/widgets/tweet_button.06c6ee58c3810956b7509218508c7b56.en.html#dnt=false&id=twitter-widget-2&lang=en&original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fthedcpatriot.com%2F2021-the-year-our-all-conspiracy-theories-came-true%2F&partner=tfwp&size=l&text=2021%3A%20The%20Year%20Our%20%E2%80%9CConspiracy%20Theories%E2%80%9D%20Became%20True&time=1622912603660&type=share&url=https%3A%2F%2Fthedcpatriot.com%2F2021-the-year-our-all-conspiracy-theories-came-true%2F&via=realmattcouchhttps://platform.twitter.com/widgets/follow_button.06c6ee58c3810956b7509218508c7b56.en.html#dnt=false&id=twitter-widget-0&lang=en&partner=tfwp&screen_name=realmattcouch&show_count=true&show_screen_name=true&size=m&time=1622912603649

Like many vocal Patriots, I lost my two largest platforms for posting “dangerous conspiracy theories” ….most of which have either come true this year, or are probably about to. Twitter permanently suspended my verified account for “election meddling” somehow, and Facebook restricted me as a “public figure spreading dangerous messages during a time of civil unrest” and took away my ability to post on my own 200k+ verified page.

As the House of Deep State Cards continues to crumble, I doubt I nor any of the other hundreds of thousand accounts that were deplatformed in the last year, will ever be rightfully reinstated…we were being too effective at fighting fake news. Even by moving over to GAB, Telegram, and Signal we were still able to get enough of the info out to at least get FOX to finally start reporting on it. Does it make sense *now* why Twitter and Facebook went above and beyond to shut down and purge all “conspiracy related pages” including Q related accounts in particular?

Social media elites claimed Q accounts were “dangerous” ….because they questioned the government? Who trusts the government?! If anyone actually does “trusts” the government right now, they’re probably not going to after this year. Since the beginning, followers of Q believed there was a Cabal of immensely powerful and wealthy people all working together to find more (evil) ways they can become even more rich and powerful, and these people are constantly covering for each other. Are Q followers wrong about that?

Oh no wait, that’s right….the leftist Elite bragged about it in TIME magazine right after the election. They literally even called it “a Cabal of powerful people” that intentionally used their clout, money, and resources to steer an entire election to their benefit. I’m so glad we were just “imagining” it all.

Maybe anti-American globalists like George Soros shouldn’t be allowed to invest millions into owning Secretaries of States and Attorney Generals across the country? Maybe weirdo billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t be allowed to spend $350 million dollars into steering an election his way by donating it to Battleground states that can’t seem to account for to who or where it went? Maybe Bill Gates (who already believes there are too many people on the planet) shouldn’t be allowed to push untested vaccines onto the masses….are we really supposed to believe he has our best interest in mind? “Fact checkers” so you know, claim it’s “false” he ever said anything about lowering the global population, when this is the literal Bill Gates quote they use to render it “false” somehow:

“Conspiracy theorists” claimed these vaccines were possibly going to be used to sterilize an unknowing populace by an Elite class that would rather have the resources for themselves. Now as it turns out, the covid “vaccine” is indeed already doing some funny stuff to women’s fertility. “Fact checkers” claim it’s “false” that the vaccine caused fertility issues and a 366% increase in miscarriages….not because the numbers aren’t right (they reluctantly agree they are) but that you can’t prove there’s a “pattern” ….because they say there’s no pattern? Huh? Silly us for thinking the huge rise in miscarriages with no other mitigating factor in common other than the fact they were all newly vaccinated, would be considered a plausible “pattern.”

I’m sure glad fake “fact checkers” are there to tell everyone how to wrongly think. Clearly people like me are the problem here. It’s certainly not the people that illegally and immorally turned bat coronavirus into a weapon that ended up infecting humans and used to control an entire global population using their fear of dying from it against them. There are simply no good nor benevolent reasons someone could possibly have that would explain why they’re manipulating a virus to kill people that wasn’t harmful before. The same people worrying about guns don’t have a problem with the mass genocide that just occurred to all the old and sick in the world? Interesting priorities. Of course private gun ownership is what stops a tyrannical government from oppressing its people…so maybe that has more to do with it? Why were we quarantining and destroying our own economy to “save grandma,” while radical leftist politicians and governors 100% knowingly and purposefully placed covid patients into nursing homes that ended up killing the elderly en masse? Why would anyone do that unless they wanted people to die? It wasn’t as contagious as they hoped and they just had to pad the numbers? They had to count every death as “covid” even if their head fell off? The news had to keep pumping the fear machine to keep people away from each other and talking. Why else force people to wear masks and social distance if you know it doesn’t work? Fauci knew it didn’t work, we know that now from his emails. What they really couldn’t have was people talking to eachother and spreading “conspiracy theories.” It was never about public safety either, the cat was out of the bag when it escaped the lab in the first place and you’re either at risk for covid or not….just like every other disease out there. The shutdowns were just a guise to destroy local small businesses so that the big box companies could make even more money and have even less competition. Corrupt politicians used it to back door fascist policies and break a freedom loving capitalist country like America down in preparation for socialism. They paid people more to sit at home than to work, and then threw crumbs at the rest of us the form of stimulus checks that would never be enough to keep the working and middle class going. Socialism always promises rainbows and kittens and turns into complete government dependency and servitude to an ever-growing stronger and more powerful Elite class. Is that not what just unraveled before us this whole year? The Elite sure didn’t follow their own rules either, did they? They never do. They dined at exclusive restaurants, while you missed weddings, funerals, and proms. They ate expensive ice cream next to their $24,000 fridge, while you fought for toilet paper at the super market. They flew in luxury private jets, while closing down pipelines and preaching to you about climate change and your “carbon footprint.” Now that we know the virus was man made and Fauci knew masks and lockdowns didn’t work…have you asked yourself “why” he kept pushing for them then? I understand why he hid the fact he paid for the funding of this bioweapon with our enemies (he doesn’t want to hang for crimes against humanity) but why push lockdowns and everything else knowing they weren’t effective? For that you have to ask yourself “who profited from all this?” Amazon, Big Pharma, Mega corporations and chain stores that can afford to “wait it out” unlike their small business competitors….oh, and did anyone ultimately benefit more from this in the end than China? They were having raves and partying while we were still in forced lockdowns for no reason. If you count the election, than anyone willing to use covid to skew it to their favor also had a lot to benefit from this forced “social distancing.” Where I live in Nevada they sent mail in ballots to every registered voter alive or DEAD. Why? I can’t think of a single reason you would send ballots to dead people that doesn’t involve fraud.

What else does Q and other “conspiracy theorists” believe? They believe that there are elite child trafficking rings being protected by high level government officials, for no other reason other than it’s extremely profitable and can be used for blackmail as political leverage. That’s a “conspiracy theory?” Really? What did you think Epstein was doing? You tell me how the most important-to-watch prisoner in the entire world just “killed himself” while the camera facing him “malfunctioned?” Yea, totally doesn’t sound like a high level government cover up at all, amirite? You tell me why the Left is so against detaining children at the border long enough to make sure they’re with their actual biological parents? There’s only one reason someone would want open borders and an unending flood of untraceable, undocumented women and children crossing the border. Epstein’s arrest proved that an elite Cabal of sex traffickers being protected by the government wasn’t just a “conspiracy theory.” Neither is it a “conspiracy theory” that many of these children end up getting sold for parts or sold to be murdered for pleasure. No one wants to talk or even think about it, but it happens all the time. Feel free to check out this hard to watch documentary on child trafficking in Europe and how the black market organ trade works there:

“Eyes of the Devil” : https://conspyre.tv/video/4504/eyes-of-the-devil-by-patryk-vega?channelName=Conspyre

Truth is, we just went through an entire year of “unprecedented times” with all its weirdness, rules that didn’t make sense, and more propaganda and fake news than I’ve ever seen in my whole life. What was worse is you weren’t allowed to question any of it. Only one narrative was allowed to exist and everything else was labeled “wrong think.” Getting the truth out there has been impossible. The fake news got tired of people pointing out every time they lied to people, and came up with the idea of using “independent fact checkers.” Many of these sites are funded and controlled by Zuckerberg and the Chinese Communist Party themselves. The “independent fact checker” that Facebook uses to check vaccine posts…is funded by Johnson and Johnson. That is the opposite of what “independent” fact checker means. If you ever actually bother to click these sites and read how they came to their fact checking “conclusions” all you’ll see is fallacy of logic, word play, and usually they’ll throw one thing in that no one is talking about just so they can call the whole thing “false.” Sometimes the “conclusion” isn’t even sensical…

How the hell do you go from talking about prepping militias in case of civil war, to zombies and drinking the blood of children? How?

“Everything that goes against the narrative is a conspiracy theory!” Ok well then, let’s talk about all the “conspiracy theories” we had that turned out to be true thus far:

•We were right about bat coronavirus being purposefully manipulated in a lab so that it would infect humans (which there is no other reason to do by the way, other than use it to kill people and control the world.) Fauci himself stated that an accidental pandemic caused by a lab leak had more “benefits” than downsides….the hell could possibly be the benefit of making a harmless virus more deadly?
• We were right that Fauci directly used our tax funds to turn covid into a bioweapon, and it was done in China because it’s illegal to do here for obvious reasons like it’s evil.
• We were right that it escaped a lab in Wuhan. They were literally making it there and their researchers were the first to get sick. How is thinking it was caused by eating bats or pangolins less “crazy” than the lab making it down the street?
• We were right that masks don’t work, Fauci said it in his own email.
• We were right that lockdowns were pointless and non-symptomatic people weren’t spreading it, that’s also in Fauci’s emails.
• We were right that Mark Zuckerberg was using Facebook to control the covid/vaccine/masks/election/Trump narrative by actively suppressing, censoring, and deleting dissenting opinions off the platform.
• We were right that these “independent fact checkers” were being politically biased. It turns out that Facebook and the Chinese Communist Party fund and control many of these “fact checking” sites that you see flagging everything. The “independent fact checker” Facebook uses to screen all its covid and vaccine posts through is actually funded by a billion dollar Big Pharma company.
• We were right that these voting machines (they found Chinese made modems inside them all across the country) were hooked up to the internet and hacked. We have all the data and proof that there was election fraud via cyber attacks, fractionalized voting malware, and untraceable adjudication by poll workers, but the news can’t report on it because they were in on it. If you watched FOX on election night, then you know what I’m talking about. Notice how no one’s ever given an explanation on why counting stopped for no reason right before large dumps of Biden votes magically came it? One leaking toilet in Georgia does not explain why all the other states stopped. “Fact checkers” claim that it’s a “lie” that voting ever halted in battleground states despite the news despite the fact we lived it.

Yea, we know you didn’t *really* stop counting because large dumps of Biden ballots came out of the sky at 1am. But you claimed you had stopped counting for the night in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada. We didn’t just imagine that…you said that so observers would go home and you could cheat in private.

• We were right that Biden is compromised by foreign interest like China and the Ukraine, the media had no right to suppress what was on Hunter’s laptop before the election. We only know about the laptop because of the technician….the FBI never explained why they were sitting on intel that showed Biden abused his position as Vice President for personal profit by laundering it through his son.
• We were right that this “vaccine” only has emergency use and has not been properly tested. It is not FDA approved, and I doubt it will be considering there have been more vaccine death and injury reports from just the covid vaccine in a few months than all the other vaccines combined in the last 2 decades. And no it’s not because more people took it….more people took the regular flu shot than anything and they didn’t get anywhere near as sick.
• We were right that elite pedophile rings like Jeffrey Epstein’s exist for sexual degeneracy, profit, and blackmail and compromised government officials run judicial cover for them. Is there a reason why the person who ordered him to be taken off suicide watch isn’t being investigated?
• We were right that the mainstream media reports the news the way their billionaire overlords tell them to, and they have absolutely no problem misleading the public and using fake videos to do it. With the truth bombs Tucker Carlson’s been dropping lately…I’m actually surprised the powers that be haven’t silenced him yet.

• We were right that police let protesters into the Capitol that day, there’s video and everything. Out of the 5 people arrested for firearms there, 1 was a BLM/Antifa supporter there to cause trouble. Unlike the other 440+ Patriots that were arrested….this trans Antifa member was let go without a single charge.

Stop dismissing people as “conspiracy theorists” because their opinion goes against what the media is telling you. You should be reading past the headline and researching both sides before coming to a conclusion on any topic. You should be questioning if these mega corporations like Big Pharma “really” have your best interest in mind. Every other commercial you see is trying to sell you a new drug or asking if you took a faulty old drug so you can sue about it. Don’t you ever wonder if it was ever tested right in the first place? By the way, the “don’t take (insert brand new drug) if you’re allergic to (insert brand new drug) is my favorite all encompassing disclaimer of all time. You shouldn’t feel compelled to take an experimental injection because the people making money on it tell you it’s “safe” after a couple months of testing and actively censor all the information about the side effects. You should question and demand answers from your government on the things that happen that don’t make sense….like why isn’t Hillary in jail for deleting emails and destroying evidence? Why are two Patriots currently sitting in jail without bail over the “murder” of a police officer that was ruled as natural causes (stroke) back in April? Why won’t they name the officer that shot a visibly unarmed woman at the Capitol? Why are people being charged for “trespassing” at the Capitol at all when there are videos of cops letting them in all over the place? The Capitol has magnetic doors a truck couldn’t rip off….no one “pushed” their way inside, they had to be let in. Ask Pelosi why she refused the extra security the sheriff demanded beforehand.

With all these “conspiracy theories” coming true maybe it’s time you looked at everything else we’ve been saying. If you think creating a killer virus to control the planet is the only thing they’re guilty of, I hate to tell you but it gets a lot worse. Pizza Gate is real, the government spies on us at will and saves everything electronically we do forever, and there’s a chance the government let 9/11 happen (instead of just “losing” track of the terrorists) so the military industrial complex could make money off of the gulf war and they could demo building 7 (which happened to have housed all kinds of secret government paperwork including information about the Safari Club, which is the dark branch of the CIA) which magically fell down despite not being hit by a plane and being two buildings away from the towers. If that sounds unbelievable and crazy, let me remind you that the only reason we entered the Vietnam War was because President Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin incident that he 100% knew was fake to convince Congress to give him the power to wage war there.

Wrap your mind around that….how many soldiers fought and died in that brutal war for nothing? And for what? The only people the Vietnam War benefited was the military industrial complex that makes and sells the weapons of war (often to both sides as we now suspect) and the chemical companies making money off the government contacts for Agent Orange and napalm. It certainly didn’t benefit the Vietnamese people who are still finding land mines to this day.

Start questioning everything you think you know. Here’s a list of same great rabbit holes you can start with:

CIA/Mockingbird/Hollywood/Pizzagate “Out of Shadows” : https://www.bitchute.com/video/l8nuHIlmugbY/

Snowden doc on how the NSA spies on all of us “Citizenfour” : https://www.amazon.com/Citizenfour-Edward-Snowden/dp/B07XW61RN3

Shadowgate/MilitaryComplex/FakeNews: Every single thing you’ve ever done from your phone or computer was saved by the government, and then saved by 3rd party military consultants to used as blackmail/control/sold to the highest bidder. “Shadowgate” part 1: https://youtu.be/EpBcwfC6NzI

“Shadowgate” part 2: https://youtu.be/GBV9apo564c

The aftermath of Shadowgate’s release: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/shadow-gate-2-0-full-movie

Pedogate part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/m4uPgLMVI_g/

Pedogate part 2: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.II – Tom Hanx (NEW INFO)

Pedogate part 3: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 – Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

Why the Deep State didn’t want Trump to win “Trump’s War on Human Trafficking” : https://rumble.com/vax50r-trumps-war-on-human-trafficking.html?mref=2hzb1&mrefc=2

Cabal : https://www.bitchute.com/video/KMBcAvYH1f3L/

Coronavirus was funded to be a bioweapon: https://odysee.com/@SomeBitchIKnow:0/deception-in-america-episode-one-the:1

Terramar, Ghislaine Maxwell’s plan to own the oceans and create a government for the Elites: Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] – Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR PROJECT

Plandemic: https://freedomplatform.tv/plandemic-indoctornation-world-premiere/?vgo_ee=J0SZsG6TzDMSWi5SglWTK/lMy%2BOWWuyaZunZiCXh6gI=

What really happened at the Capitol? “Psyop the Steal” : https://visionlaunch.com/exposing-the-plan-to-siege-the-us-capitol-on-january-6th-2021/

How leftists actively planned to overthrow the government if Trump won: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/election-2020-coup-plot-exposed

Since I’m kicked off everything else, catch me uncensored on GAB @AmericanAFMindy …you can bookmark the site through DuckDuckGo for easy access since free speech apps aren’t allowed by Apple. United We Stand, Dived We Fall.

Source: The DC Patriot

It’s about time that the arrests start, otherwise people may wish to take the matter into their own hands! You cannot allow Evil and Crime to rule!

It is time for the awakening of the Lions!

Google’s theft of your data is reprehensible and a bit creepy! All of Tech does it too btw!

Google in hot water with Arizona Attorney General over privacy concerns.

Google in hot water with Arizona Attorney General over privacy concerns.

To be honest, humanity would be much better off if we went back to having home phones only and trashing everything else!

It has all led us down the path to Totalitarianism! The CIA is likely spying on you right now! Government agencies can, and do, turn on your cameras and microphones at will. All they need is to tie you with someone they are interested in through their contact list! With 3 jumps the CIA goes from looking at ONE PERSON to looking at 2.5 MILLION PEOPLE!

And they have full authorization to do this and violate every right you THOUGHT you had!

Google is also in bed with US Intelligence Agencies, so all of your conversations on or off the internet are being recorded for later review by people seeking to put you in prison or punish you for saying that Trump won the 2020 Election!

Google-NSA Nexus: New Chromium Browser Installs Eavesdropping Tool on Your PC

That story is from 2015! Now people have “Smart devices” Televisions, hubs, speakers etc.. ALL SPYING on you!

Smart speakers can eavesdrop on Amazon & Google owners

Smart speakers can eavesdrop on Amazon & Google owners

The “Tech Age” seems more like a dystopian nightmare! Do you remember in the movie 1984 where the TV screen tells the man to show this and show that?? The only difference between us and that movie is that they don’t yet tell you that they are snooping on everything you do!

40 years ago government had to get a wiretap warrant to listen to your phone calls. Of course now we all take the government’s spy equipment voluntarily into our homes!!! Alexa and every smart device is a spying tool!

Now they intercept and store every voice call you make, every text message and email you send, record what you are doing when your phone is turned off, watch you through your cameras and smart televisions, record every conversation you have etc…….

All with no warrant required! Something is really wrong with this!

Big Tech collaborating with the CCP?

The Media and big tech are gas-lighting their audiences every day, in a true Communist strategy to convince people the Covid “Vaccine” which is NOT A VACCINE, is safe, when we ALL know that it’s much more dangerous than the illness it supposedly protects against! This video is from TruNews on GAB

Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall explores the collaboration between big tech censors and the Chinese Communist controllers. A new video from Project Veritas has introduced two new whistleblowers that shows how Facebook did more than suppress ‘conspiracy theories’, but also verifiable data and facts.

A change in the China Wuhan lab narrative is becoming apparent, shifting from denial of the source of the virus to an ‘accidental release’.

Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 5/25/21.

I want to point out a hub in the Democrat’s network of disinformation, lies, and Propaganda today. This is the SPLC which is America’s largest, most well funded Hate Group which is used for smear campaigns against TRUTH and speakers of TRUTH!

I have followed David Horowitz for years! He is a speaker of truth, which the left hates! So they use their weaponized “Peddlers of Hate” the SPLC to smear him as all kinds of things, none of them true! The SPLC even views Churches as “Hate Groups” because they actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and believe that marriage is between a man and a woman! These people should be called “HATE INC.” because that is what they are!

There was a time many years ago, that the SPLC actually did some good things. But not anymore. They have become political attack dogs for the left! I subscribe to to their “Hate Watch” newsletter just to stay on top of their ridiculous claims. These people will label ANYONE a “Hate Group” for a price! They fail to list themselves as one though, a serious oversight to be sure! You should stay on top of the SPLC because it will signal to you the plans of the radical left! If for no other reason, we could meme their ridiculous claims and make them appear foolish!

Rumble — In this episode, Dinesh reveals how free speech is much bigger than the First Amendment, and how digital censorship deprives conservatives of a basic element of their humanity–the right to speak their mind. Fauci now concedes Covid-19 might have come from the Wuhan lab, and Dinesh spells out the startling implications. And author and onetime leftist David Horowitz joins Dinesh to discuss how to fight “the enemy within.”

THE REAL ENEMY Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 96

The SPLC is used by the CIA controlled operation mockingbird media, tech platforms and other to assert claims of “Racism” and “Hate” against people who are neither! The SPLC needs to be sued out of existence and exposed for the HATE MONGERS they are!

We need to tear down the Democrat’s disinformation networks and all of their subsidiaries! The SPLC is a hub in this network! It is the place the LIES originate, they are then disseminated in the media and on tech platforms!

I would like to see the meme-makers go to work on the SPLC and their donors!

We must focus on the Left and their Racist “Race-hustling” tactics!

We need to attack the left with an avalanche of truth! We must expose them for the Racists they are! We must expose the gas-lighting Media and Big Tech! We must expose the weaponized US Law Enforcement Agencies and their corruption! We must show their 2-tiered law enforcement practices! EXPOSE THEM for failing to prosecute Democrats as they prosecute Conservatives for no reason!

ALL OF THIS toxic atmosphere started under Barrack Obama! Obama and Eric Holder “weaponized” the Justice Department and the FBI! The entire leadership of these Agencies MUST GO! To be honest I even fear low level employees of these agencies right now because no whistleblowers have come forth!

It is time to PROSECUTE LEADERSHIP IN THE DOJ and Governors and Mayors who have violated their oaths of office with allowing violence and arson in their cities and states! It is time to take the actions government has failed to take!

THE RACISM OF THE LEFT Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 98

It’s time for the “meme makers” get to exposing these frauds!

Stay in the FIGHT! Your voice must be heard in your local communities! School Board meetings are a great place to start! STOP the indoctrination of our children! STOP Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools!

STOP the dumbing down of our children because the radicals claim that “Math is Racist” etc…..

Print Information and post it to local bulletin Boards! Create a “political action group” within your community to focus on educating the uneducated in your community! Start at home! Making YOUR COMMUNITY STRONG will lead to ALL American communities being strong! It is time to turn this thing around!

From The Epoch Times in April

Click below to read the article

Peter Thiel Calls Out Big Tech’s Collaboration With Chinese Communist Regime

Everyone KNOWS that Big Tech has gone Communist / Marxist and completely and totally anti-American and anti-Free Speech! I believe that we could easily fix the problem, but unfortunately every Representative in Congress has an unspoken allegiance to Big Tech!

They are big donors and big censors! These politicians have counted on big tech to do what they themselves could not do! They donate to these people’s campaigns and they can also censor anyone they oppose! So the politicians TALK TOUGH on censorship and do NOTHING! It has been going on for over 5 years now!

There is not one member of Congress who plans to do anything whatsoever about tech censorship! If they were going to do something, they’d have done it already!

Okay, here’s the last article for today. The CCP and Technology have a plan!

CCP Plans to Enslave World’s People with AI, Says Founder of The AI Organization, Cyrus A. Parsa

By The AI Organization -January 2, 2021

Stay in the FIGHT, Attend those School Board Meetings & Organize locally!

Governments have created Fascistic relationships with Tech and are BOTH COMPLICIT in the lies & misinformation

People must understand we are fighting actual Evil. Evil which has taken hold of the world’s governments and all media and social media corporations which have united in Fascistic unholy alliances. The Intelligence Agencies of these governments are also complicit!

Doctor Vernon Coleman has fought very hard to expose the lies to everyone he can. He has sacrificed himself, his career & reputation to inform the public. A corrupt Tech Oligarchy who is in bed with government, media, and governmental Agencies has smeared him since he released his very first video!

These people cannot refute what Dr. Coleman is telling us, so instead they create lies and make deceptive statements, make deceptive edits to his WikiPedia page. Here is Dr. Coleman’s latest warning. And he’s RIGHT!

Time is Running Out – We Must Act Now!

We are living in a Totalitarian world where an act of speaking the truth is an act of civil disobedience or defiance! We must move on to the next step of informing the masses. We have done all we can through social media.

We will never reach any more people on social media than we have already because we have been put into an “echo chamber” where you can only speak to others like you who are already awake!

Now it’s a battle to spread this information in the REAL WORLD using leaflets, flyers, dvd disks, and actual documents. We must venture out into our communities and spread the knowledge we have! We should form groups to travel in for the sake of safety in numbers and efficiency. Pin up flyers and memes on local bulletin boards etc…..

But more importantly, we must download government issued data which proves our case, and mail this proof to schools, school boards, legislators, police, doctors, fire departments, and especially LOCAL TV and RADIO STATIONS!

DEMAND these people RESPOND TO YOUR DATA PUBLICLY! We are backed into a corner and cannot stop fighting! This is a winner take all battle between good and Evil! We MUST prevail. The video Dr. Coleman mentioned in this video is below, share it as well.

Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed

The battle between good and evil has begun!

God created you in His image. He blessed you with a spark of divinity. He endowed each of you with all you’ll ever need to fight this battle. You were made to fight this battle!

This is a battle between Good and Evil, between the super wealthy and regular folks. They believe they can defeat us using media and social media deception and Fascistic, Authoritarian attacks on all who speak out!

There is a certain brilliance to their plans, because it is true, they can control EVERYTHING on the media, social media, and radio & TV. But just like the US Military fighting Terrorists, they cannot fight what they cannot see! They can see EVERYTHING YOU DO as long as you are on a computer or a cell phone!

And that is why we must go real world on them!

We get out in the streets with signs. We occupy busy corners and pass out information and documents which prove our position. We challenge then OPENLY & PUBLICLY TO DEBATE!

We burn educational videos such as this one to disks and pass them out to friends, co-workers, and neighbors. We speak to our Pastors about showing these videos at community gatherings or even during Church services!

We need to go “Low Tech” which will disappear us from their radar! Use of memes and government documents blown up and put on poster boards or signs. Pass out those informative flyers! What needs doing here cannot be done from the comfort of your home or from your computer chair!

Organize protests and community meetings where this information can be disseminated in person to your neighbors! We have to get in this fight and STAY IN THE FIGHT! But using Tech platforms is futile because you’ll never reach the people who need reaching!

Doctor Coleman’s website link: VernonColeman.org

You can download 2 of Doctor Coleman’s ebooks in PDF format by following these links. Or the link is on his website above!

eBook 1.) Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History

eBook 2.) UPDATED: Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good

Download, print, and SHARE this information! Get it out into the REAL WORLD using any and all means!

PLEASE SHARE!!! And stay in the fight! Because if you fail to do so, your children and grandchildren will live in a world without property rights, without home ownership, as slaves living under the rule of EVIL PEOPLE & Lucifer himself.