Gun Control Bills Have no Merit: Timber Rattlers Do #HR8​ #HR1446​ #HR127

Our founders knew that a “government monopoly on Force” is Tyranny!

Our founders knew that people seeking to strip you of your natural, God-Given human rights are EVIL, and they must be resisted, by force if necessary!

This video is by Reid Henrichs on YouTube. And every American needs to understand that Representatives from their government are trying to strip them of their NATURAL, God-Given human rights!

ANY POLITICIAN trying to strip people of their natural rights is NOT “representing” that person! They ARE attempting to “Rule over them” as a King would. Sorry scumbags… there are no Kings in America and NEVER WILL BE!

I highly recommend Reid’s channel on YouTube, even though I wish he’d change platforms! Reid is a 2nd Amendment guy who runs “Valor Ridge” which offers firearm training to the public.

You should definitely SUBSCRIBE to his channel and SHARE his work!

And you need to contact EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS and your State & Local Representatives too, and tell them that “Infringing on our natural, God-Given human rights is NOT something our government should be looking at.

This is nothing more than Tyranny and is a prelude to WAR by people who are NOT REPRESENTING THEIR CONSTITUENTS at all!

Source: Gun Control Bills Have no Merit: Timber Rattlers Do #HR8​ #HR1446​ #HR127 Reid Henrichs on YouTube

The Department of Justice & FBI have become too corrupt to exist!

The FBI and DOJ have completely ignored not only the terrorist actions of Antifa for over a year now as they destroyed and burned down businesses, public property, and even killed people!

But these agencies have also completely ignored that these groups are funded by George Soros and the Democrats! This is not only a “Conspiracy” but it also fits the textbook definition of SEDITION!

BOTH enabled the destruction to continue by donating and/or raising money for the terrorists bail, so they could continue the terror!

Ever since Obama weaponized the FBI in 2008 we’ve had a problem! The FBI & DOJ are so corrupt, so politically motivated, and so out of control that they just watch as America burns and Americans are killed and have their property destroyed! This is a violation of their oath!

Then comes January 6th. Now suddenly the FBI and DOJ want to arrest everyone who even attended the Trump Rally! They doctor affidavits with bullshit and opinion trying to implicate people’s guilt by the clothes they wear AND try to claim that the ACTIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE make them guilty! Seriously??? It’s time to reel in the new KGB in America! Because that is EXACTLY what they have become!

The Civil Rights Lawyer has even done a video on it! Watch as John explains by clicking below.

EVERY AMERICAN needs to write to every member of congress and complain about this biased prosecution of conservatives & the unlawful failure to prosecute terrorists from the left. There is simply no place in Law Enforcement for politics!

And you also must write to your STATE REPRESENTATIVES and demand that they also take some kind of action to stop this abuse of federal law enforcement!

America appears to be on the ropes. I don’t even know that it’s possible to save her this far into the destruction. But it MUST start by taking control of your own communities! RUN FOR OFFICE YOURSELF if you must! Organize your local community and develop a plan to run a candidate in 2022 AGAINST EVERY INCUMBENT IN YOUR STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENTS!

It’s all about the primary folks! You MUST educate people to vote in the primary!!! But more than that…. Educate them to NOT vote for an incumbent! Even if it’s someone you like! We MUST replace every incumbent politician in this country with a regular American! One with a JOB! One that pays taxes! NO MORE “Political Class” scum! They have to be replaced or AMERICA LOSES!

Tyranny Through Subverting Language

From OathKeepers News:

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Movement: Tyranny Through Subverting Language

by Jay Schalin    Mar 15, 2021

The political left has proven itself to be amazingly incompetent when it comes to governing. Examples abound of nations, states, and cities—even those with tremendous wealth, resources, and other advantages—reduced to nightmare zones of poverty, violence, and corruption. Think of Venezuela, Cuba, California, Detroit, and Baltimore.

Yet, there is one area in which the left excels to a remarkable degree: the attainment of power and advancement of its political aims.

Every year, every month, and every day, somewhere in the nation the left is implementing or proposing some action that will further its agenda. Consider the breakneck speed at which the Biden administration is dismantling its predecessor’s reforms and advancing the “woke” agenda. Instead of concerning itself with how to govern well, the left’s intellectual energies are spent on crafting tactics to exploit the weak spots in our electoral processes, our laws, and our policies. It has a vast array of weapons of its disposal, from Saul Alinsky’s organizing tactics to bureaucratic state encroachments on democracy to the anarchic violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and so forth.

One of the left’s most successful tactics is the manipulation of language. The meaning of words is gradually but deliberately changed to alter perceptions and to enable large policy and cultural changes to occur without much notice.

Academia is especially vulnerable to such linguistic subterfuge, and in the past year, many universities have greatly advanced the radical agenda through “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) policies. To most people who still understand those three words according to their traditional meanings, such policies sound benign or enlightening; many would be open to basing guidelines on them.

However, in the lexicon of today’s left-leaning academic bureaucracies, those words—taken individually or together—have new, specific meanings with a sinister bent.

The traditional definition of “diversity” generally means some sort of variation within a population. But it has undergone several transitions in recent times. First, it has been given a normative spin with connotations of goodness—“diversity is our strength,” for example—that Americans have largely accepted. But more recently, a second twist has occurred: The word “diversity” is now used as a descriptor for preferred demographic groups.  An all-black gathering is considered to be diverse, while an all-white gathering is not. “Diverse” can even be used to describe an individual if they belong to the right demographic, a meaning that is completely incongruous and seems to be a contradiction of the word’s original definition.

“Equity” is perhaps the most troubling of the three terms. A Minding the Campus article discusses the etymology of the word; a close synonym of its historical meaning is “fairness.” And we’re all for fairness. But fairness, without context or further elaboration, is an elusive concept. Which version of fairness is meant? Is it based on pure meritocracy? Or maybe a sliding scale that mixes merit with indications of compassion and empathy? Or outright equality of outcomes?

According to the Minding the Campus article, “in the last several decades, and certainly in the last 5-10 years, the term equity has been stretched and twisted” into “a weapon to bludgeon our modern society into denying even the most basic differences between human beings.”

It now means that protected classes of people must have proportionate representation—or better—since “the mere fact that achievement gaps exist” between different demographic groups “is taken as proof that there is some inequity that must be remedied.” Those who use the word equity in this fashion invariably claim that the inequity is not due to the actions of individuals, but due to systemic bias, and that the structure of society or of an institution must undergo drastic changes to eliminate this bias.

This failure to defend our rights comes from a naïve ignorance of the left’s intentions, or from a lack of will to confront such determined opposition for personal security.

Read more at: The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

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Source: Tyranny Through Subverting Language | OathKeepers