The People of the World MUST remove the Tyrants from governments! Your window is closing, ACT NOW!

You must understand that Tyranny is spreading like a disease across America and the WORLD!

Many Police are “Order followers” who do not care ANYTHING about the Oath they took to “Protect and Defend the Constitution”

“Order followers” exactly like these cops were responsible for the mass killing of Jews under the Nazis! Order followers like these aided Lenin and Mao when they killed MILLIONS of their their own countrymen! They are TRUE SCUMBAGS!

Here’s Tim Pool discussing it. Police like these make me sick! Your Oath to the Constitution supersedes your duties as a police officer! (in actuality……. it’s your FIRST DUTY as an officer)

Source: Tim Pool

We NEED serious police reforms without a doubt! Now we have police treating the people who “support the police” like criminals! So they’ll end up losing that support! These kind of police are real scumbags! They should be FIRED!

Americans must realize that government derives ALL of it’s authority from the “Consent of the Governed” and the People MAY REVOKE THEIR CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED AT ANY TIME!

So as the elite scumbags laugh at you and demand that YOU wear a mask and that YOU keepo your business closed, as THEY do whatever they please and are allowed to keep their businesses open, they get government money (that they claimed was for you)

It’s WARTIME America! We ARE at war! Tyrants around the planet seek 100% control over YOU and your family! They believe that they are “Above the Rules” but YOU are not, YOU must follow them all!

It’s time to seriously consider ABOLISHING ALL GOVERNMENT! The power to do that is YOURS! The People have the power to ABOLISH this corrupt government by REVOKING their consent to be governed!

EVERYONE must have courage like this man did!

God help us all. WW3 is here!

The biggest election fraud of all | WND

How angry, entitled and shockingly dishonest ‘journalists’ are destroying America

David KupelianBy David Kupelian
Published December 8, 2020 at 7:19pm

President Donald J. Trump speaks with reporters following his conversations with military service personnel Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020, during a Thanksgiving video conference call from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

With time rapidly running out for the Trump legal team to challenge the rampant election fraud that has characterized the most corrupt presidential contest of our lifetimes, it’s easy to lose sight of the other massive fraud that preceded, encouraged, enabled and excused the freakshow election Americans are being forced to endure.

And that’s the massive fraud that has been perpetrated by the American “news media,” which in reality is almost entirely a Pravda-type propaganda ministry for the Biden-Harris campaign.

That’s right. Pravda is a perfect descriptor for the American “news media.” Remember the famous joke in the dark days of the former Soviet Union? “There is no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia” – Pravda meaning “truth” and Izvestia meaning “news.”

The sole purpose of those two giant propaganda mills disguised as journalism organizations was to guard, protect, lie for and defend at all costs the corrupt, elite ruling class in charge of the 20th century’s most destructive totalitarian regime.

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Ironically, here in America – the nation that, under Ronald Reagan, defeated the Soviet Union – in 2020 virtually the entire “mainstream media” serves precisely the same purpose as Pravda and Izvestia once did: To protect, defend, and lie day in and day out to preserve this nation’s corrupt, elite ruling class. That includes the newly radicalized Democratic Party, the permanent government bureaucracy called the “deep state,” and even today’s often-violent neo-Marxist political and cultural juggernaut obsessed with tearing down and transforming what they all condemn as an unjust, immoral and racist country.

Thus, the hallmark of America’s establishment media has become an unwavering commitment to the increasingly radical progressive-left narrative – as diametrically opposed to truth – on every issue.

That means a refusal to report monumentally consequential news if doing so would undermine the left’s favored narrative. It means the total abandonment of basic fairness, evenhandedness and honesty in news coverage. And it means the demonization of everyone and everything that doesn’t support their progressive worldview – especially its all-out, four-year war on President Donald Trump.

Let’s quickly review a few of the main battlegrounds:Do the mainstream news media have any credibility?Yes No Completing this poll entitles you to WND news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

* Millions of Americans wonder aloud how it’s even possible that someone like Joe Biden – who not only is obviously disintegrating mentally, is wrong on virtually every issue, and lies continually, but also, as recent but largely suppressed evidence proves, is one of the most spectacularly corrupt politicians in modern American history – could become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, let alone become leader of the free world.

* Likewise with regard to his vice-presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, who will soon become president if the Biden ticket ultimately wins, as Biden inevitably fades further and fails. In addition to being the most leftwing member of the U.S. Senate, as the nonpartisan determined in 2019, Harris has also proven to be one of the most thoroughly unlikable, abrasive, condescending, greedy, grasping, shallow and insincere candidates in a generation.

* Many Americans who don’t pay much attention to politics rely on the candidate debates held during the election season’s homestretch to help them with their voting decisions. So, how is it that the journalist-moderators always side with the Democrat while attempting to trip up and defame the Republican? When Kamala Harris insisted during the vice-presidential debate that both she and Joe Biden favor oil and gas fracking – even though multiple current videos show them both swearing up and down that they will completely abolish it – she somehow mysteriously got away with telling a giant lie, one of many, to millions of American voters. Throughout the campaign, Joe Biden was regularly served up tenderly prepared non-confrontational questions such as one might pose to a child, never challenged with a real question about either his dismal record or his astonishing corruption. Donald Trump, meanwhile, was repeatedly hammered with defamatory accusations disguised as questions (Will you finally, tonight, denounce “white supremacy?”) Indeed, the sitting president of the United States, who rescued the nation’s economy and destroyed ISIS, has since early 2016 been repeatedly compared by major U.S. news organizations to genocidal monster Adolf Hitler.

* As openly Marxist revolutionary groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned, vandalized and looted America’s cities day after day, month after month, destroying businesses, assaulting and sometimes murdering people, today’s journalists routinely dismissed it all as “mostly peaceful protests” against “systemic racism” and “police brutality” – while complaining loudly that America is actually under siege by “white supremacists.” Those who dare point out that it’s really hard to find many genuine “white supremacists” in today’s America, let alone rampaging hordes of them laying waste to the nation’s cities, are of course immediately condemned as white supremacists.

* Ever since explosive documentary proof finally emerged that Hillary Clinton was the person behind the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the media have ignored the true story of the worst political scandal in American history: It was Clinton, not Trump, who actually colluded with Russia; it was she who bought Russia’s intelligence product (the fake “Trump dossier”) and then channeled the false, defamatory “intel” through cooperative American news organizations.

This, by the way, precisely mirrors the modus operandi of Soviet disinformation campaigns of yesteryear: Carefully create a false narrative to advance a secret agenda, and then induce trusted Western media to broadcast the disinformation as “news.”

Think of it: Hillary Clinton literally fomented a four-year attempted coup d’etat against Donald Trump, to whom she had lost the 2016 election, seriously interfering with and undermining his presidency. Why? To divert FBI and DOJ attention away from her own criminal wrongdoing – illegally deleting 33,000 emails after they were subpoenaed, a serious felony for which anyone else would be prosecuted and imprisoned. Yet the media, after front-paging the Trump-Russia collusion story virtually every day for years, simply moved on once their big story was proven to be the greatest political hoax in U.S. history. No apologies – none.

* Indeed, many of the top-tier deep-state conspirators that engineered the Trump-Russia collusion hoax actually joined today’s media.That’s right. In their post-Obama careers, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe became either paid cable news analysts or frequent commentators.

* As historian Victor Davis Hanson explained: “Clapper is a CNN security analyst. Brennan was hired by MSNBC for a similar role. McCabe is a CNN contributor. Comey often makes guest appearances on news programs. In the most controversial stories, Brennan, Clapper and McCabe are being paid to analyze theories, facts and findings in which they themselves are often central players. As a guest commentator, Comey has weighed in on these controversies even as he distorts his past roles in them.”

And remember disgraced FBI agent Lisa Page (who conspired against Trump with her paramour, Peter Strzok, leader of the FBI’s phony investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server and later a leading figure in the Russia-collusion hoax)? Recently Page became the new national security and legal analyst at NBC News.

* So desperate has much of today’s “news coverage” become that it often crosses the line into total drooling absurdity – like the CNN analyst who claimed that “Russian agents” were there in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with President Trump when he was being treated for COVID-19. The media also recently accused Donald Trump, the most pro-military, pro-veteran president in a generation, of hating and mocking war heroes – a slanderous allegation both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have continually repeated. A subsequent “news report” from the same source, The Atlantic, claimed that Trump secretly hates and mocks Christians too.

* Meanwhile, the promised Biden-Harris agenda – from virtual open borders and mass amnesty, to the confiscation of “assault weapons” (otherwise known as semiautomatic firearms), to the demented Green New Deal, to fundamentally altering America’s constitutional system of government by “packing” the Supreme Court, eliminating the Senate filibuster, abolishing the Electoral College and more – would rapidly lead to a totalitarian dictatorship in the United States of America.

‘Money and power’

Why has the “mainstream media” morphed into what undercover journalist James O’Keefe described in the title of his 2018 book as “American Pravda”?

The most obvious factor is ideology; the media have been overwhelmingly liberal-left for at least the last two generations. The landmark 1986 study titled “The Media Elite: America’s New Powerbrokers” by researchers S. Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman and Linda Lichter confirmed that the vast majority of major U.S. media personalities were far more leftwing and secular in outlook than most Americans. The trend has only become more extreme since then.

In fact, far from valuing objectivity and fairness, the media has become a magnet for activists in recent decades. In the 1990s, when the LGBT movement (then called “gay rights”) was really taking off, many young gay and lesbian college students gravitated to journalism, not so much because they were interested in the pursuit of truth or informing the public, but to champion and advance their cause.

But there’s much more than ideology and activism at play. There’s money and power.

Consider why MSNBC switched its format several years ago, from featuring both liberals and conservatives in its show line-up. After all, arch-conservatives Michael Savage and Alan Keyes both had their own MSNBC shows. Even Tucker Carlson hosted “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” on MSNBC from 2005 to 2008. (I remember being a guest on that show.) Yet today, the entire MSNBC lineup consists of hair-on-fire radical left-wingers. Why?

MSNBC’s top brass determined it would make more money if it served the far left. In a story headlined “MSNBC as Fox’s Liberal Evil Twin,” the New York Times reported in 2012: “MSNBC has pumped up its ratings by recasting itself as a left-leaning riposte to Fox.” It’s all about money.

However, the financial dynamics get much worse: U.S.-headquartered multinational corporations have come to depend on China, both for its huge retail market and the super-cheap (sometimes slave) labor it offers. This exerts a major influence on American media coverage. Remember, journalism is a business, and the “mainstream” news organizations are all owned by gigantic companies. AT&T owns CNN; Comcast owns NBC, CNBC and MSNBC; Disney owns ABC and ESPN; ViacomCBS owns CBS. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. And all have huge stakes in China.

That might help explain why, for example, media coverage of China’s role in the coronavirus pandemic is so bizarrely absent. Credible reports from courageous Chinese virologists and other experts with intimate knowledge of the origins of the 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus, who claim China intentionally created the virus in a lab, are ignored or dismissed as insane “conspiracy theories” and banned from social media platforms in the U.S. News organizations cannot afford to offend their parent companies’ most important international partner – even if it is run by a brutal, soulless, communist regime obsessed with ruling the world.

When news publications are owned by giant corporations with their fingers in many pies and even links to adversary foreign governments, reporters quickly learn – explicitly or through “osmosis” – of the bias, sensibilities and financial interests of their publishers or owners. And they play their tune accordingly.

‘A massive realignment’

One final factor that makes all these various elements come together to create a biased, blind, amoral, dishonest, but yet strangely self-righteous press: Hate.

Members of the establishment media tend to revile Donald Trump for being a genuine outsider who dared to invade their beloved realm – known as “the swamp” to outsiders – and for his promise to “drain” it of the monumental corruption, self-dealing and privilege that comprise life within the swamp. The media also hate him for championing a strongly conservative-Christian agenda – for example, appointing conservative Supreme Court justices who threaten their beloved abortion-on-demand culture. And of course, they detest Trump for publicly and continually exposing them for exactly what they are.

Hate is much more than it seems. It’s a transformative emotion that almost magically enables people to be horrendously wrong, yet to feel they are right – even supremely righteous and virtuous (for example, the mobs burning down America’s cities). In that “altered state,” down appears to be up, immoral seems moral and, most basically, evil masquerades as good.

Toward the end of my 2005 book “The Marketing of Evil,” I write: “Over the past few decades no institution has been more culpable for making evil appear good and good appear evil than the media.” That is true today more than ever.

For years Sean Hannity has said, “Journalism died in 2008,” keying off the absurdly biased coverage – more like deification – of then presidential candidate Barack Obama by the fawning, star-struck news media.

That’s right, Sean, the media died. But they’ve returned as the walking dead – ghoulish parodies of living, breathing, honest journalists.

Tucker Carlson gave this prophetic warning on his Fox News show just days before the 2020 presidential election, reflecting on the news media’s atrocious pre-election bias and total abandonment of even their former pretense of objectivity:

“The good news about all of this: It is so bad and so transparent that it can’t continue. All their stupid little morning shows, and their dumb Sunday shows and their even dumber cable shows. All of that’s going away. When the smoke clears from this election, there’ll be a massive realignment in the media, no matter who wins. Because they showed who they are, and it’s so unappealing, it’s so far from journalism that it can’t continue.”

Editor’s note: To explore this subject more deeply, see the current issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, edited monthly by David Kupelian, titled “GUARDIANS OF THE SWAMP: How angry, entitled and shockingly dishonest ‘journalists’ are destroying America.” The issue is also available in state-of-the-art digital form. Better yet, SUBSCRIBE TO WHISTLEBLOWER (print edition) and get 12 fantastic issues or else get an ANNUAL DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION.

Source: WND

Will Americans stand by as the Communists take America over?

It’s a frightening prospect for sure. I am hoping that NO MATTER WHAT the American People will NOT allow this fraud to be perpetrated against America and a Communist sellout installed as “The Leader of the Free World.”

But what are YOU prepared to do to stop it? What happens if Trump does not call on the military to stop the steal? What if he does not do what every sane American has been waiting for him to do? What will we do then?

Once the Commander in Chief of our military is a Joe Biden or Kamala Harris?What chance do we have in that case? That is why it is VERY IMPORTANT for Trump to resist this Tyranny by ANY AND ALL MEANS!

I have no issue with standing shoulder to shoulder with our military and Police against the forces of Evil which have aligned against us! I DON’T want to be put in a position where I must stand AGAINST THEM!!! So PRAY that President Trump is prepared to GO ALL THE WAY WITH THIS FIGHT which is for the future of all of mankind! Hitler was nothing in comparison with the Evil we face today!

All of humanity is in big trouble if these people control the planet………. and they already have 98% of it locked up!

The evil ones among us divide and conquer | WND

By Craige McMillan
Published December 18, 2020 at 6:45pm

As common as evil is in our world today, one might think that it would be better understood. It is not. A major reason evil is misunderstood is that evil people like to misrepresent themselves as good.

One of the favorite ploys of evil people is to invent grievances, then divide people up onto either side of the grievance: those who believe they have suffered the invented grievance, and those who supposedly imposed the suffering on them. The people who fall for this do so because it relieves them of personal responsibility for their lives. “Well, I couldn’t do it because of yadda, grievance, yadda.”

The intent of evil people is evil: They seek to increase their own power, wealth, corruption, image or get more of whatever it is that they crave through the division they spread. The people who do this are evil. They must be denied power, and when they achieve it they must have it clawed back from their grip. The more earnestly someone wants power over others, the bigger the flashing yellow caution light we should visualize on their foreheads. Government, media and entertainment are completely polluted with these people. Social media is designed to give them a platform to expand their influence over others and bring them into the fold. Social media is not anyone’s friend.

Governments, particularity in the battleground states that have experienced massive election fraud, are a perfect example of why you never want to give evil people power. The office they hold becomes part of their toolkit for future evil, by reelecting themselves or their friends. They never take an oath of office; they take an oath to themselves. You don’t even want such people as dogcatchers, because they will torture the dogs they catch. They’re evil. Whatever tools you give them they will use to increase their power to do more evil, to you and the others who elected them.

That’s why Jesus called the Pharisees (religious leaders in Israel) evil:

TRENDING: Glenn Beck: Biden wants to remove White House doorknobs as a parting shot at Trump

“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning. …” (John 8:44 NKJV)

Here’s a little history lesson. Satan was not created evil. He was created as the most powerful and beautiful angel in heaven. He administered God’s angelic kingdom. But over time, Satan developed a fatal flaw: He decided that since he had so much power, he was equal with God, and should be treated by others just the same as if he were God. His rebellion took a third of the angelic host with him. Even when you have a well-trained army, it’s pretty tough to launch a successful war against someone who has foreknowledge.

Satan didn’t get a slap on the wrist or a demotion. Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven” (Luke 10:18 NKJV).

It’s a sad commentary on our times that so many Christians are so ignorant of evil. It makes them easy targets of evil people. Apparently, some pastors measure the success of their church by the number of people attending every Sunday (pre-COVID, at least). I guess these pastors don’t want their students moving on from kindergarten. They would prefer people just dropped a check in the collection plate, practice the rules preached upon each Sunday and pray for missions every once in a while. Perhaps such leadership doesn’t understand that there is a point in every believer’s life when God comes by and whispers, “I’d like to take you on as a student. Come with Me!”

If you get that offer, nothing else matters. Human beings were uniquely created to carry God’s presence within them. This is what distinguishes for you Good from Evil. This is the Presence we lost at the Fall. This is the Presence that Jesus restored. This is what makes you aware of your destiny – the reason God created you in the first place. Yeah, He has something He wants you to do for him in the here and now, and it might be that you’re the only one who can do it.

Our confusion arises because ultimately, evil is a condition of the heart. That condition manifests itself through our thoughts and actions. Attempts to control the actions of others results in a legalistic society. The laws can be and frequently are changed, even reversed, depending upon which group of people writes the laws. When evil people write the laws, the law will be used for evil purposes. When good people write the laws, the law will be used for good purposes. The same with enforcement. So ultimately, in a nation that votes for its leaders, you are in charge of whether good or evil people rule over you. God takes sides in favor of good; why wouldn’t you?

God never told us that government was here to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven. Marxists like to pretend that once they control the government, they will usher in a new golden age. They never have and they never will. In their twisted minds, they have replaced God with government (thus themselves). Rulers who hate God never love people.

Good people can disagree about how to improve conditions in the world, a particular nation, or even a small community. But when these people promote division between those they represent to implement their agenda, they display that they are evil – no matter how good their intentions.

Good and Evil are not about people obeying or not obeying the rules and laws. Good and Evil are matters of the heart. Who you are determines how you act.

Source: WND

Christians must understand it’s their turn to “Fight the good fight” because nobody else will do it for you!

Every American should be fighting to see EVERY CHURCH IN AMERICA OPENED! We need to be educating our congregations about the deadly, unnecessary C-19 Vaccine being foisted on them for a virus with a 99.70% survival rate, which most people won’t even notice even if they do catch it!

It’s time for the WORLD TO UNITE AGAINST EVIL! We did it when Hitler seized control, and it’s time to do it AGAIN!

Stop thinking that “someone else” is going to deal with this problem, because they won’t! It’s on YOU to lead petition drives to remove rogue mayors and governors! It’s on YOU to sue state and local governments for violating your inalienable human rights and their oaths of office! It’s on YOU to sue the federal government when they step out of line too! It’s ALL on YOU!

Have faith in Him!

Are we REALLY allowing a US Presidential Election to be stolen right out in the open and in front of our eyes? What happened to our courage?

The Storm is Coming!

Comply and get the Vaccine!

COMPLY with WHAT??? – It’s our ONLY HOPE

Source: HighImpactTV on YouTube

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates team up on the LYING corporate media and go car salesman on the “Mark of the Best” vaccine

Every American can decide for themselves about a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.70% survival rate!

The ONLY reason people are terrified of it is because of the mainstream media & governors who sent C-19 positive people into the nursing homes of their states!

Cuomo and Whitmer are two that I know of who signed the death certificates of all of those elderly folks by sending infected individuals there! It was a criminal act! This was done to make C-19 appear more deadly than it was. Then we had the government PAYING DOCTORS & HOSPITALS TO MAKE a positive C-19 diagnoses. It was a big pharma / one world order scam. Time to shut it down.

Those orders caused loss of life on a mass scale. And the continuing C-19 hoax and vaccination need to be stopped dead in it’s tracks RIGHT NOW! And delusions of making the vaccinations “mandatory” must be dealt with and defended against at any cost.

These people are Evil Globalists who want to control the world! It’s simply NOT HAPPENING! The free people of the world MUST UNITE! End the medical Tyranny and excessive government control! End the “in your face” corruption we see in Congress, state and local governments, and the judicial branch too.

It’s time for the American People to STAND, hopefully with the people of the world to end this hostile takeover of humanity. It’s show time. Succumb to totalitarian rule or stand as a free man and preserve Liberty and Freedom!

They believe they are untouchable because they hold government positions. It’s time to stand with America and clean house.

Project on Immunity and Accountability Institute For Justice

Article    |    Institute for Justice

Because qualified immunity is a federal judicial creation, only the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress can end the doctrine. But state legislators can address accountability in another way. The Institute for Justice offers model legislation that creates a new cause of action to vindicate constitutional rights in state courts. It guarantees that if citizens must follow the law, governments must follow the Constitution. The Institute for Justice’s Project on Immunity and Accountability is devoted to the simple idea that government officials are not above the law; if citizens must follow the law, then government must follow the Constitution.

But a set of legal doctrines makes it nearly impossible for ordinary Americans to hold the government accountable in court when government officials violate our Constitutional rights. These doctrines give law enforcement officers and other government officials near complete immunity from being held accountable for their actions, no matter how egregious.

This is wrong. The Constitution is not an empty promise. It is a promise meant to be kept—and those who take an oath to uphold the Constitution should be required to keep it. And if they don’t, they should be held accountable for their actions.

To that end, IJ is dedicated to knocking down barriers to the enforcement of our nation’s most fundamental law. The Constitution’s protections for private property, free speech, economic liberty, and other rights are only meaningful if they are enforceable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ending Qualified Immunity

Ending Qualified Immunity is One of Three Specific Ways to Fix Bad Policing

How Official Immunity Works (and How Government Officials Avoid Accountability)

Chief among these barriers to the enforcement of rights is the doctrine of so-called “qualified immunity,” which the Supreme Court created in 1982 as a practical barrier to enforcing whole swaths of the Constitution. Under qualified immunity, many lawsuits claiming that a government official violated someone’s constitutional rights—by, for instance, arresting them for expressing their political opinions or by revoking their firearms permit without cause—grind to a halt before they really begin because with qualified immunity the normal process of litigation is turned upside down.

In a normal court case, a defendant can be held liable if he did something that violated the law. The court’s job is to figure out what the defendant did, decide whether what he did was unlawful, and, finally, what the consequences should be. That’s how it would work if you sued your neighbor for stealing your stuff.“

IJ is dedicated to knocking down barriers to the enforcement of our nation’s most fundamental law. The Constitution’s protections for private property, free speech, economic liberty, and other rights are only meaningful if they are enforceable.

Now imagine your neighbor is a police department and one day an agent intentionally steals your stuff while executing a search warrant. If you sue, you’re likely to lose.

Qualified immunity means the question for the court is different. It is not enough for a government official to have violated someone’s rights. Instead, officials can only be held liable if the constitutional rule was “clearly established.” If there was no previous case saying it was illegal for government agents to steal your stuff, you’d be out of luck.

Qualified immunity was originally pitched as a way to make sure government officials received fair warning of what they were not allowed to do. The notion of “clearly established” law has now turned into a kind of perverse game: Unless a plaintiff can point to a court decision saying that doing a specific thing in a specific way violates the law, courts generally apply qualified immunity and the official is immune from accountability. Even if every reasonable person would agree that what the official did was illegal, the official’s victims find themselves out of luck.

How One Case Illustrates the Problem of Government Immunity

A bag of broken glass is one of the few things remaining after police bombarded Shaniz West’s home with grenades.

A clear example of this is the case of Shaniz West, who gave police officers permission to go into her house to search for her ex-boyfriend (who Shaniz said was not there). Instead of going into the house (or using the key Shaniz gave them), the officers stood on the sidewalk and bombarded the house with shotgun-fired tear-gas grenades in the hopes of getting the boyfriend to come out. (He did not come out because, as Shaniz had said, he was not there. The police were instead bombarding a house that was empty but for Shaniz’s dog, Blue.)

No reasonable person would think that consent to go into a house is the same as consent to blow up the house from the outside, but when Shaniz sued, an appeals court ruled against her. Not because the officers did not exceed the scope of her consent when they bombed her house, but because no other court had previously held that government officials cannot blow up someone’s house simply because they have been given consent to go inside it.

The upshot of all this is a rule that says government officials can violate your rights with impunity—so long as they do so in a way no one has ever done before. And, perversely, that means that the most outrageous rights violations are the ones that are least likely to be punished: One court, for example, held that officers accused of stealing over $225,000 were entitled to “qualified immunity” and couldn’t be sued. According to the court, “there was no clearly established law holding that officers violate the Fourth or Fourteenth Amendment when they steal property seized pursuant to a warrant.” Therefore, immunity applies, because even though, as the court conceded, “virtually every human society teaches that theft generally is morally wrong,” it was not “obvious” the officers were in the wrong legally.

In another court, a panel of judges ruled that police officers who sicced a dog on a suspect who was sitting down with his hands up were entitled to qualified immunity because—while an earlier case had held that officers were not allowed to sic a dog on someone lying down—no case had ever discussed whether they could do so to a suspect who was sitting down with his hands up.

Judge-made Rules Erode Constitutional Rights

Qualified immunity is not the only doctrine that stands in between citizens’ rights and meaningful remedies. When it comes to federal officials who violate the Constitution, almost every right in the Bill of Rights has been rendered almost meaningless. Outside of a few specific contexts—unwarranted searches, certain kinds of employment discrimination, and cruel and unusual treatment of federal prisoners—courts have made it almost categorically impossible to sue a federal official for violating your rights.

Judge-made rules like these are inconsistent with the Constitution’s text and history, which show that the Constitution is meant to provide a government that is limited in fact, not just in theory. At the founding, it was uncontroversial that individuals could enforce their constitutional rights by suing government officials and recovering damages against them. The practice of dismissing constitutional claims on immunity grounds or because the claim lies against a federal official flies in the face of this history and is contrary to one of our most cherished legal principles that where there is a right, there must be a remedy.“

When it comes to federal officials who violate the Constitution, almost every right in the Bill of Rights has been rendered almost meaningless.

Moreover, these judicial practices are antithetical to the idea of judicial engagement. They often prevent or restrict courts from examining the actual circumstances surrounding a government official’s actions. Judges often justify this judicial abdication by arguing that courtrooms will be clogged with a never-ending line of seemingly frivolous cases challenging arrests or claiming unfounded police brutality. But studies have shown that these judge-made rules do not even serve the policy goals articulated to justify their creation. So, they fail in both theory and practice.

Finally, rules like these hurt the most vulnerable among us: individuals who have already suffered harm and for whom damages are the only way to vindicate their constitutional rights. People who have the wherewithal to file a lawsuit before the government violates their rights can generally get a fair hearing in court. But people whose rights have been violated in the past all too often fall into one of the courts’ accountability-free zones, leaving them with their rights violated and with no remedy in sight. Allowing government officials to escape accountability for unconstitutional conduct simply because it occurred in the past is an attempt to renege on this nation’s fundamental promises in the Constitution.

How We’re Holding Government Accountable

The Lech family’s home was destroyed by police after a suspected shoplifter ran inside.

The Institute for Justice is dedicated to fighting judge-made rules that make it extremely difficult to hold government officials accountable for violations of constitutional rights. Our efforts include direct lawsuits against government officials, appellate friend-of-the-court briefs in support of individuals who suffered at the hands of government officials, and outreach to members of the public who want to know more about the difficulties of holding government officials accountable. We do all this because of our fundamental belief that following the Constitution means being held accountable for violating it. The judge-made rules that allow government officials to violate the Constitution without consequence have no place in our Constitutional republic.

Learn More about IJ’s Efforts to Make Government Officials Accountable

We Sue

After Police Brutally Beat & Hospitalized James King, The Government Closed Ranks and Is Using a Legal Shell Game To Avoid Accountability

IJ Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Hold State/Federal Task Forces Accountable For Constitutional Violations.

After Being Arrested for Speaking Out, a Texas Woman Sues to Hold Gov. Officials Accountable

Sylvia Gonzalez was arrested and thrown in jail for speaking out against the government. Now she’s filed a lawsuit to hold the City of Castle Hills, Texas accountable for violating her rights.

IJ Asks Supreme Court to Hold Government Officials Accountable For Destroying Idaho Home with Grenades

After police had a ten-hour standoff with an empty house—eventually destroying everything inside—a court ruled there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Now the Institute for Justice is launching a new project to ask the courts to reexamine doctrines giving government officials broad immunity from accountability.

Homeowners Seek Rehearing in House-Destruction Case

IJ joins the Lech family’s fight for compensation after police destroy their house in pursuit of a shoplifter.

We file briefs in support of individuals who suffered at the hands of government officials

Villarreal v. Laredo

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will consider whether a citizen-journalist in Texas can seek justice after a retaliatory arrest and prosecution. We urged the court to hold officers responsible for violating First Amendment rights.

Tanzin v. Tanvir

Victory! The Supreme Court adopted IJ’s argument in this brief that (1) damages for constitutional violations are important and often necessary, that (2) damages for constitutional violations have a great historic pedigree, and that (3) it is not within this Court’s purview to import policy concerns into its decision-making. This unanimous opinion repudiates the type of policy decision-making the Court engaged in when it created qualified immunity, undermining the entire foundation of this unlawful doctrine.

Jessop v. Fresno

Every government official should know that stealing is unconstitutional. It goes to the core of the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. In this amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, we explain that the facts of this case are the very reason why the modern-day doctrine of qualified immunity has to go.

Hernandez v. Mesa

Learn more about the storied history of holding government officials accountable for constitutional violations by imposing damages.

J.K.J and M.J.J v. Wisconsin

We successfully urged the Seventh Circuit to rehear a case against a county whose prison officials sexually assaulted female prisoners.

Frasier v. Denver Police Officers

Read this brief to learn more about the legal test for qualified immunity in the context of a fascinating fact pattern: after a bystander recorded police officers using excessive force in the performance of their official duties, these officers tried to silence the bystander by attempting to delete his recording.

We educate the public about these injustices

Short Circuit Podcast

Short Circuit Live: Seventh Circuit Edition discussion on Qualified Immunity

Listen to America’s foremost experts on qualified immunity in this special episode of IJ’s Short Circuit podcast.

Is Qualified Immunity Unlawful?

Read this highly acclaimed paper that disposes of the main legal justifications for imposing qualified immunity

The Case Against Qualified Immunity

Read this remarkable paper that provides compelling empirical evidence undermining policy justifications for imposing qualified immunity

Rethinking Bivens: Legitimacy and Constitutional Adjudication

Read this fascinating paper that persuasively advocates allowing individuals whose constitutional rights were violated to sue federal officers in federal court

We advocate for legislative reforms

Model Protecting Everyone’s Constitutional Rights Act

Because qualified immunity is a federal judicial creation, only the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress can end the doctrine. But state legislators can address accountability in another way. The Institute for Justice offers model legislation that creates a new cause of action to vindicate constitutional rights in state courts. It guarantees that if citizens must follow the law, governments must follow the Constitution.

Source: The Institute for Justice

This is probably one of the most important posts I’ve ever made, PLEASE SUPPORT The Institute for Justice AND Abolishing Qualified Immunity

Government is Organized Crime operating to steal your wealth and divide it up with their friends!

I find it very curious that people support their state and local & federal governments! These entities operate for one reason, and ONLY one reason! That is to steal YOUR WEALTH and divide it amongst themselves and their criminal friends!

Most cities within the United States CANNOT fund themselves without revenue generated by their police departments! We do not have police to “generate revenue” we have them to KEEP THE PEACE!!!

Unfortunately, those within the government view them differently! Police are used to seize your hard earned money through rackets just like this one in California. EVERY City and State has operations like these, designed to “relieve you of your wealth”

American citizens MUST realize that what we have is not a “Government by the People and for the People”!!!

What we have is criminals in every public office across the nation working in unison to rob you of your hard earned money! They get all they can through taxation and use the police and permitting offices to get the rest of it!

Government has become what it was designed to guard against! The government is nothing more than Organized Crime which seeks to take all you have, and control you while they do it!

King George was a WONDERFUL MAN in comparison to the government of today in the US!

Qualified Immunity is used daily by government to violate the Constitutional rights of Americans!

Anyone who follows my work knows that I despise qualified immunity! It is a doctrine that is “enjoyed” by police, judges, and politicians. Qualified Immunity basically states that because these people are employees of government that you cannot sue them, and they cannot held accountable through a civil lawsuit.

You and I, along with every other American can be sued if we act negligently, in an abusive manner, or destroy someone’s property through malicious intent or negligence. Government employees who “enjoy qualified immunity” (and they DO ENJOY IT!) cannot be held financially responsible when their actions result in destruction of property, injury, death, and even false imprisonment!

Why??? Because they are “Above the Laws” that everyone else must follow! There is simply no more unjust doctrine in American courts! Personally, I believe it to be unconstitutional. It allows people to be treated preferentially under the law, which is wrong no matter how you look at it! It is most often abused by Police and Politicians.

For example: You or I would go to prison for “insider trading” but members of Congress do it all of the time! They cannot be sued or locked up because they enjoy qualified immunity.

Police can violate your Constitutionally guaranteed, God-given, natural rights as long as they don’t do it in such a way that has been “recognized as a rights violation in a courtroom at some prior time.”

Meaning, they can’t bash your teeth out using their flashlight if a prior court case has held that abuse, meaning bashing teeth out with a flashlight, “disqualifies their qualified immunity.”

But they CAN bash out your teeth using their boot! Because there has never been a court case saying that “using a boot to bash out your teeth” disqualifies their qualified immunity, only that using a flashlight does!

Therefore, since there is not an EXISTING CASE of someone violating their qualified immunity IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER, it does not disqualify them from getting protected by qualified immunity! I’m not kidding! That is how this STUPID and unconstitutional doctrine works! it is unbelievable!

So if Law Enforcement wants to violate your rights or beat you up, they have to do it in such a way that has never been SHOWN IN COURT to disqualify their qualified immunity, and they get protection. All they have to do is be creative! Can you believe that is how it works? It’s scary and unbelievable, and it’s EXACTLY WHY police are never allowed to be sued. It’s criminal in fact.

I want to share with you an Institute for Justice case going on here in Texas, where criminals within the local government had an elderly woman put in jail for speaking out against the incompetent way they were running the city.

Their lawyer literally moved to have the case dismissed because “they enjoy qualified immunity.” He did NOT claim that they didn’t break the law and use their position within government to retaliate against this woman and violate her rights. (and the laws of Texas)

No, he did not bother denying her claims. Instead he moved to dismiss the case because “they enjoy qualified immunity.” Meaning that he believes them to be “Above the Law” and therefore above being tried as the criminals they are!

Qualified Immunity has also been used by Police Departments who have completely DEMOLISHED innocent people’s homes with tear gas and flash bangs because they thought a wanted person was inside! The homeowner was running late and left the officers her keys and told them they were “Welcome to look.”

The fugitive did NOT live at the residence. The lady wanted to cooperate with the police, so she gave them her house keys and left for work. Having her permission they could have searched the home, but instead chose to fire hundreds of rounds of tear gas and flash bangs into her home completely destroying it. The person they were looking for was NOT there!

The inside of Shaniz West’s home, after police in Caldwell, Idaho bombarded it with tear gas grenades. 

My point is simple, EVERY AMERICAN should demand that Qualified Immunity is ABOLISHED! I’m not saying to throw police under the bus who have done nothing wrong. I’m saying hold police that DO BREAK THE LAW & VIOLATE PEOPLE’S RIGHTS ACCOUNTABLE!!!

Qualified Immunity should not exist. It goes counter to common sense and equal justice under the law!

City Officials Threw an Elderly Woman in Jail for Criticizing Them—Then Claimed Immunity

This is an Institute for Justice YouTube video addressing what happened to Sylvia Gonzalez, which was a CRIME perpetrated by corrupt government in Texas! PLEASE support The Institute for Justice, they do great work!

Video Source: Institute for Justice

PLEASE speak out against Qualified Immunity! It enables abusive criminals in government to violate the rights of Americans and never be held accountable! We need MORE ACCOUNTABILITY not less!

Election Tampering made easy by Dominion voting systems!

Election Supervisor shows exactly how easy an Election can be stolen using Dominion Voting Systems!

Credit: on YouTube

In the following two videos an Election Supervisor will demonstrate exactly how easily an election can be stolen when you use Dominion Voting Systems software, which was designed specifically for stealing elections! Thanks to on youtube.

The Dominion voting machines that Georgia and several other states use are unsecure and open to manipulation during the counting process. This first of two videos shows the weaknesses of the system and the ways in which an unscrupulous election official may alter ballots with virtually no chance of being caught.

Visit for late breaking news in Douglas, Ga, Coffee County and surrounding South Georgia news areas. Send your news tips, photos and videos to us via our facebook page at or by email at

No sane person could think that THIS is an acceptable way to conduct a FAIR and HONEST vote count! Now if you want to STEAL AN ELECTION then this is surely the way to go!

Link to Epoch Times Article & Video:

The Epoch Times

The Nazis are coming! America under attack!


The David Knight Show on outlines the Nazi plan to CRUSH anyone not complying with their Tyranny. Their Plan, coming out of the World Economic Forum, is detailed below this video and in the video itself. These people ARE EVIL!

The people of the entire world MUST UNITE in the defense of mankind itself! We are under attack by forces of SATAN! This is the end of humanity should we continue to allow this Evil to be done to the people of the world!

People MUST realize that these people ARE worse than Hitler ever thought of being! They are pure, unadulterated EVIL! They make Hitler look like an alter boy! They seek to DESTROY EVERYONE who refuses to accept the “Mark of the Beast”!

The Lord warned you! The time has come to heed that warning!


Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!! |

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines about to be mass injected into the unsuspecting public assisted by military forces around the world.

What could possibly motivate these doctors, nurses, scientists, and other health professionals to make such an impassioned plea? What do they have to gain by taking the time to educate the public on the hidden dangers of a new class of vaccine about to be inflicted upon the citizens of countries around the world?

They have NOTHING TO GAIN, and much to lose, including their careers, and possibly even their lives.

So why are they doing this? Why are these doctors and professionals being censored so much if the new COVID vaccines are in fact “safe and effective”? What is it that the media and the government are hiding that they don’t want the public to know?

They are doing this because they are doctors and scientists who actually understand the REAL science here, and who know the devastating potential consequences of those who choose to get this very toxic and dangerous vaccine, and they are trying to save as many people as possible from the carnage this vaccine is going to cause, which will include DEATH, brain injuries, life-long autoimmune disease, infertility, and more.

Please watch this video and their urgent pleas, and then share it with as many people as you can, because time is short!

From our Bitchute Channel:

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Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S.

Censored Dr. Kaufman: “They Want To Genetically Modify Us With COVID-19 Vaccine” – Loses his Job and Willing to go to Jail to Resist

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Source: Health Impact News

WHY would you risk your life and your children’s lives and take a vaccine that actually changes your DNA for a virus with a 99.70% survival rate???

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Download and share this video EVERYWHERE!