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What illness has overtaken the people who run Twitter — and Facebook? What illness has overtaken mainstream media reporters and so much of the Western intelligentsia? Why are they so willing to abet evil?

125000 accounts suspended

“Hackers Say Twitter Isn’t Telling the Whole Story About Anti-Terror Fight,” by Joshua Philipp, Epoch Times, March 4, 2016:

Online activists have added fuel to the controversy over the effectiveness of Twitter’s attempts to fight ISIS supporters who use its services to spread terrorist propaganda and recruit new members.

While Twitter says it is making strong efforts to shut down terrorist accounts, activists say that not only is the microblogging company not taking down the accounts that matter, but it has even been shutting down accounts of users trying to report terrorists.

In January, a Florida woman, Tamara Fields, filed a lawsuit against Twitter, alleging that it breached the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act by “spreading extremist propaganda,” which caused an attack in Jordan that killed her husband, a private contractor, Lloyd “Carl” Fields Jr.

Facing bad press and a lawsuit, Twitter published a blog post on Feb. 5, saying that since mid-2015 it suspended 125,000 accounts for “threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS.”

Members of the online anti-terrorist community were quick to fire back, however. They say that Twitter is taking credit for their work, and there are still many holes in its efforts to keep terrorist recruiters off its services.

Several hacker groups, including Anonymous, have rallied against ISIS under an online campaign they call #OpISIS. While most participants keep their identities hidden, most of their activities are public. They often publish lists of ISIS supporters and recruiters, and call on the community to report the accounts.

Through this campaign, Anonymous claims by Nov. 23, 2015 to have taken down more than 11,000 Twitter accounts linked to ISIS, according to a tweet from OpParisOfficial. GhostSec, another hacker group, claims it has reported 19,568 Twitter accounts promoting terrorism.

GhostSec was credited with helping prevent a terrorist attack in Tunisia, and may have helped stop another attack in New York City in 2015, according to Michael Smith, principal of national security company Kronos Advisory. Smith was GhostSec’s go-between for law enforcement and intelligence officials.

“Who suspended 125,000 accounts? Anonymous, Anonymous affiliated groups, and everyday citizens,” says a statement from WauchulaGhost, an anti-terrorist hacker with the hacker collective Anonymous, but was formerly with GhostSec.

“You do realize if we all stopped reporting terrorist accounts and graphic images, Twitter would be flooded with terrorists,” WauchulaGhost says.

Who Suspended 125,000 Twitter accounts? #OpISIS#Anonymous#GhostOfNoNation

After Twitter made its announcement claiming to have shut down ISIS accounts, many participants in #OpISIS saw a very different development. Twitter began banning accounts of users who were trying to report online terrorism.

Members of the community have taken this as a slap in the face. While Twitter is telling the public it’s working to stop ISIS recruitment on its services, it has been suspending accounts of the community who are doing the actual footwork.

Sometimes the accounts get hit one-by-one, other times in groups. Members of the community sometimes rally behind account holders, and Twitter gets them back up and running quickly. Other times, the accounts may stay suspended.

For instance, on Feb. 28 close to 15 Twitter accounts of users involved in the anti-terror campaigns were suspended, including some of the top accounts involved in #OpISIS, including WauchulaGhost’s. Their supporters barraged Twitter with tweets, and most of the accounts were back online about two hours later.

WauchulaGhost said he’s still not sure what happened, noting, “I never received an email from Twitter.”

After one week, Twitter had not responded to an email inquiring why it banned the anti-terror accounts.

Some members of the community say Twitter is suspending accounts in its new campaign to stop online bullying—but that explanation has raised the question of why calling out users spreading terrorist propaganda and trying to recruit terrorists is categorized as “harassment.”

“I can say they are suspending a lot of accounts for harassment. Good accounts not Daesh accounts,” WauchulaGhost said in an interview on Twitter. “Even a lot of our (Anonymous) accounts are being suspended for harassment.”…

Source : Jihad Watch

Conservative Thinker 03/06/2016

I would just like to note that it seems to be an epidemic in social media and news organization circle to be “Sympathetic” to the cause of jihad. Should Americans even allow these “agents of disinformation”to continue to operate within our borders??? Or should we wake up and move to close them down for their acrobatics with the truth??? Censorship and manipulations of the truth have no place in America. They were great ideas until the content started being manipulated for political purposes, have they become too corrupted to save???



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I have to agree with The American Thinker on this one We don’t need to change our beliefs, we need to better educate the masses. I know this first hand, my sister voted for Obama. Not because of anything Obama has done, not because of what he plans to do………..Nope. She voted for him because of all the misinformation spread about Romney by Obama and the liberal media. She cannot speak to any of the issues that are important to America, but she can recite EVERY BS charge made against Romney. She truly BELIEVES the economy has been doing better. She BELIEVES that Obama has helped the oil business. EVERY silly talking point that the Obama Administration gave to the liberal media to feed the American People…………she ate it up, all of it. She believes in the misinformation. She defends Obama and his cronies based on this misinformation. If you show her any contradictory facts, she says they are fabrications. She believes in every lie the liberal media has ever told her, while not believing any facts that disagree with that misinformation!!! It’s crazy!!! I guess she is just used to being told the truth on the news, and somehow is unable to comprehend that they’d lie to the whole country on national television!!! I don’t even mention politics around her anymore, because she’ll defend her misguided beliefs “to the death”. I’ve tried every way I know how to show her the facts, but her mind is made up, and nothing I can say or do will change it!!! And I have to assume that every other Obama supporter is the same way. They have all been brainwashed by the evening news, and they believe in the lies they’ve been told, just as I believe in mine. The problem is that I actually research my information instead of just letting the evening news tell me what they want me to know. If we are to ever win back the hearts and minds of those misinformed Obama supporters in America then we are going to have to get control of the media!!! I’ve suggested an organized boycott of their networks, and MORE importantly their advertisers. Because if Americans refuse to buy products from companies that advertise on these dishonest networks then they’d start advertising somewhere else, somewhere that did not cost them customers!!! The problem I’ve had with this is that I’ve been unable to get any kind of real support fr it. The reasons vary, some say they “don’t want to stoop to the level of liberals”. Some say it will hurt the innocent employees of those boycotted companies. The list goes on and on……. But let’s face it folks, if there are no consequences for them lying to us, why should they stop??? I’m open to any ideas on how to better make the mainstream media tell the truth!!! I believe that if we continue to allow them to lie to the American People, we’ll never be able to get the truth out to the masses!!! The brainwashing continues…………and it’s going to cost us elections!!!!