Elected and Appointed Government Officials are required to have a “Surety Bond” that you can file a claim against for damages!

Everyone has wanted to know what THEY CAN DO… Well here it is! This is how we win!

Who may bring action on bond. (This is an example from Washington)

Every official bond executed by any officer pursuant to law, shall be in force and obligatory upon the principal and sureties therein, to and for the state of Washington, and to and for the use and benefit of all persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the wrongful act or default of such officer, in his official capacity, and any person so injured or aggrieved may bring suit on such bond in his or her own name without an assignment thereof.

This is an example: I looked up “Surety Bonds for public officials” This happens to be for Washington, every State is different

Click here to see the full Surety Bond for public officials Washington page

RCWs > Title 42 > Chapter 42.08

Chapter Listing

Chapter 42.08 RCW



42.08.005Official bonds—Payment of premiums.
42.08.010Scope of coverage.
42.08.020Who may maintain action.
42.08.030Leave of court required.
42.08.040Judgment no bar to further action.
42.08.050Recoveries limited to amount of bond.
42.08.060Form of official bonds.
42.08.070Effect of bonds.
42.08.080Who may bring action on bond.
42.08.090Defective bonds validated.
42.08.100Approval and filing.
42.08.110Procedure when bond of county or township officer is insufficient.
42.08.120Additional bond.
42.08.130Remedy when bond of state officer becomes insufficient.
42.08.140Force of additional bond.
42.08.150Number of sureties.
42.08.160Justification of sureties.
42.08.170Liability of sureties.
42.08.180Release of sureties.


Adjutant general, official bond: RCW 38.12.010.Apple commission treasurer, bond required: RCW 15.24.150.Attorney general, official bonds: RCW 43.10.01043.10.020.Cities, code city retaining second class form, bond of officers: RCW 35.23.835.Cities, commission form, bonds required: RCW 35.17.100.Cities, council-manager plan, bond of manager: RCW 35.18.050.Cities, second class, bond required: RCW 35.23.081.Commissioner of public lands, official bonds: RCW 43.12.041.County clerk, new bond may be required: RCW 36.23.020.County commissioners, official bond: RCW 36.32.060.County officers, official bonds: RCW 36.16.050.County sheriff, additional bond: RCW 36.28.030.Dairy products commission treasurer, bond required: RCW 15.44.050.Flood control districts, official bonds: RCW 86.09.30186.09.30486.09.307.Fruit commission treasurer, bond required: RCW 15.28.190.Horse racing commission, official bonds: RCW 67.16.012.Insurance commissioner, official bond: RCW 48.02.030.Irrigation districts, official bonds: RCW 87.03.082.Liquor and cannabis board, official bond: RCW 66.08.014.Municipal court judge, bond required: RCW 35.20.180.Reclamation district directors, official bonds: RCW 89.30.259.Reclamation districts, bond of secretary: RCW 89.30.262.Secretary of state, official bond: RCW 43.07.010.State administrative officers, official bonds: RCW 43.17.100.State auditor, official bond: RCW 43.09.010.State treasurer, official bond: RCW 43.08.020.Superior court reporters, bond required: RCW 2.32.180.Suretyship: Chapters 19.7248.28 RCW.Towns, bond of officers: RCW 35.27.120.University of Washington, board of regents, secretary to give bond: RCW 28B.30.135.Utilities and transportation commission, official bonds: RCW 80.01.020.Washington State University, board of regents, bonds required: RCW 28B.30.10028B.30.130.Weed district officers, bond required: RCW 17.04.070.

The Bond Issue – Bonds For the Win over School Boards and Public Officials

Defeat School Boards and Mayors and Governors and other Elected / Appointed Officials!

These people are required to have a pretty big surety bond… 4 MILLION in this case.

We must file claims against their surety bond for mask mandates and vaccine discrimination etc…. GET DAMAGES UP TO 4 MILLION!

Check this out… It’s the secret weapon!

It’s the one thing these Klause Schwab, Bill Gates, and George Soros controlled, evil bureaucrat drones can understand!

They are apparently without heart or soul…. But they know if they get their bonds yanked it’s over! And could get expensive too!

There are three parties included in a Bond Agreement:

Bondholder – All elected public officials are required to be bonded and they must sign an oath to uphold the Constitution of their State as well as the Constitution of the United States for America. Companies, contractors, and even unions are also required to have a surety bond.

We the People – The community for whom the bondholder is OBLIGATED to serve.

Surety Bond Company – This is the company that guarantees that the bondholder will serve the people.

If a claim is filed against a bondholder, the Surety Bond Company is responsible for accepting the claim(s), notifying the bondholder, demanding that the bondholder address the claim and starting an investigation if the bondholder does not resolve or rectify the situation.

Learn More Here: www.BondsForTheWin.com
Get Updates Here: https://t.me/bondsforthewin

After you’ve put teams onto these Corrupt Public Officials going after their surety bonds for damages…… Here’s STEP #2

In the UK these folks notified all hospitals and doctors and those involved with the vaccine… Then made a formal complain to Police for “Accessory to Murder”

Be sure to tell Police that you are NOT talking about Admiralty Law! You are talking about the “Law of the Land”





U.K. Vaccine Crime Investigation. Metropolitan Police and International Criminal Court (ICC) (Above 3 videos)

I have read reports that this investigation does not exist. The videos are from some time back. Regardless if it’s legitimate or not, every police station and officer should be put on notice EXACTLY LIKE THIS! I only know that ole Boris lifted the mandates with a quickness! So something is going on! And it would be worth at least trying at your local Sheriff’s Office! I know you CAN file for damages against these people’s “surety bond” in the US.

This same tactic can be taken with public officials and the Border Patrol here in the US! We as citizens are harmed by the Federal Governments failure to secure the border! PLEASE SHARE!

Border Patrol Breaks Ranks & Calls Out CBP Chiefs Inaction

EXCLUSIVE: Last Week’s Court Ruling in Pennsylvania Means 40% of Ballots Unconstitutional — Without These Ballots President Trump Crushed Biden by a 2 to 1 Ratio in the State!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Are YOU ready?

Above ALL however, Seek Yahshua (Jesus) and ask for forgiveness of your sins! REPENT! Seek Him out, He is waiting on YOU!

I want to take the time to tell you that The Father provided me with the answers to our serious problems I shared today. A prayed to Him and asked for guidance, and he led me to these solutions in less than 8 hours! I lived for 53 years as a blind man. Then one day I humbly asked Yahushua for forgiveness, and I asked that He show me the TRUTH! And He DID! I was dizzy for a week I discovered so much truth!

The veil can be lifted from your eyes as well… Seek Him out and Repent.

Praise Yahuwah (God)!!! REPENT

Differences Between Yahuwah and Yahushua

Yahuwah (God) Bless you all. Stand in TRUTH and walk according to The Father’s Commandments. Time is short!


Your company cannot violate the law OR require you to break the law!

Stay Strong, The Sky is Not Falling, World ‘Leaders’ Are

The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and every corporation that is a member of this death cult are Evil. These people are literally Satan’s minions! Their goal is worldwide Communism and making you a slave! Pure Evil!

Shocking Glimpse Into Life After The Great Reset – World Economic Forum’s Sinister Plans (Videos)

Covid19 is nothing more than an attempt for Climate Alarmists to take over the world and turn it into a Communist dystopia and turn you into a SLAVE!

“COVID-19 Is Really About Global Warming”

Maldives To Drown Again

BioTech Analyst: Genetic Code Stolen, Changed With PCR Tests, Shots | Stew Peters Show

Is Biden in Deepfake Mode?

I don’t know what to tell you. It really does not matter if it is, or if it ain’t Biden! The 2020 Election WAS STOLEN! We all know that for sure! Watch the next couple of videos, and read the following story and you’ll have a hard time denying that something real fishy is going on! In the video below this story you can clearly see that Biden’s head is CGI, put on another body, which is a different color than the head!

You tell me that this is Joe Biden’s HEAD on Joe Biden’s BODY! It’s NOT! This is some kind of CGI stunt being pulled on the people! From Dec. 2019


If you allow “Vaccine Passports” to become required YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FREEDOM! Welcome to Communism!

There is absolutely no way that this system can be allowed anywhere in the world! This is EVIL! This is Communism! You have become an inmate at the point you must show vaccination status to go shopping! Hitler never even DREAMED of anything this Tyrannical! You MUST STAND! It STOPS HERE at any cost! DEATH is preferable to this system!

God is good all the time 343: Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

Dave Chappelle vs the Tyranny of the Gender Agenda

YOU MUST STOP BEING A COWARD! Screw the word police and the gender Nazis! Tell them to POUND SAND!

Speech Police are WORSE THAN THE NAZIS! Tell them to get stuffed! SPEAK FREELY!

I deleted my Parler account despite having 15,000 followers because after Amazon and the other internet Nazis took them down, when they came back up they had adopted a point system to use against you if you were “Offensive”

One day I was talking about a “Transvestite individual” and I used the shortened slang for them, that BTW “Trans” people used and made popular long before I used it… I said a “Tranny” which there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with!

Parler listed it as a “Violation” for “Obscene language” but upon investigating they said that it did not warrant putting points against me. I deleted my account THAT DAY! If I wanted a social media platform that thought my speech needed policing then I would have stayed at Facebook and Twitter! America is allowing European “Nazis” make our rules in America and it MUST STOP

STOP walking on eggshells for these people! SPEAK FREELY!

FEAR has been used by EVERY GOVERNMENT in history to usher in Communism and Dictatorships!

It STARTS as fear to speak freely!

The entire “Covid-19” LIE and SCAMdemic was created to usher in Communism and the evil New World Order!

In case you didn’t know already, the “New World Order” is something that Satan worshipers have dreamed about for thousands of years! It’s a global government with Satan sitting on the throne. And that is EXACTLY what George Bush was talking about as he droned on and on and on about “The New World Order.”

The scumbags at The World Economic Forum are no different! These are wealthy people who control the largest corporations on Earth! 99% of people who get that kind of wealth, get it one way! By selling their soul to the Devil! Many musicians and actors will actually confess that is how they achieved great success and wealth! Look into it sometime! The devil did the same thing when Jesus was in the desert!

Bob Dylan admitted selling his soul to Satan! I’m sure that you can find many more who admit it. Otherwise it could just be a rumor! But when someone admits it, it’s likely factual! Nobody would lie about that! (Hopefully)

Folks… You MUST believe The Word of God! It is the ONLY TRUTH you’ll find on this wicked earth! You can read all of Mathew 4 here if you like.

Matthew 4

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

11 Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

Is This Virus the Weapon Being Used to Usher in a Communistic Takeover of the United States?

By Gary D. Barnett

November 18, 2020

“I dare hope that all the peoples who have lived through communism will understand that communism is to blame for the bitter pages of their history.”

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn–Source: http://www.independent.co.uk 

There has been much talk over the years, and many have claimed that communism is dead. Communism never died, and in fact has continued to expand, especially in the West. No war, and no fight were necessary, just a failing economy and a country weakened and destroyed from within. That is exactly what is happening today, and now we face the horrors of communism and the end of Western civilization. It is imperative to remember that all roads toward socialism lead directly to communism, as Lenin so described. In the United States, the march toward socialism has been steadily advancing for many years, especially in all the so-called ‘halls of learning,’ and in the government that supports this transition. The goal of the state will always be toward socialism, because that is the system that allows for the few to control the many. The takeover of the economy and the elimination of private property will signal the end of freedom and the advancement of communism.Coleman, Dr VernonBuy New $14.71(as of 04:43 EST – Details)

In this day and age, with such colossal technological ‘progress,’ the controlling system coming will certainly be technocratic in nature, but the underlying structure will still be one where the masses or proletariat, will be controlled by the few in what will be a pure communistic society. The fraudulent ‘pandemic’ is simply the tool being used to advance these reset agendas, and this is being accomplished due to weakness and fear by the people at large. It does not have to be this way, but when the masses voluntarily accept their own servitude, blame cannot be placed just on the evildoers in control, but should be placed at the feet of the people themselves. Evil lives in every man, and in order to defeat it, one must first understand his own evil, and fight to suppress it. This takes much courage, and truth has to not only be sought, but also accepted. If this does not happen throughout society, freedom and the joy of life will not endure.

If this sounds dark and ominous, that is because it is just that. We are at the crossroads of hell, and very few have any understanding of this fact. Communism has been blamed for the most deaths of the innocent in human history, and this is for good reason. But Americans have little if any understanding of the scope of this phenomenon, and certainly do not understand that their own country’s ruling class has been a major part of this most heinous and abhorrent cancer on mankind. It has not been just Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot that have perpetrated atrocities and unholy massacres. It has not been only Russia, China, North Korea, and others that are responsible for all the carnage over the past century and a half. Western powers, especially the United States, have been involved in and supportive of many communist countries and leaders. Russia and China were heavily supported by the United States and its banking and corporate systems during these dark periods, as were Stalin and Mao and many other dictators and murderers. What stands out about communistic and dictatorial regimes, is that those seeking power and control all understand that socialistic and communistic policies will gain them what they seek, which is total power and control over all of society. So whether they participate directly or by stealth when supporting communism matters not, as all those that desire control will eventually attempt to gain submission through socialistic means. This could happen through support and funding of monsters, aggressive wars, active assistance for regime change policies, and other practices meant to advance totalitarian rule, all done in the past by the United States government and its controlling ‘elites.’Fromm, ErichBest Price: $7.69Buy New $6.55(as of 04:59 EST – Details)

I have recently been corresponding with Dr. Igor Shepherd, a gentleman that has seen both sides of this monster called communism. He is Russian, but living and working in the United States, and fully understands that this long-planned global takeover being called “The Great Reset,’” is most definitely a communistic plot. I agree with this assessment, as this country and other governments around the world as well, are aggressively seeking the major tenets of communism, and the Western powers are leading the way. Dr. Shepherd gave a powerful talk recently about these matters and more. It is invaluable information.

Most everything being told to the American citizens are nothing more than lies, deceit, and propaganda. There is no pandemic, but there is a plot to take over the entire country, destroying any and all normal aspects of life. The destruction of the human spirit and psyche is happening before our eyes, and many of the things planned by the controlling class will cause the annihilation of this economic system and the loss of freedom. The agenda to gain control over the people is moving forward at lightening speed, and this looks to be the final push toward achieving a communistic style society with the controlling interests dominating the very minds of its subjects.

In my opinion, the most important part of this nefarious conspiracy will rely on mass vaccination. The coming Covid vaccine has most likely been available and has been stockpiled for a very long time. It is not meant to prevent or cure any so-called virus or disease, but will be used to take over the minds and bodies of men. All the technology to do this is in place, and the incentive for the worst among us to enslave the population is evident. This is not even being done in secret, as the plans of the chosen masters have been openly discussed and announced for any that choose to listen.  Injecting everyone with this new vaccine is in the works, and has been for a long period of time, and is most definitely a fascist partnership between the U.S. government, the world’s ‘health’ organizations, Bill Gates and his criminal foundation, and the pharmaceutical industry.Lovell, Jarret S.Best Price: $14.00Buy New $26.81(as of 02:47 EDT – Details)

This is the big push toward changing the entire world from one of freedom and hope to one of total despair. Mass disobedience is necessary, and readiness to defend from tyranny at any cost is crucial. Gather together, seek out like thinkers, disobey every order, dissent on every level, and stop this onslaught of deadly and murderous communism. A mass uprising is needed now!

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

~ Ayn Rand (1988). “The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z”, p.466, Penguin

Sources: Hereherehere, here.

Big Pharma Rock by Conspiracy Music Guru on YouTube

Drug Companies Don’t Fund The Media! Stop Asking!

Pfizer Sr Director Vanessa Gelman Running From Project Veritas

New World Order Plot to Rewrite the Bible

Let’s not forget that the Bible has already been altered somewhat! It is usually altered during “translation”! Christianity is under attack by Luciferians!

Do you ever wonder why Christianity is the ONLY religion that gets consistently attacked? It seems these people never go after Budda, or Allah, or any of the other world religions. There is a reason! The Devil is REAL! God is REAL. A REAL BATTLE is taking place! But all of the other religions are never for attacked for one simple reason… The Devil invented the other religions!

He invented the other religions to make The One True God Almighty appear to be just another, in a long line of religions. The Devil invented all other religions to take credibility from the one true religion, Christianity! The biggest argument of the atheists and devil worshipers are “All of the religions cannot be right!” I’m sure you’ve heard it!

And while that’s true…. ALL OF THE OTHER RELIGIONS WERE CREATED BY A DECEITFUL DEVIL! It was in an effort to make Christianity appear less relevant, just “One of many fairy tales” as they enjoy saying! Except it’s NOT!

Christians believe in the ONE true God Almighty, The Creator, The Heavenly Father! Luciferians worship the One true Devil, the serpent, or one of his many demons! There is a very real battle raging between the two! The Devil being the deceiver he is, created all other religions to delegitimize worshiping the One True God! And this is exactly why you never see Allah attacked! Or Buddhist.

The Devil invented those religions! He WANTS YOU TO WORSHIP THEM! If you do that you are NOT worshiping the Real Creator! This allows Satan to draw you into eternal damnation, he wants you to go to Hell with him! Don’t fall for it.

New World Order(illuminati/Jesuits) sought to water down the Bible gradually by changing key scripture to eventually alter the core meanings/doctrines to make the Bible compatible with their New World Religion(New Age/Luciferianism).

In order to have complete control of the world they must create a religion that is inclusive to all cultures and nations. Because Christianity is far too exclusive, they had to rewrite the Bible with their new Bible perversions such as the NIV, ESV, NLT, ect. to fit their New Age Religion Agenda.

“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” – David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations Clip from ‘Ridiculous Bible PerVersions Of The New Age 2’ by Bryan Denlinger Bryan Denlinger YT Channel: husky394xp https://www.youtube.com/user/husky394xp The New Order of Barbarians Full Audio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjc4y… The Real Bible Version Issue Exposed (Full) http://youtu.be/Ne6fZwJ7Y0c

Tyranny is Everywhere, and in America the best way to FIGHT IT is to join CSPOA!

I want to encourage you to go right now and sign up at CSPOA.org

Did you know your Sheriff has the Constitutional Authority to deputize his citizens?

He is the only actually “Constitutional” Peace Officer there is. He is an elected official who has the constitutional authority to deputize citizens and he has Arrest Powers. Did you know that violating your OATH of Office is a CRIME? It surely is. So give that a little bit of thought as you see George Soros operatives violating their oaths and committing sedition around our great country! The real law enforcement officer of America is your county Sheriff! And the majority of them are honest and patriotic! They are also elected, so when you and your community ask them to join CSPOA I’m sure they’ll respectfully honor your request! Your Sheriff is the one guy who can form a LAWFUL militia of the citizenry! And that’s important

The COVID Vaccine War – This Is Not A Drill

We Need Mass Civil Disobedience RIGHT NOW

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Bungling: Where Did the Errors Begin? | Guest: Spencer Coursen | Ep 336

The very same demonic families are responsible for today’s Tyranny as in Hitler’s day! PURE EVIL


You are NOT considered “vaccinated” until 2 weeks after they stick the needle in your arm, why is that? To exclude all those who drop DEAD?

Bet your ass that’s what it is! There are tens of thousands of people who have died BECAUSE they took a vaccine, but because they play these tricks with numbers you’ll never know it! When they exclude these people because it’s not been 2 weeks yet, it makes all of those who dropped dead purely BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE get reported as “NOT vaccine related! I wouldn’t exactly call that truthful, would you?



I don’t care where you are in the world, you are likely living under a blanket of Tyranny. I want to share with you a survivor of the Gulag, and his only regret

Let his words serve you well, because it’s happening again

You can click the link below to read his book on archive.org OR the FULL PDF version can be downloaded below the photo. It’s a book the entire world needs to read. You don’t yet know true evil, but you are about to, unless you stop it.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The Gulag Archipelago

From The Gateway Pundit

Psaki: “I Don’t Think We Can Guarantee” Americans Who Want to Get Out Will Get Out of Afghanistan After August 31 (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila
Published August 27, 2021 at 3:09pm

Psaki: “I Don’t Think We Can Guarantee” Americans Who Want to Get Out Will Get Out of Afghanistan After August 31 (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday admitted Joe Biden is going leave Americans behind after the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

A reporter asked Psaki what the process will be to extricate Americans, green card holders or Afghan allies after the August 31 deadline.

“Does the US right now have a vision of a process that they will use to get people out after August 31” the reporter asked.

Psaki responded: “I don’t think we can guarantee” Americans who want to get out will get out of Afghanistan.

TRENDING: Operation ‘Pineapple Express’ – Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies During Secret Missions Conducted BEHIND BIDEN’S BACK

Psaki also said the Biden regime will be ‘coordinating with the Taliban’ to evacuate American citizens stranded in Afghanistan after August 31.

So far relying on the Taliban to ‘secure Kabul airport’ has led to a suicide bombing that resulted in the death of 13 US servicemen and 15 more critically injured.

What happened to ‘no American left behind’?


EVACUATIONS: Psaki Says, ‘I Don’t Think We Can Guarantee’ Evacuation Of All Americans Who Want To Leave Afghanistan After August 31st. pic.twitter.com/rdZc1D67Hc

— Forbes (@Forbes) August 27, 2021

From the Gateway Pundit

Other stories of interest from The Gateway Pundit

The Biden Effect: Taliban Announces Citizens Must Turn Over Guns, All Women are Required to Have Male Chaperone to Leave the House for Extended Periods

New Yorkers Fight Unprecedented Vaccine Mandates In NYC! Large Union Protest at City Hall: Video and Photos

Democrat New Orleans Mayor Says There Isn’t Enough Time to Evacuate the City Before Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall (VIDEO)

“Wellcamp: The Best Way To Keep You Safe” – Australian Health Officials Produce Creepy Dystopian Propaganda For New ‘Mandatory Quarantine Camps’ (Video)

Official Complaint Filed with UN Human Rights Committee Over Mistreatment of Jan. 6 Prisoners

AMAZING MOMENT: Republican NYC Mayoral Candidate Embraces Homeless Man Who Interrupted His Press Conference

LOCK HIM UP: Biden Regime Now Aiding and Abetting Our Worst Enemies

EXCLUSIVE: The U.S. Intelligence Report on the Origin of COVID-19 Looks “Preordained” and “Mirrors Many of the the Talking Points of the CCP”

Chicago Mother: Judge Took Away My Parental Rights For Not Getting COVID Vaccine

Can Employers Require Employees to be Vaccinated?

No individual is required to have a vaccine, as they have the choice whether or not to be vaccinated, but there can be consequences for employees who refuse a vaccine on non-medical or non-religious grounds depending on state regulations

This was written by a lawyer in Australia but it matters not, countries around the world are blatantly violating the Rule of Law

The Curious Case of the Unlawful Public Health Orders

Marine Commander RISKS IT ALL To Hold Biden Admin Accountable

Marine Commander RISKS IT ALL To Hold Biden Admin Accountable


Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the cop who killed Ashli Babbitt has gone public. He was interviewed by NBC. And after seeing him, and listening to his side, I am even more sure than I was before that her killing was unjustified. She was murdered. Also, President Biden literally falls apart on camera while responding to the terrorist killing of 13 American servicemen. And the Supreme Court shuts down Biden’s unconstitutional eviction moratorium. Plus, the media is lying about COVID in Florida, again. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll deal with the new non-binary remix of “It’s Raining Men.” 

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The Ashli Babbitt Shooting Looks Even Worse Now That The Cop Has Spoken Out | Ep. 785

Where is the video footage to support his BS Claims?

A scumbag loser who has been disciplined for leaving his loaded weapon in a bathroom unattended claims that the unarmed Ashli Babbitt “was a threat.” He also claims he gave multiple verbal warnings, but this is also a lie, I watched the videos. But wouldn’t it be nice if the government released ALL OF THE VIDEO! They are Corrupt LIARS and this is the ONLY reason they won’t release the video! It completely exposes their LIES!

GLOBAL BOMBSHELL: Japanese Govt. Confirms COVID Vaccines Contaminated with Metal

August 28, 2021

The rich, mostly White people leading Verizon are oh, so woke

Do we want him vaccinating the world for coronavirus?

The Clot Thickens and Fred Corbin has evidence the vax is a bio-weapon!

And BTW… He also claims to have a duplicate copy of the database from the Wuhan Lab that was deleted by Fauci and his Communist partners!


This Is High Crimes and Misdemeanors For Politicians

I don’t have a facebook account anymore, but if you do there is a group organizing a work walkout September 7th at this address https://www.facebook.com/fedupwd

September 7th ‘Shut Down America’ Protest

Fred Corbin Blows the lid off the Manufactured “Silent Enemy” 2021 (A Must Watch)

Covid Rant goes METAL
San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting Remix


Larry Elder receives major endorsements going into home stretch of recall campaign

Ep. 1593 The Worst Day Of The Worst Presidency In US History – The Dan Bongino Show

Doctor warns vaccines have troubling side effects, early treatment proving far more effective

Biden Approved “KILL LIST” of Americans and Afghans Given to Taliban

Is the Afghanistan Crisis REALLY the Result of Gross Incompetence or Something Else?

BIDEN’S DISASTER Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 163

Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

A 2-fer From Academy of Ideas on YouTube

Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

The next video is from Academy of Ideas & After Skool

I recommend subscribing to BOTH on YouTube or an alternative platform

Academy of Ideas on Odysee

Academy of Ideas Website

Join After Skool Community & Watch Videos at AfterSkool.net

I’m NOT a fan of YouTube and their Nazi style censorship of the truth, so I always recommend alternate platforms like Rumble, BrandNewTube, Odysee, BitChute etc.. for videos. MeWe, Xephula, Minds, PocketNet, and GAB are all censorship free too.

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

Help to GET THE WORD OUT! Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium EXPOSING the stolen 2020 Election

It’s coming up! August 10th, 11th, and 12th! If it were me I’d RECORD ALL 72 Hours and upload it to every platform I could afterwards!

It’s time to rectify a WRONG done to American voters!

BREAKING: Mike Lindell’s $5,000,000 Challenge

Below are links to print yard signs, flyers, and posters to inform your neighbors about the upcoming event!

Click Here to Download and Print Mike’s 8.5×11 Save Our Country Flyer to Share with Your Friends, Family, Church, State and Local Government!

Click Here to Download and Print Mike’s 11×17 Save Our Country Flyer to Share with Your Friends, Family, Church, State and Local Government!

You can also visit your local FedEx Store, provide them with code 603 1F 5 B, and print out yard signs, posters, flyers, any product FedEx Store has available!

Frank Speech “Save our Country” Flyer and sign printing page

Frank Speech “Save our Country” Flyer and sign printing page

ATOM BOMB: Expert Cyber Team CONFIRMS Votes Can Be Altered From Overseas in Run-Up to Lindell Symposium

Here’s the Society the Left Really Wants

Joe Rogan finally comes around!

Joe Rogan UNLOADS on the Totalitarian Left

Joe Rogan UNLOADS on the Totalitarian Left

Fan Asks Mike Rowe Why He Won’t Use His Platform to Push Vaccinations. He Has the Perfect Response.


Apple plans to scan your phone’s photos using a back door, which naturally means they can view ALL of your stuff, not just photos!

I have been telling you! It is time to get rid of cell phones! Go back to using a land line which REQUIRES A WARRANT to spy on you! Get yourself a beeper or something! I lived half of my life without a cell phone! I can live the rest of my life WITHOUT ONE TOO! It’s NOT worth allowing sinister and Evil people to monitor your every move!

Live – Apple Introducing Photo Backdoor, and Q&A

This is what you call FASCISM! The Communist use Fascism for controlling their people!

The Marriage of Corporation & State Leads To A China-Style “Social Credit” System

“Wire Tapping” required a warrant, but your cell phone provides much more personal information with no need for a warrant!

Barrack Obama made sure that EVERY AMERICAN could get a cell phone! This was NOT an act of kindness, it was an act of control and it enabled the monitoring of every individual in the United States!

The first thing you must consider when discussing the mass handout of cell phones is the fact that it gives government the ability to track, spy on, and document every action you take on the internet!

Secondly, US Intelligence Agencies have had the ability to activate your cell phone’s microphone and cameras since at least 2010! Watch the movie “Snowden” which discusses this topic.

Edward Snowden was demonized and charged with a crime because he blew the whistle on corruption within the US Government and it’s Intelligence Agencies! He done his JOB and the tyrants within government went after him for it!

The US Government is violating the Constitution and US Law, which BTW they are sworn to uphold, and they went after Edward Snowden because he did the right thing and exposed them for it!

Anyway, my point is that despite this program appearing to do nothing more than give poor people phones, what it actually does is provide people with devices used by government to manipulate them, and spy on their activities!

It was a necessary step for Obama and his minions to move our country towards Communism. The “Obama Phone” gave government eyes and ears in almost every home in America! Not to mention, it started a lot of people using social media who had never used it before, and government could use that social media information as well!

When you combine the Obama Phones with people who pay for cell phones, you have eavesdropping & tracking equipment in nearly every pocket, and in nearly every home across the country,

Obama Phone

Obama failed to mention that US Intelligence Agencies had been using phones and social media to start revolutions in countries around the world!

There is a lot of information in this video created by Millie Weaver, who has always been one of my favorite truth tellers! Just after the Corrupt “powers that be” had Millie ARRESTED on the very day this video was set to be released, InfoWars (Alex Jones) Fired her! I still listen to InfoWars sometimes, but I’d really like an explanation!

You KNOW that Millie was over the target, that’s why the corrupt scumbags she was exposing had her arrested! At the end of the day I consider myself a good judge of character. And I must tell you… I trust Millie way more than I trust Alex Jones! I think he showed his allegiance by firing Millie Weaver. Since this happened she has all but disappeared from view! Silenced by corrupt politicians, who was helped by Alex Jones! Just my opinion mind you.

Shadow Gate 2.0 – Full Movie

They also failed to mention that they wanted you to have this phone so the government could Track and Control you through manipulating you emotionally!

Most of the manipulation you see happening on big tech is actually a military grade WEAPON! There is however, a portion of this manipulation that happens as a result of algorithms.

Don’t be fooled though, you really need to listen to what Millennial Millie said in the previous video! There are Military Grade Weapon technologies developed by using TAXPAYER MONEY, but then the military claims to have “Sold them to private parties”

Kinda sounds like BS to me! I believe that is just a story, and the US Military likely maintains control over them, with a few of their selected friends. And they are mass testing their mind control software right now!

For instance, how do you suppose they activated huge groups of people to burn down half of America??? Well, they streamed NON-STOP POLICE VIOLENCE to those people for YEARS!

And while Police are NOT Racists, they really do need some SERIOUS REFORMS! Police MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

They killed two birds with a single stone here! They activated the masses in BLM & Antifa violence and destruction, but at the same time they TRICKED YOU INTO CALLING FOR MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT!

We don’t need more Law Enforcement!!! We need Law Enforcement that does it’s job! Politicians TOLD POLICE TO ALLOW THE VIOLENCE! So what good would more of them do??? When Politicians could just tell TWICE AS MANY COPS to do nothing as people burn down our cities???

Don’t EVER call for more police! We have entirely too many now! When 9 police show up to write a traffic ticket….. you likely have WAY TOO MANY COPS!

Tim Pool Explains How Big Tech Algorithms Drove The Left INSANE

I am trying to penetrate your mind with the FACT that cell phones, BlueTooth devices, Ring doorbells, Alexa etc. are ALL COORDINATED TRACKING & CONTROL devices for Government & Tech & Communists

Get rid of them! 20 years ago we did not need to carry a device that tracked and controlled us! We simply did not need it. Now suddenly everyone acts as if they cannot live without these devices!

You can live without a cell phone! My phone is often inactive, because I haven’t paid the bill. Did you know that I have a Mapping app which works on an inactive cell phone? It is called “Osmand” and it works without phone service OR WI-FI! Better yet, buy a key-map!

Your devices are actually giving the US Government and every other government on the planet, detailed information about everything you do! Have you had sex with your wife (or worse yet, NOT your wife) with your cell phone nearby?

If so, Using Pegasus they can activate your microphone and your camera! Instant Blackmail material! And you wonder why US Legislatures have done nothing about this? They have likely been compromised by their cell phones or Smart Devices, either in their offices or at home!

Electronics have become a blackmailer’s dream! PLEASE get yourself a land line and a beeper! GET RID OF THE TRACKING DEVICES IN YOUR HOME AND OFFICE!!!

Pegasus: The ultimate spyware for iOS and Android

What is Pegasus spyware and how does it hack phones?

It is time that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and the CRIMINAL Antifa & BLM Groups need to be sent to Martha’s Vineyard and exclusive neighborhoods and attack the Elites! Then maybe they’ll get it!

These Elite scumbags, around the world, in every country need a taste of the medicine they are shoving down everyone’s throats! Let some BLM and AntifaTards loose IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS! Let THEM wake up being Raped or Murdered, or watching their children being slaughtered, raped, murdered, sexually abused!

We as citizens should be down at the Border handing out leaflets containing directions to Nancy Pelosi’s House! To Mitch McConnell’s place! Put “Go find jobs and get free housing at” and have directions to EVERY EXCLUSIVE NEIGHBORHOOD IN AMERICA!

And the same thing should happen in other countries! It is time for THE PEOPLE to steer the VIOLENCE and the MAYHEM to EXCLUSIVE, RICH, LIBERAL AREAS! Vermont, Maine, New York…… over run THEIR HOMES!!!

TEAR DOWN THEIR FENCES!!! Burn their homes to the ground! Jeff Bezos and Zuckerbuck, and @Jack ALL NEED SOME “IMMIGRANTS” to show up at their home! Send every RAPIST, MURDERER, MEMBERS OF MS-13 to THEIR HOUSES!

The time for being “Nice and docile” is OVER! They want violence??? Well give them VIOLENCE AT THEIR HOME!!!

Send all of these people straight to their neighborhood’s!

Fox Hosts Tear Into Hypocritical, Arrogant Limousine Liberals at CNN

Don’t kid yourself, FemNazis ARE a part of the Marxist attack on America and has been going for decades!



Tell a vaccination Nazi to GET F*CKED today!

Huge Spoof Parody on Big Pharma With A-CDC (AC/DC)

Huge Spoof Parody on Big Pharma With A-CDC (AC/DC)

I’m going to take it a step further, I believe that the Covid-19 VACCINE is a bio-weapon!

Government officials are playing games with the death numbers, and they have been since the start of this whole Plandemic! Their next step is to begin calling “DEATHS CAUSED BY THE VACCINE” covid19 Deaths!

I believe that this entire play was designed to get you take the vaccine, which is NOT a vaccine at all, and that vaccine will KILL YOU! It is the #GenocideJab!

It’s the answer that radical climate alarmists have been looking for to “Reduce World Population to 500,000,000!

That is correct, the Luciferians (who are way more abundant than you’d think) want to reduce the World’s population to 500 MILLION! Go look at the “Georgia Guide Stones” which Luciferians erected as a new “10 Commandments” for their EVIL followers! The “Age of Reason” they refer to is an age without Christ or Religion, it’s Hell on Earth!


It really is a battle of Good vs Evil!

Vaccines are one thing, mRNA is quite another!

Follow @TimTruth on Odysee for some ACTUAL VACCINE DATA! https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b

Stanley Plotkin’s Disgusting Vaccine Admissions | MSM’s Darling: “Godfather of Vaccines”


This is a video that every human being on planet Earth should see! The headline video is below, I just want to mention some things first!

I have pointed out that what we are seeing is medical Tyranny and that it’s based on misinformation and LIES! The CDC and WHO are criminal organizations who are manipulating MEDICAL DATA and DEATH CERTIFICATES!

The entire reason we had a HOAX / FAKE PlanDemic to begin with is due to the manipulation of death certificate data! The CDC put out “guidance” to the cowardly physicians of the world which told them to “Perform Civid19 testing on ALL DEAD BODIES” even if the dead body we are speaking of died of cancer, gunshot, or heart failure”

Mind you the “Test” they recommended using is a PCR! The inventor of PCR Kari Mullis told us that “It’s a MISUSE of PCR to claim the results are MEANINGFUL!” It’s on video! PLEASE GO WATCH IT if you have not already! You can find info on what I’m talking about here:


If you want to hear Kari Mullis say this himself then watch this short video that I uploaded to Rumble to preserve it, protect it from the Nazi style censorship we are seeing across the world!

To claim that PCR results are Meaningful is a MISUSE of the technology. Kerry Mullis

So doctors and hospitals are using a wildly inaccurate and MEANINGLESS “Test” to test corpses of people who died of cancer, heart disease, gunshots, traffic accidents etc… for covid19!

If the very meaningless and fallible PCR “test” claims that these deceased persons have covid19 their “cause of death” on their Death Certificate is changed from “Died of Cancer” to “Died of Covid19” despite the fact that covid19 had absolutely nothing to do with their death! A BullSpit PCR “test” result is overturning FACTS!

FACT: This man died of a gunshot to the head! They perform a meaningless PCR, it indicates “positive for covid19” and despite the FACT the man has no head, the cause of death on the death certificate is changed from “gunshot wound” to covid19 despite that being a complete and total LIE!

Senator Scott Jensen Under Investigation For Telling The Truth Over Covid 19 Death Certificates

If you don’t believe me, you should believe a practicing physician with over 40 years experience, doctor of the year in Michigan, and a United States Senator! Follow the link above and watch his video discussing it! It’s a conspiracy to end all conspiracies! It is NOT a “Conspiracy Theory” because this has been PROVEN, so it’s FACT! NOT a “Conspiracy Theory” like the media would have you believe!

Here’s another story telling of data manipulation, it’s from April 2020. But we are still fighting the EXACT SAME DATA MANIPULATION TODAY!

The video links in the story are no good, because the Nazi emulating censors at YouTube have taken the videos down that discuss anything TRUTHFUL! These people are costing people their lives by peddling fake news and through censorship of important, factual, proven information even when it is posted by licensed physicians!

Lies & Data Manipulation: NYC Adds 3,700 Who Never Tested Positive To COVID-19 Death Toll



What is happening NOW is much scarier! FACT: The “Vaccine” which is NOT a vaccine is killing people! So now they are hiding that the vaccine killed these people, and they are instead claiming that “A new Delta Variant is to blame for these deaths” a complete LIE!

All Covid-19 vaccines are essentially USELESS against new mutant “Delta Variant”

YOU must realize that they are manipulating data in a massive campaign of GENOCIDE! These people are sick and EVIL and want to reduce the world’s population “By any means Necessary!”

It is NOT your imagination……. it is EXACTLY what they are doing, right out in the open, and so far have gone 100% unpunished for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

Google’s theft of your data is reprehensible and a bit creepy! All of Tech does it too btw!

Google in hot water with Arizona Attorney General over privacy concerns.

Google in hot water with Arizona Attorney General over privacy concerns.

To be honest, humanity would be much better off if we went back to having home phones only and trashing everything else!

It has all led us down the path to Totalitarianism! The CIA is likely spying on you right now! Government agencies can, and do, turn on your cameras and microphones at will. All they need is to tie you with someone they are interested in through their contact list! With 3 jumps the CIA goes from looking at ONE PERSON to looking at 2.5 MILLION PEOPLE!

And they have full authorization to do this and violate every right you THOUGHT you had!

Google is also in bed with US Intelligence Agencies, so all of your conversations on or off the internet are being recorded for later review by people seeking to put you in prison or punish you for saying that Trump won the 2020 Election!

Google-NSA Nexus: New Chromium Browser Installs Eavesdropping Tool on Your PC

That story is from 2015! Now people have “Smart devices” Televisions, hubs, speakers etc.. ALL SPYING on you!

Smart speakers can eavesdrop on Amazon & Google owners

Smart speakers can eavesdrop on Amazon & Google owners

The “Tech Age” seems more like a dystopian nightmare! Do you remember in the movie 1984 where the TV screen tells the man to show this and show that?? The only difference between us and that movie is that they don’t yet tell you that they are snooping on everything you do!

40 years ago government had to get a wiretap warrant to listen to your phone calls. Of course now we all take the government’s spy equipment voluntarily into our homes!!! Alexa and every smart device is a spying tool!

Now they intercept and store every voice call you make, every text message and email you send, record what you are doing when your phone is turned off, watch you through your cameras and smart televisions, record every conversation you have etc…….

All with no warrant required! Something is really wrong with this!



It is time to stop the Covid19 CRIME WAVE!!!

YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest are enemies of the American People!

They are liars who discriminate against Conservatives and they also endorse anti-white Bigotry and hatred!

As just one example, I would like for you to go watch this PragerU video. YouTube now mislabels PragerU videos as “Fundraisers” which you will see in the photo below or at YouTube on PragerU videos. This is a LIE designed to imply the video is nothing more than a fundraiser, when in fact it’s NOT a fundraiser at all!

YouTube has put this label on PragerU videos in hopes of reducing the videos views! It is just one more example of the DISCRIMINATION faced by conservatives everywhere they go on social media!

I want every American to realize that we have no business whatsoever on YouTube, Google, Twitter, or Facebook! These corporations HATE YOU and discriminate against people like you! WHY would you use their platforms and make them money????

These platforms get paid by how many “Active Users” they have on a daily basis! It’s time for Americans to become pro-active in ending Censorship & Discrimination. You do that by LEAVING THESE PLATFORMS!

I don’t write a whole lot of articles myself, I’m more of “The sharing guy” who just likes to share interesting articles with like-minded folks. But we as Americans are under attack! Our freedoms are being taken away in an unconstitutional manner by an out of control government who has teamed up with big tech. I call them the “Tech Nazis” and they are almost identical to the actual Nazis!

Your telephone is another source of income for these people! If you have an iPhone you should get rid of it! Apple products CANNOT be made secure! Google now produces Android phones and loads them down with spyware which cannot be removed!

But did you know that you can REMOVE the Google spyware? “Android” is actually open source software which has been manipulated by Google to spy on you. You can root your phone and install “GrapheneOS” on your Android device which will remove ALL GOOGLE APPS AND SPYWARE!!!

We are at WAR! I believe it’s time that we STOP allowing the enemy to listen to our calls and witness every transaction we make! Don’t you??? Quit using the platforms that censor you and quit using a phone that spies on you!

PLEASE look into getting a phone that you can secure! STOP allowing Google to track you and watch your every move! Here’s a couple of links you may find helpful, on how to secure your phone!

Rob Braxman Tech will actually build you a phone using GrapheneOS for a fee! This is a video about phone security by Rob Braxman.

What it’s like to use a De-Googled phone in real life? (Q&A of concerns)

There are other open source Android Operating Systems as well, you should do your research. Rob happens to make a living securing phones and computers, I highly recommend contacting him for advice! (Or just have him do it for you)

Here’s an article from LifeHacker about de-Googling your phone. Be warned, it is a technical process! Which is why I’d just buy one from Rob Braxman! But you decide.

My point is simple folks. It’s time for Americans to STOP using platforms which HATE & CENSOR YOU and STOP buying things from “Woke” companies! Every dollar you give to these people WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU & YOUR “CAUSE”