If you are a seeker a TRUTH then you seriously need to look into some things! My mission is TRUTH and nothing else matters!

If you’ve followed me for any time now you should know that while I’m an old outlaw, who has been made into an outlaw by the powers of this wicked world, mainly because I buck the system… NOT because I’m a lawless heathen who cheats and steals. I’m an Outlaw because I stand in TRUTH in a world of LIES!

I EXPECT & DEMAND that ALL PEOPLE be treated EQUALLY under the law! But that is NOT the system we have in place, we live under a “Rules for THEE, but NOT for me” system, and it’s based entirely around Satanic Rituals and teachings!

I have sinned as we all have, I likely more than most because I was lost… And deceived by the world that has been pulled over our eyes!

This is the TRUTH! The ONLY reliable TRUTH in this world!

I want to testify today. I want to testify that Jesus / Yahusha CAN cure blindness, because He definitely cured mine!

I was blind for over 50 years despite having 20/20 vision!

Calling on Jesus and asking for forgiveness, asking for Him to show me the TRUTH, and my blindness was cured!

I was dizzy for over a week! SEEK HIM OUT!

Truthunedited is a channel worth subscribing to! He’s a seeker of truth and a minister of the true Gospel. He’s following The Spirit where it leads him!

Are you Ready?

Spiritual Warfare Prayer For Increased Demonic Attack

The CEO of Pfizer admits the vaccine “offers little, if any protection”

Symbolism and Communism. Purely Evil

Barrie Trower on 5G | The Genocidal Nature of Non-Ionising Radiation #CoronaVirus #5G

Barry Trower is a WW2 Veteran who specialized in Radar
He has likely forgotten more than most people will ever know about radar and microwave radiation!

He will tell you…. 5G is a WEAPON with telecom uses!
A WEAPON! These devices should be on your radar!

Once they get the 5G fired up 100% people WILL start dropping dead in the streets like happened in Wuhan!

What was happening to those HEALTHY PEOPLE was NOT Coronavirus! Have you seen covid19 patients collapse in the streets like happened in Wuhan???

NO! This is because THOSE PEOPLE were dropping from asphyxia caused by 5G radiation! I’d be LOCATING the weapons installed in my neighborhood if I were you!

I want you to understand that what you give your attention to is important! ONLY YOU control this despite EVERYONE in cyberspace trying to!

The Attentional Economy = Intentional Mind Control

STEVE BANNON ON FIRE: War Room Host EXPLODES — “This Will be End of Democrat Party”

Brave Woman Refuses to Back Down When Confronted to Shutdown her Restaurants

Ivory Hecker is the brave local girl who stood up to FOX26 Houston and used her LIVE FEED to say that she’d be on Project Veritas later that day to talk about Censorship on FOX News!

Make sure that you go support this young lady, we need a lot more just like her! I appreciate every actual Journalist who has come forward to tell their viewers about the Censorship and LIES being told by their networks. A Journalist’s duty is to their VIEWERS, Not their corporate overlords!

Of course the networks view it differently. There is a massive Awakening going on right now where people are starting to see that they’ve been lied to! And it’s NOT just coronavirus. This has been going on for DECADES! We enter into this world curious and exploring for knowledge, and we soak it up like a sponge.

Then we are sent to school, where we are brainwashed into giving up control over ourselves and are encouraged to “submit to authority.” Schools are indoctrination centers at best. At worst they are slave training facilities! Think I’m exaggerating? I’m NOT!

We are never taught to think critically, or taught any actual life or job skills. Instead we are taught just enough to perform our menial jobs, to make the wealthy of society more wealthy. And as we are still in school the television, radio, movies, magazines, PHONES, and internet are constantly pounding you with mind control and spiritual attack.


Introducing the “Metaverse” – A Digital Prison for the minds of your children! The Matrix

I know that you’ve heard the World Economic Forum claiming that “By 2030 You’ll OWN NOTHING, but will be Happy”

Their plan is to steal every piece of actual property on Earth, close all businesses that they do not own, and completely and totally take control over every real asset on the planet. Then, to keep you “Happy” they are rolling out the “Metaverse.”

This “Metaverse” is where the peasants can “own” things. Peasants cannot own actual property like homes, cars, even clothing…. You RENT all of that from the insane madmen behind this plan!

No, you can ONLY “own” things that exist ONLY IN THE DIGITAL WORLD! In other words, the only assets you’ll be allowed to have, DON’T EXIST! Everything that actually exists…. they plan to own!

This is why they are trying to destabilize the world economy! This is what the entire Plandemic was about, control and THEFT of the world’s resources and all actual property!

Watch the video below, it’s shocking to think that these people believe they can pull this off! But they have been conditioning our children to accept it for a long time now!

PC Maker Meta Says It Will Give Its Trademark To Facebook For $20 Million

World Economic Forum: By 2030, you will own nothing but NFTs and be happy

World Economic Forum: By 2030, you will own nothing but NFTs and be happy

At its 2021 meeting, heads from various states and the great titans of industry like Elon Fud met at the World Economic Forum in Davos to chart the future of the lower classes. Among the topics discussed was the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the various applications of blockchain technology to suppress the masses. Leaders from various crypto platforms like Decentraland ($MANA) were also present to assist the WEF in achieving its goals for a sustainable planet that only the elite could enjoy while the proletariat were locked up in a virtual reality.

One of the greatest challenges faced by the WEF is making the unwashed masses happy with owning nothing and having no privacy, as the WEF agenda states: “By 2030, you will own nothing, have no privacy, and be happy.” The head of $MANA proposed that in lieu of real land, businesses, and assets, the unwashed masses could instead own digital land, businesses, and assets, but was immediately shot down by WEF head Klaus Schwab (no relation to Charles Schwab) for promoting dangerous ideas of owning assets in the digital sphere, that could lead to a desire to own real assets in the physical sphere.

Then, Supreme Leader Elon Fud proposed a wonderful idea. What if the unwashed masses could be given a virtual dog currency, centrally controlled and with an unlimited supply, to transact in to play virtual games and win virtual prizes, like a virtual arcade? The masses could own virtual NFTs, like a Snoop Doge blunt. While Klaus Schwab still resented the idea of the unwashed masses owning anything, he did see the need to pacify them with ownership of something, and what better than a virtual blunt to get virtually high off.

After a much heated debate, with opponents of virtual ownership arguing that the proletariat should be forced into subscriptions to smoke virtual blunts instead of owning them, concessions were made and the World Economic Forum revised its agenda to: “By 2030, you will own nothing but NFTs that are redeemable for virtual bread, virtual water, virtual toilet paper, and be happy.”

Source: The FUD Times

Are you understanding what it is that I’m telling you here?

The Elite scumbags of the world, the same ones who are now trying to DESTROY your business and control your movement using Communist style “Vaccine Passports” over a phony Plandemic, that they created…. These people are destroying the World Economy and trying to put you into the poor house so that they can seize ALL OF YOUR PHYSICAL ASSETS!

They desire to destroy your business by making you unable to afford to run it, then they can take it over. They seek to buy your house, and turn you into a perpetual renter without the chance or opportunity to ever become a “Homeowner” because you won’t own anything if they get their way!

You will be a serf, a peasant, and they will have full control over you, your ability to eat and work, over your body, over your life, and you’ll be cast into their “Digital Prison System.”

If you want to spend your money on digital items that don’t exist, that’s okay. But you cannot own any actual, physical assets!

In other words, all of your stuff will be “Make believe” while the Elite scumbags of the world take control of every asset on the planet! Leaving you in a digital prison.

(Unless you won’t “mind” and then you won’t even be allowed there!)

World Economic Forum Embraces Metaverse Future

‘The Perfect Police State’: China’s Digital Dictatorship Goes Global

I’m cutting the blog short today because I have some actual work to do. (Not digital work) I want for you to think long and hard about what is taking place here!

PLEASE realize that everything digital is being used to make this a reality against our wishes! Keep that in mind. Consider ridding yourself of cell phones and Facebook, and TAKE ACTION against your government representatives violating the Constitution… While you still can!

BREAKING: Prosecutor Hangs Head In Shame As Star Witness Admits He Was Only Shot AFTER Pointing Gun At Kyle Rittenhouse

As someone who has been a victim of an over zealous Prosecutor who does NOT CARE IF YOU ARE GUILTY OR NOT, and ONLY WANTS A CONVICTION, this ticks me off!

This is an abuse of power! A Criminal Abuse of Power at that! When PROSECUTORS prosecute Innocent People it’s a Crime!It is a CRIME in multiple ways. First, it’s a violation of that persons Constitutional Rights!

Secondly it’s “Malicious Prosecution.” This is a CRIME in my book, that a PROSECUTOR (If found guilty) should be FIRED and JAILED for committing!

The January 6th “trespassers” are also victims of MALICIOUS PROSECUTION! There needs to be some TEETH put into the punishment for this CRIME!

The Elements of a Malicious Prosecution ClaimCourts generally agree on the elements required for a malicious prosecution claim, but some states combine elements or arrange them differently. The six elements of this claim are as follows:

The institution or continuation of a civil or criminal legal proceeding against the plaintiff;By, or abetted by, the defendant (the prosecutor or plaintiff in the malicious action);Termination of the prior proceeding in favor of the plaintiff (for instance, the case was dismissed);Absence of probable cause for instituting the prior proceeding;Malice as the primary purpose for the prior action; andInjury or damage to the plaintiff as a result of the prior action.

Remedies for Malicious ProsecutionBeing the subject of a malicious prosecution can cause a wide range of injuries, whether it’s from unsubstantiated criminal charges or a bogus civil claim. In either case, the plaintiff may claim compensatory and sometimes punitive damages. Compensatory damages consist of both the actual damages that were a direct result of the malicious prosecution (which may include pain and suffering and other non-monetary injuries), and special damages that identify quantifiable monetary losses – such as lost earnings, additional domestic costs such as childcare, etc.).

Actual damages for a malicious prosecution claim will hinge on the emotional impact of the act, such as the confusion, bewilderment, and isolation typically experienced by the wrongfully accused. The emotional pain usually is more pronounced if the claim is in response to malicious criminal charges, since the plaintiff may have spent time in jail or otherwise detained or treated as a criminal. In addition, just the uncertainty and fear of entering a criminal trial is often enough to convince a jury that the malicious act caused severe emotional distress.

Plaintiffs also may claim a damaged reputation, loss of future earning potential, attorney fees, court fees. Actual damages will vary from case to case and depending on your jurisdiction.

It’s very easy with all that is going on, to become frustrated and angry at the people trying to tear the world apart today! Despite the fact that they are Evil in some cases, Pray for them!

Pray for everyone, but take the time to specifically pray for The Lord God to touch the hearts of those in the most need! It’s hard to do this when these people are trying to destroy your life! But at the same time we are fighting a spiritual battle here, not a physical one! Stand strong in God’s Word, and ask Him for His guidance.


“It Was Demonic” – AstroWorld Concert-Goers Claim Show That Killed 8 People Was Like a Satanic Ritual (Video)

The Clot Thickens and Fred Corbin has evidence the vax is a bio-weapon!

And BTW… He also claims to have a duplicate copy of the database from the Wuhan Lab that was deleted by Fauci and his Communist partners!


This Is High Crimes and Misdemeanors For Politicians

I don’t have a facebook account anymore, but if you do there is a group organizing a work walkout September 7th at this address https://www.facebook.com/fedupwd

September 7th ‘Shut Down America’ Protest

Fred Corbin Blows the lid off the Manufactured “Silent Enemy” 2021 (A Must Watch)

Covid Rant goes METAL
San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting Remix


Larry Elder receives major endorsements going into home stretch of recall campaign

Ep. 1593 The Worst Day Of The Worst Presidency In US History – The Dan Bongino Show

Doctor warns vaccines have troubling side effects, early treatment proving far more effective

Biden Approved “KILL LIST” of Americans and Afghans Given to Taliban

Is the Afghanistan Crisis REALLY the Result of Gross Incompetence or Something Else?

BIDEN’S DISASTER Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 163

Connecticut has fallen to Communists!

In my opinion every American should be following Trevor Loudon! He is likely the foremost authority on Communists and Communism today!

This video is From Epic TV, and if you don’t have it you should! You can get a 3 or 4 month trial subscription for a dollar! And you are bypassing Censorship! Another couple of great options are GAB.TV & Odysee & BrandNewTube.

Trevor Loudon outlines the influence that the pro-Beijing Communist Party USA has in Connecticut. Almost every prominent politician in the state has a working relationship with the Communist Party USA—yet Connecticut voters have virtually no knowledge of these relationships.

Counterpunch is an Epoch Times show available on FacebookGab, and YouTube.

Support Counterpunch: https://donorbox.org/counterpunch​

Follow Epoch TV on Facebook and Twitter.

How a Tiny Communist Party Took Over the Politics of a Whole American State

In case you can’t access EpicTV here’s a link on YouTube

Please subscribe to Trevor Loudon! He will keep you up to speed on Communist activity, and we’ve got a lot of that these days! And PLEASE SHARE! Write your State Representatives and include a reference to this video! Demand answers and demand investigations!

How a tiny communist party took over the politics of a whole American state (YouTube)

The Communist Control Act of 1954

When you write your Representatives ask every one of them “What about the Communist Control Act of 1954? Why has it not been used to stop the invasion of Communists and their ideology? Why are these people not in prison?”

S. 3706 (83rd): An Act to outlaw the Communist Party, to prohibit members of Communist organizations from serving in certain representative capacities, and for other purposes

Follow the Link above to see the text of the Communist Control Act, or you can download it here.

In Communist controlled America your cell phone is used to spy on you, track you, and inform on you!

I suggest getting RID of it! Get a land line!

Can you imagine how many legislators, lawmakers, reporters, CEO’s of corporations etc…. have “Smart Televisions” and/or Alexa’s? You know they all have cell phones! We are under attack from Communists within the USA, and at the same time a private company from Israel is selling the Pegasus program to anyone with the cash to buy it.

Pegasus, which can take full control over your cell phone, turn on your mic and camera at will, record conversations, access passwords, and can access anything on your device including things which are encrypted by end to end encryption, is for sale to anyone with some cash!

It gives individuals the power of State Intelligence Agencies! Which BTW….. are also a problem! At least with the intelligence agencies, you can hope there’s some some oversight, which there’s not, but still. Private individuals can spy on every aspect of your life!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was married and made love to my wife I had a reasonable expectation of privacy! So unless the kids opened the door (which was locked) I believed my privacy was intact! Well partner, that is not the case now! You could theoretically have a dozen or more people conducting surveillance on you!

Next week you’ll receive a blackmail letter demanding some outrageous payment or they’ll publish the video from last Tuesdays “Freak-fest” with the little woman! Do you understand how dangerous this is?

This spyware can be used to blackmail anyone! Politicians, the President, #SCOTUS, your local Police, etc….

It’s a real problem! There is only one way to be assured it’s fixed, and that is to rid yourself of these devices, all of them! Get rid of Alexa, get rid of the Ring Doorbells, get rid of your cell phone, and have your car’s computer disabled! ALL of these things are literally a threat to the United States, and even more of a threat to humanity itself!

Live Q&A: Pegasus Spy Scandal Deepens, Durham Report Could Be Public

In case you don’t have EpicTV (Which you should!) We must move away from YouTube, Fascistbook, and Twatter! Get rid of Google too!

Live Q&A: Pegasus Spy Scandal Deepens; Durham Report Could be Public (YouTube)

Twenty years ago few people had cell phones, now people act as if they cannot function without it!

Trust me, you can live your life without a cell phone! I’m going to go one further, you can live your life much happier and better without a cell phone! Cell phones have become instruments of brainwashing for the masses! People’s attention spans have been in steady decline ever since the cell phone became popular!

Kids today will sit at the dinner table and instead of speaking to their family members sitting at the table with them, they will instead stay glued to the device, in the most disrespectful display of selfishness one will seldom see!

It is so disrespectful to ignore those sitting with you, so you can stay glued to your device that I’d take the damn phone and smash it if one of my children did it to me! My Father would not have tolerated this level of disrespect, and neither will I!

Are YOU strong enough to stop carrying a known spy device in your pocket? A device which may be recording your messages, conversations, video recording when you have sex with your wife (or not your wife)

Every electronic device in your home has formed a “network” that combined with emerging technology, won’t even require an internet connection to send reports on you to their masters at big tech! These devices will literally bounce information from neighbor to neighbor to neighbor until it finds a device connected to the internet!

These devices are building a network which will not require any kind of connection, your neighbor’s devices will be scanning YOUR DEVICES for information, it collects your information, and bounces it through device after device until an internet connection is found! Now THAT IS 1984 sh*t!

Are you strong enough to stop it? Or will you become a happy, distracted, slave, who keeps their head buried in a device that is programming your behavior as it steals every bit of privacy you thought you had? I have lived without a cell phone, and since I’m broke pretty often, I live without one now sometimes too!

But I’m thinking getting a land line is the way to go! I don’t need anything on that cell phone so badly that I’ll sacrifice my privacy, my safety, my mind, and put myself in a position to have my every move spied on in an attempt to make me appear “guilty” of something!

You know… Like the People who attended Trump’s Rally on January 6th, and cell phone location information was shared about them with the FBI, who then asked banks to disclose those people’s purchase history, which the bank did!

Those people’s banks actually violated their customer’s confidentiality in an attempt to have them arrested for not committing any kind of crime! Banks are another institution we must abandon.

Cell phone addiction – Short Movie

Get Over Phone Addiction in 4 Simple Steps (Practical Solution)

Cell phone addiction can cause chronic pain and neurological symptoms

At the end of the day it’s up to YOU! You can choose to enable government, tech, and media to turn America into a communist prison camp which your children and grandchildren will suffer under, or you can get busy stopping it. There is no in-between!

Communism is already in America and it’s using Fascist tactics and tech to control and destroy lives!

Perhaps it’s time for you to get in the game! Be a part of the solution and stop being a part of the problem!

The Left likes to BULLY Conservatives, but we never dream of bullying them when we are in control!

THAT MUST CHANGE RIGHT NOW! When conservatives take power back in 2022 CEO’s need to bully every liberal in the workplace and at schools!

Both of the following videos discuss it. You must understand that when Liberals are treated the way they treat us, they WON’T like it! But fortunately for them, they never have to endure the same type of treatment we do! This has to change, the “Order of Retaliation” must be given and applied!

Treat these scumbags with the exact same type of unfairness, one-sided, shameless discrimination they treat YOU with! It’s the only way anything will change! We’ll start firing people for getting abortions, discriminating against all who disagree with our views! Fire them, kick them out of schools! Arrest and harass them!

The Order of Retaliation” MUST BE GIVEN! A taste of their own Medicine!

The Reality of Forced COVID-19 Vaccines

The “Deprogramming” Begins: Public Defender Representing January 6th Defendants “Re-Educates” Them


Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Remember the potential re-education of Trump supporters that everyone said was a conspiracy theory? Welp, it turns out (as I said in this article where I “blew someone’s comment on social media out of proportion,”) it’s a fact. So far on a small scale. But having Americans re-educated politically in any way smacks of communism. Particularly problematic is that it’s been done on the taxpayer’s dime.

Defendants in the Jan. 6th Capitol case are being deprogrammed by their own lawyer.

A public defender named H. Heather Shaner, we’re assured by Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post, has no option but to defend the January 6 “attackers” because “who can’t afford their own attorneys, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and as laid out in the Criminal Justice Act.”

But she’s also taking the opportunity to re-educate her clients, so they aren’t racist anymore.

“Reading books and then watching these shows is like a revelation,” Shaner told HuffPost. “I think that education is a very powerful tool … So I gave them book lists and shows that they should watch.”

Shaner said her clients had poor educations and knew very little about the country. Her two female clients took to the task with zeal, Shaner said and got library cards for the first time in their lives.

“Both my women are like, ‘I never learned this in school. Why don’t I know about this?’” Shaner said. (A couple of the male clients weren’t quite as eager students, she said. “The men are very much like ‘Oh, I’ll get to it.’” But she said some of her male clients have been doing some self-education.) (source)

S0, if I understand this correctly, those poor dumb hick women just needed someone to help them see the error of their ways and introduce them to the joy of the public library, but the men refused to be womansplained to?

And how was this case race-related? It was purely political.

Shaner represents six of more than 500 Capitol defendants: Anna Morgan-Lloyd, Annie Howell, Jack Jesse Griffith (aka Juan Bibiano), Israel Tutrow, and Landon Kenneth Copeland.

What’s on the reading/movie list?

Shaner’s re-education program points out many of the worst moments in history (not just American history) to convince these white folks they have been racist. The program suggests the Capitol protest (even though it was based on what many believe to be a fixed election) happened due to their inherent racism.

Different political views? Get ready to face persecution.

While one of the books mentioned was not set in the United States, most will agree the rest showcase some low points in American history. However, when combined and forced upon a client by an attorney to “reform” them, it seems to be the beginning of another low point in America – the persecution of those guilty of having a different political opinion.

It assumes all Trump supports are actively racist and therefore need to be shown the error of their ways.

While Huffington Post cheers the actions of Shaner, not everyone agrees that the indoctrination of clients the government pays one to defend is an acceptable course of action.

Note: It would be as challenging to contest American Greatness as unbiased as it would be Huffington Post. So let me be clear when I say both of these sources have their own political agendas. But here, we like to take a look at both sides of the issue.

Let’s take a look at the other side of this.

Small newspapers across the country widely picked up an article written by Julie Kelly for the website American Greatness. Kelly wrote a powerful argument about the danger of Shaner’s actions. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Shaner’s legal captives are learning the hard way what the government will do when one resists their commands to comply. Not only have their personal lives been shattered, finances depleted, and reputations destroyed by an abusive Justice Department investigation, Shaner’s clients must be indoctrinated with leftist propaganda about America’s alleged systemic racism.

The purge of the populist mindset is underway, courtesy of the fetid Beltway judicial system and the Joe Biden regime. Judges routinely lecture January 6 defendants about the wrongthink of a “stolen election” while prosecutors openly mock their political beliefs, including homeschooling and gun ownership

…On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with watching or reading any of Shaner’s “booklist.” What is very wrong is a taxpayer-paid attorney—one who is supposed to fight the government’s charges related to January 6, not play along with its phony depiction that “white supremacists” attacked the Capitol—using her authority to reprogram the political views of people she is supposed to be defending. The presumption of racist beliefs is automatic. (source)

You support who? You must be racist.

Anyone who supported Trump – no – let me rephrase that – anyone who did not emphatically denounce Trump – was deemed “crazy” and “racist.” By the very nature of their political beliefs, conservatives are looked down upon by tech giants, the mainstream media, and our government. And, this has been the case ever since Trump announced his run for the presidency.

Thinking outside the far leftist box is akin to treason, and people who do so are now being treated like traitors in a country that was founded on freedom of thought.

Politically correct prosecution?

Kelly cites Joshua Rothstein, the assistant U.S. attorney handling one of Shaner’s cases, who said, “We don’t prosecute people based on their beliefs.”

But we all know that’s not really true…

Meanwhile, approximately 800 people breached the Capitol, and 500 are facing federal charges. Doesn’t that seem a bit skewed?

More woke, less white…?

Look at the ever-increasing lists of things we’re not supposed to say because someone, somewhere, might take offense. Businesses like Coca-Cola and Disney are re-educating their employees to be more “woke” and “less white.”

Disney is pushing critical race theory on employees through a new plan called “Reimagine Tomorrow.” The program urges workers to recognize their “white privilege” in a battery of training modules on topics such as “systemic racism” and “white fragility,” according to internal documents obtained by City-Journal’s Christopher Rufo.

Staffers are told to reject “equality” for “equity.” They must “reflect” on America’s “racist infrastructure” and “think carefully about whether or not [their] wealth” is derived from racism, according to the documents. (source)

If we’re fighting against each other, we can’t stand up beside each other.

That, of course, is the goal. It’s “othering” at its finest, and it sets us up for civil war or the quiet disappearance of conservative views. 

People have been put in a difficult place. Speak up, and you’re likely to lose your job. Disagree, and you’re deemed a heinous racist, homophobic, or some other flavor of bigot. That’s what cancel culture is all about – silencing anyone who dissents with the threat of social and financial destruction. The deprogramming of Trump supporters and the re-education of white people to believe we owe penance to every person of other races is dangerously divisive. 

I’m not a huge government supporter, preferring instead to govern myself. However, our government was designed to have checks and balances to keep the pendulum from swinging too far to one side. Currently, that system is being overridden, and re-education is just the start.

Source: ZeroHedge

Equality vs Equity | Unfair vs Fair???

This is a well made video by Dee Choi on YouTube. You can find the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKLDVyEnK2M

I screen captured it and added the opening frame because this is a very important subject! People MUST UNDERSTAND that all of this talk of “Equity” is actually talk of Communism!

The people trying to push this agenda are anti-American Communists and Marxists who ONLY want to destroy the United States!

Unfortunately for them, we are NOT as dumb as THEY LOOK!


And PLEASE tell your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and co-workers too…..


“Critical Race Theory” is Racism!

So DON’T you buy the Evil garbage they are selling!

The Unites States Constitution IS THE LAW OF THIS LAND!
And we plan to KEEP IT THAT WAY!

Equality vs Equity | Unfair vs Fair???

12 Years to Disaster? How Climate Activists Distort the Evidence

Source: ReasonTV on YouTube

Refute the radical climate Alarmists claims with FACTS!

Head over to RealClimateScience.com and fill your magazine with some TRUTH & FACTS about climate!

Real Climate Science

From FrontPage MAG

Racist Mayor: Lori Lightfoot

First in a series.Tue Jun 1, 2021

Racist Mayor: Lori Lightfoot

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series Frontpage is running on Racist Mayors. See subsequent parts below this article.

Shortly after 9 p.m. on the night of May 24, a 17-year-old black youth named Keyshawn Williams was standing on a sidewalk along Chicago’s South Oakley Boulevard when someone in a silver BMW opened fire and killed him in a drive-by shooting.

The night before that, a 25-year-old African American named Ladell Arnold was riding in a vehicle along West Flournoy Street in Chicago at 7:10 p.m. when he was shot and killed by a nearby gunman.

The night before that, a 46-year-old black man named Johnnie Williams was standing on a sidewalk along Chicago’s South Michigan Avenue at 7:30 p.m. when some people riding in two passing vehicles shot him dead while also wounding two others.

And at 11:50 p.m. the night before that, a 15-year-old black boy named Dajon Gater was on the front porch of a West Lexington Street house in Chicago, when two armed males approached and killed him with a gunshot to the head.

Like four tiny grains of sand among many thousands in an hourglass, the names of these four dead victims blend imperceptibly into the long list of African Americans whose lives in recent years have been snuffed out by other blacks in the killing field known as Chicago. During the past 12 months alone, more than 820 people have been victims of homicide in The Windy City. And most of them were blacks killed by other blacks.  

Of course, you’ve never before heard of any of the four individuals cited above – nor will you ever come across their names again – for the simple reason that none of their deaths can be traced to the actions of a white police officer – or to the actions of any white person at all, for that matter. Thus, there will be no Black Lives Matter protest marches held in their honor; no $25,000 celebrity-funded golden caskets eternally encasing their bodies in the grave; and no gaggle of reporters or “civil rights leaders” repeatedly recounting, with pained and pious countenances, the tragic stories of how these four individuals died, far too young, in America’s third largest city. No, the only words publicly memorializing these four people will be the names etched silently on their tombstones.

The chief political executive of the hell hole called Chicago is Lori Lightfoot, the latest in an unbroken, 90-year line of exclusively Democrat mayors extending all the way back to 1931. Under Lightfoot’s stewardship, homicides in Chicago increased by an astonishing 40 percent from 2019 to 2020 – a pattern that was seen in a host of Democrat-run cities after George Floyd’s death a year ago. And Chicago’s stratospheric homicide rate has continued well into 2021.

In light of the fact that violent death has become a way of life in Lightfoot’s Chicago, it was nothing short of remarkable to hear her recently announce that “on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city,” she would be “prioritizing media requests from POC reporters,” an acronym meaning “people of color” — rather than prioritizing the urgent need to get the city’s murder rate under control. Chicago political reporter Mary Ann Ahern confirmed that according to the mayor’s spokeswoman, “Lightfoot is granting 1 on 1 interviews only to Black or Brown journalists.”

Lightfoot was more than eager to defend her clearly articulated intent to separate reporters into two separate classes, the preferred (nonwhite) and the non-preferred (white). Like the Black Lives Matter racists who felt wholly justified in terrorizing hundreds of American cities and towns last year, Lightfoot is more than proud to display her own particular brand of racism like a badge of honor. In a two-page letter to the media, she wrote that her decision to deny interview requests from white reporters was based on her commitment to “fight for diversity and inclusion,” “break up the status quo” that has been “failing so many,” and pay homage to the “historic reckoning” by which the nation has recently been forced to confront its own “systemic racism” and its “deep-seated legacies around institutionalized racism.” Lamenting “the overwhelming whiteness and maleness of Chicago media outlets,” Lightfoot wrote: “It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI [Asian American / Pacific Islander] or Native American.”

“At the two-year anniversary of my inauguration,” Lightfoot told the press, “I am issuing a challenge to you. Hire reporters of color – especially women of color – to cover Chicago politics, and City Hall in particular. If you have only a white reporter covering City Hall, make sure there’s a person of color working with them as well.” In short, Mayor Lightfoot feels justified in dictating to private media companies exactly how they should allocate their limited financial resources, and whom they should hire to do which jobs. As is invariably the case with self-identified leftwing warriors for “racial justice,” the spirit of totalitarianism burns bright and hot in the heart of Lori Lightfoot.

Nor is racial obsession anything new for Mayor Lightfoot. She’s very comfortable with it. Indeed, just three months ago Lightfoot proudly announced that “a racial healing and historical reckoning” initiative known as the  Chicago Monuments Project, which the city had launched six months earlier to confront the “hard truths of Chicago’s racial history,” had determined that no fewer than 41 separate statues and monuments situated in various locations across the city could be subject to removal from the public square because they: (a) “promot[e] narratives of white supremacy”; (b) “memorializ[e] individuals with connections to racist acts, slavery and genocide”; (c) presen[t] selective, over-simplified, one-sided views of history”; and (d) do “not sufficiently include[e] other stories, in particular those of women, people of color and themes of labor, migration and community building.” The purportedly offensive statues and monuments include those erected in honor of such notables as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Benjamin Franklin, William McKinley, Leif Ericson, the French missionary Jacques Marquette, and the cartographer Louis Jolliet.

“This project is a powerful opportunity for us to come together as a city to assess the many monuments and memorials across our neighborhoods and communities—to face our history and what and how we memorialize that history,” Lightfoot said. This was particularly important, the mayor emphasized, in light of “the past year and in particular the past summer that made clear [that America’s racist] history isn’t past.”

The standards by which Mayor Lightfoot is prepared to pass judgment on the alleged moral deficiencies of historical giants and national heroes, stand in stark contrast to the standards by which she judges modern-day leftists.

Consider, for instance, how Lightfoot, in the early days of her mayoralty two years ago, gleefully celebrated the passage of Illinois’ so-called Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which repealed the state’s Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act; removed restrictions on late-term abortions and on the imposition of criminal penalties against physicians who perform them; and expanded insurance coverage for abortion procedures. When the RHA initially cleared the state’s Human Services Committee and was sent to the full Illinois House for consideration, Lightfoot issued a statement saying, “I applaud the legislators who voted yes tonight on the passage of the Reproductive Health Act…. The time is now to ensure that we preserve access to safe, legal abortion in our state. We won’t go backwards.” When the bill was subsequently signed into law by the governor a few weeks later, Lightfoot said: “Today, the state of Illinois sent a clear message that we will protect the fundamental right of residents and expand access to reproductive health care.”

So, Lori Lightfoot’s standard is abundantly clear. Statues honoring white people who made enormous contributions to America and to Western civilization — but who may have been insufficiently militant, by Lightfoot’s reckoning, in fighting to eradicate slavery — should be banned from the public square as punishment for the shortcomings of those individuals. But modern-day leftwing zealots who stand in favor of legalizing the killing of fully formed human beings in the womb – in the noble name of “reproductive rights,” of course – are to be hailed and celebrated as champions of liberty.

Subsequent Parts of Series:
Part 2: LA’s Eric Garcetti.
Part 3: DC’s Muriel Bowser.
Part 4: KC’s Quinton Lucas.
Part 5: SF’s London Breed.
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Part 7: St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones.

Part 8: Jackson’s Chokwe Antar Lumumba.
Part 9: Seattle’s Jenny Durkan.
Part 10: 
Minneapolis’s Jacob Frey.
Part 11: Charlottesville’s Nikuyah Walker.
Part 12: Portland’s Ted Wheeler.
Part 13: Atlanta’s Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Source: FrontPage MAG

Racism has never been acceptable in America during my entire 52 years, and we are NOT starting now!

Equity” is a code word for Communism. Just like CRT or “Critical Race Theory” is code words for Racism!

You must call these people out for the Communists and Racists they are! Don’t allow the English language to be manipulated by these Tyrannical Cowards! STAND UP TO THE RACISTS & RADICAL COMMUNISTS of America!


In 2021 Democrats look more like Stalin than Representatives in the United States Government

It’s time to make some Bar Complaints and file charges for

The New York DA’s Witch Hunt Continues – My Thoughts

When is a Prosecution Political?

Adjust Share  By Scott Horton on February 7, 2008

Once a year, in January, the U.S. Government asks me to give a day-long presentation to Foreign Service Officers, FBI agents and Justice Department officials on the legal systems of the post-Soviet world to help prepare them for a posting overseas in nations with a legal system that will certainly seem unfamiliar to them. For several years I have included in this, at the request of the MLAT and legal attachés (that is, Justice Department officials who will be liaisons with law enforcement officials in the countries) and the State Department human rights officers, a section entitled “How to Spot a Political Prosecution.”

In the nations of the former Soviet Union, of course, political prosecutions are rampant. This goes back to the Imperial era, but it also has its doctrinal anchoring in Lenin’s attitude about justice. For the Bolsheviks, the idea of neutral and dispassionate justice is all a bunch of sentimental liberal hogwash. As every good Communist knows, justice is a tool of the class and of the party. It is used to bolster the party and its political control over the state. Individuals may therefore be prosecuted because they presented a threat to the rule of the party, or simply because it is politically expedient to do so. The trial of the great poet Joseph Brodsky, from which I quoted yesterday, is a paradigm case which I used to teach in some of my seminars. With the collapse of communism and the adoption of liberal democratic models across the region, however, these doctrinal positions were rejected. Of course, some traditions are slow to die. And one of the problems faced by American justice officials is the proliferation of requests for assistance in connection with cases that look suspiciously like political persecution. What are the flashpoints to examine in making a determination of whether a case is politically motivated?

It now strikes me that this mode of analysis has some obvious relevance to things going on in the United States. But here are the questions I present for consideration by American Justice officials trying to grapple with the question in a foreign setting:

  1. Identity of the Subject. Is the subject an opposition political figure of some sort? Is he a member of an ethnic or religious minority which the State Department believes faces persecution in the country in question? Even if not a political figure, has the subject criticized the Government or is there reason to believe that he could be harmful to the Government in a political way? Is the subject associated with a political party? Does the subject hold political office? Is the subject seeking election to political office? This is a threshold inquiry. Of course, a person can be an opposition political figure and still commit a crime; he or she has no expectation of immunity by virtue of being in the political opposition.
  2. Nature of the Charges. Some sorts of charges are of an inherently political nature, and some charges go to acts which may be protected conduct under American law which should not be considered criminal. For instance, in this region criminal libel is a frequently charged crime, as is insulting the president. But in the American view, the conduct charged may well be viewed as protected free speech. Similarly, many of the Soviet successor states have a series of “economic crimes” which relate to the Soviet planned-economy past under which simply economic underperformance can be criminalized. With respect to other crimes, you should consider carefully the local law enforcement authority’s pattern of conduct in connection with charging this crime. Is it charged commonly? Are criteria for charging the crime evident? Has the crime been charged regularly in connection with political cases? One recurrent approach involves tax audits and tax charges.
  3. Timing and Circumstances of Criminal Investigations and Charges. Secure information concerning the time line. When was the probe initiated and how did it come to be initiated? Does it comply with established procedures and rules governing investigations? All departures from the rules should be noted. Any investigator may make a mistake, of course, but chronic violations may suggest something else, especially if they consistently prejudice the rights of the target. Consider the parallels between this time line and potentially relevant political events, particularly elections and election campaigns. Charges brought against political candidates during an election cycle are particularly suspect. In several states in this region, certain criminal charges will result in disqualifying a candidate for office. Obviously when charges are brought against an opposition political candidate during an election cycle, this is suspicious. When the Government then seeks the candidate’s disqualification, this is still more suspicious.
  4. Circumstances of Investigation; Arrest and Detention; Media Dealings. When political figures are involved, has an intrusive investigations been conducted? That is, does the investigation appear geared to disrupting the political figure’s work, for instance, as a parliamentarian or local official? Does it appear geared to embarrassing a candidate for election? If the figure was taken into custody and charged, how was this conducted? Was the arrest done in a way designed to maximize publicity and embarrassment for the political figure? Similarly, arrests conducted in the dead of night and at the crack of dawn are historically considered abusive and are associated with totalitarian regimes (as in the Nazi policy “bei Nacht und Nebel,” arrests conducted before dawn to maximize terror on the populace). Was the investigation played out in the media? Was the arrest and announcement of charges hyped in the media? Do media accounts bear any relationship to a political program or campaign which the Government is mounting? Is the allocation of resources and materials for the investigation and prosecution “normal” or commensurate with similarly charged crimes?
  5. Conduct of the Preliminary Investigation. These countries all have a regime of investigatory detention unknown in the United States. The use of investigatory detention is not abusive per se, but attention should be paid to the amount of time spent in the investigatory detention regime. In general after a fixed period, a magistrate must approve the continued detention. Does the detainee have access to counsel? Consider the conditions of the detention facility and the length of detention. During the period of investigatory detention, has the prosecution made statements to the media about the case, suggesting crimes which are being investigated and charges which might be brought?
  6. Conduct of Trial. Has the defendant secured access to counsel. Is the counsel permitted to interview and speak with the accused without a prison guard being present or being otherwise observed? Is the trial open to the public? Is the presentation of evidence open to the public? Has a gag been imposed on the defense counsel? In general, restrictions on access to the media and public should not be considered symmetrically. It is inappropriate for the prosecution to conduct its case in the press because this violates fundamental rules of prosecutorial ethics. Defense counsel generally is accorded much broader latitude in dealing with the press on defense. The conduct of the trial itself should be tested against the rules of criminal procedure of the country in question with a focus on the defendant’s rights. Was there a pattern of abridging or curtailing rights given to the defense in trial? In particular, was the defense precluded from presenting its evidence or its witnesses? Also consider the selection of the trial court and the assignment of the judge to handle the case. Was there any irregularity in connection with venue or judicial assignment? Was the defendant granted freedom pending trial in order to assist in the presentation of his defense? The old Soviet legal standard carried forward in each of these countries matched the U.S. standard, namely, the defendant is entitled to freedom to prepare his case unless he presents a threat to the community or is a flight risk.
  7. Interview of Prosecutors and Defense Counsel. If called to make an assessment as to whether a criminal action is politically motivated, consider paying a call on the prosecutor and defense counsel to discuss the case. In the prosecutor’s presentation of the case, note carefully whether political considerations are articulated at any point. If a prosecutor speaks of a political party or movement as “corrupt” rather than the specific individuals charged, this is extremely telling. Ask the prosecutor whether the case has been coordinated or discussed with Government figures outside of the prokuratura, and whether the prosecutor’s decisions in the case are being controlled or overseen by the Procurator General. Ask the defense counsel whether he/she had full access to the client without being monitored, whether leave was given to present a full defense and whether the defense counsel personally was subjected to any reprisals or threats. Remember that discovery of the sort available in American proceedings is not generally available here, although defense counsel would have access to the prosecutor’s evidentiary file.
  8. State Secrecy. Was state secrecy invoked in any aspect of the case? Why? Did this restrict the right to present a defense in any way? Was state secrecy invoked as a basis for silencing the defendant and his counsel?
  9. Parallel Public Campaigns. Consider carefully whether the prosecution tracks any political campaign which is being run by the Government or the Government party? Is the prosecution being cited as evidence of “corruption” by the opposition? Does the Government appear to have access to the prosecution’s evidence? Does it have prior knowledge that charges will be brought? Is this information used for a political purpose?
  10. Media Coverage. Particularly where the media is controlled or manipulated by the state (this includes almost every country in the region) or aligns itself with the political party which holds the prosecutorial power, consider carefully the tone and tenor of the media coverage. Does the media flavor the criminal case in political tones by stressing for instance the party affiliation of the defendant, by using the word “corrupt” and by generally tendentious reporting? (Suggesting that not just an individual, but “members of party X” are “corrupt”?) Does the media have prior knowledge of criminal investigations, of charges brought, of evidence which will be used? Does the media quote Government officials or prosecutors in connection with pending cases? Conversely, does the media quote the defendant or defense counsel? When the media “tries the case to the public” in advance of the trial, building public sympathy or support for the charges brought, this is a strong indicator of a politically motivated prosecution.
  11. Beyond Guilt and Innocence. It is frequently impossible for an outside observer to form useful views as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant. Moreover, as law enforcement professionals you may be inclined to take the representations made by your local counterparts at face value. You need to approach them with a healthy level of skepticism when political figures are involved. In fact, I would recommend simply disregarding the question of guilt or innocence when you’re trying to form a view about whether a prosecution is politically motivated. These are separate questions. Remember that it is entirely possible both that a subject is guilty of the crime charged and that the prosecution is politically motivated. Remember Attorney General Robert Jackson’s famous statement that in a modern society with a sweeping criminal code, virtually every citizen can be found to have transgressed a criminal law at some point. This is doubly true for formerly totalitarian societies whose criminal law regime is highly intrusive into what Americans would consider the sphere of private conduct. In making this determination, you should be prepared to question the motives and conduct of the prosecutor. Is the prosecutor investigating and acting on a crime, or is the prosecutor “out to get” an individual? The latter case is per se abusive. When the prosecutor is “out to get” an individual as part of a political agenda, the act of prosecution is an assault on democratic institutions. Political considerations would drive whether the United States would publicly question or condemn such acts–this is a decision generally for the ambassador to take jointly with the State Department in Washington–but in any event, U.S. policy would strongly oppose cooperation with or support of a prosecution when there is strong reason to believe it is politically motivated.

Jackson’s view of the prosecutor rigorously detached from politics, who conducts a case without even a suggestion of political motivation, reflects the American ideal. But the post-Soviet space is haunted by a different legacy. The key historical figure is Andrei Januaryevich Vyshinsky, Stalin’s prosecutor. As Arkady Vaksberg wrote in his masterful biography of Vyshinsky, “his prime contributions were that ‘justice’ is flexible depending on what is ‘in the interests of the people,’ and his explanation that the ‘presumption of innocence’ is an abstract liberal legal principle that has a ‘demobilizing, demagnetizing effect … in the fight against crime.’” But Vyshinsky is best known for his use of prosecution as a political tool. Those identified as enemies of the regime could of course simply be liquidated, but Vyshinsky argued, and Stalin accepted, that it was far more efficient to use the criminal justice system to destroy them. They would be accused of both political crimes and the normal garden variety of crimes–petty corruption, for instance. They would be placed under strong pressure to confess their guilt. The pressure included coercive interrogation techniques, but more frequently it involved identifying the target’s family and friends and threatening action against them. Finally, Vyshinsky pioneered the notion of the “show trial” in which the defendant would be brought before the world, a broken and hollow man, to confess his crimes as one act in a longer play in which his crimes would be staged before the world. Through this technique, Vyshinsky argued, he could not only eliminate the opponent, but destroy even the memory of the opponent, limiting the likelihood that an opposition group might form around him.

Source: Harper’s Magazine 2008

God Bless you and your, Have a Great Day on Monday July 05, 2021


This is a video that every human being on planet Earth should see! The headline video is below, I just want to mention some things first!

I have pointed out that what we are seeing is medical Tyranny and that it’s based on misinformation and LIES! The CDC and WHO are criminal organizations who are manipulating MEDICAL DATA and DEATH CERTIFICATES!

The entire reason we had a HOAX / FAKE PlanDemic to begin with is due to the manipulation of death certificate data! The CDC put out “guidance” to the cowardly physicians of the world which told them to “Perform Civid19 testing on ALL DEAD BODIES” even if the dead body we are speaking of died of cancer, gunshot, or heart failure”

Mind you the “Test” they recommended using is a PCR! The inventor of PCR Kari Mullis told us that “It’s a MISUSE of PCR to claim the results are MEANINGFUL!” It’s on video! PLEASE GO WATCH IT if you have not already! You can find info on what I’m talking about here:


If you want to hear Kari Mullis say this himself then watch this short video that I uploaded to Rumble to preserve it, protect it from the Nazi style censorship we are seeing across the world!

To claim that PCR results are Meaningful is a MISUSE of the technology. Kerry Mullis

So doctors and hospitals are using a wildly inaccurate and MEANINGLESS “Test” to test corpses of people who died of cancer, heart disease, gunshots, traffic accidents etc… for covid19!

If the very meaningless and fallible PCR “test” claims that these deceased persons have covid19 their “cause of death” on their Death Certificate is changed from “Died of Cancer” to “Died of Covid19” despite the fact that covid19 had absolutely nothing to do with their death! A BullSpit PCR “test” result is overturning FACTS!

FACT: This man died of a gunshot to the head! They perform a meaningless PCR, it indicates “positive for covid19” and despite the FACT the man has no head, the cause of death on the death certificate is changed from “gunshot wound” to covid19 despite that being a complete and total LIE!

Senator Scott Jensen Under Investigation For Telling The Truth Over Covid 19 Death Certificates

If you don’t believe me, you should believe a practicing physician with over 40 years experience, doctor of the year in Michigan, and a United States Senator! Follow the link above and watch his video discussing it! It’s a conspiracy to end all conspiracies! It is NOT a “Conspiracy Theory” because this has been PROVEN, so it’s FACT! NOT a “Conspiracy Theory” like the media would have you believe!

Here’s another story telling of data manipulation, it’s from April 2020. But we are still fighting the EXACT SAME DATA MANIPULATION TODAY!

The video links in the story are no good, because the Nazi emulating censors at YouTube have taken the videos down that discuss anything TRUTHFUL! These people are costing people their lives by peddling fake news and through censorship of important, factual, proven information even when it is posted by licensed physicians!

Lies & Data Manipulation: NYC Adds 3,700 Who Never Tested Positive To COVID-19 Death Toll



What is happening NOW is much scarier! FACT: The “Vaccine” which is NOT a vaccine is killing people! So now they are hiding that the vaccine killed these people, and they are instead claiming that “A new Delta Variant is to blame for these deaths” a complete LIE!

All Covid-19 vaccines are essentially USELESS against new mutant “Delta Variant”

YOU must realize that they are manipulating data in a massive campaign of GENOCIDE! These people are sick and EVIL and want to reduce the world’s population “By any means Necessary!”

It is NOT your imagination……. it is EXACTLY what they are doing, right out in the open, and so far have gone 100% unpunished for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

A LOT of really big stories are breaking! But were they designed to make you forget the data manipulation which has made Covid19 a giant killer? (Of the FLU, Heart Disease etc.)

I have noticed that everyone is breaking new news stories about Fauci, China. and about the 2020 Election.

But whhat would you say if I propose these stories are to divert attention from the REAL STORY?

That “Covid19 Deaths” are nothing more than the manipulation of data! People did die, just NOT of Covid19! We’ve WITNESSED IT!

Every supposed “Covid19 Death” is dependent on “PCR Testing” of either hospital patients or deceased persons. The government came out and told us “Death Certificates indicating covid19 as the cause of death do NOT necessarily mean that Covid-19 was actually responsible for the death or the “Cause of Death” it only indicates the person had Covid-19 when they died!

Wait…. Hold em up a minute. So you are telling me people who got shot and killed or ran over by a truck and killed can be listed as a “Covid-19 Death”? YES, that’s EXACTLY what I’m telling you! I want you to closely examine what follows!

First, let me reiterate that “PCR Testing” is how they determined who had covid-19! The Inventor of the PCR Kerri Mullis has told us on video that “Claiming that PCR Results are meaningful is a MISUSE of the technology.” and he said that “Using PCR you can find anything in anybody.” Check it out for yourself!

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test

Dr. Birx: Unlike Some Countries, “If Someone Dies With COVID-19 We Are Counting That As A COVID-19 Death”

At Tuesday’s White House coronavirus press conference, task force member Dr. Deborah Birx said that while some countries are reporting coronavirus fatality numbers differently, in the U.S. you are counted as a victim of the pandemic if you die while testing positive for the virus, even if something else causes your death.

DR. DEBORAH BIRX: So, I think in this country we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality. And I think the reporting here has been pretty straightforward over the last five to six weeks. Prior to that when there wasn’t testing in January and February that’s a very different situation and unknown.

There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now we are still recording it and we will I mean the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to market as COVID-19 infection the intent is right now that those if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.

From RealClear Politics

So gunshot victims, heart attacks, cancer patients, the terminally ill, people in hospice, and even people who died of natural causes are being labeled “Covid-19 Deaths” based on a PCR result which is meaningless!

You heard me correctly! The inventor of the PCR told you himself that the results are meaningless for diagnostics and that “You can find anything in anybody!” So postmortem PCR “tests” are and have been widely performed! The government has even admitted that 90% of these are “False Positives” but I’m not so sure the other 10% are not false positives too! Matter of fact, until scientists can isolate the virus, I don’t believe it exists at all!

The PCR is the “Gold Standard” for testing for covid-19? But Kary Mullis just told us the results of a PCR are “Meaningless” and that you can find “Anything in Anybody” did he not? Hmmm something is fishy here!

Collection and Submission of Postmortem Specimens from Deceased Persons with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 (From the CDC / Print Information Page)

One really needs to examine the Web Archive and gather this information because the CDC has been changing, updating, and manipulating the guidance for a year and a half now!

I have some plumbing to do and don’t have the time to finish the story this minute, but do you see where I’m heading here? We are all supposed to accept that Fauci is a crook, and the “lab theory” was correct, and now the FBI is being corrupt AGAIN……. But “Covid19” has NOT killed millions! Millions may have died, just not of covid19! When you must depend on guesses, and fallible CDC guidance to fill out birth certificates (which they’ve NEVER done before) it’s clear to see!

The PCR “Tests” with AT LEAST A 90% FALSE POSITIVE RATE……. The people who have died have died because during this mess they could not get into the EMPTY HOSPITALS!

And now, they have scammed people into taking a “Vaccine” which is NOT A VACCINE and it’s killing people! They plan to hide the VAERS NUMBERS which has already started, and those dying of an unneeded vaccine WILL BE CALLED “COVID19 DEATHS” TOO! While they attempt to force people to take it!

We are witnessing GENOCIDE by people long known to be eugenicists! Look at this picture and I gotta go, check back though!


PCR Testing Scam – 2nd Wave Hysteria DEBUNKED!!

Remember the CDC said 37 or 38 cycles!

Why and How Doctors have Betrayed Patients

Doctor Vernon Coleman has been fighting for TRUTH for over 50 years! Naturally Cancel Culture has labeled him a “Conspiracy Theorist” for challenging the Groupthink Hivemind!

Find More at VernonColeman.com AND the new site at VernonColeman.org

To be continued!

Thanks to Andrea Widburg at American Thinker for this story!

That high-level Chinese defector’s ’embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community’

June 19, 2021

By Andrea Widburg

We already knew that a man with a high-level position in the Chinese Communist Party had defected to America.  We also knew that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) refused to let the other intelligence agencies in on the secret because it was immediately apparent that our government is riddled with Chinese spies, agents, true believers, and people on the payroll.  Now, though, we know who the spy is and the broad outlines of the information he provided — and it’s a lot worse than you thought.

As before, Jennifer Van Laar — who I believe first reported about the defector’s existence — has the most comprehensive information.  For the deep dive, go to RedState; for the short(ish) summary, stick with me.

The defector’s name is Dong Jingwei, and he’s the vice minister of state security.  He knows where all the bodies are buried, both in China and, I’m sorry to say, in America.  According to Spy Talk, Dong “was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018.”

Spy Talk also reports that China demanded Dong’s return, but Blinken said no.  Interestingly, the weak, woke Blinken said “no” not as a matter of principle.  Instead, he took a stand only because the DIA hadn’t told the administration about Dong’s existence.  That tells you about how little the DIA trusts the Biden administration.

According to Spy Talk, Dong’s presence in the U.S. is a rumor.  However, Van Laar seems very sure of her sources, who told her China possesses “embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the ‘terabytes of data’ he’s provided to the DIA.”

Van Laar also shares information from a Washington Free Beacon report claiming that, when China realized that Trump was about to close travel from China, it sent hundreds of “students” back in January, much earlier than their planned return dates, to monitor events in America.  These students (spies), summarizes Van Laar, “were charged with reporting back on public policy changes, economic response and damage, impacts on the healthcare system (equipment/hospital bed shortages, etc), supply chain impacts (including how long it took things like semiconductors from China to reach the United States), civil unrest, and more.”

And here, straight from Van Laar herself, is other information Dong brought with him that should have you simultaneously furiously angry and really terrified:

  • Early pathogenic studies of what we know as COVID.
  • China’s models about what COVID would do to the U.S. and the world (which makes it sound as if COVID was a bioweapon, not an accident).
  • Financial records about which organizations and governments funded COVID “and other biological warfare” research.
  • The identity of U.S. citizens who gave intel to China.
  • The names of Chinese spies working or attending universities in America.
  • Financial records showing American businesspeople and officials who took money from China.  (Note: At least as to the businesspeople, these may have been legitimate transactions.  I don’t know how they can have been for the officials.)
  • U.S. government officials who met (knowingly or not) with Chinese and Russian spies.
  • Details about the Chinese government getting into the CIA communications system, which led the Chinese to kill dozens of CIA assets in China.
  • Hunter Biden’s hard drive, which meant that the Chinese knew all about his porn and drug problems, his acting as a conduit for money to Joe, and his and Joe’s corrupt financial dealings generally.
  • News that at least a third of Chinese students on American campuses (who pay full retail, so they drive out American students) are Communist Party assets or the children of high-level communist officials in America under false names.

There’s every reason to believe that all this information is true.  Says Van Laar, “DIA has high confidence in the veracity of Dong’s claims.”  In a sane, just world, our government would act upon this information immediately.  China would become a pariah nation, with immediate steps taken to shut down all possible trade with China; Chinese students would be returned to China; corrupt officials and politicians (regardless of party) would be fired and, if appropriate, indicted; and our intelligence agencies would be cleaned up or, if too corrupt, disbanded.

The mainstream media, however, are currently keeping a tight lid on this story, and it’s doubtful that the Biden administration will act — especially considering how compromised both Biden and his son are.  We’ll have to wait for the 2022 election for things to happen.  If Republicans gain the majority in Congress, there should be some very interesting hearings.  And if DeSantis becomes president in 2024, the indictments had better start rolling out.

Image: China’s 70th-anniversary parade.  YouTube screen grab.

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Source: American Thinker

Critical Race Theory Is Worse Than Marxism

I’ve put together a couple of very relevant discussions on Marxism and Critical Race Theory that are absolutely needed to hold an intelligent discussion about either! Please read and watch the following videos and share them wherever you can! Take the advice in the videos! It’s some of the best I’ve seen! Most importantly is stay in the fight!

No Way does American’s accept CRT and Marxism in America! Both of these totalitarian systems are far inferior to the system America has always had and under no circumstances do we change for the worst!!! NO WAY!!!

You need to SHOW UP to school Board meetings, and run for a position on the school boards!!!

You need to SHOW UP to your state capital and to any corporation or institution trying to force these inferior principles on American citizens! You have simply got to get out of your “Safe Space” and make your voice heard!

Lastly, and the most important thing.. SUE! Sue government, sue corporations, sue schools and colleges, and sue ANYONE ELSE trying to force people to attend indoctrination at anti-white, racist “Diversity Training Sessions!”

SUE! It is time to challenge these totalitarian ideologies in courtrooms! Free Speech is your right, protected under the Constitution! It is a God-Given, natural right specifically protected by our Constitution! SUE!

Critical Race Theory Is Worse Than Marxism

Blog May 26, 2021

By Paul Gottfried

The swear words “Marxist” and “revolutionary” are now thrown around by conservatives, such as those at Heritage, the New York Post, and Fox News, with the same abandon with which the left speaks about “human rights” or “marriage,” particularly in relation to the concept of Critical Race Theory (CRT). But as someone who has studied Marxism extensively, I believe it’s necessary to state that CRT is most definitely not Marxist, nor is it in any sense revolutionary. Instead, it is an instrument of repression brandished by those in power against those whom it is feared might resist them, and those labeling this instrument as Marxist misdiagnose the problem to their detriment.

An ideology does not become Marxist because it launches an attack on white Americans for being white, or on white men as intrinsically evil human beings. Nor is feminism a form of Marxism because it attacks gender differences or the assignment of distinctive social roles to men and women. One does not change established meanings by assigning one’s own invented descriptions to whatever the media and academics decide to extend them to. Marriage is between men and women, even if the state decides to extend marriage licenses to homosexual pairs and throws pastors in jail for disagreeing with this policy. Likewise, something does not become Marxist simply because it is socially dangerous and features the term “struggle.”

True Marxism focuses on socioeconomic distinctions and the struggle by which the working-class overthrows and replaces the bourgeoisie and establishes a socialist economy, presumably by force. It has nothing to do with downgrading whites, heterosexuals, or males, and even less with supporting transgender activists in combat with cisgender bigots. It must fit other criteria than these cultural issues in order to be genuinely Marxist; and the advocates of CRT do not escape this labeling problem by claiming to have come up with a more advanced form of Marxist ideology while rejecting “vulgar Marxism.”

It is the “vulgar,” or more traditional form of Marxism which is the only real one. Transgender crusaders or black nationalists going after “prejudiced” Americans or destroying their property have nothing to do with a Marxist class struggle, as understood by Karl Marx and his socialist followers. Nor do AOC or other members of her Squad calling for higher taxes together with the teaching of CRT make them true Marxists. If anyone thinks Joe and Kamala are going to inflict huge pain on the corporations that brought them to power, that person is suffering from self-delusion “bigly,” as the Donald used to say. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, and the corporate managers of American Airlines and Coca Cola do not have to worry about being expropriated in an American Marxist revolution carried out by the Biden administration.

The intersectional left has gained social control because it is allied to government administrators and corporate oligarchs, a fact which both political commentator Pedro Gonzalez and I have written about. Yet this power constellation is no more revolutionary than the sclerotic Soviet nomenklatura that fell with the dissolution of the Soviet empire. These oligarchs pulled out all stops to get rid of the Trump interregnum and are now making sure that no effective opposition remains to combat their rule. Gonzalez is correct that what we are witnessing is the ruling class striking back.

Racial strife is a way of achieving this end of rooting out opposition, and that strife occurs by deploying black nationalists and other grievance-mongers against what I refer to as “normal people.” Moreover, with help from the media, corporations, and government officials, the “black revolutionaries” seem to be prevailing. They may even be given a share of power, which Biden is divvying up with black Democrats, like his CRT-intoxicated Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and black racialist Kirsten Clark, whom the president’s advisers earmarked as the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

But black activists are not in charge of this arrangement. They provide the front for those already in power to tighten their hold on the rest of us. The oligarchs may shift their favor from one group of grievance-mongers to another but that does nothing to seriously change the distribution of power.

What does pose a serious problem for the oligarchs and administrators are the raw emotionality and inherent conflicts among the groups they have weaponized. Why should we think that Muslim Fundamentalists, Black Lives Matter, feminists, and LGBT activists are united by more than a shared enemy, personified in the hated Deplorables? Is there anything else that holds this coalition together, other than hate, the availability of corporate money, and support from the Deep State?

Furthermore, in their eagerness to keep their motley crew of haters behind them, the electronic media giants commit massive indiscretions. New York Post columnist Bethany Mandel has justifiably scolded Twitter for abetting anti-Semitism on the left. The tech giants have kept open their services to the most outrageous “purveyors of Jew hate” after arbitrarily cancelling Trump and many of his fans. Mandel cites examples of anti-Semitic outbursts that would have seemed appropriate for the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda. This may underscore a difficulty that besets the ruling class: to keep its hateful mobs behind it, it trades in hate. This is entirely obvious in the way Critical Race Theory is designed to denigrate an entire race, which has nothing to do with traditional Marxism.

Paul Gottfried

Paul Gottfried is editor in chief of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He is also the Raffensperger Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Elizabethtown College, where he taught for 25 years, a Guggenheim recipient, and a Yale Ph.D. He is the author of 13 books, most recently Fascism: Career of a Concept and Revisions and Dissents.

Source: Chronicles

The New Censorship in American Higher Ed: Insights from Portland State

A new wave of censorship has arisen in the United States propelled by the January 2021 Capitol Riot and building upon “anti-racism” activism that arose in the Summer of 2020. In higher education, this has taken the form of new policies to limit criticism of various critical and Woke studies programs, as well as efforts to curtail academic freedom for faculty, teaching, and research deemed “racist.” Join us on May 6th at 1 pm ET as NAS board member and Oregon chapter head Dr. Bruce Gilley, Portland State University colleague Dr. Peter Boghossian, and Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum discuss a new Oregon Association of Scholars report and accompanying video entitled “The New Censorship in American Higher Education: Insights from Portland State University.”

Source: National Association of Scholars

Combatting Social Justice Rhetoric: A Cheat Sheet for Policy Makers

Source: National Association of Scholars

Save the above graphic and arm every American you can with it! The most diabolical thing about CRT and Marxism is that they are manipulating our language in a way where their sick and twisted, anti-white racist views cannot be challenged without you looking like the racist instead of the true racists………..The ones pushing CRT!

You have to learn to defeat their illogical logic!

Critical Race Theory is antithetical to American and Christian values
The actual “Racist” is the person calling other people racists 99.9% of the time!

2021: The Year Our “Conspiracy Theories” Became True




2021: The Year Our “Conspiracy Theories” Became True

 June 4, 2021 No Commentshttps://platform.twitter.com/widgets/tweet_button.06c6ee58c3810956b7509218508c7b56.en.html#dnt=false&id=twitter-widget-2&lang=en&original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fthedcpatriot.com%2F2021-the-year-our-all-conspiracy-theories-came-true%2F&partner=tfwp&size=l&text=2021%3A%20The%20Year%20Our%20%E2%80%9CConspiracy%20Theories%E2%80%9D%20Became%20True&time=1622912603660&type=share&url=https%3A%2F%2Fthedcpatriot.com%2F2021-the-year-our-all-conspiracy-theories-came-true%2F&via=realmattcouchhttps://platform.twitter.com/widgets/follow_button.06c6ee58c3810956b7509218508c7b56.en.html#dnt=false&id=twitter-widget-0&lang=en&partner=tfwp&screen_name=realmattcouch&show_count=true&show_screen_name=true&size=m&time=1622912603649

Like many vocal Patriots, I lost my two largest platforms for posting “dangerous conspiracy theories” ….most of which have either come true this year, or are probably about to. Twitter permanently suspended my verified account for “election meddling” somehow, and Facebook restricted me as a “public figure spreading dangerous messages during a time of civil unrest” and took away my ability to post on my own 200k+ verified page.

As the House of Deep State Cards continues to crumble, I doubt I nor any of the other hundreds of thousand accounts that were deplatformed in the last year, will ever be rightfully reinstated…we were being too effective at fighting fake news. Even by moving over to GAB, Telegram, and Signal we were still able to get enough of the info out to at least get FOX to finally start reporting on it. Does it make sense *now* why Twitter and Facebook went above and beyond to shut down and purge all “conspiracy related pages” including Q related accounts in particular?

Social media elites claimed Q accounts were “dangerous” ….because they questioned the government? Who trusts the government?! If anyone actually does “trusts” the government right now, they’re probably not going to after this year. Since the beginning, followers of Q believed there was a Cabal of immensely powerful and wealthy people all working together to find more (evil) ways they can become even more rich and powerful, and these people are constantly covering for each other. Are Q followers wrong about that?

Oh no wait, that’s right….the leftist Elite bragged about it in TIME magazine right after the election. They literally even called it “a Cabal of powerful people” that intentionally used their clout, money, and resources to steer an entire election to their benefit. I’m so glad we were just “imagining” it all.

Maybe anti-American globalists like George Soros shouldn’t be allowed to invest millions into owning Secretaries of States and Attorney Generals across the country? Maybe weirdo billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t be allowed to spend $350 million dollars into steering an election his way by donating it to Battleground states that can’t seem to account for to who or where it went? Maybe Bill Gates (who already believes there are too many people on the planet) shouldn’t be allowed to push untested vaccines onto the masses….are we really supposed to believe he has our best interest in mind? “Fact checkers” so you know, claim it’s “false” he ever said anything about lowering the global population, when this is the literal Bill Gates quote they use to render it “false” somehow:

“Conspiracy theorists” claimed these vaccines were possibly going to be used to sterilize an unknowing populace by an Elite class that would rather have the resources for themselves. Now as it turns out, the covid “vaccine” is indeed already doing some funny stuff to women’s fertility. “Fact checkers” claim it’s “false” that the vaccine caused fertility issues and a 366% increase in miscarriages….not because the numbers aren’t right (they reluctantly agree they are) but that you can’t prove there’s a “pattern” ….because they say there’s no pattern? Huh? Silly us for thinking the huge rise in miscarriages with no other mitigating factor in common other than the fact they were all newly vaccinated, would be considered a plausible “pattern.”

I’m sure glad fake “fact checkers” are there to tell everyone how to wrongly think. Clearly people like me are the problem here. It’s certainly not the people that illegally and immorally turned bat coronavirus into a weapon that ended up infecting humans and used to control an entire global population using their fear of dying from it against them. There are simply no good nor benevolent reasons someone could possibly have that would explain why they’re manipulating a virus to kill people that wasn’t harmful before. The same people worrying about guns don’t have a problem with the mass genocide that just occurred to all the old and sick in the world? Interesting priorities. Of course private gun ownership is what stops a tyrannical government from oppressing its people…so maybe that has more to do with it? Why were we quarantining and destroying our own economy to “save grandma,” while radical leftist politicians and governors 100% knowingly and purposefully placed covid patients into nursing homes that ended up killing the elderly en masse? Why would anyone do that unless they wanted people to die? It wasn’t as contagious as they hoped and they just had to pad the numbers? They had to count every death as “covid” even if their head fell off? The news had to keep pumping the fear machine to keep people away from each other and talking. Why else force people to wear masks and social distance if you know it doesn’t work? Fauci knew it didn’t work, we know that now from his emails. What they really couldn’t have was people talking to eachother and spreading “conspiracy theories.” It was never about public safety either, the cat was out of the bag when it escaped the lab in the first place and you’re either at risk for covid or not….just like every other disease out there. The shutdowns were just a guise to destroy local small businesses so that the big box companies could make even more money and have even less competition. Corrupt politicians used it to back door fascist policies and break a freedom loving capitalist country like America down in preparation for socialism. They paid people more to sit at home than to work, and then threw crumbs at the rest of us the form of stimulus checks that would never be enough to keep the working and middle class going. Socialism always promises rainbows and kittens and turns into complete government dependency and servitude to an ever-growing stronger and more powerful Elite class. Is that not what just unraveled before us this whole year? The Elite sure didn’t follow their own rules either, did they? They never do. They dined at exclusive restaurants, while you missed weddings, funerals, and proms. They ate expensive ice cream next to their $24,000 fridge, while you fought for toilet paper at the super market. They flew in luxury private jets, while closing down pipelines and preaching to you about climate change and your “carbon footprint.” Now that we know the virus was man made and Fauci knew masks and lockdowns didn’t work…have you asked yourself “why” he kept pushing for them then? I understand why he hid the fact he paid for the funding of this bioweapon with our enemies (he doesn’t want to hang for crimes against humanity) but why push lockdowns and everything else knowing they weren’t effective? For that you have to ask yourself “who profited from all this?” Amazon, Big Pharma, Mega corporations and chain stores that can afford to “wait it out” unlike their small business competitors….oh, and did anyone ultimately benefit more from this in the end than China? They were having raves and partying while we were still in forced lockdowns for no reason. If you count the election, than anyone willing to use covid to skew it to their favor also had a lot to benefit from this forced “social distancing.” Where I live in Nevada they sent mail in ballots to every registered voter alive or DEAD. Why? I can’t think of a single reason you would send ballots to dead people that doesn’t involve fraud.

What else does Q and other “conspiracy theorists” believe? They believe that there are elite child trafficking rings being protected by high level government officials, for no other reason other than it’s extremely profitable and can be used for blackmail as political leverage. That’s a “conspiracy theory?” Really? What did you think Epstein was doing? You tell me how the most important-to-watch prisoner in the entire world just “killed himself” while the camera facing him “malfunctioned?” Yea, totally doesn’t sound like a high level government cover up at all, amirite? You tell me why the Left is so against detaining children at the border long enough to make sure they’re with their actual biological parents? There’s only one reason someone would want open borders and an unending flood of untraceable, undocumented women and children crossing the border. Epstein’s arrest proved that an elite Cabal of sex traffickers being protected by the government wasn’t just a “conspiracy theory.” Neither is it a “conspiracy theory” that many of these children end up getting sold for parts or sold to be murdered for pleasure. No one wants to talk or even think about it, but it happens all the time. Feel free to check out this hard to watch documentary on child trafficking in Europe and how the black market organ trade works there:

“Eyes of the Devil” : https://conspyre.tv/video/4504/eyes-of-the-devil-by-patryk-vega?channelName=Conspyre

Truth is, we just went through an entire year of “unprecedented times” with all its weirdness, rules that didn’t make sense, and more propaganda and fake news than I’ve ever seen in my whole life. What was worse is you weren’t allowed to question any of it. Only one narrative was allowed to exist and everything else was labeled “wrong think.” Getting the truth out there has been impossible. The fake news got tired of people pointing out every time they lied to people, and came up with the idea of using “independent fact checkers.” Many of these sites are funded and controlled by Zuckerberg and the Chinese Communist Party themselves. The “independent fact checker” that Facebook uses to check vaccine posts…is funded by Johnson and Johnson. That is the opposite of what “independent” fact checker means. If you ever actually bother to click these sites and read how they came to their fact checking “conclusions” all you’ll see is fallacy of logic, word play, and usually they’ll throw one thing in that no one is talking about just so they can call the whole thing “false.” Sometimes the “conclusion” isn’t even sensical…

How the hell do you go from talking about prepping militias in case of civil war, to zombies and drinking the blood of children? How?

“Everything that goes against the narrative is a conspiracy theory!” Ok well then, let’s talk about all the “conspiracy theories” we had that turned out to be true thus far:

•We were right about bat coronavirus being purposefully manipulated in a lab so that it would infect humans (which there is no other reason to do by the way, other than use it to kill people and control the world.) Fauci himself stated that an accidental pandemic caused by a lab leak had more “benefits” than downsides….the hell could possibly be the benefit of making a harmless virus more deadly?
• We were right that Fauci directly used our tax funds to turn covid into a bioweapon, and it was done in China because it’s illegal to do here for obvious reasons like it’s evil.
• We were right that it escaped a lab in Wuhan. They were literally making it there and their researchers were the first to get sick. How is thinking it was caused by eating bats or pangolins less “crazy” than the lab making it down the street?
• We were right that masks don’t work, Fauci said it in his own email.
• We were right that lockdowns were pointless and non-symptomatic people weren’t spreading it, that’s also in Fauci’s emails.
• We were right that Mark Zuckerberg was using Facebook to control the covid/vaccine/masks/election/Trump narrative by actively suppressing, censoring, and deleting dissenting opinions off the platform.
• We were right that these “independent fact checkers” were being politically biased. It turns out that Facebook and the Chinese Communist Party fund and control many of these “fact checking” sites that you see flagging everything. The “independent fact checker” Facebook uses to screen all its covid and vaccine posts through is actually funded by a billion dollar Big Pharma company.
• We were right that these voting machines (they found Chinese made modems inside them all across the country) were hooked up to the internet and hacked. We have all the data and proof that there was election fraud via cyber attacks, fractionalized voting malware, and untraceable adjudication by poll workers, but the news can’t report on it because they were in on it. If you watched FOX on election night, then you know what I’m talking about. Notice how no one’s ever given an explanation on why counting stopped for no reason right before large dumps of Biden votes magically came it? One leaking toilet in Georgia does not explain why all the other states stopped. “Fact checkers” claim that it’s a “lie” that voting ever halted in battleground states despite the news despite the fact we lived it.

Yea, we know you didn’t *really* stop counting because large dumps of Biden ballots came out of the sky at 1am. But you claimed you had stopped counting for the night in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada. We didn’t just imagine that…you said that so observers would go home and you could cheat in private.

• We were right that Biden is compromised by foreign interest like China and the Ukraine, the media had no right to suppress what was on Hunter’s laptop before the election. We only know about the laptop because of the technician….the FBI never explained why they were sitting on intel that showed Biden abused his position as Vice President for personal profit by laundering it through his son.
• We were right that this “vaccine” only has emergency use and has not been properly tested. It is not FDA approved, and I doubt it will be considering there have been more vaccine death and injury reports from just the covid vaccine in a few months than all the other vaccines combined in the last 2 decades. And no it’s not because more people took it….more people took the regular flu shot than anything and they didn’t get anywhere near as sick.
• We were right that elite pedophile rings like Jeffrey Epstein’s exist for sexual degeneracy, profit, and blackmail and compromised government officials run judicial cover for them. Is there a reason why the person who ordered him to be taken off suicide watch isn’t being investigated?
• We were right that the mainstream media reports the news the way their billionaire overlords tell them to, and they have absolutely no problem misleading the public and using fake videos to do it. With the truth bombs Tucker Carlson’s been dropping lately…I’m actually surprised the powers that be haven’t silenced him yet.

• We were right that police let protesters into the Capitol that day, there’s video and everything. Out of the 5 people arrested for firearms there, 1 was a BLM/Antifa supporter there to cause trouble. Unlike the other 440+ Patriots that were arrested….this trans Antifa member was let go without a single charge.

Stop dismissing people as “conspiracy theorists” because their opinion goes against what the media is telling you. You should be reading past the headline and researching both sides before coming to a conclusion on any topic. You should be questioning if these mega corporations like Big Pharma “really” have your best interest in mind. Every other commercial you see is trying to sell you a new drug or asking if you took a faulty old drug so you can sue about it. Don’t you ever wonder if it was ever tested right in the first place? By the way, the “don’t take (insert brand new drug) if you’re allergic to (insert brand new drug) is my favorite all encompassing disclaimer of all time. You shouldn’t feel compelled to take an experimental injection because the people making money on it tell you it’s “safe” after a couple months of testing and actively censor all the information about the side effects. You should question and demand answers from your government on the things that happen that don’t make sense….like why isn’t Hillary in jail for deleting emails and destroying evidence? Why are two Patriots currently sitting in jail without bail over the “murder” of a police officer that was ruled as natural causes (stroke) back in April? Why won’t they name the officer that shot a visibly unarmed woman at the Capitol? Why are people being charged for “trespassing” at the Capitol at all when there are videos of cops letting them in all over the place? The Capitol has magnetic doors a truck couldn’t rip off….no one “pushed” their way inside, they had to be let in. Ask Pelosi why she refused the extra security the sheriff demanded beforehand.

With all these “conspiracy theories” coming true maybe it’s time you looked at everything else we’ve been saying. If you think creating a killer virus to control the planet is the only thing they’re guilty of, I hate to tell you but it gets a lot worse. Pizza Gate is real, the government spies on us at will and saves everything electronically we do forever, and there’s a chance the government let 9/11 happen (instead of just “losing” track of the terrorists) so the military industrial complex could make money off of the gulf war and they could demo building 7 (which happened to have housed all kinds of secret government paperwork including information about the Safari Club, which is the dark branch of the CIA) which magically fell down despite not being hit by a plane and being two buildings away from the towers. If that sounds unbelievable and crazy, let me remind you that the only reason we entered the Vietnam War was because President Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin incident that he 100% knew was fake to convince Congress to give him the power to wage war there.

Wrap your mind around that….how many soldiers fought and died in that brutal war for nothing? And for what? The only people the Vietnam War benefited was the military industrial complex that makes and sells the weapons of war (often to both sides as we now suspect) and the chemical companies making money off the government contacts for Agent Orange and napalm. It certainly didn’t benefit the Vietnamese people who are still finding land mines to this day.

Start questioning everything you think you know. Here’s a list of same great rabbit holes you can start with:

CIA/Mockingbird/Hollywood/Pizzagate “Out of Shadows” : https://www.bitchute.com/video/l8nuHIlmugbY/

Snowden doc on how the NSA spies on all of us “Citizenfour” : https://www.amazon.com/Citizenfour-Edward-Snowden/dp/B07XW61RN3

Shadowgate/MilitaryComplex/FakeNews: Every single thing you’ve ever done from your phone or computer was saved by the government, and then saved by 3rd party military consultants to used as blackmail/control/sold to the highest bidder. “Shadowgate” part 1: https://youtu.be/EpBcwfC6NzI

“Shadowgate” part 2: https://youtu.be/GBV9apo564c

The aftermath of Shadowgate’s release: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/shadow-gate-2-0-full-movie

Pedogate part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/m4uPgLMVI_g/

Pedogate part 2: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.II – Tom Hanx (NEW INFO)

Pedogate part 3: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 – Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

Why the Deep State didn’t want Trump to win “Trump’s War on Human Trafficking” : https://rumble.com/vax50r-trumps-war-on-human-trafficking.html?mref=2hzb1&mrefc=2

Cabal : https://www.bitchute.com/video/KMBcAvYH1f3L/

Coronavirus was funded to be a bioweapon: https://odysee.com/@SomeBitchIKnow:0/deception-in-america-episode-one-the:1

Terramar, Ghislaine Maxwell’s plan to own the oceans and create a government for the Elites: Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] – Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR PROJECT

Plandemic: https://freedomplatform.tv/plandemic-indoctornation-world-premiere/?vgo_ee=J0SZsG6TzDMSWi5SglWTK/lMy%2BOWWuyaZunZiCXh6gI=

What really happened at the Capitol? “Psyop the Steal” : https://visionlaunch.com/exposing-the-plan-to-siege-the-us-capitol-on-january-6th-2021/

How leftists actively planned to overthrow the government if Trump won: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/election-2020-coup-plot-exposed

Since I’m kicked off everything else, catch me uncensored on GAB @AmericanAFMindy …you can bookmark the site through DuckDuckGo for easy access since free speech apps aren’t allowed by Apple. United We Stand, Dived We Fall.

Source: The DC Patriot

It’s about time that the arrests start, otherwise people may wish to take the matter into their own hands! You cannot allow Evil and Crime to rule!

It is time for the awakening of the Lions!

The “Gene Therapy” Injection cannot be mandated by ANYONE!

First of all, the “Gene Therapy” Injections which they are FALSELY LABELING “Vaccines” are NOT vaccines! They clearly do not meet the definition of a vaccine first of all. At least they didn’t until they changed the definition of a vaccine.

Secondly, go look at the injections patent information. The patent CLEARLY STATES the injection is “Gene Therapy.”

Thirdly, these “gene therapy” injections were only approved through the use of an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION.

The EUA clearly states that it is for “Emergency Use” and that the product CANNOT BE MANDATED BY ANYONE! Which includes government AND the scumbag employers who are trying to force employees to get this injection!

I recorded this 1 1/2 minute video on the subject and posted it to Rumble. PLEASE SHARE!

This is a short clip from “SCOTUS Destroys the “Community Caretaking Doctrine” and Some Case Updates – FIS 64″ from The Civil Rights Lawyer on YouTube

If you are not subscribed to “The Civil Rights Lawyer” John H. Bryan on YouTube then you are really missing out! Below is a link to his website.

Below is a link to the entire video which I took the 1 minute clip from on YouTube.

John has a great YouTube channel and you should check it out! PLEASE SHARE!!!

It is very important that people know their employer CANNOT legally force them to take the EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY INJECTION as long as it is authorized for use under the EUA or “Emergency Use Authorization”

Drug makers enjoy IMMUNITY as people DIE taking their experimental gene therapy!

Drug makers enjoy IMMUNITY as people DIE taking their experimental gene therapy!

There is some good information in this post by InfoWars too. This “gene therapy” injection and people mandating it violates the Nuremberg Code AND US Federal Laws!