Covid-19 is a man made virus, PERIOD! There is proof of this. Anthony Fauci authorized ILLEGAL bio-weapon research in Wuhan! Fauci is a CRIMINAL!

Members of the World Economic Forum came up with “The Great Reset.” They then came up with the “Planned epidemic” or “Plandemic” to make “The Great Reset” possible!

What we are seeing are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and must be dealt with as such! Fauci and Bill Gates belong in PRISON, NOT on television telling the public what they want us to do so that they can more effectively KILL US!

Here we ⁣see Medical Doctors testifying before the Texas State Assembly as voices to STOP/PREVENT PUBLIC/PRIVATE EMPLOYERS from MANDATING COVID INOCULATIONS “FOR ANY REASON” which includes EMPLOYMENT OR TRAVEL.

These laws will prevent Air Lines and Cruise Ships (going into or out of Texas) from requiring Covid Jabs in Texas, as they have already passed in Florida. The Medical Doctors giving testimony had to be granted IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION, PERSECUTION, OR RETRIBUTION from the Federal, State, County, and City Governments or any of their Licensing Medical Boards in charge of Medical License Revocations.

You know you are ruled by Communists when Scholars, Experts, and Medical Professions THAT DO NOT AGREE WITH THE “OFFICIAL DISINFORMATION NARRATIVE” must be granted Immunity From Prosecution for SPEAKING THE TRUTH UNDER OATH.

Fauci is a criminal. People trying to “mandate” FORCED covid-19 EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES are also criminals who are in violation of the “Nuremberg Code” which was created after Adolph Hitler was injecting Jews with EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES! It is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY PERIOD!!!

Here is a video which shows Fauci’s involvement creating the covid-19 virus!

SMOKING GUN VIDEO: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19

SMOKING GUN VIDEO: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19

SHARE THESE VIDEOS!!! Burn them to disks and pass them out around town and at church!

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