Be Heard H.R.4269 “Assault Weapon Ban 2015”

Introduced on December 16, 2015 by David Cicilline (D) RI        HR4216 is just another attempt to disarm the American People a little at a time.


Tell Congress what you think about H.R. 4269 infringing on your Second Amendment‬ rights!!! Right now, by signing up at: you can be heard in Congress. You can read more about this bill at :

All of these people seem to think that your second amendment rights are not unlimited. They seem to think that as they allow terrorists to cross our borders daily, on our dime, that they need to “reduce” your 2nd Amendment protections. You can be heard by Congress!!! By following this link, signing up with PopVox and then you will be able to see EVERYTHING under consideration in the House right now. This is Bill H.R. 4269. It and many more are searchable by bill number, and you can support or oppose the bill and leave your reason. Don’t be irate, leave a nicely worded comment with no vulgar language, and it’ll be seen by members of Congress. This Bill is at :

Dec 16, 2015



Stacey Plaskett

Source :

Stay informed about the Bills being considered in YOUR House of Representatives!!! Go to  and sign up for a free account today!!!


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