Students dismissed from Shapiro lecture after accusing him of crossing the line

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Freedom of speech can now be declared dead. We now know it starts well before college. The only positive note is that half of the students remained after being dismissed by the administrator. To dare talk about Capitalism now gets one of the jackboots to shut you up.

In front of a capacity crowd of more than 450 students, an Otay Ranch High School administrator dismissed students from conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro’s speech, which was organized by the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter and sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, after telling the audience Shapiro’s conservative beliefs “crossed a line.”

The administrator’s actions were caught on camera and can be seen at the :44 second mark in the video below.

After Shapiro explained the power of America’s free market system, noting it could lift anybody out of poverty if they’re able to manage their money, an administrator seized the microphone…

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