Terrorist influence in America’s government

I was answering some comments on Facebook and ran across a video posted by my friends at Silence is Consent. The video is only 12:38 in length, I would suggest EVERYONE take the time to watch it. It outlines positions in American government being held by members of terrorist organizations. These are high level positions that often advise the President. Personally, I would classify Obama himself as a terrorist, because everything that he does, he does to subvert our country. That’s a strong statement I know, but if you pay attention to politics and what has been happening you would have to agree with it.

CAIR and ISNA are the first people we hear from after a massacre like the one we saw in San Bernadino. According to their comments the victims were partially to blame for the attack because of US foreign policy matters.

If you pay attention to his comments what he is actually saying is “It can be justified to kill American citizens because you disagree with American foreign policy” He does not actually say that, but then again he does! Check out the video at :

Silence is Consent

I mean what else could his language mean??? He said it on national television. This is the CAIR-LA Director on CNN saying “Let’s not forget that our foreign policy as Americans has fueled that extremism. That supporting a coop in….” and wraps up that subject with “We as Americans are partly responsible” He says. So according to him this response should be expected, it’s just a consequence of our political decisions. We are responsible because Muslims kill people they disagree with???

That’s what I’m hearing. Then he says “Terrorism is a global problem, not a Muslim problem.” 99% of ALL acts of terror are committed by Muslims, yet it’s not their fault, it’s our fault! It’s just like when a woman gets raped. It’s not the rapist fault for molesting her, it’s HER fault for the clothes she was wearing. I find it curious that Islam is the preferred religion of terrorists!!! How can it be that over 95% of all terrorists on the planet follow one religion, but that religion has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. Obama has placed people with terrorist ties in every level of government. He has removed the phrase “Islamic terrorist” from the government dictionary, and prohibited it from being uttered by government employees. Now he is fighting to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees, many of which are not Syrian and have a home somewhere else. At what point does America officially name him and his buddies terrorists???

And will America even survive if it fails to do that???





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