1,000 US Rabbis sign letter to “welcome” Syrian Muslims to America

I have heard that many of these Rabbi’s, signing this type of documents, credentials are questionable. Not this letter specifically, but others in the past.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The Washington Post is reporting the storyhere.  The letterwas gotten together by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society(one of nine federal contractors which benefit financially from the resettlement of refugees to your towns and cities).   We told youhere and here that HIAS is pulling out all the stops to pressure Congress right now.

Abramson_Portrait-100x125 One of the 1,000 Rabbis signing the letter seeking more Syrian Muslim refugees for the US is Rabbi David L. Abramson. I was looking for someone from Maryland (Bethesda) and he was near the top of the list and that is the only reason I chose him to illustrate my post. Photo and bio here: http://shoreshhebrewhigh.org/faculty.html

HIAS has said it wants 100,000 Syrians to be admitted to the US before Obama leaves office, and we know that as of a few days ago 99% of the Syriansadmitted in this fiscal…

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