Today and tomorrow! Call Congress! You are flooding them!

Keep CALLING!!! And when you get off the telephone write them an email!!! Go to and sign the petitions, they also have automated emailing of your Representatives by zip code!!! Do ALL you can!!! REMEMBER focus on getting the funding STOPPED!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

How do we know?

The other day we told you that the nine major federal resettlement contractorshave put in motion a massive campaign to make sure they can continue to flood your towns with refugees and collect their paychecks!  One of the nine is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society which has instructions on contacting your member of Congress and US Senators.

Melanie Nezer Melanie Nezer of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society must be sweating it today….

Here are their instructions.  It appears the appeal is broad (and not just aimed at the Safe Act) as had been previously the focus of their attention—they seem to ‘get-it’ that the funding for the entire refugee admissions program could be in jeopardy.

But, what I want you to know is that they have a feedback page so that their people can report what they learn when calling Congressional offices.  And, get this!  Their…

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