NY Daily Propaganda takes on GOD, and half of America

A “gun scourge”??? No DUMMIES!!! It’s the radical Islamic elements the left continues fighting to import into America that is at fault here!!! Had an armed American been present, he/she could have killed the deranged gunmen who were seeking their virgins! It’s YOUR side of the isle that insists “Islam is Peaceful” when all data shows otherwise. It’s YOUR side of the isle that insists on OPEN BORDERS allowing enemies of America to infiltrate our country!!! And you want to talk about GOD??? If Obama was up there citing the Koran your paper would be cheering him on!!! Let’s see if your rag can survive without Christian customers once Obama stops funding you!!!CVRBkkRWUAAcuHJ The Demons of the left think they sit in the cat-bird seat, so they are getting a little too cocky!!! That is very apparent by reading the cover of the New York Daily News. You see…………. They MUST get America to become people of no faith, or they can NEVER accomplish their Marxist goals.  I recommend that you do the following:

Get yourself a list of all of the advertisers that buy space in that paper, then every Christian in the country needs to BOYCOTT every advertiser that buys space there!!! Their advertisers will bail out quick when it affects their pocket books!!! Without advertisers they go bankrupt. If you do this, be sure to PUBLISH YOUR LIST!!!

The Media Research Center has been a steadfast source of good, honest reporting for the last several years, when that was hard to find.

Brent Bozell lit them up today, calling for an apology and for heads to roll!!! He demanded :

1) Apologize not just to the GOP presidential candidates and Speaker of the House but every person of faith it offended;

2) Fire the person who is responsible for approving the front page story immediately; and

3) Launch an investigation into the personnel and policies that allowed this to happen so that it never happens again.



Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell issued a statement today blasting the New York Daily News for their cover mocking people of faith for praying in the wake of the tragedy in San Bernardino, California.

MRC President Brent Bozell reacts:

Read Original Story from MRC News Busters Here

After you read that, listen to this prophetic piece by Paul Harvey in the 1960’s.

“If I were the Devil” Paul Harvey


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