Only 6% of Syrian refugees want to come to North America

Exactly right!!! Any “refugee” wanting to come to North America only wants to come here to promote their radical ideology. A person who has really been displaced wants to return home, or at least stay close enough to return when it is safe to do so!!! Only those trying to control America’s elections want them here badly!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Gosh, what do you know!  Ben Carson was right when he said on his trip to Syrian refugee camps in the region—they really don’t want to come here. They want to go home.

Gives me an idea for some Congressional tweaking (see at the end of this post).

i_want_to_go_home_poste Congress needs to create a repatriation fund for refugees and other immigrants unhappy in America!

From Gallup via the Washington Times:

America and Canada are not the destinations of choice for Syrian refugees looking to escape the violence within their nation. Only 6 percent, in fact, cited North America as the place they would prefer to live in, this according to a new Gallup poll of Syrians released Monday.


What are the refugees’ preferences, should they permanently relocate?

Gallup found that 39 percent of their 1,000-plus Syrian respondents cited Europe; 35 percent cited the Middle East and northern Africa…

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