Dubai: British man indefinite in jail after Muslims rent him defective car, then accuse him of wrecking it

A non-muslim in a muslim country has no rights. And traditionally muslims expect an infidel tax or “Jizyah” to be paid by non-muslims residing in their country. Maybe they are seeking to tax visitors too!!! This is a little much for a car!!!

The Muslim Issue

Scam company Fast One Car Hire rented a defective luxury car to this man. When he complained and asked them to pick it up they then accused him of wrecking it, billed him and called in police who got him arrested.

Hard to feel sorry for him. These fools would argue with you if you warn them to travel, spend time in or move to Dubai. Except when they get entangled in the “secular” country’s Sharia laws. Sharia gives no value or importance whatsoever to the non-Muslim.

Moral of the story? Don’t waste time, security and money traveling to Muslim countries.



Disabled British man is held in Dubai for eight months by police over claims he owes car hire firm £100,000… but says he was targeted for ‘looking wealthy’

  • Charles Goldstein, 38, arrested after being accused of wrecking an Audi R8
  • Police confiscated his passport but he has not…

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