In Texas, Leftist community organizers target governor over Syrian refugee stance

I was not aware that Texas was receiving more refugees than the other states until just now, when I read this article. Texas has always gotten more than it’s share of illegal aliens, but these supposed “refugees” from Syria are a different animal entirely. First of all, a good portion of them are not even from Syria!!! They migrated to Syria so they could infiltrate these refugees before they were shipped to countries all around the world. These are people who could go home if they wanted to. But instead they want to come to America and file for healthcare benefits, food stamps, social security etc…. And YOU as a taxpayer have to foot the bill. The name that jumps out at me in this article is “Catholic Charities” Those of you giving money to Catholic charities are helping to fund this nonsense!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

As you know by now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has supported the call made by scores of other governors to halt Syrian resettlement to the state.

Texas is the holy grail for the No Borders activists (they want to turn it BLUE) and as such has been the number one state in the nation for several years to receive third world refugees.

(For background see especially our three part Texas series of postsfrom earlier this year,click hereand follow links to parts II and III).

Caterine at governors mansion Look for Leftwing community organizers like (bull horn) Joe Caterine behind protests like this one. It doesn’t look like “hundreds.” Photo:

It is no surprise that community organizers are whipping up the Syrian issue and protesting the governor as they did this weekend in Austin.  The governor has also been criticized by these same activists for TX role in the DAPA…

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