RARE Video of U.S. Delta Forces and Kurdish Peshmerga Rescuing 70 Hostages Held by ISIS for Mass Execution

sharia unveiled

Special Forces Operators 1 (resized)

*NOTE: Scroll Down to Bottom of Article to See RARE Delta Force Commando Helmet-Cam Footage of Raid

by, Grant | Breaking 911

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said he made the decision that U.S. Special Forces would assist Kurdish/Iraqi Peshmerga partners in the raid on an ISIS prison in Iraq to rescue 70 hostages after intelligence indicated a mass execution was imminent.

By having U.S. forces accompanying Kurdish/Iraqi Peshmerga fighters and providing airlift support for the hostages, lives were saved and a €œsignificant cache’ of intelligence was collected, the defense secretary told Pentagon reporters.

Carter expressed his condolences to the family of U.S. Army Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, who died from his wounds when ISIS forces attacked U.S. and Peshmerga fighters.

Video courtesy of: CNN

The secretary emphasized that since he became defense secretary early this year, he has ensured the Defense Department would remain €œlaser-focused on the execution of our…

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