A Cartel Kind Of Halloween

It’s truly amazing how fast people forget. It’s even more amazing to me that there are many Americans sporting the “El Chapo” apparel!!! America’s heroes have begun to be killers and drug dealers??? REALLY??? What can you expect from any country that would vote Obama into office TWICE!!!

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Below is a post prepared by Lady Raven a few days ago reporting on this year’s Halloween costumes. I do not mind telling you that as I read further on in this post, chills went down my spine. Thus, I thought it definitely worth sharing.

While reading, keep in mind the cute little Halloween costumes of yesterday. (Excerpt below)

…Not so harmless, to me, are masks being sold in Mexico and the United States that “resembles the man who for years trafficked cocaine to the United States, shipped methamphetamines to Canada and distributed ecstasy to as far off as Europe.” The “world’s most powerful drug trafficker” according to the U.S. Treasury. The drug lord: Joaquín Guzmán, known as “El Chapo.”

Not trending by any definition of the word here in America, 1,100 or so of the costumes sold, but in Mexico they are “hot.” Personally, I would rather not see…

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