Uruguay: Syrian refugees have (already) worn out their welcome

Protesting because they have not gotten enough free stuff!!! Sounds like they should just head back to Syria to me!!! There is NO WAY Americans can allow #Obama to bring these people here!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They complain that the government isn’t giving them enough stuff and they want to move on to more ‘welcoming’ countries.

We’ve reported on trouble in Uruguay previously here.

Now this!

merhi-alshebli-r Merhi Alshebli brought his family of 15 children to Uruguay, but now wants out. He doused himself with gasoline in protest (never lit the match however). Photo: http://concordiadirecto.com/el-refugiado-sirio-merhi-alshebli-protesta-porque-el-campo-que-le-cedieron-en-salto-es-de-arena-y-no-es-un-area-cultivable.html

From the Associated Press (at ABC NEWS):

When Uruguay announced last year that it would be taking in five families fleeing Syria’s devastating civil war, residents of this small town pulled together and lobbied to host one.

Then in November, locals welcomed a newly arrived Merhi Alshebli, his wife and their 15 children with food and seeds to plant vegetables. People in Juan Lacaze, a coastal city of fishermen and paper factory workers in southwestern Uruguay, wanted to do their part to help a country where more than 200,000 have been…

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