Russians to the Rescue

Say what you will about the Russians…………..but at least they are doing something effective to help the Christians!!! We all know Obama don’t care about Christians, they just attack isis groups to get in the news!!! But what about THE REST of the jihad happy lunatics in Syria??? There are all kinds of anti-Christian groups in Syria, with seemingly only one mission, to kill the Christians there in their un-holy jihad. I’m no supporter of ANYTHING islamic for one simple reason, because what they consider “faith” requires the homicidal elimination of others. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’ll take back everything bad I’ve ever said about islam if they can go 24 hours without killing ANYONE in the name of allah!!! It’s been years and years now…………………and I’m still waiting!!! Here is an article by the Canada Free Press with views from the persecuted Christian Leader in that area, who will take Russian help any day of the week over the United States dog and pony show.

The Russians to the Rescue


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