Inshallah..Another Mosque Burnt to the Ground in Germany

This is a trend I would like to see continue. I know that sounds harsh, but islam is harsh!!! It’s harsh that devout muslims chop off the heads of Jews and Christians, along with any other non-believers.

sharia unveiled

Germany Mosque Fire 1

           “..Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland..”

by, On Islam | h/t JewsNews

CAIRO – Amid unprecedented escalation of arson attacks targeting German mosques, a new mosque in Bad Salzuflen in the Lippe district of North Rhine-Westphalia, has been set on fire, raising concerns about a rise in Islamophobia and racism.

“We investigate with high pressure in all directions,” a police spokesman was quoted by Die Welt.

The attack occurred when unidentified arsonists sat the front door of the mosque on fire last Saturday, October 11.

Video courtesy of: shiawaves English

The fire burnt the mosque, at the entrance floor of a building, along with three other apartments in the same floor.

Fire department has reportedly saved nine people, three of them were children, the sources said.

Suspected arson attacks on mosques attended by Turks in Germany raises concerns about a rise in Islamophobia and racism.

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