Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, complain that egg hunt is ‘offensive to Muslims’

Changing America to suit them. When will YOU have enough??? In all fairness, I also found this story about them resolving the issue. Which was smart. But let’s face it, every day America is asked to change it’s culture so as not to “offend” muslims!!! Here is the link :

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: Muslims, Presbyterians amicably resolve Easter egg hunt crisis

The Muslim Issue

Discrimination against other people is illegal in the U.S. but Muslims feel they have a “right” to discriminate against anyone who is a kafir in their eyes. In his suit and tie Majed Moughni clearly reveals his extremist leaning. Why would any normal person be upset about something as innocent as Easter Egg hunting? Only a Muslim would find it offensive and be that intolerant, bigoted and racist to another group of people. Why doesn’t the government get a clue and deport these people from the country, whether they are born there or not?

Dearborn, Michigan is where the (cancelled) TLC TV-series ‘All American Muslims’ originates from. The show was basically a (Qatari?) paid advertisement to try and falsely paint Islam as ‘any other religion’. Islam has nothing in common with any other religion. In fact, when the producers for ‘All American Muslim’ went to try and find appropriate candidates…

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