Professor Matusitz Speaks on the True Nature of Islam (Video)

sharia unveiled

We would like to thank CAIR (Council for Advancing an Islamic Republic) for making this video available on You Tube.

If you link to this video on You Tube and click on “about” then click on “show more” you will see CAIR’s hate filled rhetoric about this professor and the legal action they filed against him, in order to silence the truth.

In keeping with their standard modus operandi, the CAIR Terrorist Organization of America attacked Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America and many others who are speaking the truth about Islam.



A little message to the CAIR Wahhabi Lobby:  “If you don’t like it ..Get the f**k out!  We didn’t invite you here anyway.. you sneaked across the southern border.  Go back home..before we make you go back home.”


If “you” would like to contact the CAIR-HAMAS Terrorist Organization of America and tell them what you think…

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