The Police States of America

The Police States of America

They are charging this concerned parent for a felony assault of a police officer, and some other goodies, for being manhandled by the cop!!! You see, this is the way things are done in America today!!! I have no problem with a police officer handling a guy that’s being violent in some way, but this guy is trying to ask a question!!! He got applause from the crowd, they wanted to hear his question!!! But instead he’s facing a felony!!! Cops often do this kind of thing, and get away with it, which is sad in itself………..But what’s worse is the fact that a parent cannot ask a question about his child’s schooling…………without “submitting it on a piece of paper”……… Where it would probably get ignored or not heard by the rest of the parents!!! Welcome to the police state America!!! SHARE this story!!! The man faces 10 years for asking a question about his child’s education, there was no assault, unless you count the shoving around of the man by the cop!!!


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