Immigration reform: Apparently Republicans need to pass the bill to find out what is in it

America's Watchtower

  We all remember the now infamous words of then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, during the Obamacare debate when she made the stunning statement about needing to pass the bill to find out what was in it.

 We all remember the scorn, contempt, and ridicule such an outrageous statement drew from many on the right as the blogoshpere exploded. Eventually Ms. Speaker got her way, the bill was passed and now we are learning what is in it. But it cost her the Speakership and it cost the Democrats the majority in the House–a majority they still have not been able to win back.

  Surely no Democrat and no Republican will utter such a statement publicly again but that doesn’t mean they are above passing legislation without knowing what is in it.

  This time it is the Republicans who have no idea what is in the bill they are…

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