Police Appeal Decision Not to Charge Saudis, Pakistanis Caught at Boston Water Source

Creeping Sharia

via Major Development in Reservoir Trespassing Case Near Boston: Mass. Police Are Appealing the Decision Not to Charge the Men | Liz Klimas TheBlaze.com.

Last month, seven people found trespassing near “critical infrastructure” — a water reservoir just outside of Boston that serves the city’s metro area and much of the eastern part of the state — were cleared of terrorist suspicions. This week, the clerk magistrate decided not to press charges against the individuals, but the Massachusetts State Police are appealing this decision.

In mid-May, five men and two women said to be “chemical engineers” and “recent graduates” were found trespassing on the Quabbin Reservoir property after dark, sparking a statewide terror alert, especially after the attacks on the Boston Marathon that had happened the month prior.

The group, which included adults from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, were detained by authorities, interviewed and later released. After an investigation,

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