Barack Obama only pays an 18% tax rate

America's Watchtower

 I am sure you all remember the class warfare campaign Barack Obama waged to win his reelection bid: He painted the rich–especially Mitt Romney–as evil capitalists who do not pay their fair in taxes because they take advantage of tax loopholes which are not available to ordinary Americans.

  Hell, at one point Harry Reid even made the accusation that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years when we were in the throes of the campaign. Well, it turns out that Barack Obama himself may be almost as guilty as those whom he ran against in the campaign because according to this article he only paid a tax rate of about 18.4% last year.

  It turns out that Barack Obama isn’t really the middle class warrior he fancies himself to be, in fact it turns out that he is exactly the type of person he campaigned against heading into the 2012 election.


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