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As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the draft of a proposed new Army manual declares discussions by U. S. troops with Afghanians on such delicate subjects as women’s rights, equality, homosexuality, pedophilia, Islam, other religions, and the Taliban and its misdeeds off limits.

Censorship of Radical Islam

The manual entitled, “Insider Threats – Afghanistan: Observations, Insights, and Lessons” also emphasizes that such discussions are responsible for the deaths of Americans (and other NATO) troops by Afghani troops who also happened to belong to the Taliban and hates Americans.  (The latter part of the sentence, my emphasis.)  H/t Blackfive.

…Many of the confrontations occur because of [coalition] ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms, resulting in a violent reaction from the [Afghan security force] member,’ according to the draft handbook prepared by Army researchers.

The 75-page manual, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, is part of a…

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