Strategic Relocation (HQ Full Length) – YouTube

I know a lot of folks (Including me) think that this guy may be a little over the top sometimes……But at the same time people, Alex Jones comes up with a lot of good, sharable information. Some of his stuff is worth taking a look at, such as this. I suggest that everyone prepare for the worst, while hoping, and fighting for the best!!! Prepare folks, and network network, network!!! And I suggest that you build a network that does not rely solely on the internet!!! Think about that…….I bet that 95% of people cannot contact their Patriot friends should something happen to the internet!!! Or Facebook, Twitter, etc….. My point is that you should try getting real world contact info………..just in case!!! It’s not paranoia……it’s preparedness!!!

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via Strategic Relocation (HQ Full Length) – YouTube.


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