Articles: Consultants Advise: Bring Sporks to New Gunfight with the Left

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via Articles: Consultants Advise: Bring Sporks to New Gunfight with the Left.

I have to agree with The American Thinker on this one We don’t need to change our beliefs, we need to better educate the masses. I know this first hand, my sister voted for Obama. Not because of anything Obama has done, not because of what he plans to do………..Nope. She voted for him because of all the misinformation spread about Romney by Obama and the liberal media. She cannot speak to any of the issues that are important to America, but she can recite EVERY BS charge made against Romney. She truly BELIEVES the economy has been doing better. She BELIEVES that Obama has helped the oil business. EVERY silly talking point that the Obama Administration gave to the liberal media to feed the American People…………she ate it up, all of it. She believes in the misinformation. She defends Obama and his cronies based on this misinformation. If you show her any contradictory facts, she says they are fabrications. She believes in every lie the liberal media has ever told her, while not believing any facts that disagree with that misinformation!!! It’s crazy!!! I guess she is just used to being told the truth on the news, and somehow is unable to comprehend that they’d lie to the whole country on national television!!! I don’t even mention politics around her anymore, because she’ll defend her misguided beliefs “to the death”. I’ve tried every way I know how to show her the facts, but her mind is made up, and nothing I can say or do will change it!!! And I have to assume that every other Obama supporter is the same way. They have all been brainwashed by the evening news, and they believe in the lies they’ve been told, just as I believe in mine. The problem is that I actually research my information instead of just letting the evening news tell me what they want me to know. If we are to ever win back the hearts and minds of those misinformed Obama supporters in America then we are going to have to get control of the media!!! I’ve suggested an organized boycott of their networks, and MORE importantly their advertisers. Because if Americans refuse to buy products from companies that advertise on these dishonest networks then they’d start advertising somewhere else, somewhere that did not cost them customers!!! The problem I’ve had with this is that I’ve been unable to get any kind of real support fr it. The reasons vary, some say they “don’t want to stoop to the level of liberals”. Some say it will hurt the innocent employees of those boycotted companies. The list goes on and on……. But let’s face it folks, if there are no consequences for them lying to us, why should they stop??? I’m open to any ideas on how to better make the mainstream media tell the truth!!! I believe that if we continue to allow them to lie to the American People, we’ll never be able to get the truth out to the masses!!! The brainwashing continues…………and it’s going to cost us elections!!!!


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