I have to tell you……..Creeping Sharia is one of the most informative blogs on the net that speaks to the muslim desire to rule the planet!!! And don’t kid yourself, that is what they want, to dominate and rule the planet. Their mission is to KILL or CONVERT every non-muslim on the planet. They want to see Israel erased from the map!!! And that’s not the “radical” element of Islam…….that is EVERY muslim. Research it!!! This story is about their “American” aspirations. They cannot beat us militarily, so they have chosen another tact, immigration, and the slow, eventual transition of America into yet another muslim country. They have MANY of these types of groups, CAIR being one. The newest group, featured in this story, MACCPAC is surely just another one of the same. Their front for all of these organizations is “civil rights”, they are all supposedly in place to make sure that muslims are not discriminated against. Their REAL objective is somewhat different though. What they really do is sue our government for changes, changes that make our country more like their country. Their muslim country. Check into it. They are gradually moving more and more muslims into our country, building more and more mosques. Infiltrating every segment of our society, especially government. The whole while trying to make changes to our laws. Changes such as making any unfavorable speech against Islam illegal. While trying to make Christianity weak. It’s an invasion, plain and simple, without firing a shot, they plan to take over this country. And have been very successful thus far!!! It’s called “Creeping Sharia”, and it’s going on all over our country, every day!!! Educate yourself about it before it’s too late for America! A big step in the right direction is subscribing to : http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com Be strong, and God Bless


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