Creeping Sharia

On taxpayer-funded Voice of America radio Emory University’s John Witte says if the West doesn’t accept aspects of sharia law “then the so-called Danish cartoon crisis will seem tame by comparison.”

He then goes on to pooh pooh those who oppose sharia in America (a small but vocal group of right wingers and Christians) yet he admits sharia is gaining ground and says sharia as a parallel system to U.S. law should be a non-starter. Too many inaccuracies to counter but listen anyway to see how the elite feed the crocodile. via Radio program – Press Conference USA – VOA News.

Is there a place for family law systems such as Sharia, Halacha and Canon Law in liberal democracies? John Witte, specialist in legal history, marriage law and religious liberty tells host Carol Castiel that the answer is a qualified, but resounding yes, and provides concrete examples in the…

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