The religion of peace and love at it again!!! These are the ones Obama stands with, and America has stood with Obama!!! What a shame. America is full of people controlled by the media

Creeping Sharia

Terrorism works. via Kim Kardashian apologises for Tweets over Israel-Palestine conflict | The Sun 

KIM Kardashian has received death threats after posting a pro-Israel message on Twitter.

The reality star wrote, “Praying for everyone in Israel” after Hamas militants launched a rocket attack on Jerusalem.

But the 31-year-old beauty was forced to delete the words of support after a barrage of criticism from her 17million followers.

“You are a disgrace to your people and your ancestors,” a follower tweeted, referring to her Armenian origin.

Another wrote: “People like you are the reason I want to die *Palestine.”

Others tweeted, “Die in Hell” and “Kill yourself” – terrifying the star into a hasty follow-up tweet reading: “And praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world.”

Clearly shaken by the hate messages, Kim then deleted both tweets and released a statement via her own website.

She wrote: “I want to own…

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