Early Voter Fraud

It’s really a shame, but you have to know that this single Presidential election will probably see more voter fraud than all previous elections combined!!! I saw a post on 100%FedUp on Facebook, that showed a liberal guy’s FB page, where he stated he had voted at Five (5) different polling places!!! Voted 5 times at 5 different places for his buddy Obama!!! He rationalized this saying that he did it to protect America from the evil Mitt Romney!!! Fortunately, 100% Fed Up <And I’m sure many more folks> Saw his post, and are reporting him to the authorities!!! But the fact is, liberals will do whatever is needed to keep Obama in the White House, legal or not, moral or not, sane or not. I want you to pay close attention to people’s actions and behavior at the polls, and be sure to report anything suspicious!!! And be prepared for anything!!!



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