Creeping Sharia

It’s not about a movie. It’s about freedom. Freedom to think and speak freely. You can’t protest politicians now thanks to a secret un-Constitutional executive order supported overwhelmingly by both parties and soon discussing Islam could be a crime.

Muslims and those who aid and abet them want to dispossess us of the most vital weapon available. Speech. Thanks to Dearborn Undergroundfor tackling the op-ed of one of the many dhimmi’s so willing to force Americans to live under sharia.

Coming Soon to the Islamic Multiplex.

Tuesday’s LA Times ran an op-ed laying out the case for limiting free speech in cases such as the one now raised by the imbecilic video fragment, “Innocence of Muslims.” Specifically, writer Sarah Chayes, a former special assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposes placing restrictions on speech, including “punishing it after it has in fact caused violence.” (“Does…

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