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This is the blog that you SUBSCRIBE to when you just gotta know what is going on in the muslim war on Christians!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we ALL need to know what is going in this war. Because whether you like it or not, you ARE in this war! You may not have wanted it, you may not have asked for it, you may not believe in it. But unfortunately it’s not up to you. There are those in the world that don’t much care what you want, THEY want you DEAD or carrying their flag. Those are the only two options you have with these people. They kill those that disagree with them, they kill people for drawing cartoons, they use their “religion” to rationalize horrible crimes against women, Christians, and humanity in general. For over 1400 years they have been at war with all of those that do not share their beliefs, do you think they intend to stop suddenly tomorrow??? I can tell with certainty that they won’t!!! If people are still around in 1400 years, there will still be a battle plan to Kill or Convert every individual on this planet. It’s one goal is to completely rule the entire planet, by any and all means. The network is being laid out for Americans to start feeling the pain that other countries have been feeling for years. The number of mosques in America has tripled since 9/11. Muslims are immigrating here in record numbers, and establishing themselves in American government. They are using our court system to slowly change OUR laws into those that more closely resemble THEIR laws. They are, right this minute, attempting to pass legislation limiting OUR free speech, so that we can not say or do anything that THEY find offensive, or depicts their prophet negatively in any way. This while they kill and slaughter Christians all over the world. Atheists attack God every day. On billboards, on the internet, in court. They make “art” putting a Christian crucifix into a jar of urine and call it “Piss Christ” . And that is supposed to be acceptable. But don’t you even draw the Prophet Muhammad!!! Don’t you say anything that places him in a bad light either!!! The punishment for things like these is death in their home country, and they are changing our laws to be more like theirs every day. So Christianity is under attack from Atheists AND from radical muslims. Homeland security has officials whose job it is to protect America from foreign threat that are associated with terrorist groups like the muslim brotherhood. Isn’t that nice??? We have the fox guarding the hen-house!!! Hillary Clinton hosted a muslim holiday celebration 2 days after Embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt, killing an American ambassador and several others. Kinda like a “Congratulations on burning our embassy and killing our people” Party. Yet there are Americans that support her and her party!!! That is why EVERY AMERICAN needs to remove their heads from their a**es, and get informed about what’s going on in the world!!! They attack sovereign American soil, kill our people there, and Obama apologizes to THEM!!! Folks………….it’s time that we as Americans get control over our government officials!!! Educate yourselves, your friends and neighbors, your CHURCH!!! In 45 days or so Americans will go to the polls and vote for our future leaders, and this is a vote that will essentially decide the future of America in a very big way!!! Please RESEARCH those running for office before putting the future of America in their hands. Don’t just vote based on the latest attack ad!!! Vote for a Conservative, pro-gun, pro-God, pro-Constitution, dedicated to immigration enforcement candidate. Stay informed on the war on Christianity by SUBSCRIBING to the “Creeping Sharia” blog on WordPress. And another good source of information on radical islam is Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs. God Bless you all

Creeping Sharia

via Court upholds sale of school for West Bloomfield mosque | The Detroit News

Controversial plans to open a mosque in a former school building in West Bloomfield moved a step closer to reality Friday with a decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that found the sale of the former Eagle Elementary to the Islamic Cultural Association was proper.

The Court of Appeals said plaintiffs Melvyn Sternfeld and Eugene Greenstein, West Bloomfield residents who both opposed the sale, failed to prove that they would be harmed by the transaction.

“Sternfeld’s vague and speculative affidavit does not establish his standing to pursue declaratory and injunctive relief,” the three-judge panel said in its ruling.

It wasn’t known whether Sternfeld will appeal the decision to the Michigan Supreme Court.

His attorney, Robert Davis, wasn’t immediately available for comment.

In its three-page ruling, the three-judge…

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