Creeping Sharia

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A Running Scorecard of Fatalities With No Apologies Yet or Ever Likely >

For those who would like a scorecard from 1948 to the present of violent Arab/Islamic heinous acts of barbarism for which the entire world (including innocent Muslims) are still waiting for an apology…If we went back another 60 years to 1890, the toll would include at least another three million Greek, Bulgarian and Armenian Christians massacred in mass violence, pogroms, forced exile and death marches.

Since 1948

1.Massive violence between Muslims and Hindus in India on an unprecedented scale following partition (at Muslim insistence) in 1947 and three India-Pakistan wars, terrorism in Kashmir and India resulting in several million killed and at least fifteen million people displaced. As a result, Hindu minority in Pakistan has practically disappeared while Muslim minority has dramatically increased and thrived.

2.Pakistan-Bangladesh conflict, 1971 (following civil war and…

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