Fortune-teller Pelosi: ‘Everybody knows’ Mitt Romney will not be the next president | Twitchy

Fortune-teller Pelosi: ‘Everybody knows’ Mitt Romney will not be the next president | Twitchy.

Well……..We all know that if Pelosi said it, it must be true!!! This coming from the woman that made America appear as the stupidest bunch of folks on the planet when she said “We have t pass the bill to see what’s in it!” What a MORON!!! How does someone as inept as Pelosi rise to “Speaker of the House”? I’ll tell you, it’s because American voters are not doing their jobs!!! As an American voter it is your RESPONSIBILITY to look into a candidate before voting for them!!! You cannot just listen to the latest attack add on television and make a decision about the future of this country!!! And if American voters do not get their sh*t together soon……This country will go down in flames. We can sit around and gripe about what our politicians are doing until we are blue in the face. But at the end of the day……..WE put them there!!! So the buck stops with US!!! PLEASE educate yourselves and others about your political candidates, and don’t just vote for the one with the best attack ads!!! I personally don’t want to be the generation that causes the collapse of the greatest country in the world!!! And it’s not far away, with our present course. And keep in mind that our religious freedoms are under attack, so I’d suggest voting for a defender of religious freedom, and a Christian at the very least. VOTE!!! And VOTE SMART!!! God Bless You


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