Creeping Sharia

On September 11, 2012, as U.S. embassies were being attacked in Cairo and Benghazi, Barack Hussein Obama addressed the Arab Forum. The video is currently on the Whitehouse’s Youtube page. Obama began by verbally bowing to the government of Qatar and an Islamic sheik referring to him as “his Highness” in an Arabic accent. h/t to tweeter @NavyNmySoul

While Obama was praising the Arab Spring and promising billions of dollars to Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, the Arab Spring wasburning American flags, chanting death to America, and raping and killing an American ambassador and three other Americans in those same exact countries.

Update: Obama helped organize the Arab Forum and therefore was involved in scheduling the affair to begin on September 11. He made sure some of his highest ranking officials were out of country on 9/11. Curious. via U.S. to attend Arab Forum on Asset Recovery

Michael Froman…

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